To the President with love
Posted on December 9th, 2010

Ranjith Soysa

You regained the country chasing the Tigers.

Signalled to the world that Sri Lanka is strong and healthy,

Remember the Brits, the Vikings, the Blakes who hissed like vipers,

nurtured terror, provided succour to fronts venomous and wealthy


Lanka’s friends were in the East

In Latin America and the Middle East

They rallied round and sent a message to the World.

That Sri Lanka can march along head high and bold.


But, we were stunned when you chose Oxford

To convey the vision of new Lanka to the world

In little England, plagued by flu of past empty glory

plunderer of Lanka and now an abandoned quarry.


Bejing, Delhi , Moscow,Teheran, Caracas or Islamabad

Where millions live and create a new order of vision  bold.

Should have been your choice and not a country feeble and  old.

As it can never change like charcoal remaining black washed even with liquid gold.


Identify intelligently the new and bold forces

Shun the wasted green eyed faces

Strengthen the fellow travellers to liberation

Refuse to tread the beaten track for hollow jubilation.


Nether to provoke nor to dread

But to win-win by rejecting dead wood

Is the aim of Mahinda Chintanaya to prove

This is my ode to President with love.


2 Responses to “To the President with love”

  1. AsokaK Says:

    No Minister should attend the British High Commission functions.

  2. Siri Says:

    Very good advice Ranjit. I hope it is received in the proper spirit. Britain is a wasteland full of deadwood.

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