Haven’t the British-the Nation of Shopkeepers,
Posted on December 19th, 2010

Henry Jayaweera.

The Editor.
I was speaking to  colleagues about the Liam Fox trip to Sri Lanka fiasco, and I told them “So what else is new?”
Haven’t the British-the Nation of Shopkeepers, in the words of one of their own- always acted like small-time shopkkeepers? 

For centuries their policy has been creative accounting-trying their best to hold on to whatever profit they can get, or avoid loss, in a given situation,while preaching nobility to others.
After three decades of supporting their darling boys, the LTTE, in the most duplicitious ways, typifying their still colonial divide-and-rule policies, the invitation by Mrs. Kadirgamar must have come to them as a very tricky challenge to face. How could they listen and watch while one  of their own paid tribute to a man, a Tamil no less, who unequivocally stood for truth and justice, and paid the ultimate price at the hands of the murderous cutthroats, giving the lie to their own subterfuge? Is it a wonder then that they acted as they did, and stopped Mr. Fox from doing his
duty to the great Mr.Lakshman Kadiragamer, whose honesty and courage, and dedication to what is right, is so rarely found among the likes of them?  
Henry Jayaweera.

2 Responses to “Haven’t the British-the Nation of Shopkeepers,”

  1. ranjit Says:

    If these white Idiots cannot understand or see what these L.T.T.E. murderers stand for or what their intensions were it’s very sad for democracy. These English and Americans preach something and do something.They think that everyone is a fool but not them. When UNP’ers go and organize,support and participate with this murderers outfit in England against our duly elected Government and calling for sanctions and to stop aids etc how can we expect someone like fox to come and lecture about a popular gentleman of politics like Kadrigamar? Better these Idiots dont come at all to our Motherland. We should stand unitedly as a nation to counter any evil come to our land. Whole world should stand together in one GO against the one sided powers who has two faces one for democracy and one for helping terror organization friendly to them and the ones created by them in this world. If we have more Kadiragamar’s good for democracy and for peace.

  2. jayt Says:

    is there anybody here who can tells what really happen. UK had a good friendship except for a few time which was also result of their own action

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