Posted on September 29th, 2010

Malin Abeyatunge

What a come down for the big mouthed  David Miliband getting defeated by his own younger brother Ed for the Labor Party leadership. In  the recent election held for the UK Labor Party leadership, Ed Miliband became the leader of Labor Party defeating his older brother David. What a sigh of relief for the Sri Lankans! Mama Hillary must be crying from the other end of the defeat of her favorite sexy boy.

David Miliband is well known to the Sri Lankans as a LTTE supporter and one of the hated politicians by the Sri Lankan only next to Norway’s Eric Solheim. As the Foreign Minister of the last Labor Government, David was all out to humiliate and denigrate Sri Lanka  to appease the LTTE Diaspora in UK for their votes. David and his LTTE supportive colleagues of the Labor party went to the extent of addressing a meeting of the Global Tamil Forum which is another front of LTTE in UK. As Foreign Minister, he was trying his level best by getting FMs of other countries like French FM Bernard Kushner to scuttle the war operations launched by President Rajapaksa against LTTE,  with the aim of saving Prabhakaran, once the most brutal terrorist in the world.  Failing everything to stop the war against LTTE and when LTTE was conclusively defeated by the Rajapaksa Government, he started campaigning against Sri Lanka for war crimes. None of the attempts was successful of this big mouthed David boy. With this humiliating defeat by his own younger brother Ed, I hope David will at least keep his big mouth shut without poking into Sri Lankan affairs. I hope the new leader of the Labor Party Ed Miliband will not follow suite of his older brother David and loose his popularity.

 Malin Abeyatunge

3 Responses to “DAVID! GOING….. GOING…….GONE”

  1. gdesilva Says:

    Woohoo!! Hope the Eddie has learned a few lessons from the mess made by David and will not end up being another Milli Brain.

  2. Siri Says:

    “Good riddance of bad rubbish”

  3. jay-ran Says:

    This is none other than “RETRIBUTION!!!”
    Our PUNDITS in UNP & DNA too should learn from what has happened to them at polls to STOP SPREADING FALSE ALLEGATIONS against MR & family.But it looks that they have not learnt a lesson as yet when listning to some of the pundits talks at RATHU IRA etc like programmes!!!

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