Amnesty’s Call To Investigate The President A Worthless One!
Posted on January 20th, 2011

Insight By Sunil Kumar

Jan.21st 2011
Once again the contentious and sycophantic aspect of Amnesty International whose reputation for meddling in matters beyond their scope by far supercedes any objectives that might make the world a better place though their actions in the minds of many, seems to have surfaced in yet another moronic call for the USA to investigate a visiting head of state ~ in this instance the President of Sri Lanka who has an unblemished record for his empathies towards the long suffering Tamils of Sri Lanka (as opposed to the terrorists that is where even to them he has extended a hand towards re-habilitation) for what they term ‘war crimes’ by their own definition alone and needs to be stifled and silenced with a warning to focus their attentions on matters which have a real felt need for investigation around the globe or disband their bifurcated outfit rather than making fools of themselves!
It seems futile optimism on their part perhaps prompted by the many pro Tamil Tiger sympethisers linked to Amnesty who often egg them on with their concocted sob stories to target the President of Sri Lanka with hardly an awareness of the protocols involved regardless of the nature of the President’s visit to the USA as he still is the head of a country and beyond folly and ignorance on the part of Amnesty it is very likely that the USA will bring to the fore the importance of the President’s status and unblemished track record, more often than not accolladed as well as commended by the international community quite apart from the continued bellyaching of the likes of Amnesty for whom it seems a habit to hound the wrong sources for all the wrong reasons under the mantle of some humanitarian slogan they carry despite at times with a tainted track record themselves for interfering into matters beyond their scope who should find better things to occupy their time!
It is more than likely that Amnesty International’s call on Thursday urging the United States to launch a war crimes investigation into Sri Lanka’s President Mahinda Rajapakse, who is on a private visit to the country will be laughed at by the US Authorities  based on the very cordial relations the USA has with Sri Lanka as well the lack of any tangible evidence by anyone who makes such accusations beyond doctored videos and bogus testimonies by people with huge conflicts of interests and realistically should be asked to get lost!!
Ever since the Sri Lankan terrorist related conflict was put down with the President at its helm as the commanding officer of the Armed Forces, many Rights groups have accused both the Sri Lankan military and the Tamil Tiger terrorists of war crimes in the final months of their decades-long conflict that ended in 2009 where the only crimes attributable need to be levelled at the terrorists who held the Nation at bay for several decades and conducted their reigns of terror causing many innocent Sri Lankans to lose their lives as well as existences and livelihoods disrupted!
It needs also to be borne in mind that it was the President as well as the Armed Forces who conducted a hugely succesful humanitarian rescue affort to free innocent civilians from the clutches of the Tamil Tigers and has now restored an unimaginable peace within the land and all Amnesty International is doing is paying homage to the residue Tamil Tiger terrorists and their sympathiser in their continued effort to discredit the Government of Sri Lanka as a result of the crushing defeat of the terrorists and continuing to harbour bitterness against what the world views as a Good Administration fair to all ethnicities led by a very pragmatic, compassionate and intelligent leader who would never tarnish his ethics, religious beliefs, upbringing and his love of his motherland land with a supreme sense of patriotism which is always portrayed by his actions which are very assertive and focused towards righteousness.
Amnesty has had the nerve to suggest with NO TANGIBLE EVIDENCE WHATSOEVER BEYOND HEARSAY THAT the USA had an obligation under international law to investigate President Rajapaksha as he was commander-in-chief of a military accused of rights violations where the accusations are so flimsy they would probably not hold up even in a kangaroo court. And as far as the cognizance of International Law which Amnesty seems to refer too it seems somewhat gnat brained!
As for the so called “thousands calling for information of dissapeared loved ones during the conflict” apart from a lesser number accountable as a result of direct military action being in the line of fire and not heeding calls to evacuate their locations perhaps out of fear and apprehension for the terrorists,( Israel eat your heart out!) it is the terrorists who need to be held accountable where most of them have now perished and the only individual who should have been taken alive and tried for crimes against humanity, is the murderous, egocentric and psychotic terrorist leader Velupillai Prabhakaran who himself has perished perhaps to his own advantage in the conflict he initiated and cost the Nation of Sri Lanka so much!
Perhaps Amnesty’s attempt to discredit the President of Sri Lanka is another sequel in a long line up of failed attempts to discredit him this soon after the scenario in the United Kingdom where he was similarly accused during a visit to the UK home of Amnesty where having failed locally they have tried a long shot with equal chances of failure.

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  1. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:



  2. lal Says:

    AI is only a tool of Imperialists. They are funded by Imperialists to regain control of their former colonies who have been booted out. Will AI ever advocate to prosecute through international courts any US, British who have committed war crimes or crimes against humanity? I doubt it. They only target developing countries as if they are still up for grabs. To hell with AI, they have long lost their credibility.

  3. Fran Diaz Says:

    Amnesty Int. is not a just or fair organisation. It really ought to be called AMNESIA INT. for all its falseness and lack of memory recall for the real crimes against humanity committed by some of their friends. A-I knows full well that GoSL had to remove the ltte, in order to save the rest of the Nation, which is more than 98% of the People of Lanka.

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