The Plot Thickens as Diaspora Funds Reach Colombo
Posted on December 9th, 2010

Dilrook Kannangara

Adversity makes strange bedfellows – proverb

 Rienzi Algama was an ardent UNP supporter from Wattala. However, he was not a fool to commit harakiri over a bankrupt political party. Manipulating his love for the party, a certain well known person orchestrated a Tamil Nadu style self immolation right in front of the UNP head quarters in Pita Kotte. Soon after he succumbed to his injuries, Karu Jayasuriya publicly stated that his dying wish was the UNP leaders don’t fight each other for the top post. This was when the young popular prince from the south was staging a spirited attempt to grab power from the current impotent UNP leadership. Using sympathy and other rubbish that outpoured following the first ever self immolation over politics in the country, the impotent leader managed to save his inherited post.

 UNP convention is planned to be held on the 12th December. It is likely that a group of UNPers would challenge the leadership. The old loser who is clinging into a ceremonial post in the party has been tasked with the difficult task of saving the leadership by whatever means. He is only doing his job to save his very own position in the party just a week to the convention. He has done it before and he is doing it again.

 However, an unseen calamity fell upon the camp of the country’s longest standing opposition leader within the UNP. His ardent supporter and ideological partner, Jayalath Jayawardena landed in hot water over his open support for the LTTE for the umpteenth time. Without him the Ranil camp cannot sustain the formidable challenge posed by the younger camp. Saving him is another aim of Jayasuriya.

 It is in this background he made a statement that Sri Lanka should allow war crimes investigations so that its army’s good name can be saved. What a joke is this! Sri Lanka army’s good name is not tarnished at all. In fact foreign governments are eager to know the secret to defeat terrorism and co-operates with the Sri Lankan government and its armed forces. No attempt whatsoever was made by foreign governments to discredit or otherwise inconvenience war heroes who are now defending Sri Lanka’s good name around the world. Then why is Jayasuriya talking nonsense?

 If he wants an investigation, he can tell all he has to say to the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission. So far hundreds have made use of the opportunity to make submissions to the commission. And why did it take him 19 months after the war to realize that there are matters to be investigated? Is it due to his well known lack of intelligence? At the Cost of Living Reduction Committee in 2003 the then Treasury Secretary Charitha Ratwatte ridiculed his low intelligence for his inability to understand even very simple matters. It is on record that Jayasuriya had asked Ratwatte to subsidise goods for whish the latter had replied that in order to do that funds allocated to his ministry (power and energy) need to be cut down possibly by 100%. A lame Jayasuriya had then asked how he would run his ministry if that happens! However, this time someone else had put words into this old soldier’s mouth.

 His statement further stated that there is no international conspiracy against Sri Lanka and all what the international community is worried about is bad governance in Sri Lanka. The conspiracy is local! If the so called international community is so worried about human rights why on earth don’t they investigate the deaths of millions in Iraq and Afghanistan? Why to they panic in fear when information is leaked over the internet? Why do they block a whistleblower website? Why do they silence whistleblowers and threaten to kill them? Whistleblowers are a key ingredient, if not the most important one, in good governance.    

 The politician who jumped from party to party in search of ministries and top posts lost his credibility long ago. Due to his actions his party is condemned to eternal defeat. He may save his post and his master may save his leadership post too, but they will be ruining the future of their party men and women further. Finally they all will have to do what Rienzi did while Ranil will continue to lead the party astray. Ironically the United National party is controlled by a thick group of anti-nationals today. If they expect to grab power by conspiring with separatists, NGOs, outside interferers and other vile elements, they are only going to bring their very own end.  

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