Posted on October 8th, 2010

Ranjith Soysa Society for Peace , Unity and Human Rights in Sri Lanka

Attn ICG pundits
After miserably failing to balkanize Sri Lanka with you white man’s super theories batting with  the LTTE now you have spent your efforts to tell Sri Lankan people and the elected Govt what they should. BUT, remember Sri Lankans will not touch ICG reports  even with a barge pole. Your pontifications saw the climax when you wanted to enforce R2P on Sri Lanka. It is one of the jokes even among the ordinary Sri Lankan people today. Sri Lanka is marching ahead unlike your Western fund supplying Govt reeling under sovereign debts. Sri Lanka has new international friends and today it is a part of the success story of the East.

Your thesis on T diaspora should be offered to the disgruntled ones like Rudara Kuamran who are shell shocked after the end of the LTTE inspite of your efforts to get the West to intervene and muzzle Sri Lanka. Have you heard of tail wagging dogs in the real world? Tamils who have left Sri Lanka and got the citizenship in other countries can have elections. organizations etc BUT, they cannot wag Sri Lanka. Try studying Sri Lankan  history to know the difference between the recently created Western nations and countries like Sri Lanka. Your historical role which you think is important will vanish with  the impending collapse of your economy. When funds do not come to pay your salaries you would have to find other jobs.Until such time, try getting funds to ICG thro disgruntled LTTE fronts so that you can compile reports to provide D ropes to yr funding sources.

As for the human rights and constitutional reforms Sri Lanka will look after herself and it is recommended that
ICG try to lecture to the West , the holier nations in our planet.

I hope that ICG should now move to the only vacant zone, the African poor countries to market their fibs,
ICG can bark till the cows come home….but, SRI LANKA will move ahead.

ICG , Sri Lankans look at your reports with a pinch salt . I also recommend to consider seriously to set
fire to the all the previous ICG reports and letters you wrote on Sri Lanka  hoping that Sri Lanka will be balkanized and the West will intervene. You owe an unqualified apology to Sri Lankan people and the Sri Lankan President.

Ranjith Soysa
Society for Peace , Unity and Human Rights in Sri Lanka

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