Canada should be pro-immigration Don Cayo said.
Posted on September 29th, 2010

Asoka Weerasinghe Kings Grove Crescent . Gloucester . Ontario . Canada

September 28, 2010
The Editor (Letters)
Don Cayo should stop talking nonsense when he says “We should all be pro-immigration”.  He continues to say, “In my own city of Vancouver, if you were to take away visible minorities and those who speak with unCanadian accents, all our hospitals would be left with frightening small staff.  Ditto the food court where I buy my lunch, the store where I buy electronics, the barber shop I need to visit soon.”
Cayo, didn’t you realize that you may have been served in the foodcourt by an immigrant Ph.D, and the hospital bedpan was removed by a qualified medical doctor who has had 10 years experience of being a doctor in a developing country?
Here is a reality check for you Mr. Cayo, which has done in some unfortunate families where marriages have broken up due to shame and stress and they are unable to return to their countries where they left decent and respectable jobs, as their relatives and neighbours might laugh at them knowing that they were security guards, taxi drivers and floor sweepers in shopping malls in Canada.
I owned an art gallery in the early 2000s at the Gloucester Shopping Centre.  My framer was from El Salvador who had a Maths degree from the University of Mexico and had ended up washing toilets at the Ottawa Teachers College after he arrived.  The cobbler in front of my gallery was an Iranian with a Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering who one day told me pointing to the sky, “My Dad up there must be laughing at me having spent so much money to educate me to become an engineer and now mending shoes in Canada.”
Down the isle was a hydro-geologist from Syria who was selling ladies nylon stockings and men’s T-shirts.  Further down the isle was a Chinese geologist who was the editor of the Chinese Geological Journal  was selling Chinese gifts and other exotic stuff in an island-kiosk.   Next to my gallery were two professors from the Ukraine University who were trying to make a go at selling clothes in a store and who didn’t last six months.  And in the Food Court the lady serving Chinese noodles was a senior  government environmental  scientist involved in water quality in China.
After reading my letter in the Ottawa Citizen, ‘Hire Minorities with Merit’ which appeared on July 17, 2000, several visible minorities tracked me down to share their experience.  One was a scientist from India with a Ph.D in fibre optics who ended up as a security guard, and so was a Bangladeshi Ph.D who was a senior research scientist in the Government Agriculture Department who ended up as a security guard and admitted that his family uses the Ottawa Food Bank once a month.
That is the reality check for you Mr. Cayo, where the qualified immigrants are underutilized and are miserable in Canada with unhappy home lives with increasing stresses and tensions within families and marriages falling apart.  This is an untold story within the new immigrant communities.  Think about it.
Canada certainly has a problem.  It is not a case of being pro-immigrant but also being pro-honest to the immigrants that we bring over, especially from the developing countries.  It is a double-whammy in away.  Canada not only depletes the intelligentsia from developing countries by syphoning the cream and the brightest of the countries educated  public and then destroy them intellectually by underutilizing them when they are brought over.
Asoka Weerasinghe

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