University students used as ‘cat’s paw’!
Posted on October 26th, 2010

P.A.Samaraweera, Australia

From recent incidents, it appears that the conduct of university students has gone from bad to worse. It had deteriorated so much that last week the students had attacked the Vice-chancellor of the Ruhuna university and targetted the staff as well.
In Sri Lanka, students enjoy free education from the kindergarten to university.  This is not so in the west. Even in China students pay for their education. 
Funds for free education comes from taxes paid by the people. Therefore, students should realise that it is public money from tax payers that is spent on their education. As such, those who are getting involved in politics have no right to disrupt others studies. It is true that disruption to university education is done by a small percentage  of the student population. And unfortunately student unions affiliated to political parties have encroached into the system.
It is alleged that the recent incidents had been backed by the JVP fostered Inter-university Federation. JVP is now in political wilderness. It’s unpopularity among the people is seen from their dwindling strength in parliament  from 41 seats to 7. Their track record is nothing to be proud of. They hatched two insurgencies, 1971 and 1988, which led to the tragic end for thousands of young people.
With regard to the recent incidents, 6 students had been suspended for the attack on the Vice-chancellor. Prior to this, 65 students had been banned  from Sri Jayawardenapura University. Last week, students stormed the Ministry of Education and caused damage for which 21 had been remanded.
It had been reported that some parents of these students had approached the President for a pardon. Thus the conduct of students has become a headache not only for the government but also for the parents. Therefore, parents should be vigilant and put pressure on their children to keep away from politicians who try to make them a cat’s paw to gain their own ends.

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  1. A. Sooriarachi Says:

    It is a shame we have groups like the JVP, TNA and Ranil’s section of UNP, trying to come to power at any cost, not withstanding the damage they are doing to future generations and the good name of SriLanka. I understand Ranil is in Norway right now helping with a report on why the CFA, which Norway and LTTE authored, failed, though it was illegally and undemocratically forced upon SriLanka just like the infamous 13th amendment to the constitution authored by Rajive Gandhi and the Federalists. Why cant the JVP be patriotic, like they seemed to a few years back when they were in the Govt. With the UNP being throttled by Ranil’s lifetime leadership the country would benefit if there is a strong and constructive opposition. I am sure JVP will be able to gradually build up a large following if they give up their current disruptive and distructive policies and instead join the main stream to support and promote the economic and moral development of the country, now in progress in SriLanka.

  2. Sajith Says:

    SLFP did this in the opposition. Now they are getting it back. Everyone should stop using university students.

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