Ranil, Shame on you!
Posted on September 13th, 2010


Amazing how tenacious Ranil is! That is in sticking to this Chair of leadership when no one wants him to! Neither the UNPers  nor the  party members nor your voters. The only people who want you to be there are your opponents and you are playing truly and sincerely to their  tunes! Even We, the apolitical people are disgusted by your attitude.

We, the citizens of this country do realize for democracy to survive we must have a good opposition, however good and sincere the government is.  We sincerely wish you had this tenacity when it came to the political affairs.  We sincerely wish you had this tendency to stick to your guns when it came out getting the votes.  In raising the morals of your MP’s. In persuading the voters to choose the UNP for  a change.  In facing the voting by  your MP’s and organizers.

Besides all the failures you have had  the latest exodus of the UNP MP’s to the other side  is the most shameful This has nothing to do with carrots / positions / greed. It simply shows you have absolutely no leadership qualities what so ever to hold your men and women. If they will dump you at this crucial time you must realize they  have no respect for you at all.

What makes you a laughing stock now is the way you have apparently refuse not to answer  the telephone calls of a popular news paper NINE TIMES “”…” BY JUST HANGING UP THE PHONE. That takes the cake for a Leader of Opposition.

History is going to write you down as  a joker. A great shameless joker. Why not save face, or whatever is left of it  while you can step down and allow  other  capable men to take over the good old party? Before it’s too late. Though it is  too late already.

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  1. dhane Says:

    Please Ranil do not step down. Please keep your Indian Astrologer happy and stick to the leader ship that some business people in Colombo also wants you on top. Further MR like you to be his opposition leader for ever. Its good for the country to have a joker like you in UNP Chair of leadership. Keep showing more leadership qualities time to time and visit all Sunday Pola & break as much as you like Pots & pans.

  2. A. Sooriarachi Says:

    Not only the opponents of the UNP want Ranil to continue as leader, but also those foreign nations with hidden agendas such as India, Norway, EU, USA and UK want him to hang on as there is no one else like him who would abide by the script written by these foreign nations working for a regime change in SL, with Ranil as new leader.

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