A New Era Of Prosperity, Posterity And Great Accomplishment Only If The Nation Is United behind Its Charismatic And Progressive Leadership!
Posted on January 1st, 2011

LankaWeb New Year Editorial

January 1st 2011
To echo the words and aspirations of Sri Lanka’s President in his New year 2011 message to the Nation, it is indeed “The major challenge before us is to raise the position of our country in the world, where much has been accomplished by way of progress and development in the face of many odds and hurdles posed by the selfish and self centred enemies of the State but the President leads by example and sets standards that no leader in recent times has accomplished through practicality, pragmatism and wisdom.It is an unprecedented acheivement which needs to be acknowledged and applauded!

 Undaunted albeit with a few wrinkles that may be termed initial oversights which need to be ironed out, being no mean task given the opposition he has to confront, their criticisms, demands and vagaries, he carries his yoke of unfeigned responsibility to the Nation proudly and without reservation to all ethnicities who now depend on him to herald a new beginning in the aftermath of a needless reign of terror from which every citizen has suffered in some way or the other but weathered efficiently equitably and dispelled as the Nation recovers and the future looking very promising.

 Quoting some of the President’s address again where all Lankans need to take encouragement from the words “We look towards the future at the dawn of this New Year with renewed determination, firm commitment and many positive expectations. It is a great achievement that freedom and peace is now established in our Motherland to make such aspirations possible.” and never again should the Nation’s sovereignity and integrity be compromised over ill conceived dogmas of false pretences which suggests that the Nation belongs to anyone other than her patriotic Sri Lankan people where lessons need to be learnt and a link assumed to be ‘an Adams Bridge’ meaning nothing by way of obligation to certain part of the subcontinent that seems to want to stake a claim of entitlement to ownership or voice opinions of interference nor the bickerings which ensue to this effect from some misguided politicians in rather moronic perspective which need effectively to be trashed!

 In post insurgency Sri Lanka there now hangs another sword of Damoclese namely the disparities resulting from giant investors and benefactors tussling for a piece of the development pie which appears to be humungous and promising in the overall scheme of things to those in expectancy and whether it is the benevolence of India, China, Pakistan or the European Union, Sri lanka needs to be wary of the likely negative fallouts of being overly confident towards the indulgence of all these said entities amongst others which could be precarious. There can be no compromises towards any outsider gaining any unwelcome foothoold as part of a vested interest in the direction of the Nation’s progress as well as entitlement and a say in how the Nation is run as there already is a universally franchised leader namely the President mandated through the will of the people for this!

He alone needs to direct operations towards how the Nation manouvers itself while exploiting all the resources where the ultimate benefactors are the nation’s populace and none other! A task which rests solely on its leadership where no compromises to external sources by virtue of obligation would be tolerable as it would be a betrayal of sovereignity where the perks of those lending a helping hand towards the Nations progress and well being must already be pre-agreed and set in place as non negotiable or risk the fate of the Arab who permitted the head of a camel in his tent during a sandstorm.

 The anticipated major challenge before the Nation towards raising its positional ratings in the world has perhaps already been set in place as the analytical reviews and polls seem to indicate despite all the falesely presented statistics certain undesirable sources of late from the disgruntled and failed secessionist band wagon have attempted to portray in false perspective. It has been presented to the contrary by all the sources that matter, that Sri Lanka’s post insurgent development has been remarkable and encouraging although perhaps with a slow start at the beginning but gaining momentum rapidly as the year draws to an end where the New Year poses to be one (to reiterate the Presidents own assurances) that ” many giant steps towards development will be taken based on the five-fold sectors of progress. There will no doubt be a considerable increase in the sacrifices needed to achieve this similar to those made to gain victory in the last five years.” and a fait accompli which will surely be the result of great perseverance and insight and the planning of a great team of administrators who can only do the Nation proud through proven accomplishment the Nation is experiencing today despite many issues still remaing to be resolved concerning the overall contentment of the population towards domestic economic recussitation of which there appear to be some grey areas wanting!

It is nonetheless a team put together towards recovering post haste with the supervision of its leader which in his mindset tantamounts to all that was lost to Sri Lankan society in more than three decades. The aspiration to make use of every opportunity to ensure prosperity to Sri Lankan society by providing the equitable sharing of economic benefits is something of a national slogan laid down by the Presisent and his team of administrators for which every Sri Lanka needs to pit their strengths and resources towards the ultimate success with no holds barred albeit faced with many obstacles and hurdles once again set by the enemies of the State and more often than not by powerful external sources who would love to see Sri Lanka’s effort rendered impotent and something which would never come to pass if National Unity towards sustaining Sri Lanka’s progress is rock solid without foreign as well as domestic interference!

 Extracting once again, more exerpts from the President’s National Address it goes without saying that “National Unity is key to both uniting and developing the Motherland. Thus, the time has come to rise above all differences. Only then could all conspiracies to deny co-existence and those against the people and the Nation be defeated.” where truer words of wisdom can never be dispelled as mere rhetoric as it carries a message to all Sri Lankans as well as outside adversaries and the meaning and inference implicit towards accuracy!

The great determination and patience as key requisites towards building mutual understanding and trust among the people about the Nation’s development while synonymously strengthening this through cause, effect and example have been highlighted as the administrations’s foremost wishes for the New Year 2011 where in so doing the strength to make this New Year bring further victory to the Nation is something beyond speculation and a guarrantee towards progress and posterity.

An accomplishment possible only if the Nation is united behind iits charismatic and progressive Leadership!

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  1. De Costa Says:

    Soon after the defeat of Tamil Tigers the President named two basic categories of citizens. I wonder whether he is inviting the group “who do not love the country” too, especially the group branded “Colombian”s. Car permits shall also be given to all citizens, otherwise how can everyone unite when the thugs and greedy lot run for the election and win are given privileges but common man is not? How many of “selfish and self centred enemies” joined the government through elections( a process designed by the west modified by JR) ?

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