One National Anthem only
Posted on December 29th, 2010


 Some wrongs were done and mistakes overlooked in the name of national harmony though the results
have gone completely awry sadly.One stand out example is the CFA which was forced down on the majority citing national unity.
 Consenting to a Tamil version of the national anthem is another such detrimental step by inept politicians at the time.
As much as Sri Lankans stand united proudly under one national flag,they should unite in one single anthem.
Examples of New Zealand or South Africa are totally a different kettle of fish with colonial invasion and apartheid taking reign over the majority indigenous population and creating a concoction of an anthem for appeasement.Sri Lanka has no such skeleton in the cupboard and as in any other sovereign nation with minorities should adopt one national anthem in the language of the will be a shame for a great nation to be bracketed with similar countries to have a jargon of an anthem.
If the government were to toe the line of all these pundits here and abroad writing with aplomb who advocate everything divisive to the country under the pretext of so called national harmony ,the CFA would have separated the country to an Eelam by now. All true Sri Lankans earnestly hope HE President will take this step to unify the country however much unpalatable to a few hell bent to divide the country.

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  1. De Costa Says:

    I fully agree.
    Otherwise very soon we may need a Arabic version, English version etc. ( How about “weddah” version which is more justified than Tamil version ?)
    This is a must – otherwise 2/3 majority is a waste. Everyone shoudl support Wimal and MR on this – no need to be too nice to show off to the world.

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