Grow up UNP!
Posted on December 13th, 2010

Henry Jayaweera  

The Editor.
First, let me congratulate the UNP for being able, at last, to get its act together as far as internal politics goes, and bring some semblance of order, albeit agreeing to disagree, as the compromise of two heads obviously shows.
Now to my more serious concern. According to reports, this great compromise has as its prime objective, the bringing down of the present government. Now there lies the rub!
What the hell for? (I desist from using stronger expletives for the sake of decency) The UNP is in, and has been for a very long time, in a state of the utmost chaos, shambles, if you will, with the most shameful infighting and lack of any leadership for the party-dragging the country into the depths of misery and depression by the acts of their leaders.
 Thank goodness the president, Mahinda Rajapakse, was able to  take leadership of the country when he did, and despite opposition by certain countries in the Western World, led by the infamous Norwegians, and the spineless past regimes of UNP governments, gave back the Sri Lankan nation the pride it deserves. Not only that , the president and his government have carried on with the avowed policy of PEACE & UNITY THROUGH STRENGTH AND SINGULARITY OF PURPOSE, which no other government in the last four dacades has shown.  And today, all Sri Lankans can stand strong and happy, independent and proud of the defeat of terrorism, which had the country in thrall these last thirty and more years. And now, the UNP wants to unite to defeat the government? And do what, pray? Apologize to the terrorists for packing off its infamous boss? And giving the country back to those who hate the guts of the peaceloving Sri Lankan people, their culture and traditions? To pamper those who have not yet, and probably never will give up their efforts to trample the Sri Lankan people to the dust like Western Imperialists did for 400 years?
Grow up the UNP! Stop your hankering for power, and efforts to grab the reins at any cost. The reins are in good hands-hands that have done what’s best for the country, and minds that are cognizant of the fact that we are not out of the woods yet-as long as the war-mongering, chauvinist forces of the far-fetched idea of Eelam, and their Eastern and Western cohorts continue with their illusions of a grandiose Hitlerian empire, including our motherland-our beautiful country and its gracious people, who have withstood the challenges of ruthlessly evil and dark forces over several millenia.
Change, the UNP, if you can, and support the independence and integrity of Sri Lanka by joining forces with the government and supporting the country to enhance and develop the freedom from evil we have achieved, thanks to the honesty, determination and integrity of Mahinda Rajapakse. Be the opposition that good governance demands, but not a pack of jackals, running after the lion that has made the kill, and liberated the country.
If not, you, the UNP and your supporters will be swept into the garbage pits of history by the peace-loving patriotic sons and daughters of SRI LANKA.
Henry Jayaweera  

5 Responses to “Grow up UNP!”

  1. jay-ran Says:

    This man Run-nil is a disgrace to the entire country equal to a rotten egg taking wrong steps at every move he takes.This man who has no respect and love to the country and Sinhalese specially gave into LTTE Terrorists and destroyed many many innocent Sri Lankans and properties thinks that what happened on the 12th at Sri Kotha is a victory for him not realising that its the beggining of his downfall for his foolish acts betraying the country. When witnessing the events that took place at the end, all those present behaved in a very obsene manner totally INSULTING THE NATIONAL ANTHEM.

    So how can he DEFAET THE MR GOVT???

  2. Nihal Fernando Says:

    Run-nil has made many road shows – bullock cart show, horn tooting show, smashing pot and pans show, delivering speeches at open market-places show, alfresco lunch with the handful of villagers show, etc. Now, it is going to be one million gathering show in Colombo on the 26th January, 2011. If he could get those one million to caste their votes for him to become the next President that would be the best show. But, it will never happen. The more he runs he achieves nil. At least change your name and try your luck Run-nil.

  3. ranjit Says:

    You dont find a opposition leader like this anywehere in the world politics. The guy who lost fourteen times thinks it’s easy to get rid of a man who has one third majority in the parliament and who has won elections by elections from 2005. This guy is a cracko Good for nothing useless human being who sings in his dreams. He is good to sell vegetables in a sunday pola because he is good in shouting one word at a time. JR maybe cursing for himself for introducing such a fool to politics. UNP should send him for retirement and appoint a courageous leader who loves the Motherland.

  4. Siri Says:

    “Be the opposition that good governance demands, but not a pack of jackals, running after the lion that has made the kill, and liberated the country.” I love this quote Mr. Jayaweera. I hope the members of the opposition reads and understands your article. The UNP has come up with a great team. In Sihalese we used to call this “Ela Harakai Meeharakai wagai”. I wonder which way this mismatched pair will pull the cart, probably in to the ditch. These fools have not said one good word about how they plan to improve on what is being done except to sell the motherland to the Western Powers. It is high time they realized that Sri Lankans have matured politically at least in the villages and will demand performance from any political group that requests their valuable vote. The UNP has only one ambition – TO TOPPLE THE GOVERNMENT. After that WHAT ???

  5. A. Sooriarachi Says:

    Leaders like DS & Dudley Senanayake, Premadasa, JR and each and every UNP politician prior to the bunch of jokers under Ranil, went to the SriLankan people, instead of foreign powers, to win elections, and also showed their highest respect to the country and the national anthem. However according to the following extract from a newspaper report, Ranil and his followers had danced while singing the National Anthem at the recent UNP convention.

    “The Most Ven Udugama Sri Buddharakkhita Mahanayake Thera of the Asgiriya Chapter yesterday decried the manner in which the UNP leaders and their supporters attending the party’s special convention Sunday dishonoured the National Anthem which was played at its conclusion by singing and dancing.
    This disrespect shown to the National Anthem showed the calibre and mentality of a set of people who tried to pose as the country’s future leaders, the Mahanayake Thera said.
    It is most regrettable to note that a powerful party like the UNP founded by the late Prime Minister D S Senanayake and others had today fallen into such a low and degrading level.”

    So, is this the level to which the present leadership of the UNP is prepared to stoop to gain support from foreign and separatist enemies of SriLanka, to topple the present Govt.?

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