Posted on October 8th, 2010

Ranjit Wickremeratne

Do not give in to traitors. Be strong like you used to be during the war. We need you to be strong as ever to lead our beloved country. Let the opposition cry for a man who let our country down with stories like White Flag and war crimes? Many war heros around the world more popular than him has been sent to prison for being guilty of various crimes so why we worry about one man who court-martialed thousands of Innocent soldiers like him during his active days in the Army. Innocent war heros were sent to prison by this man for petty offences. He harassed his cooks, barber, laundryman and various innocent soldiers and higher ups in the Army who didn’t agree to his policies. Do not pardon him at all but if you decide to pardoned him pardon him on some conditions not just allow him to go free. People should understand the gravity of his treacherous statements to the world about our war, homeland and our leaders by accusing our leaders of war crimes? Because of his wild statements the enemies of ours in the outside world woke up suddenly and started to plan against our beloved country and it’s leaders. They even appointed commitees to investigate our last days of war. He ruined our joy and peace after the war by doing revengeful acts and sabotage. He is not a person who loves his Motherland except himself and love for power and glory. He is guilty as ever for his crimes against the land of his birth and the witnesses should be protected by any means as they are in danger because of the violent supporters of him who will do anything to destroy out newly found freedom and peace.
Mr.President our religion is a very beautiful religion like all the other religions who show the path of righteousness to do right things in your life although the humans do good and bad things in their lifetime. We can see how you do your duty as the head of the country you love most and to it’s people. You are a different person now. You have changed a lot, the way you speak, the way you walk, the way you understand other peoples needs, the way you face your enemies etc. You are more religious than before and you want your citizens to be more religious and adhere to the Buddhist principles. It’s good to show the good way to live like good human beings by a head of state to his citizens? We really appreciate but there will be obstacles on your way like Lord Buddha faced in his time. How much you try to do good there will be some bad elements to stop by any means not only in my country but all over the world. We should not give in to them. You have the majority of our citizens behind you so there’s no question about the few bad guys who try to create uneasiness among the citizens by organizing violent protests and sabotage activities around the country. Those who engaged in those crimes should be brought to justice whether rich or poor, powerful or not and kept them behind bars for good, even your party members should not be given any leniency for wrong doings. Let everybody learn how to behave and how to serve the people of this country which we love very much. 
Whole world can see the way our country changed after the war. I dont think any right minded person will be unhappy like those days in my country now. Crying for our loved ones , blood baths , suicide bombs, destructions to our properties, destructions for human lives was over. Thanks to the brave heros in uniform and to our fearless leader the President of our land and his team who took the right decisions at the right time to save our Motherland. Now as we see around the country we can be really proud to be a Sri Lankan. Each and every citizen should promote the country by every means they can inside or outside the country. As head of the country Mr.President works very  hard to show the way of goodwill to all, as citizens we too must support him in that endeavour in what ever way we can without pointing finger at him unreasonably. We like the opposition experienced politicians come to their senses and act like responsible leaders to overcome our difficulties after the war and to make our Motherland “LIGHT OF ASIA”. Our President  talk to all citizens not only for one section,he spaeks in English,Sinhalese as well as in Tamil where all our citizens can understand. I dont think we have seen a leader of this calibre for very very long time. We should not do Bodi Puja to release traitors to our Motherland but to those who sacrificed and saved our Motherland? Without wasting time and money I sincerly asked those who do unnecessary things to fool the masses to join hands with the Government and our respected leaders to create a peaceful and beautiful environment  for all our communities to live happily hand in hand as free citizens. Live proudly in this beautiful paradise without been burden to anybody or to the Government. You have all the freedom and the opportunity to do what ever you like or can and the atmosphere is such anyone can earn a good living in our free society without bring shame to our beloved homeland.
Mr.President like you freed our land from ruthless terrorists make our land a just society by cleaning all bad habbits,bad elements and everything bad and ugly. Asked your team members to go around the country from one corner to another and engaged with people of all communities and to learn more about the people and their grieviences to make all happy. We should not forget the forty thousand of our valiant war heros who sacrificed their lives to save our homeland for a single moment. let’s work hard as a united country for the sake of those heros. Those who laughed and made stories about those fearless heros should be ashmed to continue in their wicked agenda to tarnish the image of my beloved country. Do not believe those opposition goons who changed colors when ever it suits them to grab the power. Mr.President walk straight without looking back or sideways till you finish your mission to make our beautiful country ” LIGHT OF ASIA”. Our Buddhist priests should not take sides and confused people but to do the right thing as per the teachings of Lord Buddha. People are looking at you for right answers not wrong answers therefore you should be the teacher and the guide for our citizens to be good citizens. We all need to protect our President and his family and all his brothers who worked tirelessly to make our homeland safe and beautiful. No harm will come to our leaders as long as we the people stay united and live as per the teachings of Lord Buddha. He will guide us for a prosperous and peaceful Lanka in the near future under the guidence of our great PRESIDENT Mahinda Rajapaksa.
Dear citizens just think of your country you were born and be faithful and try to live a good life helping each other as human beings as per the teachings what you believed in. Our great country will stand among the tallest and be strong under the vision of MAHINDA CHINTANAYA. May Lord Buddha protect our nation and all the communities and faiths and our beloved President and the Government of SRI LANKA.


  1. Raj Says:

    Excellent stuff Ranjit!

  2. Ben_silva Says:

    Good article, but depending on supernatural forces or a religion to protect a country may not be very reliable. Egyptians, native Americans have all wanted their Gods to defend them. It never worked. Buddhism was wiped out from countries in the Silk route, India and also from Malaysia and Indonesia. So clearly Buddhism did not provide any defence. Further, until MR and our armed forces saved us, we lost 65% of coast line, half the country and so on. So Buddhism did not help our defence but our armed forces did. In my opinion it is far better to rely on armed forces than to rely on supernatural forces. Worthwhile listening to Paul Harris ref:


    Uplift the dignity and remuneration of our police force. Recruit the best, certainly for higher ranks. uplift our system of justice, law and order. I think this will create a massive change in the country. Consider paying at least Rs. 30,000 as a starting salary for a constable and recruit only graduates or advanced level qualified with a good track record to the force. I am sure it will pay dividends in five (5) years.

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