Make Peace with Diaspora LTTE Terrorist Rump?
Posted on January 7th, 2011

Prof. Hudson McLean

Whats the kick-back for Jehan Perera in promoting the scum of the leftover of Expat Diaspora Rump of the LTTE Terrorists?

Rudrakumar the American lawyer and the playboy Paki Saravanamuttu in the UK are getting fat on LTTE leftovers, are the last of the scum to be invited to meet with SLG.

And their bank-rolling friend Rajaratnam is now well settled in an American Jail.

As the SLG recognizes, the LTTE Diaspora is now waking up from their slumber to start another day to make their bank balances fatter.

Its not for the love of the Sri Lankan Tamils, since the Tamil Motherland is in Tamil Nadu India.

If they really love the Tamils, they should concentrate their efforts on relocating all Tamils in Sri Lanka into Tamil Nadu. But there are bigger game in Tamil Nadu and the likes of Rudrakumar and Saravanamuttu are not given any place on Tamil Nadu platform.

SLG under President Rajapaksa has given more than the due fair share to these Tamil Immigrants and Squatters, and if any of them should need any further attention, “Please Knock and Await for an Invitation to Enter!”

To Make Peace with the Diaspora LTTE Terrorist Rump? –
Peace is on the Table. Next Move is upto the Diaspora!

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8 Responses to “Make Peace with Diaspora LTTE Terrorist Rump?”

  1. gunarat Says:

    I hope that MR will not fall into the trap that Norway is shamelessly trying to set up. Tamils domiciled in Norway, England and North America will pressure Soleheim to be the bridge beween “Prime Minister” Rudrakumaran and SLG.

    SLG should avoid gettinng involved with Norway in any kind of settlement with Tamils. Rudrakumaran’s trnsnational government is another indication of the Tamil diaspora’s unwillingness to see the ground realities in Sri Lanka even after their humiliating defeat in the battlefield.

  2. Fran Diaz Says:

    First, thanks to Prof. for brief but succinct write ups.

    Yes, Norway’s Solheim is not to be trusted. Read these lesser known facts about Norway :

    “Norway, a country which prides itself on its peace building credentials, was the world’s seventh largest exporter of weapons components, ammunition and tanks in 2006, according to recent figures based on earnings from Norway’s Central Statistics Bureau (SSB).

    In 2007 Norwegian weapons exporters earned 425 million dollars – an 18 percent increase on the previous year, and the largest in Norwegian history. This was 3.5 percent of the global weapons trade, although the secretiveness of the global weapons industry and the illegal weapons trade makes exact measurements impossible.

    According to the Norwegian foreign department’s legal guidelines, weapons should not be exported to countries at war, where there is a threat of war, or where there is a civil war. But a recent report from the NGO Norwegian Church Aid (NCA) lists a series of controversial arms and ammunitions transfers from Norway in the past two decades”.

    Norway, is also the awarder of the Nobel Peace Prize. Alfred Nobel was the inventor (1863) of dynamite, and made his fortune on that product, and the Peace Prize is awarded from money made by sale of dynamite.

    There is some weird & contradictory thinking here regarding war material & peace. The same weird & contradictory action was enacted in Lanka not so long ago. Can we ever trust them ??

  3. Kit Athul Says:

    Fran, thanks a million for your resarch: Alford Nobel was a common law criminal. Dig this out if you can. When Alford Nobel’s brother died, an obitury in a Swedish news paper gave all the criminal activites that Alfrod did whith out knowning that it was his brother who died. How he sold Dynamite to both sides of waring countries etc. It is a well known fact that the first world war wouldn’t have started if not for Alfrod Nobel. I think Alford Nobel was a Swede, but he moved his loot to Norwary, check it out please.

  4. AsokaK Says:

    Solheim is expected in SL in March; he should not be given a visa.
    Douglas Devananda was wrongly refused visas by USA & UK but we are acting like ponnayas.

  5. cassandra Says:

    Fran Diaz,

    You have said, in part, that “According to the Norwegian foreign department’s legal guidelines, weapons should not be exported to countries at war, where there is a threat of war, or where there is a civil war”.

    I could hardly believe what I was reading. So, to whom can the weapons be legally exported? Presumably, to countries where there is peace. But one may well ask, “Why would countries that are at peace and have no threat of war, want weapons”. Is it so they can put an end to that peace? To me, this shows the utter hypocrisy and immorality of the arms manufacturers and exporters. And here is Norway presenting to the world a benign face of peace negotiator – remember the Oslo Accords involving Israel and Palestine that Norway helped to broker, apart from its SL adventure – whilst being very actively engaged in the evil enterprise of armament manufacture and sale. Guns and weapons of war are designed with no other objective than to kill or maim. The whole business of their manufacture and sale is totally immoral and, I suggest, in the context of true humanitarian law, wholly illegal. You simply cannot provide ‘legal’ guidelines to regulate something that is inherently illegal. So, the Norwegian foreign department’s guidelines that you have mentioned are just plain farcical.

  6. Fran Diaz Says:

    To Kit Athul : Thank you for pointing out further info on Alfred Nobel. Indeed, our heroes of yesteryear have clay feet …
    We recall that as school kids Alfred Nobel & the Peace Prizes were both considered ‘heroic’ and rather wonderful …. goes to show how inadequate our learning system was.

    Cassandra : It is worth studying all the countries that produce arms as an item of export and an item important to their economies. To some of them, relatively naive and well meaning countries like Lanka are sitting ducks !

  7. cassandra Says:

    Fran Diaz,

    As far as I am concerned, every country engaged in the manufacture and sale of arms and armaments is engaged in a despicable trade – they are all merchants of death.

  8. Fran Diaz Says:

    A long time ago, wars when they had to happen, they happened with some honor, where the able bodied men of opposing sides met at a clearing at an appointed time, met face to face and fought their battles. Even then it was not always the most righteous who won. In modern times, it is killing of large numbers (usually innocents), by remote control. Now we also have ‘talks’ between opposing sides, but even that is manipulated by some with the biggest killing machinery. Where is the honor, where are the ethics ? some in human beings have lost their humanity, for sure, and replaced honor with money. Sometimes, enemies are manufactured by rank outsiders to create wars that would never have happened.

    With the world population at nearly 7 Billion, we have to find ways to live peacefully together, or else perish together.

    I agree with Cassandra that “every country engaged in the manufacture and sale of arms and armaments is engaged in a despicable trade – they are all merchants of death”. The Buddha advocated against unsuitable trade, and manufacture of arms is one of them.

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