SRI LANKAN CRICKET TOUR OF AUSTRALIA-Must beat Aussie’s phychological warfare tactics!
Posted on October 17th, 2010


Sri Lankan cricket team will be arriving in Australia to play  for three  50 over matches at State Levels and  3 ODIs.  The first match is scheduled for 22nd October, in Brisbane. Brisbane has been  experiencing heavy rain for the past several days  and  next Friday will be no exception with  late afternoon rain predicted.

The Sri Lankan team has many new faces with a strong leadership team  of Kumar Sangakkara and Mahela  Jayawardene.  Australia on the other hand is facing severe media criticisms for their continuous 3 test match losses,  and most recently the  series loss to India.  Former fast bowler Geoff Lawson is arguing the case for the removal of Ricky Pointing and to replace with Michael Clarke.  The morale of the Aussie team is now at its lowest ebb.

Mitchell Johnson (MJ) , left arm fast bowler of 189 cm height and 94 kg in weight, is raring to go against Sri Lanka. He has taken 128 wickets in 82 matches thus far and showing massive improvement in the  batting department as well.  He is a great asset for Australia  with an ODI batting strike rate of 93.  MJ is by far the most vibrant and aggressive (sometimes abusive) bowler in the Australian team.   His left arm delivery is a lethal weapon, bowling at 155 kph, his waywardness in bowling deserves full credit.  MJ was the cricketer of the year in 2009 and also secured the Sir Garfield Sobers Trophy in 2009. He has a traditional bag of tricks to get a wicket at any cost. In ODIs, if MJ feels that his delivery may be called a wide by the Umpire,  MJ will constantly appeal for “ƒ”¹…”caught behind’,  to distract the Umpire and avoid a wide call.    After releasing the ball, MJ will get back to the bowling crease and will in most instances try to block the  bowling crease to prevent the batsman from scoring a quick single or to get a run out. 

Brett Lee has been out of action for quite sometime due to nagging injuries but expect to return against Sri Lanka. MJ and Brett Lee will provide sufficient bowling power, together they will  constantly appeal for  “lbw”s  until they get their man.

Sri Lankan team should not expect any respect from the Aussie Team.  Every opportunity will be used to undermine our team.   The phychological  war will be declared against the Sri Lankan Team both by the Aussie Team and Aussie media.  There will be no respite.

Sri Lankan team, especially all new comers, must be mentally prepared for the war.   The mental toughness together with application of skills will take us through the game.  During first 10 overs, Aussie’s will try every trick ( good and the not so good ones) to get their man “ƒ”¹…”out’.  We must be patient during early overs when the bowlers at their prime condition.   Our bowlers need to be as aggressive as Aussie bowlers, there is no place for “Mr Nice Man”.  Within the rules of game,  there is no need to fear for Aussies, as we have, as a team  beaten them in the World Cup.  If the Aussie bowlers makes any abusive remarks or employ their tricks in violation of the rules of the game,  such incidents  however minor should not be tolerated and ought to be reported through the proper channels.

Sri Lankans need to defeat Australia not only in all three departments in the game of Cricket, but defeat Aussies in their confrontational phychological warfare tactics that will be employed throughout.  

As I have said before, Cricket ground is not a “Buddhist Temple”.

We wish success, wisdom and courage to Sri Lankan team.

3 Responses to “SRI LANKAN CRICKET TOUR OF AUSTRALIA-Must beat Aussie’s phychological warfare tactics!”

  1. Nanda Says:

    Dissa Ayya,
    Your approach is worng. Australia have been aggresive all the while and is agressiveness alone is the way, then why are they in the decline now ?
    Always trying to be agressive will never let one concentrate fully. Metal toughness is the ability to concentrate under pressure. For concentration one needs happiness. The team should be happy in the first place. Absence of Jayasuriya, the greedy old bloke, will make all new comers happy.
    In fact we must bring our team to a good buddhist temple in Australia and teach our players “it does not matter some one abuse you verbally, have compassion on him and let go and keep the concentration well.” This is the only practice we have to give. Knowing Aussie tactics our player ( with compassion) will always feel superior. That is the way !

  2. cassandra Says:

    Some years ago Australia sent to England a cricketing party that many in the media described as the weakest ever to leave the Australian shores. But the England captain at the time, when asked about these reports, said very sensibly, “there is no such thing as a weak Australian side”.

    So it is, that even if the current Australian team is considered by some to be in decline, it is still not to be regarded as a weak one. I am sure the Sri Lankan side is realistic enough not to make that mistake. They will know only too well that the Aussies are always hard to beat, especially on their own turf.

    I do not agree that the “Sri Lankan team should not expect any respect from the Aussie Team”. The Aussies play the game hard but are not mean-spirited and will not fail to show respect when such respect is due. This is not to say that the Aussies will not be aggressive or will not employ every conceivable tactic to get the better of the opposition. Many of the SL players have been around long enough to know all this and of the need to be mentally tough as well as being technically competent.

    Today’s SL side is a very professional outfit with the benefit of the services of professional coaches and other support staff. So, we may rest assured they know what they are about.
    If there is one thing, however, about which I’d like to particularly comment, it is that the side should concentrate on playing good cricket and be on the guard against, even unwittingly, getting caught up in controversies. Such things are both unhelpful and unwelcome. And they should not be over-sensitive to sledging. The experienced SL players will know to take such things in their stride and should guide the less experienced players suitably.

    One thing I do not wish to see is the SL tour become like the last tour by the Indians. That tour was marked by much unpleasantness and bad blood between the two teams that many people could not wait for the tour to be over. It seems to me it would be better for the SLs to not win any games than go through a tour as unattractive and as forgettable as that Indian one. The SL team may lose some games despite playing well. But if they play in the right spirit, they will win many hearts and the admiration of the public.

  3. Nanda Says:

    Your fears are hypothetical. Sri lankans are well regarded in Aus.
    Most people love them except they still say Murali is a chucker.
    Their behaviour is exceptional and aussies know it. We just have to keep it up and with our cultrue that is more or less guarantted.
    Only thing I must add is that Dilshan sometimes show dishonesty.

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