Is there really a chance for diplomacy when violence might be the answer?
Posted on January 7th, 2011

John MacKinnon

To: Michael Slackman
NY Times

Hello Mr. Slackman,

The story ‘Copts’ Ire Extends to Their Own Church’ is a common one.


President Mubarak and his political allies have a monopoly on power thanks to billions of $$$ in American aid. We make sure they stay in power. The U.S. ignores political oppression and even torture by the current Egyptian regime as long as they are subservient to us. Never forget that we export suspected terrorists to Egypt to be tortured, or even killed and disposed of.

Is there really a chance for diplomacy when violence might be the answer? The Tamils in Sri Lanka choose violence because they believed that all objectives can be achieved in that way. The church there supported the LTTE terror org and the Tamil Hitler was a Christian. No one seems to care about what God had to say about suicide terrorism. They even got western governments including the U.S. to force SL to negotiate with brutal terrorists. So why care about diplomacy when terrorism pays?

Maybe what the Coptic Church should do is launch a terrorist organization like the Tamil Tigers did with the blessing of the Catholic Church. They can also internationalize the problem by paying western politicians and institutions to lobby on their behalf. Remember, the Tamil terrorists created a successful model to disguise terrorism as a freedom fight. So why shouldn’t Christians in Egypt do the same? And arms dealers profit!

Google ‘How to frame someone for murder or war crimes’



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