Anoma Fonseka’s political ambitions !
Posted on October 13th, 2010

Dr.P.A.Samaraweera, Australia.

In an interview, Anoma Fonseka gave to The Sunday Leader on the 9th October, one of the questions asked from her was, “Do you intend to take over the mantle of politics in his (SF’s) name”?
Anoma: In the event he continues to remain in prison – yes, I will come forward. But I used to hate politics. I really hated it…”
In the same manner, just after the war, when Sarath Fonseka was asked about any political ambitions, his answer was that he despised politics as it is a dirty game.
If so, was it greed for power that attracted Fonseka to politics? And now it appears that it is Anoma’s turn to have a go at politics. From their previous comments and from their
inexperience in politics these are people who cannot feel the pulse of the people.
Anoma claims that the people are behind them. But at the last elections their major partner the JVP came down from 39 seats to 6. And  the UNP did’nt fare better grabbing a mere 43 seats out of 225.
After the elections, the UNP gave up Fonseka but  now Ranil has come to his rescue to distract the internal crisis in the party. However, at the launch of the major poster campaign by Ranil to release Fonseka, only 4 members showed up and they were Karu, Tissa A, Ravi K and Mangala S.  Others had slipped the campaign.
The UNP is in tatters and the opposition is in shambles. Therefore, people like Anoma who have no experience in politics and who cannot separate the chaff from the wheat should keep away from politics if they have any feelings for the people and the country. May be Anoma is eyeing Fonseka’s seat in Parliament. But according to reports, JVP has confirmed former Colombo District MP Laxman Nipunarachchi to fill Fonseka’s vacany. This could be a big disappointment for her !

3 Responses to “Anoma Fonseka’s political ambitions !”

  1. dhane Says:

    SF & Anoma should learn dirty politics of JVP & UNP before they trust both parties. SF is in prison because of these two parties “Diraha Lanu”. AF also can try politics and see the results if she like.

  2. Ben_silva Says:

    Looks like Anoma has no friends. SF may need medical help. He may be suffering from stress related illness, as indicated by some medics or lead poisoning. The effects of both of these are similar to the conduct he is displaying. He could be used by Lanka’s enemies and if there is a way to treat him, his friends should give him medical help rather than use him.

  3. Malinda Says:

    It will be a real shame if ANoma is successful

    People like us, well qualified in Sri Lanka and US, good at poetry and writing, journalistic experience were not given a chance by the people of Sri Lanka because we were with the JVP Deshapremee vyaparaya.

    Sri Lankan people should not vote for this uneducated, unqualified woman in to politics.

    There are enough good qualified Sinhala Buddhists patriots waiting in line.


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