Shameful Attack On Ruhuna University Vice Chancellor and Aides, An Object Lesson On What Needs To Be Set Right And Who’s Behind It!
Posted on October 20th, 2010

Insight By Sunil Kumar

Oct.21st 2010
The latest university unrest on Sri Lankan campuses where a group of undergrads  have attacked  the Vice Chancellor of Ruhuna  University~ Matara, Mr. Susirith Mendis is not only a shameful example of mismanagement by the University authorities on site and its lack of security but also points to fallibilities of the entire system around the Nation and needs to be addressed immediately before it gets out of control and becomes a focal point for certain anti Government elements to use it as a means to discredit the Government of Sri Lanka both nationally as well as universally according to some analysts who believe that the unrest on most university campuses are deliberately orchestrated by elements linked to the JVP and being encouraged by the JVP politicians in Parliament themselves, a theory which cannot be confounded given the backgrounds of many of the JVP politicos stemming from their education at Lumumba University, Russia where the curriculum is known to have been a mix of education not only in academics but also rebellion and revolution which was once portrayed graphically by the failed JVP uprisings of the 70’s and the ringleaders whose indoctrinations relative to same were byproducts of this environment.
Ruhuna University Vice Chancellor Prof Susirith Mendis was attacked by a group of undergraduates on the morning of Tuesday 19th October 2010 when he went to settle a clash between two student groups of the Humanities Faculty,  briefly hospitalised , received, outdoor treatment for injuries sustained as a result of a blunt object striking his forehead and treated at the Matara General Hospital according to a spokesman for the Hospital Police Post. Senior Student Advisor Saman Chandana who arrived at the scene too had been assaulted by some students and as a result of the inter factional clashes that ensued some students have also been hospitalised.
Dr. Mendis has indicated that those responsible belonged to the JVP factions within the campus as he obviously knew their identities being an assertive administrator who is well aware of the goings on,  in and around the campus in every aspect relative to academic as well as extraneous matters being a resident administrator and professor.  While there have been attempts to falsify the real circumstances of the assault where fabrications and innuendo by certain student spokes persons have suggested that Dr. Mendis assaulted a student and that the attack on him was retaliatory, it has has now been proven that these are blatant lies and point to the vicious and calculating nature of some of the students hell bent on creating trouble on campuses who have no right to belong in an environment providing education as it is not a breeding ground for thuggery and criminality where alarmingly their true inspirations are now coming to light! On the other hand to portray Dr. Mendis as a person of aggression seems to be the furthest from the truth as he is a well  known and respected person of a mild albeit disciplined demeanour within the community, loved by his family as well as his fraternity of educators and someone of a gentle and prudent disposition not given to violence or irrational behaviour!
Consequently it is about time the security measures around campuses were tightened with a strong police presence  on site  perhaps and stringent measures and regulations initiated to rid universities of such problems a measure adopted by most recognized unversities around the world. Shamefully,the list of such incidents around various campuses in Sri Lanka appear to be mounting where it may even be necessary for all students to take an oath of allegiance to Campus regulations and sign a bond of agreement to desist from political activity and violence  before admission or else face immediate expulsion or greater incarceration.The prime and only objective of entering a university needs to be specifically one towards further educating oneself and graduating at the end of their term rather than indulge in violence against the authorities or carry on in shameful disobedience of the laws of the institutions as well as the laws of the land which simply reflects upon the champions of the activities of these wretched pawns of sinister political ambition beyond anything else and everything about it points to the JVP, its allies and none other!





The Vice Chancellor has made a complaint to the Matara Police regarding the attack and there will be arrests and indictments as part of an ongoing investigation it has been reported.There have been continuous student arrests in the Ruhuna University within the last few days with students attached to the Inter-University Students Union clashing with members of the Science Faculty Student Union. Seven undergraduates were hospitalised following this  clash between two groups Tuesday as previously reported. Some of the undergraduates attached to the Ruhuna University allege that members of the Inter-University Students Federation were trying to create chaos at the institution and disrupt its smooth functioning prior to an Exam and that the Vice Chancellor had decided to mediate and resolve the matter when he was attacked needlessly! 

Higher Education Minister S B Dissanayake said yesterday that disciplinary action will be taken against the undergraduates behind the attack and his response seems encouraging towards what’s needed to rid university campuses of what many think is an evil presence pointing to rebellion against authority and  the basis for civil disobedience and perhaps anarchy if tolerated and curiously enough in the President’s own backyard which must surely furrow his own eyebrows! The Minister for Higher Education has made it known in no uncertain terms that he is prepared to go after these students who are a growing dilemma in and around Sri Lankan universities. He has proclaimed within his capacity as Minister of Higher Education that if found guilty, they will be expelled from the University and Mr Minister you need to fully execute and implement your objectives beyond rhetoric if there is to be closure to an issue that could shame the education system of Sri Lanka! and has been plaguing it for decades.

It also needs to be highlighted that an interesting anomaly of opposition to the Minister’s objectives appear to have cropped up through the mentalities of some who have chosen to ridicule him and create an issue of  his past direction as a member of the opposition and his university days in a portrayal of him analogous to the mindsets of the present campus troublemakers aligned with thuggery and rebellion but may it be said that in the context of the Ministers hardline stance to the present situation, the past is of little relevance, somewhat inaccurate and greatly inconsequential  to what needs to be done today and the Minister  needs to be fully reprieved of whatever he was deemed responsible as irregular in the past through his astute and  very responsible actions of the present and his allegiance to the present Administration which is commendable!

If there is anyone capable of wiping out the scourge of unlawful and disorderly conduct on University Campuses  in their entirety it has to be  Minister Dissanayake and in so doing the pathetic assault on the Vice chancellor of Ruhuna University will perhaps be vindicated.

4 Responses to “Shameful Attack On Ruhuna University Vice Chancellor and Aides, An Object Lesson On What Needs To Be Set Right And Who’s Behind It!”

  1. Ariya Says:

    Inter-University Students Union should be outlawed in the Universities and the JVP should be banned. If the JVP wants socialism, they can go to North Korea!

  2. cw Says:

    Dear Sunil,Although I agree with majority of comments made by you in the article, being a proud Graduate of the prestigeous Lumumba University of Moscow ( Passed out in 1980), I regret you inform you that we were never taught of harming others.

  3. cw Says:

    Also, I do not think any of presnt leaders of the JVP studied at the Lumumba University.

  4. Naram Says:

    University students should hide their heads in shame when stick wielding thugs are allowed to take over student politics.

    No doubt the good number of students know the culprits; it is time for them to come and state their apology..

    They also should know how highly Dr Susirith Mendis is held as an educationist of unsurpassed character and integrity by those who had the good fortune to come to know him and his family.

    Sri Lankans should ponder how much protection can the Universities should provide their staff when students, no doubt with the backing of political masters outside are prepared to behave in this manner.

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