Posted on November 10th, 2010


During a meeting with Mrs Anoma Fonseka and her team, the Malwatte Mahanayake  Thibbatuwawe Sri Sumangala Thero has expressed confidence that there is  a likelyhood of some relief being granted by the President Mahinda Rajapakse to  Sarath Fonseka, subsequent to the swearing ceremony for the second term in Office. 

Our President is not a vindictive person.  Our President is not a Western Puppet.   Our President is not a coward. Our President is someone who has improved his own image and the image of  Sri Lanka immensely within a short period of time in Office.

But our President is a Leader. A Leader is a person who is prepared to make tough decisions to advance the process of Change.  A Leader will not activate the  Change for the sake of Change.  A Leader will not activate the Change under duress.  A Leader who succumb to duress will cease to be a Leader instantly.

An imminent Lawyer Mr S L Gunasekera has written a colourful and crispy article under the caption “ƒ”¹…”Cardinal Errors’ to the Lankaweb highlighting gross misrepresentations made by Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith.  We cannot understand why Malwatte Mahanayake and the other top class Buddhist clergy who are clamouring for special redress for  Sarath Fonseka are not responding to the lop-sided Cardinal for his outbursts.  Isn’t the country, the  Sinhala nation, our heritage are for more important and relevant than Sarath Fonseka? Why are these Buddhist monks  so dump founded and scared to speak against the puppets of Catholic Action?  It seems that these Buddhist monks have no other Agenda now, other than fighting for Mr Sarath Fonseka.

Many legal cases against Mr Sarath Fonseka are still work in progress. To uphold the Constitution, the President must allow the due course of process of law.  The President is not a Santa Clause, to grant relief to Mr Sarath Fonseka, just before  upcoming X’mas.   At the completion of all pending cases, there might  be  an option for  Sarath Fonseka to exercise, if he wish to do so.   That is to express his Repentence and seek mercy, if he has been found guilty by the Court of Law.

In Sanskrit,  “ksamayati”  is Repentence or remorse. The Repentence is intended to feel regret or contrition for the past sins and committing not to commit such wrong doings again. If it is  possible to Sin, why is it so difficult to Repent or show Remorse?  Why bother going after Buddhist Priests?  You only have to go after your own inner mind and seek redress for yourself  and bring peace of mind.

  • “For all the evil deeds I have done in the past”,
  • “Created by my body, speech and mind”
  • “From beginningless  greed, hatred and delusion”,
  • “I now know, share and repent them all”
  • “Sins come from the mind, so use the mind to purify the sins”,
  • “When the mind is pure, the root of sins is exterminated”
  • “Achieving the state of emptiness of both the mind and sins”
  • “That is the real sense of true repentance”

(Avatamsaka Sutra,  known as “Flower Adornment   Sutra”)

 However, Sri Lanka and its people are mindful of the dangers of showing any mercy to Sarath Fonseka, the “loose cannon”.  The UNP, JVP, DNA, Western Allies will pump in vast financial resources spontaneously to bring disrepute to the President and Sri Lanka in the event Sarath Fonseka is shown any Presidential leniency after the legal battles. At a time the Government is marching ahead with massive infrastructure projects to take Sri Lanka to the next level within a 10 year Plan,  no mercy should be extended to Traitors, whether they are Sinhalese, Tamils, Buddhists or Catholics. The Nation must be placed ahead of Individuals!

In summary, the Sri Lanka Opposition has no Leader for the present or the  foreseeable future. Whether Ranil or Sajith, they are doomed to fail.  Showing leniency to  Sarath Fonseka at some stage will provide a political impetus to the Opposition.

As I have said before,   Sarath Fonseka was  worse than Prabhakaran! But can Sarath Fonseka be Rehabilitated to become Mr Sarath Fonseka? The answer lies with Mr Sarath Fonseka himself!

We still write about Mr Sarath Fonseka, as we have some space yet for him in our hearts and minds!



  1. jay-ran Says:

    Its realy a pity that Sarath Fonseka or the family has not come to REALISE THE TRUTH and seeks the support of Mahanayakes who are only living in a different world of mightyness and not practicing the WORDS OF LORD BUDDHA.
    As Mr Dissanayake says, WHY THE HELL CAN’T THIS MAHANAYAKE CONDEMN THE UNPATRIOTIC LIES SAID BY THE CARDINAL-MALCOM, who is trying to create a tension among Sinhales and tamils?

    Still SF utters ANGRY,HATEFULL,REVANGEFULL,ARROGANT remarks when ever he comes to courts.Such a person is a DISGRACE FOR THE ENTIRE COUNTRY.
    So Mahanayake, pl do your religious work only if you have any and do not try to ADVICE PRESIDENT HOW TO RUN THE STATE. Being a Buddhist, I really feel sorry to have said above, BUT UNAVOIDABLE!!!

  2. dhane Says:

    Only adorable Mahanayake was late Balangoda Ananda Maithri . All other Mahanayakes are for them self and position.

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