We Salute our Great Leader On This Historic Moment
Posted on November 20th, 2010

Ranjit Wickremeratne

We feel freedom,We smell freedom and We love Freedom after thirty bloody years of war Thanks to this great true son of my Motherland who daringly fought the battle to the end to wipe out terrorism completely from our beloved homeland. Our sincere gratitude and tribute to this village lad who became our Country’s President for the second time from the ballot of the citizens of Motherlanka. While the traitors and enemies of our nation conspire day and night to get the power to their hands by hook or crook our great leader walks freely attending to the needs of his peoples around the country from Dondra to Point Pedro with his usual friendly smile.

Fonseka cannot breath because of his wickedness cursing the man who makes him a hero.Anoma is cracking coconuts and cursing the man who brought peace and harmony to the land. Tilvin Anura,Somawansa,Ranil,Avamangalaya and the whole bunch of loosers and enemies of our land without joining the majority of the citizens who loves freedom and peace to celebrate the historic occassion of sworn in ceromony of our great leader His Excellency Mahinda Rajapaksa, going around the country telling lies and lies and promising sun and the moon same like Barak Obama who promised so much to his countrymen during his presidential race to become the President of United States Of America.
Now we got the freedom and peace as well as a new Government under the leadership and a new vision of Mahinda Rajapaksa his excellency the President of Sri Lanka. We wish him good health,long life, and success all around to serve our country for another many more years to come. We hope and pray he will succeed in his endeavour and give the citizens of this beautiful land everything including good education to it’s children, jobs for jobless with good accademy knowledge,provide housing for millions who dosent have a roof on their heads and also eradicate all bad and evil things from our God given land of beauty like underworld, narcotics drugs and alcohol, terrorism, bribery, child abuse etc. It’s not late for the opposition to come to their senses and admit their defeat like true gentleman of the game of Democracy and join the Government of President Mahinda Rajapaksa and serve the country they were born without destroying the reputation of the land of the Sinhala peoples by joining with our enemies within and outside. Time for all of us to keep a side of our diffreneces and join the Government and the people to built our shattered nation to it’s past glory and call it my homeland SRI LANKA.

 If not for the vision of our President we may not be in this position at all. What he did to free our land was  not a small thing as our enemies describe in their propaganda meetings. Because of his true leadership and courage our nation managed to wipe out the most ruthless terrorist group in the world. Without a doubt the whole world should apprecitae and give the Nobel Peace price for this great man without any contest for bringing PEACE to our nation as well as to the whole world. We should thank China,Pakistan and Russia for standing with us in our dark days like true friends and assisting us in every possible way they could in this historic moment of our lives. We can learn so many lessons from the past and I hope this new Government under the leadership of our great visionery Mahinda Rajapaksa as per his Mahinda Chintanaya will take us forward for all of us live in peace and harmony irrespective of race, color and Religion.

 Our enemies who supported the terrorits during the past should be forgiven and be given a warning not to meddle with our affairs or our beloved country again except supporting and be friendly to the Government of President Mahinda Rajapksa and the citizens of Sri Lanka. Our nation needs all the assistance from all the friendly nations around the world at this moment to rebuilt our nations Economy,infrastructure,roads,schools etc which was destroyed by war for thirty years. Our President needs the best wishes of all citizens unitedly to accomplish his tasks during the second term of his presidency. He has accomplished more than he promised during his first term and now is the time to complete what he promised and do more to his Motherland and mine.
Ending the dirty war was more than enough for me. That was the most fearful and sad chapter for me in my life. I felt lifeless when I saw dead bodies with so much blood around those days in real,in newspapers,T.V.channels etc. No mother or father could bare those moments of carnage which devastated our beloved country for so long. Every citizen should appreciate what this great man did to our homeland without any argument ending the war and destroying L.T.T.E completely from the soil of our great nation.  HE TAUGHT US TO RESPECT THE LAND WE WERE BORN. He united the nation of conflict. He invited all citizens including the opposition parties in the political field to forget party politics and join him to make our land “wonder of Asia”. He is the man who forgave the enemy who killed our innocents in cold blood, who destroyed our economy, Infrastructure etc. He dosent like to see any more blood in his beloved homeland that’s why he made a strong Armed Forces to protect our Motherland from all evils. We all have to respect and worship those heros who sacrificed their lives and fought a great battle to win and brought peace and freedom to the land which Lord Buddha have visited three times in the past. Our Sinhala flag and the Sinhala nation must be protected at all costs in the future from enemies with in and outside of the country.

Let us give our helping hand to the man who rescued our Gem of a land from terror of Velupillai Prabakaran and blessed him with our good wishes and pray for his well being and for the country’s well being to make our Motherland “wonder of Asia” Let the traitors to our Motherland waits for another many more years  until their dream comes true if it comes otherwise let this man from the village rules our nation with dignity and honour as per the teachings of Lord Buddha. May our religious leaders from all faiths guides him on the right path and advise him to do the right thing for the people of SRI LANKA TO LIVE A HAPPY AND PEACEFUL LIFE helping each other with Love,Kindness and gratitude. We will together salute this great leader,his Government and the war heros for making our country peaceful once again and for working hard to make us proud to be citizens of MOTHERLANKA.   

 The time is running out for the opposition to make up their mind whether to support the Government for devlopement or stay isolated for ever just protesting and shouting like Grey hounds. A party which cannot select a leader for so long cannot be trusted or have the strength to lead a strong opposition. Ranil,Tilvin,Anura,Awamangala,Sarath,Anoma can sleep together in a Ambalama while Mahinda Rajapaksa walks tall and strong with the blessings of Lord Buddha and rule our beloved Motherland for all of us to live in Peace and Harmony.

He is a father and a teacher who guides us for the 21st century and to be the best among the nations around the world. We the people who suffered for almost thirty years wsh you the best on your second innings of your presidency and hope you will make our country a just society for each and every citizen to live in freedom and in peace from Dondra to Point Pedro.
Ranjit Wickremeratne

One Response to “We Salute our Great Leader On This Historic Moment”

  1. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    The Clowns and Buffoons mentioned in this article who are going round the Country, talking STERCUS TAURI, are a desperate lot, making a great effort to attain their pipe dream of POWER AT ANY COST. These are the imbeciles who uttered insinuations and disparaging remarks like ‘ ANY FOOL CAN FIGHT A WAR “…INSTEAD OF GOING TO ALIMANKADE THEY CAME TO PAMANKADE,… INSTEAD OF GOING TO KILLINOCHCHI, THEY WENT TO MEDAWACHCHIYA. and THOPPIGALA IS ONLY A ROCK, belittling the efforts of the valiant Soldiers, who brought Peace to the nation. These imbeciles, invited the very MAN, whom they ridiculed, and whom they now worship as SF THE WAR HERO, into their fold. A trap synonymous to, “”COME INTO MY PARLOUR SAID THE SPIDER TO THE FLY “” So SF is now in the Spiders Web, unable to come out, hoping that the Spider will ultimately get him out. It is now the pipe dream of the SFLY.

    Ranil is now going round the Country amusing people, and making them laugh. He says that there should be a Habour in Polonnaruwa, and all the people laugh. He thinks the people bought his WIT. What a DIMWIT ?

    The JVP imbeciles are born with only ONE AGENDA, into mother Sri Lanka. That is to kill the beautiful Youth of this Country. Their Agenda is to mislead the youth to either get killed, or end up in Prison. They were very succesful in eliminating 50,000 to 60,000 youth in two insurrections. Now they are harnessing the Intellects, the Brilliant University Students of Sri Lanka, to help them in their Pipe Dream, to attain ” POWER AT ANY COST “” So far, one has died, and a few are in prison. It wont be long before the JVP Spiders get flushed by a powerful barrage of insecticide.

    When the Country is leaping forwards in development, it is a shame to see Anoma and another set of imbeciles, dashing coconuts, to curse the Country to fall into pieces. Arrogance and Pride is their shining light. PRIDE GOETH FORTH ON HORSEBACK, GRAND AND GAY, BUT COMETH BACK AFOOT, ABEGGING ITS WAY.


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