Posted on December 10th, 2010

ranjit wickremeratne

Bombs were falling everywhere.Our lion hearted war heros were dying daily.Suicide bombers were creeping to the cities serching for their preys. Blood was everywhere and men.women and children young and old were dying from bomb blasts in trains,buses,on the road,in buildings etc.That was the dark days of our history and I am angry why some of my fellow citizens act like nothing has happened for the last thirty years. How they have forgotten those bloody days in their lives so quickly only god knows. Politicians of course you cannot trust they sing according to the times.They dont care if the war was over or not as long as they have the power and a good time with all the wealth and special treatments. 

Those political scavengers will do anything for money and that’s why we suffered so long. Hell is the place for those who did wrong to our Motherland. After so much suffereing why cant our people get united for the sake of the country and the future of their children? Why be an enemy to your own homeland? Why these people wants to harass and get rid of the man who saved our beloved country from darkness.

What will they gain from ousting the President and destroying the unity of our peoples? Shame on these leeches for creating uneasyness among the population. After living in dark for so long we got the light after sacrificing so many valuable lives of our own and now it’s time to forget the past and move forward, for that the country should be united as one family irrespective of Race,Color or Religion. 
Please dont allow this cruel enemies of our land to take us back to those dark days. Be vigilant and support this Government to eradicate all evils from our beloved homeland. No other Government has done so much in few years they were in power. It is difficult to govern with so much pressure from outside and within but our great President carry on his work with a smile to uplift the standard of our peoples with great dedication and love for the country and it’s people.

 How much the opposition and the enemies of our land protests and sling mud at our President and his Government the majority of the citizens and countries around the world support and helps us in this hour of need. So why we worry about the minority stooges of the west and their powerful masters? White man who cleans his back with a tissue is not clean in his heart. He always wanted others to  follow him and do things as he pleases if not he takes revenge that is the history.

 They never likes small countries like us to prosper. They wanted to dictate everything from A to Z but leaders who have backbone like Mahinda Rajapksa, Hugo Chavez, Ahmedinajad, Lulu silva, and many more current leaders around the world do not bow down to their high handed tactics. This so called International community is highly unpopular among the most countries around the world.

 These bunch of hypocrits is the cause for the dangerous situation we are in today. Just imagine how many years this so called Isreal Palstine peace talk was going on? Who was to blame for this situation? Why cant they solve this problem and allow those two countries to live in peace? Who was the main culprit in the first place to divide the Palastine nation? Who started the war? Who started the wars in Iraq, Afganistan, Vietnam and put their fingers to sovereign nations around the world? Isnt it the so called International community states which Ranil,Sarath Fonseka,Awamangalaya,Somawansaya,Wickremebahula,Jayalathla worship day and night? These bunch of traitors were paid in green notes by those whites to gather information and harass our Motherland


  1. Chaminda Says:

    Mr Ranjit,
    Well balanced answer. I hope the blind eyes of our traitors will open the moment they read this. However, the time has come to reunite our brothers & sisters to build our beloved motherland strongly in order to achieve our president’s target,miracle of Asia.

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