A reply to Satheesan Kumaaran to his article, “MR to address Oxford, another chance to lie to world,” appearing in the Sri Lanka Guardian website.
Posted on October 20th, 2010

By Charles.S.Perera

Satheesan Kumaaran certainly a pro-terrorist expatriate Tamil, writing to the Sri Lanka Guardian Website on 15.10.2010 while casting aspersions to the President, says the President was being invited by the Oxford Union in 2008, while his armed forces were launching brutal attacks on civilian targets in the guise of fighting terrorism.

This type of statements are immediately taken over by the UK Channel 4, Amnesty international and the Human Rights watch etc. who live on such rank lies spewed by the likes of Satheesan Kumaaran. There is really no need even to reply these abusive raked up muck which goes to enrich the Sri Lanka Guardian Website without the minimum of ethical journalism to be objective, or decency to be respectful to an elected President of the country which is the motherland of Sinhala, Tamil, Muslim and other communities .

But yet this reply is in order not to allow these lies concocted by Satheesan Kumaaran in tribute to his “sacred” terrorist thalaivar to stain the memory of the thousands of valorous noble soldiers who sacrificed their lives to save their motherland from the terrorist parasites that had been eating into it for nearly thirty long years.

The Sri Lanka armed forces were well disciplined through out its military operations against the terrorists. In order to evacuate the Tamil civilians the terrorists were keeping with them as human shields, the armed forces stopped using their heavy arms to avoid wounding or accidently shoot the civilians they were to rescue. Thus they used small arms risking their own lives despite the artillery fire of the terrorists shooting aimlessly at them hiding behind the Tamil Civilians- their live protective shield.

In that most daring exercise of evacuation of soldiers from a live war zone, never attempted by any army in the world, the Government Armed Forces showed a remarkable courage and fearlessness to sacrifice their lives to save thousands of Tamil Civilians.

Satheesan Kumaaran says that the President used the Oxford Union address to brand LTTE as a terrorist out fit. In saying that Satheesan shows his naivetĮՠթ and the complete ignorance of the factual situation, as there was no branding LTTE as a terrorist outfit , as the LTTE was a terrorist out fit which had been already banned in 37 countries.

This very pretentious terrorist lover Satheesan Kumaaran , writes in a rudely discourteous style “..As always, Rajapaksa continues with the same rhetoric while addressing forums globally as if he was the saviour of democracy, fighting for freedom for all communities. In reality on ground in his home country, he does totally the opposite to what he claims in the International Community”¦”¦.” . He adds, “”¦”¦”¦One who is a well versed in the double entendre of Rajapaksa and Co. would say that all the statements Rajapaksa makes globally are malicious and totally fabricated lies. Even the proponents of terrorism will agree that Mahinda Rajapaksa’s regime conducted illegal war on Tamils with the aim to defeat the minority Tamils”¦”¦”

All what he writes here shows that he is typing what he imagines comfortably seated in front of his personal computer in his distant home, inhaling the air still thick with burnt gram masala reminiscent of Sri Lanka- which he has perhaps never visited. Because if had visited Sri Lanka he would see as a matter of fact what ever his informant had said , the President Mahinda Rajapakse has in his home country, done exactly what he claims to have done speaking before the International Community.

It is a shameless article only Sri Lanka Guardian Website is capable of publishing. Satheesan Kumaaran blinded by his fury in having lost his beloved terrorists in the military Operations conducted by the Government Forces of Sri Lanka, looks hatefully at the President as the one who eliminated his heroes.

He does not know any thing about the real President. He only imagines what the President might be from what he has heard or read in pro terrorist websites. In order to make the position clear and update Satheesan Kumaaran’s knowledge about the President, it has to be mentioned that what ever the President Rajapakse had said whether at the UNGA, to the Oxford Union , or any other global forum, were not malicious and totally fabricated lies.

The President Rajapakse is not a man to tell “lies”. But he is a man who keeps his word, and is a man who has the determination to carry out what he has intended to do to the betterment of his country and its people.

Mr.Mahinda Rajapakse declared in his election manifesto in 2005 that he would end the 30 years of terrorism meeting personally the terrorist leader Prabhakaran to negotiate a peace agreement with him. True to his word the first thing he did after swearing in as the President of Sri Lanka was to invite Prabhakaran to come to a negotiate a peace settlement. But the cowered that he was Prabhakaran refused to meet the President personally but agreed to negotiate through his representatives.

But after two rounds of negotiations his delegation left the negotiation table refusing to continue further discussions. Immediately after, as a sign of his refusal to negotiate with the Government Prabhakaran got a claymore bomb blasted massacring a bus load of civilians. He followed it by closing a sluice gate of a tank depriving water to thousands of farmers.

The engineers of the irrigation department, who went to open the gates were shot at by the terrorists. That was the commencement of the military operations that finally eliminated them on the 18th May,2009 at the Nandikadal Tank .

Some believed that Prabhakaran was an intelligent military strategist, but in reality he was a fool and a psychopath. He loved shedding blood. Even as a child it is said he loved to kill little birds and squirrels with a hand made catapult. If he was intelligent he could have avoided his tragic end. He had the occasion to come to an understanding with the Government and even to have a Tamil Eelam State of which he dreamed, for which people like Satheesan Kumaaran contributed lavishly.

But his blood thirsty trigger happy life of assassinations, mass murders, massive destruction caused to the most sacred Buddhist shrine in the country “”…” Sri Dalada Maligawa in January 1998, massacre of Sinhala Buddhists at the most sacred Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi in the mid 1980s and killing of 35 Buddhist monks in Aranthalawa in 1987,massacres of innocent villagers , school children, massacres carried out through claymore bomb blasts, and suicide bombers had to end as it did.

In Sri Lanka there were many governments, many Presidents and many Army Commanders since 1970. But none of them were able to defeat terrorism. The former Army Commander Sarath Fonseka was also conducting many military operations against terrorism during the successive periods of different Presidents and Governments. But Prabhakarana and his killer group of terrorists continued their unending terror. To defeat terrorism there should have been the correct political leadership, correct coordination of the three forces the Army, Air Force and the Navy.

In 2005 with the President Mahinda Rajapakse, the Sri Lanka Armed Forces had the correct political leadership and with the Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapakse the correct coordination of the three Armed Forces which enabled the Commander of the Armed Forces to plan strategies drawing from the efficient cadres of each of the three Armed Forces to wipe out the terrorists.

The credit for the elimination of terrorism does not go to any one man, it was a whole “equip” under the political leadership of the President Mahinda Rajapakse that was responsible for the great victory over the terrorists.

Satheesan Kumaran is an ungrateful expatriate Tamil, because he is unable to appreciate that the elimination of terrorism ended the 30 years of suffering of the innocent Tamil Civilians under the jackboot of terrorism. Satheesan was in the comfort of his home in a far away land and could not have imagined the suffering of those poor Tamil people herded from place to place by the terrorists and kept with them as a human shield. The elimination of the terrorists should be a reason for Tamils if they are real patriots to pay tribute to the President Mahinda Rajapakse.

The result of that victory over terrorism is the emergence of North and East as the most developed provinces of our motherland. The Tamil people in those provinces are free as they were never before or during the past thirty years of terror.

We have come out of the worst period of suffering into which the whole country was drawn into by the ruthless terrorists, and no right thinking person could expect the President and his government to resolve all the complex problems that had accumulated during the 30 years of terrorism like a magician using his magic wand.

We have come out of one tunnel of desperate existence thanks to the President, and he is now leading us through the next to build the necessary infrastructure and set up the development projects of which the four harbours are being constructed and the larger harbour in Hambantota will soon be operational.

The President since his election victory in 2005 undertook many development projects while the Armed Forces battled against terrorism. And within the short time of his taking office we see today a tremendous progress of development in many fields. The country is already in a middle income group with a steadily growing economy.

In the north and east the IDPs have been settled in their original homes. Plans are ahead to provide each one of the families with a home. The Schools and Universities are being built. There are already Tamil Youths like Prashan de Vissers who have come back from Foreign countries in which they were living to organise sports meets, cultural exchanges between the young Tamils, Sinhala and Muslim youths are already building close relationships which would be the bridges between the communities which would finally culminate into being a Nation of Sri Lankans.

That is what is actually taking place in Sri Lanka, Satheesan Kumaran. It is time you take off your blinds, and take stock of the reality that is blossoming out in Sri Lanka under the political leadership of the President Mr. Mahinda Rajapakse. No country in the world has still found perfection in governance.

Therefore no body should expect Sri Lanka ,which as a developing country encumbered by a cancerous terrorism for 30 years, which has just come out of it, to provide all facilities for the well-being of every one. We should therefore have confidence in the man who by action has shown that he is capable of giving the correct leadership to the country, and give him time to accomplish the tasks he has just begun.

Satheesan Kumaaran gives a long list as blameworthy conditions created by the President, which he intends to use as evidence of the Presidents malicious actions. To reply Satheesan Kumaaran’s long rantings, the repetitive and nonsensical article would take many pages. However let us take briefly some of his complaints to see to what extent he is mistaken.

He complains, about large tracts of land demarcated as high security zones, funds received for resettlement benefits to IDPs which have not been equitably divided, the settlement of Military personnel, and settlement of Sinhala families, presence of armed personal which perturbs single woman families etc.

In the North and the East where the youth had been used by “certain interested parties” to make terrorists out of them the government should act cautiously to avoid a future repetition of terrorism in these territories. It is the duty of any responsible government to take precautionary measures by establishing permanent high security zones and find accommodation for the soldiers to carry out their duties in satisfactory conditions. There are for instance an English army settlement in Cyprus.

After a ruthless terrorism that lasted 30 years our thinking have to change . There should not be any more communal segregation any where in Sri Lanka. If the Tamils buy lands, build homes and settle down in the South with Sinhala and Muslim people, the Sinhala and Muslim people should be able to settle down in the North and East with the Tamil people.

That would be a great opportunity to really understand one another from different cultures, religions, speaking different languages. It would also build a remarkable environment for inter communal relationship.

Satheesan Kumaaran, it is time you look at Sri Lanka from a different angle. Most of those Tamil Expatriates who left Sri Lanka in the 1983 had come from Jaffna and most of them had not even lived in the South. They do not know the Sinhala people. The Sinhala people are not the monsters most of them try to make out of them.

The former Tamil political leaders of the North were high caste Tamils and wanted to live an easy life using the poor underprivileged Tamils as their subordinates in a sort of a Tamil fiefdom of their own in the North and East. That was why they proposed local political leadership for the Tamils in preference to National politics.

You should not now fall into that trap. You Satheesan Kumaaran, you belong to Sri Lanka whether it is the North, East or the South. Therefore you should not peddle this communal card any more. Try to think of Sri Lanka not as a Province, but as a whole Island. We are lucky that we have found a great National leader in the President Mahinda Rajapakse. He is not what the terrorist Front Organisations of the expatriates Sri Lankan Tamils , portray of him.

There should not be Tamil dominated or Muslim dominated or Sinhala dominated areas in Sri Lanka. We are the children of the same Motherland. Even the devolution of power to Tamils is a means to segregate the Tamils. The Tamils should get involved in National politics no more in narrow provincial Tamil politics. There is no place for a Tamil Homeland any more in Sri Lanka . We should be patriotic to accept the whole of Sri Lanka as our motherland.

Your contention that the Mahinda Rajapakse is out to destroy the Tamil youth by selling liquor , cigarette, narcotics, and blue films is far from the truth. The President’s Manifesto Mahinda Chintanaya has a clause against sale of liquor, and intoxicants. There is no quick way to settle problems in Sri Lanka which has just come out of the worst crisis a country could have faced. We should not precipitate to take action to remove immediate problems., Every thing should take its own time. It may be long but at the end we will reach the goal if we remain together.

Satheesan Kumaaran, please do not go by the Western Media, or biased expatriate pro terrorist Tamils , or your favourite anti President, racist website Sri Lanka Guardian, TamilNet, GroundView etc., to judge the President Mahinda Rajapakse who is a rare politician and principled person who loves his people without distinction of race, colour ,culture or religion.

You say , “”¦Rajapaksa’s constant claim about terrorism, democracy, freedom, plural society, etc., are just the rhetoric to hoodwink the International Community to seek financial help to recover from bankruptcy”¦”.

The President did not come to politics yesterday, he knows what he is doing and does nothing to please or hoodwink any one . He is answerable to his country and his people and nobody else. Sri Lanka is not facing bankruptcy . On the contrary the IMF had spoken well of Sri Lanka’s financial management.

The Tamils in Sri Lanka think only of themselves. They want a Tamil Elam. They say that in Sri Lanka there are Tamil grievances,. They speak of Tamil aspirations, Tamil homeland, Tamil nationality, Tamil sovereignty, Tamil Alliance, Tamil Tigers. The Government Armed Forces did not fight against the Tamil, but terrorists.

The terrorists who came from the Tamil Community were brainwashed to be terrorists. They killed hundreds of Tamil intellectuals, MPs, Teachers, writers and many more ordinary Tamil people.

Don’t you think Satheesan Kumaaran that if Sri Lanka is to develop as an Independent Sovereign state we should forget all those separatist ideologies, and unite as one people of one motherland, and one Sri Lanka ?

One last word however for you is not to get disturbed about Sarath Fonseka’s imprisonment. It was not done by the President. It was on the judgment of a military court he has been confined to a prison.

The opposition politicians who are jealous of the President Mahinda Rajapakse who has done what they failed to do ,or would have not been able to do if they were in his place are making use of Sarath Fonseka to make the President Mahinda Rajapakse unpopular, and to walk into his shoes if they get the chance. Do not get duped by them, as they are only passing “storms” ?

It is not by making manifestations, in Sri Lanka and abroad and signing petitions demanding his release that the matter could be settled. It is for Sarath Fonseka himself to find a way to get out of his predicament.

Satheesan Kumaran, please wake up to reality, and you will not be the looser if you decide to be a bridge to heal wounds and bring the communities in Sri Lanka together. It would be much greater than spewing poison to divide people and create dissension among the people in your motherland-our motherland.

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  1. Ariya Says:

    Prabakaran, the Sun goat was not a brainy chap, maybe cunning, and a bloodthirsty maniac. The Tamils of Sri Lanka were fools to believe in him. They did that, because as an ethnicity, Tamils are a servile people, and they always need a maniac to lead them. If the Tamils can’t or don’t want to live in Sri Lanka, they can go to foolish countries like Australia and Canada!

  2. helaya Says:

    Well written article. Where does this Moron Stha is living. Please let me konw. He should go to SL lanka and see what really going on there.

  3. Manjula Says:

    It is simply a waste if time to convince this fool Satheesan Kumamran. He is simply another product of brain-washed tamil racism and tamil chavunism.

    However it is well worth to reply to his idiotic artcles this way so that the neutral readers would know the facts. Well done and many thanks to Mr. Charles Perera.

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