UNP’s Call For UN Panel To Consult Retd. Gen. Fonseka A Move Which Could Land Both the UNP and Fonseka in Hot Water!
Posted on December 22nd, 2010

Insight By Sunil Kumar

Dec.22nd 2010
Indeed the Main Opposition United National party (UNP) would like very much that a visiting United Nations Experts Panel should be allowed to meet former Army Commander retd. Gen. Sarath Fonseka as he has “expressed willingness to face any international probe without harming the country or the security forces” which sounds like a joke  knowing fully well what the real outcome of this would be. Especially in the face of all the threats Fonseka has made against the Government in his futile attempts to discredit it through irresponsible verbosity and more!

What a spoof this sounds to be as the world at large now knows the intentions of both the UNP as well as Sarath Fonseka’s objectives which are collective towards discrediting the Government as well as attempting to bring it down, blatantly proven through all their posturing towards this but perhaps a wasted effort as there is no obligation on the part of the Government to entertain the UN Panel whose insistence towards the investigations stinks of a possible response to constant lobbying by the residue of Ealam separatists and pro Tamil Tiger activists around the world, some of whom have even been able to creep into the once prestigious UN organization which seems to have lost a lot of credibility due to such types as well as politically impotent goons manning its leadership  one of whom certainly appears to be the present leader Moon as well as his predecessor whose international bunglings on world issues cannot be swept under the carpet or hidden from the International Community due to their blatant transparencies as well as being puppets on a string manipulated by those who want them to dance to their tunes with no real motivations towards creating a better world!

 That the UNP has called for a Sarath Fonseka interview as part of the  visiting UN panel’s agenda whilst carrying out an ‘investigative  probe’ comes as no surprise as their chief objective appears to be as always, one towards discrediting the Government in the vain hope that it could be brought down by hook or by crook and in this case by a bunch of crooks whose hooks don’t seem to be able to snag anything beyond their own duplicities and innuendo and worst of all led by an incompetent leader who cannot even hold onto his leadership with unified respect from the entire party!

Hence it would seem quite appropriate for the  Government  that instead of saying theUN Panel visit would be to testify before the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission (LLRC) it needs to ban Ban Ki Moon and  his goons from entering the country to dabble into an internal matter of a sovereign nation where the Moon goons have areas of much greater critical importance of real human rights violations in other very visible parts of the world where human rights violations take on catastrophic proportions almost on a daily basis rather than continually poke their noses into a Nation trying to rebuild after a reprehensible terrorist insurgency and merely getting in the way of its progress through pontificative bufoonery!.

 To be precise the UN move  seems to be no more than a ploy to appease residual Tamil Tiger support by pro Tiger activists who have crept into the UN and also happen to be cronies of the ‘Moon Goon’ entourage while their transparencies show them to be painfully laced in a conflict of interest  scenario being  Tamils and their voices towards discrediting the Government, of no recent occurence and something that has prevailed for all the time the LTTE were operative and even after their demise!  

 Hence, all things considered there seems no real obligation on the part of the Government  of Sri Lanka to dance to the tune of the present UNP cacophony calling for a UN interview with an incarcerated  ex Army General whose collective conflicts of interest on the issue are painfully visible and any depositions by him as retired General Fonseka who was fully aware of what happened during the final stages of the war  appears to be from someone ready to distort the real facts behind who was responsible for human rights violations despite being one of the architects of the tumultous war waged against it and the terrorists involved ~  by the brave and dedicated Sri Lankan Armed Forces and should not be permitted to create innuendo against the Government, which he will in collussion with the UNP if given half a chance. 

 And ironically if there are allegations against the  Armed Forces, of human rights violations the greatest liability will then rest on the shoulders of Sarath Fonseka himself and what the UNP are doing in calling for Fonseka’s participation is perhaps an inadvertent tightening of the proverbial noose around his neck and in the end it could be Fonseka himself alone who might be tried for war crimes albeight the likelihood of an attempt by him to pass the buck to his superiors and all in all a can of worms the UNP would be well advised to avoid as the repercussions for such insensibility as well as imperceptions could be disastrous as then the Administration could easily view this as treason and the ramifications unimaginable and very rightly so when a sovereign democracy is involved and foreign interference plausibly apparent through the coercion of unpatriotic Sri Lankan nationals who should by all rights be brought to justice!

In this case if the tables are turned on the UNP and Fonseka both the UNP or those involved from within the party and retd Gen Fonseka could face reprisals within the provision and statutes of Sri Lankan Law and something both entities could ill afford.


4 Responses to “UNP’s Call For UN Panel To Consult Retd. Gen. Fonseka A Move Which Could Land Both the UNP and Fonseka in Hot Water!”

  1. Nanda Says:

    Keep in mind that “the advisary panel to moon” are national enemies looking for a thinnest line to punish Sinhala people.
    Everyting shall be arranged based on this fair assumption. If we let them come, from the point they land we should arrange “necessary” trouble, until they pack up and go. All these action shall be “unofficial”. That is all.

  2. jayt Says:

    He, Ban Moon is one of many men and women produced by these hate preaching Western NGO spies. They and their news papers tricked Sinhalese to hate India from 80s to late 90s while working on getting Indian and Tamil Tigers onto their block.

    According them, we Sinhalese are not Canadian. Tamil, they are Canadian from the day they smuggled in. Why? it is because we did not work for “British colony”. When Tamil smuggled into BC, Vancouver Sun said “sun Sea arrived in the morning when “sun is rising”.
    Also, I have discovered some evil Canadian men and women telling Tamil “We killed Sinhalese in colonial time and now we kill them like Arabs.
    When I first came to Canada I thought of Canada is kind of holy sacred land, but when I start hearing this stories I begin feel like puke and go to a another country which they want us to. Apart form that, it is just not Canada, they teaches Tamil that UK belong to Tamil, USA belong Tamil, Norway belong to Tamil France belong to Tamil etc and Sinhalese have nobody.

  3. ranjit Says:

    Dont worry folks.Let Banki Moon or Monkey Moon visit our land of beauty.They can visit us like other tourists and see the progress and the beauty of our land after their relatives were sent to Hell. Nothing they can do to us except slinging mud at us with the help of our traitors like Ranil Sarath and the clan. Our Great President will take care of them like he took care of Prabakaran and his gang of murderers. We can do as citizens is to help the Government and organize a massive peoples power protest on the day they arrive in our land and show the world of our unity and opposition to these goons arrival.

  4. Siri Says:

    This bunch of clowns are only coming to Sri Lanka to find evidence to prove their point of view. They are not an open minded investigative team. They should not be allowed into the country. The government should start a diplomatic campaign to discredit the Moon man and see that he does not get re-elected. This should be done with the help of the non – aligned movement and friendly countries. The Moon man is a Western puppet. He got elected by the Western countries lobbying and arm twisting on his behalf. Now these western powers have lost their credibility and money. A member from a neutral country should be elected if the UN wants to continue as a credible organization and help mankind. They should also weed out and expel the Terrorist supporters and those who did not perform as expected in their positions and ignored actual human rights violations by the West. The Moon man has been a total failure just like his Western sponsors. It is time for him to be thrown out.

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