Ranil baptized as a Christian – Dr. Gunatilake -Ranil baptized as a Christian – Dr. Gunatilake-Part I
Posted on January 22nd, 2011

H. L. D. Mahindapala

 Part I
When the Portuguese began their “spiritual and temporal conquest” of Sri Lanka (1506 “”…” 1658) it brought out the best and the worst in the Sinhalese. The best came out in the heroic and successful resistance to Portuguese military expeditions to conquer the nation. The worst came out in the characters of Don Juan Dharmapala and Prince Vijayapala, (1634 “”…” 1654), the brother of Raja Sinha, who succumbed to the Western pressures and influences. These are the first of the two elitist children who were brought up in the Western culture and the consequences of their alienation were to introduce subversive politico-cultural entities that owed allegiances to the dominant West “”…” a venal trait common among the elite even in contemporary times.

 The fashionable trend to bring up children in the Western culture began with the Portuguese who were only too eager to exploit the rival Sinhala power-players vying for dominance by aligning themselves with   foreign forces. In a cameo of Prince Vijayapala, Paul E. Peiris, a pioneering historian of the colonial era, wrote: “It was a source of gratification to the Queen when the youthful Vijayapala was entrusted to a Franciscan, the Frey Francisco Negro.” (p.14, Prince Vijaya Pala of Ceylon, 1634 “”…” 1654, from the original documents at Lisbon, 1927)  Vijayapala foreshadowed the mindset of the Westernized generations to come when he wrote to the Portuguese Viceroy in India saying: “I state, Senhor, that I was born with a strong predilection for the Portuguese nation”¦In my earliest years, greatly to the satisfaction of the Queen my mother, there was assigned to as Mestre the padre Frey Francisco Negrao who taught me to read and write. Under his instructions I learnt very good customs and etiquette and some special habits which Royal person employ”¦.Though I am a Chingala by blood I am a Portuguese in my ways and affections.” What is reflected here is just not the cultural cringe but the swearing of loyalty to a foreign power for political gain.

 In our times the Vijayapalas are ensconced mostly in the NGOs and in the UNP. The alacrity with which these alienated cultural cripples are willing to act as political pimps to foreign exploiters waiting to rape and sodomize their mother-land is obscene. The proliferation of the Vijayapalas and Dharmapalas has become a common cancer eating into the Sri Lankan body politic. The impact of this “thuppahi culture” (Philip Gunawardena) over-determined the thinking of the Westernized elite whose loyalties were, by and large, to the Occidental centers of power, from Rome to London to Washington. For instance, Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith (63), though born in Polgahawela, is committed more to Rome than to his home town in Sri Lanka, mainly because of his “spiritual and temporal” ties to the Catholic Church. After all, he is the equivalent of a Cabinet Minister in the Roman Curia and to whom else can he owe allegiance except to the Pope, the President of the miniscule state of Rome. So the religio-political descendants of the Dharmapalas and Vijayapalas continue to haunt the nation to this day.

 They have been programmed to be obedient servants of Judaeo-Christian culture of the West. It became politically expedient for the Sri Lankan elite to acquire the characteristics of the Western culture. On the one hand, it gave them a sense of superiority over the indigenous people to display their acquired Western characteristics. On the other, handing over Sinhala and Tamil children into the hands of the Christian priests/schools was a modus operandi adopted to guarantee upward social mobility in colonial administrations. The tragedy is that the Westernized power elite did not die with the colonial administration. They continue to wield a disproportionate power even today by creeping in through the backdoor.

 This Westernized priviligentsia reached its peak of power under the British. It is this elite, drawn from Westernized constituents in all communities, that resisted the rising grass root forces who were struggling to regain their lost heritage. This privileged elite was entrenched in the commanding heights of the politico-economic structures and never hesitated to either stage military coups or join hands with the Western agencies (example: NGOs) to undermine the aspirations of the people who were denied their traditional rights since the time of Portuguese occupation..

 In our time Ranil Wickremesinghe is a typical example of the “thuppahi culture”. When he invited the Portuguese Prime Minister to hold a joint celebration of the 500th anniversary of the arrival of Portuguese in Sri Lanka he was imitating Vijayapala in every respect. Wickremesinghe’s foot-in-the-mouth gaffe provoked a public outcry. The reaction against inviting the Portuguese predators to celebrate any anniversary of their imperialist adventures is a black mark that will be there fixed permanently on the forehead of Wickremesinghe. There was nothing to celebrate in the coming of the Portuguese who were the first to threaten the sovereignty and the territorial integrity of nation from the West. Their political machinations which led the native rulers to sell themselves wholesale to anti-national aliens corresponded with Wickremesinghe’s betrayal of the nation to the West and to Velupillai Prabhakaran.

 Wickremesinghe political passion is to hobnob with the Western leaders and his greatest fear is losing his status in the International Democratic Union (IDU) “”…” a gathering of leading Christian right wing Western leaders, including Norway, which finances right-wing politics globally with its oil-rich money. His struggle to retain the leadership role in the UNP now is not so much to serve the party or the nation (he never did) but to save his seat in the IDU where he is ideally positioned as a deputy president of Asia to stooge for the West.  

 Wickremesinghe’s penchant to be a willing agent for the West was somewhat of a puzzle to me until I read Dr. Susantha’s Gunatilake’s latest book, A 16th Century Clash of Civilizations, the Portuguese Presence in Sri Lanka. After all he comes from a family connected to the highest elite in Sri Lankan society. There isn’t a family with better Buddhist credentials than the Wijewardenes and his respected mother, Neela, has been a pillar of the Gangaramaya Temple. So is his uncle, the genial Ranjit Wijewardene who was thrown unexpectedly into the political maelstrom hitting Lake House when he returned from Cambridge and had to wrestle with all his might to restore the prestige of the Wijewardene family after Ranil’s father, Esmond Wickremesinghe, dragged Lake House from the great nationalist heights of D. R. Wijewardene to the lowest depths of the utterly Westernized Kotelawela regime — a regime which was rejected in toto by the massive Sinhala-Buddhist wave that swept the polls in 1956.

 Though Ranil’s maternal roots are in Buddhism his paternal roots are in the Anglican Church “”…” the religio-political institution left behind by the British colonial masters. From his father’s side he comes from the top ranks of the Anglican Church. His uncle Bishop Lakshman Wickremesinghe was a shrewd political “leader of the Anglican Church in Sri Lanka” who led pro-federalist/separatist campaigns in the guise of political harmony. He introduced the “pol thel pahana” and shades of yellow to the cassocks to make the Anglican Church more appealing to the Buddhists. When he was Bishop of Kurunegala he even introduced the Buddhist practice of entering the Church without shoes or slippers. In an interview I had with him the Bishop told me that he was adopting Buddhist practices and symbols to break down the cultural resistance and perceptions of Buddhists to Christian garbs, candles and practices. It was his way of marketing Christianity and making it more appealing for conversion. His nephew, Ranil, seems to be rather a curious cross between these two cultures: he sports a “pirith noola” on his wrist to advertise his Buddhist connections at home and he snips the threads off before he fronts up at the Christian IDU in the West.

 Dr. Gunatilake draws on this cultural background and drops his bombshell. He states that the nephew of the Anglican Bishop “according to newspaper reports “¦had been baptized as a Christian (Anglican)”¦.and from a sense of history the action of Wickremesinghe (inviting the Portuguese to celebrate their 500th anniversary of their arrival) was “understandable”.”(p.290). He adds: “And in fact, on more than one occasion Wickramasinghe has been labeled by his political opponents as the contemporary Don Juan Dharmapala.”  The people instinctively grasped the meaning of this reference to Dharmapala without much explanatory exhortations.

 Of course, Wickremesinghe never expected the backlash that exploded in his face. But one positive result of his penchant for saying the wrong thing at the wrong time was that the Portuguese period came into sharp focus overnight more than any other period of the past. Not since Paul E. Peiris focused on this period in the 1920s has there been such a passionate interest in the role played by the Portuguese in Sri Lankan history.

 On their part, the Portuguese too were making preparations to celebrate the 500th anniversary of their “spiritual and temporal conquests” of the east with the blessings of the Pope. There were attempts made in India to celebrate similar anniversaries but the strong resistance from the Indian nationalists soon put an end to it. Finally, the Portuguese had their own celebrations of self-glorification in Europe.

The reaction in Sri Lanka was predictably hostile. This prompted over a hundred scholars from all communities to revisit the Portuguese period and go through it with a fine comb. This movement was led by the Royal Asiatic Society. They launched the “Portuguese Encounter Research Project” which was convened by Dr. Susantha Goonatilake. Some pored over documents, some visited the sites devastated by the Portuguese, some documented with photographs the devastation caused by the Portuguese, some visited Lisbon and Goa to collect relevant data, some collected oral evidence with the sole purpose of reexamining the role of the Portuguese in Sri Lanka. Dr. Gunatilake’s latest book, A 16th Century Clash of Civilizations, the Portuguese Presence in Sri Lanka” came out of this project.

 (To be continued)

25 Responses to “Ranil baptized as a Christian – Dr. Gunatilake -Ranil baptized as a Christian – Dr. Gunatilake-Part I”

  1. jimmy Says:

    come on I can not understand your point sir
    I understand you are an Anti Christian .
    Please do not create hatred against other religion or race please

    There should be a decency in writing . You may not like Ranils ploicies but call him names is unnecessary and will not be accepted in the civilized society

  2. cassandra Says:

    I have read HLDM’s writings for over forty years now, first with admiration for his attractive prose and general good sense but over the years I have been getting progressively more disappointed and saddened to see this veteran Sri Lankan journalist, now in the evening of his life, spewing so much of ill will with what he writes. It is such a pity for he is capable of a great turn of phrase and such appealing use of the language and it would be so much better if he employed his considerable journalistic skills, when writing, to ‘give delight and hurt not’.

    Over recent times the target of his vitriolic pen has been the leader of the UNP, Ranil Wickramesinghe. For instance, if you care to look at the listing of his last fifteen contributions to this site, you will find that as much as seven of them are attacks on RW. It was not so long ago that HLDM had his ‘knife into’ Radika Coomarasamy and was attacking her ad nauseam, even with some incredibly puerile comments on her “pottu”.

    In this latest article, HLDM starts with a lesson in history of the Portuguese times in the island but ends up with another attack on Ranil Wickremasinghe. And in the course of that he even takes a pot shot at RW’s uncle, the late Dr Lakshman Wickremasinghe, the former Anglican Bishop of Kurunegala. HLDM recalls how the late Dr Wickremasinghe “introduced the “pol thel pahana” and shades of yellow to the cassocks to make the Anglican Church more appealing to the Buddhists”. Far from applauding the Bishop for incorporating local traditions into the Christian liturgy, HLDM only sees the Bishop’s action as “his way of marketing Christianity and making it more appealing for conversion”. With HLDM, you are damned if you do, you are damned if you don’t. With his bigoted mind, he simply cannot acknowledge the positive even when it is staring him in the face.

    HLDM is probably a very bitter man. But as he carries on with his hateful rhetoric, he may care to answer one simple question – why has he, this avowedly patriotic Sinhala Buddhist with such obviously anti Christian and anti Western attitudes, chosen to make his home in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia?

  3. M.S.MUdali Says:

    Colombo and Jaffna were populated with slaves or labourers from Kerala by Portugeuse. The people in Colombo became Sinhalese and the people in Jaffna became Tamils but both have a common following for centuries. Agents of the foreiners is their best following.

    Patriots of Sri Lanka always treated as enemies by foreign agents like Catholic/Christian Churches who are still anti-Buddhist/Hindu.

    When UNP and LTTE had the honey-moon, I was thinking “how this happened”. Now I know the Catholic Church is the MIDDLE MAN between Tamils and Sinhalese who support foreiners.

    I am wondering how this MALAYALEE family of Ranil become part and parcel of Keleniya Raja Maha Viharaya. Where is our Buddhist champions? Dont they know that JR or Wijayawardenes or Wickramasinghes are all Christians?

    Kelani Raja Maha Viharaya became a place of coup by Buddharakkita and the family members of Wijewardenes. They heavily involved in the murder of S W R D Bandaranayake who shut down all the British involvements?

    Now the same CHURCH gang is around Mahinda Rajapaksha too! Sufferings are not over. Buddhist monks are still running to get MBE from British. That is another sign of un-ending slavary.

  4. Ben_silva Says:

    My opinion is that the article by HLDM is interesting and informative and perhaps controvosial.It may not cater for the rastes of all. I like to read the opiniion of HLDM as he sees the world. With ref. to Cassandra’s comment, people generally move about to improve the quality of life. In the past and perhaps even recently, countries have invaded other countries to grab resources, to trade etc.If people from different cultures learn to contribute to the whole society, for the benefit of all, then ethnic problems could be eliminated. The problems with some Tamils is that they want to live in isolation and want to colonise Lanka.

  5. Geeth Says:

    First thing we must learn is to be Sri Lankans, before us becoming Catholics, Buddhists or Muslims. The ugly murderous politics of the church, in Asia, Africa and Latin America, be it Catholic or Christian, is a subject that has become a part of political discourse not due to the fault of writers like Mahindapala’s personal choice but by the cruel and bizarre political culture of church itself. How can one blame Mahindapala for writing about a political faction that has become a major player in our national and international politics? How long they need Sri Lanka to be silence? Discussing about politics of church is not an insult to Christianity, because politics of church is not pretty at all and harms religious harmony in any part of the world. In Sri Lanka, this discourse is a must and long overdue. We cannot sweep the issues under the carpet.

    When people are reaching over forty, naturally they become more religious and partially blind. But some are not. They become more critical and will gain audacity to critique untouchables. As far as Mahindapala’s Melbourne connection is concerned, a man connected to his roots can never forget his origin and the past. When one look back from outside, the picture becomes clearer and so eventually they react in due-manner. But the one who uprooted from his origins, even though they live in Sri Lanka, their allegiance will be to their outside masters. If I was a Christian or a Catholic, considering the divisive political role that has been playing by the church in our country for last five hundred years, I would have given up my allegiance to that religious institution with its faith altogether and would have come back into the folds of Buddhism. Considering the separatist role of the church, I personally believe that Sinhalese Catholics must consider doing it, or at least must caution the Pope and the Cardinals, that they will do it if the church won’t change their stance.

    People must educate themselves to reach to proper judgments. But ironically, ignorance is a bliss for some faiths, but not for all.

  6. jay-ran Says:

    Ranil’s anti-Buddhist and anti-Srilankan attitudes were aptly brought to light with his dealings with the LTTE and signing of the TREACHEROUS CFA which gave immence powers to LTTE to roam entire Sri lanka but keeping Sri Lankan authorities out of North.
    What more evidence is needed? HLD is 100% correct!!!

  7. jimmy Says:


    yesterday you were attacking race, Today religion Tomorrow you will wake up and suddenly say hi This country is for kandyan Sinhalese only other casts can not exisit . next week you will wake up and say wait a minute I am fairer than darker skin guys . The solution will be only fairer people can call them as Sri Lankans no darker skin
    My humble advise is to ck in to mental hospital . it is nothing wrong on it Do not feel bad or shame
    It happens to people some times
    You must be atleast 75 , Right?I feel it because the way you make fun on Ranil and christian faith

    Leave the Beautiful Land alone and Let the Younger generation lead the Country
    You pappas failed us both Tamils and Sinhalese

    DO not spoil it . There is no time to waste

  8. Terry Says:

    I agree with Cassandra, HLDM gripe with RW is becoming rather monotonous and frankly far fetched at times. Lets face it RW is a weak leader but HLDM appears to have a fixation with RW.
    Is HLDM still smarting he was rejected from an Diplomatic post in Aus by RW? or is his past actions during the Premadasa regime come to haunt him?

    Dogs bark but the caravan moves on…

  9. OaO Asithri Says:

    Well said HLDM!

    In my view no amount of criticism of RW is unjustifiable today – that is if you are a patriotic Sri Lankan.

    Just yesterday he was trying to bifurcate SL with his CFA and appoint a murderous terrorist to a Tamils-only racist-separate state that would have seen Sri Lanka losing control over 60% of her coastline and 35% of the land AND today he is still trying to bleed Motherlanka with his frequent jaunts (at SL taxpayers’ expense) to the West where he literally begs and pleads with the West to cut off aid to SL based on “lack of human rights” or “lack of democracy” type of accusations that he has uttered like a parrot’s mantra since losing election after election and becoming derangely frustrated!

    Now all that coupled to the fact that this man has also attempted to glorify the Portuguese colonization of Sri Lanka (i.e. really the attempted genocide of the Sinhela Buddhists), and factoring in also his family background, proves beyond any doubt in my view as to where his allegiances are and who he really is.

    Admittedly, he is only one such in the “Colombians” category who is trying their damnedest best to subvert the country’s march to development and glory after the horrific terrorist war. We just need to be careful at spotting them and acting accordingly.

  10. M.S.MUdali Says:

    I am happy about HLDM who is a rare Buddhist finds the real terrorist in Sri lanka at last! I always write about the Catholic Church and their alliance with LTTE and UNP. Many rebuffed but I am in peace now for reading this artcle as well as the comments! Thanks HLDM!

  11. Ram2009 Says:

    I agree with Cassandra. I have no truck with Ranil W. or his politics or his religion. The writer is an xxxxx of the worst kind. That he has chosen to live in a Christian country with the culture he so dislikes shows that he is a charlatan as well.

    As to the “erudite” commentator who thinks that the people in Colombo originated from Slaves I only have contempt. May be he is a Kandyan, but then the hills were populated by the POWs from Kerala by Parakrema Bahu the Great.

  12. Samson Says:


    Don’t make absurd statements.

    Kandyans don’t substantially come from POWs from Kerala settled by Parakramabahu the Great. They were not POWs as such. They were our friends who fought against the Cholas. The number of Keralites so settled was very very small compared to its existing population at that time. That was why the Kerala friends were settled there in the first place! To even out the population so that there won’t be a Kerala majority area in the country. Don’t forget the upcountry was heavily populated thousands of years before that by Sinhala Buddhists. There are hundreds of Buddhist temples dating back more than a thousand years before the era of Parakramabahu the Great. Just one example is the Aluvihara where the great Buddhist chronicles were documented in the 1st century BC in the Indo Aryan language of Pali (the only other Indo Aryan language of the island being Sinhala)! Obviously you have to have a very large number of resident Buddhist monks, support staff, etc. do so.

    But no disagreement with other comments you make, except the cheap name calling bit.

  13. Fran Diaz Says:

    Thanks to Mr Mahindapala for his revealing articles. We Lankans should know all about our VIPs, particularly the ones who want to sell off the country yet again to colonists.
    Imagine if Sri Lanka never knew Ranil W. as a politician – how much a better & harmonious place this island home might have been !

  14. Samson Says:


    This practice of racial integration to prevent the emergence of single racial areas has a long history in Sri Lanka. It worked very well. These practices known as melting pot, racial integration and sometimes ethnocide are practiced around the world from USA, Australia, Russia, China.

    King Gajabahu settled 12,000 Tamil POWs in the south for the same reason. When a relatively smaller alien population is settled in a community, they eventually become the same race and religion of that big community.

    Sri Lanka should do the same now by settling army families in Jaffna and Vanni to create a homogeneous population in the north as great king Parakramabahu, Gajabahu, Parakramabahu VI and others did in the past following the strategy to create a homogeneous Sinhala population.

  15. jimmy Says:

    hi sorry I am back again

    I want to write something before sleep . I have to work tomorrow

    Any way
    I do not understand why Mahinadapala is wasting his time analyzing Ranil and his family
    It is wrong

    There is so much to worry in life . There are lot of good things to write about in life
    HLDM is wasting his time attacking Ranil who is a good human being

    HLDM is so mean to Ranil

    You can attack his politics or policies but you can not attack personally another humanbeing
    What kind of world we are living today folks

    normally a man who try to date a woman might like to know about her past her family background religion and so on
    when a man try to analyze another man that is different

    I respect every one regardless their sexual orientation though . I respect HLDM also

  16. M.S.MUdali Says:

    Parakramabahu was half Tamil and he never tried to “change” his father’s language. But the current Sinhala modayas bark to CHANGE the language.

    Gajabahu never had a war or POWs in India but he brought Tamils to settle in Sri Lanka because the Sri lankan Kings had their father or mother from South India. The same thing British did to populate Hill country.

    Kandy is a word available in Sri Lanka and Kerala only. The habbits of Malayalees (keralites) are closer o kandyans. The name “HERATH Mudiyanselage… is an ample proof of Kerala connection. Malayalam Language has a good smell of Sinhala too. Arabs called Sri Lanka SERENDIB which is SERAN THEEVU or SERAN DIVA. SERA and HERA are same in Sinhala. Herath.. is SERATH..means KERALITE.

  17. Samson Says:

    Mudali the ignorant,

    Don’t talk idiotic nonsense. Parakramabahu was half Sinhala and half Orissa. Not Tamil!

    Gajabahu did bring South Indian POWs after they took away Sinhalas during the rule of Mihindu V. These people were strategically distributed so that there will not be any Tamil majority areas in the country. And that worked very well. We should do the same today within Sri Lanka.

    Modayo, there is no word called Kandy relating to anything Sri Lankan. It is what the British used to Senkadagala or Mahanuwara as they called Meegamuwa Negombo, Kolamba Colombo, Galla Galle and Mannarama Mannar. There is absolutely no substantial Karala and Kandyan connection.

    Nonsense again. Serendib came from Silandiv or Sinhala Dweepa!

    Sera and Hera are not the same in Sinhala. What rubbish is this? In Sinhala there are no intercgangeable letters unlike in Tamil and Malayalam. Herath is Herath and Senarath is Senarath.

    Your version of history died at the banks of Nathikadal.

  18. Fran Diaz Says:

    “Kande Uda’ as the Upcountry was known (also called Senkadagala & Mahanuwara), was shortened to “Kandy” by the Brits.

  19. M.S.MUdali Says:

    Samson modaya:
    Mahinda V was carted away by Chinese Admiral Chen Ho to China. You are a fool and do not know who the hell is Gajabahu or others in the History.

    Gajabahu went to Kerala and brought the Pathni Cult to Sri lanka in the 2nd AD.

    Parakramabahu’s father was a Pandia who was not from Orissa, you idiot!

    Maha Vansa never tell anything of Orissa connection.

    You are a fool and barking without knowing any other language.

    HERATH MUDIYANSELAGE has no meaning in Sinhala. MUDIYAAN(SELAGE) = Elder in Tamil and Malayalam.

    There is a place NALLURUWA in Panadura. Sinhalaised name of TAMIL NALLUR.

    Ptolomy’s map tells Hills of Sri lanka as MALAI(YA). Malai means Hills or mountain in Tamil.

    SILANDIV.. haha did it come from CEYLON? No one heard about this SILAN DIV.

    Better learn Tamil. Then you will know the meanings of the places in Sri lanka.

    Kanda(samy) means mountain samy in Tamil for Skanda. Why did Brits take TAMIL names? Are the Brits Tamil speakers?

    Dont go so cheap to Sinhalaize everything in a foolish way!

  20. Samson Says:

    Mudali the ignorant,

    Loads of bull by a Nanthikadal loser.

    There was no Chinese connection with Mihindu V. Pattini cult was there in SL even before based not on South Indian nonsense but in a unique Sri Lankan way.

    Parakramabahu was Sinhala and Kalinga (Orissa).

    Herath Mudiyanselage has a meaning in Sinhala. You don’t understand Sinhala. Herath means a “gem among the army”. Mudiyanse is a title. Mudiyanselage means belonging to the Mudiyanse clan.

    Nalluruwa has nothing to do with Nallur. Nallur temple was built by a Sinhala king – Parakramabahu VI.

    Malaya means hills in Sinhala. Upcountry was always known as Malaya rata in Sinhala.

    Listen you Nanthikadal Modaya. Learn proper history or end up like your loser with a crater on the forehead and a hot iron rod in the whatever.

    History is written by winners like us not losers like you.

  21. jimmy Says:

    Again again and again
    hello My beloved People
    Why are we even discussing this BS who cares ?? 1890s and 1900s my great great grand pas life time
    there are lot if issues problems we need to focus
    Unemployment , homelessness, poverty , Flloods : these are the current issues people are having
    people just want peace . A common man in lanka whether in Gampaha or Jaffna or Anuradhapura just want to have peaceful life, happy life want to eat , have a job and be happy

    let the Younger generation lead the country They all want peace

  22. M.S.MUdali Says:

    I think SAMSON too a Sinhala word.. haha

    Malai is Tamil. Malaya is Sinhala. Good. Thanks for mentioning it! Others will decide how you are a fool!

    Mudiyan(se) like Tilak Marappan(a). nice acknowledgements.

    Sri Lankan kings never go beyond South India for marriages or help in the past. Parakramabahu’s father was a paandiya. Pandians never be in Orissa but Varatharaajap perumal former CM of North and East now live in Orissa with his EPRLF.

    Chenpakap perumal alias Parakrambahu VI was a Malayalee elephant trainer. Read more.

    If NALLURUVA has nothing to do with NALLUR. Then what is that?

  23. Fran Diaz Says:

    Whatever issues are discussed, the end game for any human being is to discover the higher Self/God/Truth within each of us.
    Even wars are fought for peace, to remove the fear of the ‘menacing other’. Wars brought resources & slaves too, a short lived gain.

    Now there is enough information in the world not to have go to war any more, and enough modern conveniences not have slaves or ‘servants’, though this may take some time to happen in Sri Lanka & India, we are tending towards that. House hold helpers can come for specific tasks and go back to their homes. In Lanka, we have to have easy to prepare foods, refrigeration/freezing facilities for every home. We have a long way to go !

    The Hindu religion offers Raja Yoga meditation through a Guru. Buddhism offers Dhana, Seela & Bhavana (Meditation). These are real ways to reach Self/God/Truth within each of us.

  24. M.S.MUdali Says:

    Please advise the Catholic Church and the Nazi Pope in Vatican not to support LTTE. Vatican is now invested in GUN industry along with Bush family.

  25. Samson Says:

    IPKF Son Mudali,

    Your version of history died in Mulaitivu. Stop believing nonsense modaya. It has not taken you anywhere and will not do you any good.

    Nobody believes your rubbish except losers like you.

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