Hurray for the judgment!
Posted on September 2nd, 2010


Today’s report in Daily Mirror that there was a judgment to the effect that the mother can’t leave the children and go abroad  should be welcomed whole heartedly.  I wish there is a law to prohibit mothers from leaving young children and going for jobs abroad, specially if the husband is alive. Rather it is better to send the husband and for the mother to stay back with the children. Even better, of course is for both parnts to stay together and look after the children.

Islam preaches that the provision of a person is  written in his book of  fate ( in other word his karma) – As long as one tries his/her  best he/she  will get it wherever he/she  is.  if one is to shirk their responsibilities and try to  do things the wrong way there will never be blessings in it. A mother’s place is with her children. The children, specially at the younger age need their mothers  more than the fathers. Trying to earn the revenue  for the country, we are destroying the very fabric of the society –  the family life.

Let’s hope we will hear more of such judgments in future.  In this case the husband, though  separated from the wife, has lodged a case for his children’s sake. In future if the husbands are trying to send their wives abroad  when there are children in the family, let’s  hope someone will lodge cases against them

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  1. Ramanie Says:

    The husband in this instance is apparently estranged from his wife- it looks like the reporting to the authorities of this woman’s intended travel abroad was done by the husband with malice rather than a ‘concern’ for the children. He no doubt left her stranded with the children without giving a cent in child support and did this to be vindictive. There is nothing to “Hoooraaayyyy!” about this! This is a tragic situation that seems to be quite common in Sri Lanka. As a woman if I had no income and had no support from a husband- I don’t know- I may even think it is a good idea to go abroad and earn some money to keep my children fed! It is certainly better than throwing the children in the river or let the beg on the streets! I do not wish such hardship on anyone let alone my Sri Lankan sisters! What the Koran or the Bible or even Barabara Cartland’s romance novels say where the woman’s place should be is of little comfort to these helpless people when they have to sit at home and watch their children cry of hunger.

    So, I would respectfully ask Dr Refai to get off her high horse and treat one child of a similar mother free of charge today! That will be worth a thousand arrogant, judgemental holier than thou crap letters to media!

  2. M.S.MUdali Says:

    Taking care of the children is a joint responsibility of both parents. Instead of providing safeguards to the working mothers (internally or externally) stopping them from earning is not a good idea.

    Islam’s treatement of women is not the same in Buddhism/hinduism. In Islam, woman is a SEX machine to produce kids and sex comfort to the man. In Saudi Arabia, a woman cannot drive a car alone! She is compelled to wear a GHOST dress in Muslim countries.

    Is this DOCTOR thinking the “Beating of a 17 years old mother in a Mosque in Gokkarella” too deserve a “HURRAY”?

  3. De Costa Says:

    Woman Raffai,
    Yes, the woman should not show her face to men other than husband.
    If husband commits sex crimes it is OK or make that woman his 2nd wife, but since the mother should look after the kids she should be punished by beheading if she did the same. woman should get her genital parts removed so that she can wait for her turn patiently
    This is the karma of the woman. What a fantastic culture !
    You are too diplomatic to this cruel stupid religion.You and I fully understand why poor mothers are going abroad to earn some money. Not this stupid woman brainwashed by a inhumane religion !

  4. De Costa Says:

    This time I apologise to you for calling a Buddhism basher. You are not. It was “Priyantha” who was the basher.
    I , the Parangiya and you the Tamil have some brain to understand the justice. Not this naked woman who prefers to be a slave to man and accept karma.
    Can you explain the tradition of woman jumping into fire after husband’s death in Hindu tradition ? I am not attacking Hindusim here but India still could not stop this nonsense !

  5. De Costa Says:

    Woman Reffai goes jogging in shorts. Few muslim god loving med get together and rape her. Bad luck ! Why did you wear shorts ? That is the problem. Not the God loving , beard wearing bastard men.

  6. M.S.MUdali Says:

    //jumping into fire after husband’s death in Hindu tradition /

    Hinduism never ask any one to jump into the fire. No Hindu woman jumped into the fire in Sri Lanka or in South India. But during the Muslim invasions, the defeated Hindu Royal women prefered to die instead of being raped by the Muslims!

    Islam ,specially, Jihad prescribe raping of captured women! Islam further force widows to be taken as wives or concubines by Muslims!

  7. Nanda Says:

    Are you saying South India is better than North India ? Please do not pretend that Hidus are better than Muslims.

    Sati still occurs, albeit rarely, in the rural areas. A well documented case from 1987 was that of 18-year old Roop Kanwar. In response to this incident, some more recent legislation against the practice was passed, first by the state government of Rajasthan, then by the central government of India.

    On 18 May 2006, Vidyawati, a 35-year-old woman allegedly committed sati by jumping into the blazing funeral pyre of her husband in Rari-Bujurg Village, Fatehpur district in the State of Uttar Pradesh.[39] On 21 August 2006, Janakrani, a 40-year-old woman, burnt to death on the funeral pyre of her husband Prem Narayan in Sagar district.[40] On October 11, 2008, a 75-year-old woman committed ‘sati’ by jumping into her 80-year-old husband’s funeral pyre at Checher in the Kasdol block of Chhattisgarh’s Raipur district.[41]

  8. M.S.MUdali Says:

    All the stories you mentioned happened in North India. Some people still follows the SATI like the CASTE SYSTEM still followed by the Sinhala Buddhists.

    If you think Muslims are better than Hindus, check it by sending your sister to Saudi Arabia alone!

  9. cassandra Says:

    You are absolutely right. Whilst the ideal is for the mother to be with her children, the hardships of life compel some mothers to go in search of work, reluctantly leaving their children behind. How else can these mothers expect to put food on the family table? In their circumstances, it is not so much an option, it is almost an imperative. So, like you, we need to appreciate the tragedy of this mother’s situation and feel for her and others like her, instead of theorising about the right way to look after children and blindly following what the holy books have to say.

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