Why The Pathetic Portrayal of Sarath Fonseka As A Victim And The Wrongful Attempts To Derail The Administration Based On Such Sentiments Is Intolerable In Sri Lanka’s Advancement Towards Progress!
Posted on October 4th, 2010

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 3rd Oct.2010
 To those misguided, myopic and confused  ( if this be the case as opposed to conniving, rabble rousing, incitive ) preachers in modern day Sri Lanka bemoaning  in sympathy the  indictment, trial and sentencing of former General Sarath Fonseka, for whatever it’s worth regardless of the sentiments involved in their particular litanies it needs to be said “think clearly and resourcefully!You are opposing a perfectly legal and legitimate process which has found the former Military leader guilty of many misconducts after a very intense and thorough investigative process to which mere bleating, chest beating or doomsday predicting is no answer.
The tangible evidence against  Retd. Gen.Sarath Fonseka towards what he has been deemed culpable  of is not only compelling but inalienable from the reality that the law in fact was broken and that he has acted in a very high handed manner unbecoming of his status, background, upbringing and earned respect which he has diluted and negated through his own seeking which no amount of rhetoric from the camp of pro-Fonseka pundits can contradict !
While it takes much courage to make bold statements such as “Sri Lankans, look and beware; meditate on the fall of Gen. Sarath Fonseka and realise the costs of impeding the Rajapakse juggernaut.” it is also a very high handed and almost ignorant plea to the Nation given the elevation of the Status Quo which is presently at a zenith purely by sound decision making in the best interests of the Nation, the will and acceptance of the people or a major part thereof  towards this where no fancy terms of derision towards the portrayal of President Rajapaksha as an all imposing juggernaut! could be convincing towards the desired effect as it simply isn’t true.
Case in point agreed upon by ~ a prominent Chief Prelate of the Maha Sanga, one of many who contradict this juggernaut theory and has recently spoken out that he alongside of many of his fraternity fully agree that the wrongdoings of Sarath Fonseka need to be addressed through the Nation’s Justice System and that wrongs of the nature of what the Fonseka trial entailed are wrongs against the State and its leadership and has even surmised on the simplest of analogies of what might have been had the General and his allies wrested power and what may have befallen the Rajapakshas in a worst case scenario which could also have had dire ramifications for the Nation as a whole but mercifully never transpired!

there is also a paradox to it, in that since he was partly responsible for the defeat of the scourge of terrorism in Sri Lanka emphatically, it is  something for the President to ponder upon in the days to come towards some leniency  and probably hinges on an attempt to rehabilitate the aggression and beligerence of Fmr. Gem. Fonseka and harnass it towards a beneficial capacity for the Nation provided he veritably co-operates towards any leniency the President might show him and throw in his lot with the present administration despite the speculative nature of the concept but in the long term perhaps a panacea for the lamenting Fonseka entourage.
Wishful thinking as it might sound to some, this concept cannot be overlooked in the best interests of the Nation and towards posterity in a best case scenario as there  was very apparently  a world of good in the military leader through his contributions towards the peace and tranquility Sri Lanka has arrived at today but unfortunately an alter ego and a darker side to his personality and actions have also been documented publicly and most importantly he has squandered his chances towards all the accollades and perks he was entitled to by pitching in his lot with the wrong camp which nomenclature the ungainly opposition is worthy of purely by the manner they continue their campaigns towards attempting to discredit the Administration. Something done at every available opportunity in their vain attempts to regain political power through all the wrong means and presenting themselves as pathetic losers in disarray in every faction of their political diversities despite a so called coming together of  a democratic opposition albeit opposed towards all the progress the present Administration has shown beyond reasonable doubt, given the many projects initiated towards development and the recognition thereof by very valid observers on the global scene whose opinions count beyond the ranting and raving of dissentors lost in a maelstrom of their own dissapointments.


Fmr. Gen.Fonseka’s fate is far removed from being symbolic according to some as it depicts the travails and reprisals of the wrongful quest for power against a nationally revered leader which perhaps is an object lesson for future aspirants towards the same objective in collusion with a conniving opposition where he has not been the first in a similar capacity to attempt to venture down the same avenue and perhaps will not be the last! It is not a question of seriously opposing “the Rajapakshe Inc.” as crudely put by a disgruntled media source but one which needs collaborating towards national development as opposed to undercutting it where the people of Sri Lanka have taken the Rajapaksha Administration to their fullest confidence and do not feel impressed by the tactics of some to derail it!

The lament that “Fonseka, war-winning Army Commander, scourge of the Tigers and Sinhala hero, is in the Welikada Jail. He will stay there for the next 30 months, engaged in hard labour, like any common or garden convict ” while it sounds somewhat disconcerting for someone of his past glory seems also apathetic towards  demands for an almost undeserving gratitude from the Nation based on the counts the former military leader was indicted on and by no means petty!

3 Responses to “Why The Pathetic Portrayal of Sarath Fonseka As A Victim And The Wrongful Attempts To Derail The Administration Based On Such Sentiments Is Intolerable In Sri Lanka’s Advancement Towards Progress!”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    ‘Gota ordered to shoot them’ – Sarath Fonseka

    Welikada hard labour is not enough for this man. He must be punished for treason. He is a national security threat than a war hero today.

    That was totally unnecessary to say especially at a time when the LTTE internationale was desperately seeking evidence to support this very same absurd claim. Being the former army commander, he knew what it meant in the context.

    The foolish claim that SF is punished because he went against the Rajapakshas make no sense. There are 81 opposition MPs, hundreds of opposition members in PC, LG authoritties and nothing happens to them.

  2. Siri Says:

    ‘Gota ordered to shoot them’ – Sarath Fonseka :-
    This case is still going on and if found guilty he will be punished. This case is being heard by a tribunal of the Supreme Court. Any lawyers who are stupid enough to challenge the verdict will be guilty of contempt of court. Let us wait to see what these Sri Lankan legal Eagles will do next in their stupidity. It is disgraceful that a lawyers’ association can behave as they have done in Sri Lanka. They do not seem to have any respect or faith in the legal system of the country where they practice law in.

  3. De Costa Says:

    Ponseka was never a threat to Mahinda. His wife and relatives thought he was so popular that they could reap some profit. He , like a bull started unnessary agression against his own country which he claims he loves. He is only loving himself, his family , power and money.

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