Posted on February 2nd, 2011

Asoka Weerasinghe Kings Grove Crescent . Gloucester . Ontario . K1J 6G1 Canada

February 2, 2011

To; John Argue (Amnesty International), Hon. Jack Layton, MP. NDP Leader; Hon. Bob Rae Lib.MP, Foreign Affairs Critic; Jean Dorion, BQ MP, Foreign Affairs Critic; Hon. Maria Minna, Lib MP, Former Liberal Minister for CIDA & Chair, Canada Sri Lanka Parliamentary Friendship Group;  Mark Holland, Lib MP Public Safety & National Security Critic; Robert Oliphant, Lib MP, Multiculturalism Critic; Justin Trudeau Lib MP, Youth and Immigration Critic; Paul Calandra, Con MP, Member Special Committee on Bill C49; Alan Tonks, Lib MP; Patrick Brown, Con MP; and Lorne Waldman, Toronto Immigration Refugee Lawyer.

Dear Lady & Gentlemen:

Re: Being Speakers at the Canadian Human Rights Voice (CHRV) Conference on Human Rights in Sri Lanka in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Well”¦well”¦well”¦I can well imagine a burly  British Bobby in uniform with the truncheon held behind his back  approaching you all and asking”¦ “Allo”¦Allo”¦Allo.. what is this den. All one sided innit”¦all going after the Sri Lankan Government unfairly”¦how come you don’t have an activist like this chappy Asoka Weerasinghe who lives in Ottawa itself, or may be Asoka Yapa, Ira de Silva or Mahinda Gunasekera, or may be that Tamil chap”¦now let me think of his name”¦I know, Lenin Benedict, all living in the GTA.   They could take you on single handed or as a group, I am sure, as I believe they are non-political honest people.  I know with a possible spring election in the air and you lot are whoring for the Tamil votes, but let’s be smart and be fair.  I notice that eight of the CHRV Board members are Tamils, and I see what you lot are up to. This is serious business you lassie and chappies. Give up that con job.”

Well, that is what I would like to ask you lot too.  Is it a con-job?

Here are the Liberal MPs, Bob, Maria, Mark, Robert Justin & Alan who have the audacity to speak on Sri Lanka, when you gal and guys who are responsible for prolonging that Eelam War having thousands and thousands of innocent Sri Lankans killed by letting the Tamil Tiger sympathizers collect two million dollars a month and stuff it into the Tamil Tiger war chest for 13 long years to buy sophisticated weapons to fight the war;

When you Liberals have the audacity to speak on Sri Lanka having let the Tamil sympathizers cut a cheque for 7 ½ million dollars from a  Tamil-Canadian account in a bank in Vancouver to pay for a purchase of 50 tonnes of TNT and 10 tonnes of  the plastic explosive Semtex from  the Rubezone Chemical Factory in Ukraine in 1994, which were used in the truck bomb that brought down the Central Bank Building in the heart of Colombo on 31 January 1996 killing 114 and maiming for life another 1,338.  In June 2000, our High Commissioner Ruth Archibald in Colombo admitted at a national conference that the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (Tamil Tigers) were active in Canada.  And she continued to say, “Probably none of the monies collected by the LTTE in Canada ended up in Sri Lanka, but may be going towards the purchase of arms in other countries.”;

When you Liberals have the audacity to speak on Sri Lanka, when Maria Minna, one of your speakers who shamelessly calls herself Chair, Sri Lanka-Canada Parliamentary Friendship Group, was one of the duo of Pied Pipers, the other being Paul Martin, took with her a string of Liberal backbenchers to help the Tamil Tigers collect funds for their war chest to kill my people by attending the $60- a plate fund raiser in May 6, 2000 in Toronto.  Maria, you are no friend of Sri Lanka.  Just stop pulling wool over my eyes;

When you Liberals have the audacity to speak on Sri Lanka, when one of your speakers, Robert Oliphant was one of the “ƒ”¹…”Terrible  Lying 5″ (the others being Derek Lee, Jim Karygiannis,  Judy Sgro and Albina Guaineri), who accused Sri Lanka of “Genocide” against the Tamils during that famous  “Emergency Debate on Sri Lanka” which happened on 4 February 2009 in the Parliament Chambers, which I dubbed, “The Tamil Tiger Blarney Gong Show”, which Oliphant knew was a damn lie.  If there was indeed genocide, the Sri Lankan armed forces would not have saved 300,000 Tamils from the clutches of the Tamil Tigers by May 2009.  If there was genocide, the Sri Lankan government would not have had a mass wedding ceremony of the captured Tamil Tigers and Tigresses and gave them wedding gifts which did not contain condoms or birth control pills and asked them to go and make babies.  If there was genocide, the Sinhalese community would not have cooked a million meals a day to feed the 300,000 Tamils three meals a day, without telling them, “Go, starve to death you bastards as you killed our people;

When you Liberals have a audacity to speak on Sri Lanka, when one of the speakers is Justin Trudeau, who I hope knows what he is going to talk about, as his Dad the great Canadian Prime Minister would turn in his grave, knowing that his son is talking in support of separatist Tamil Tiger terrorists, the outfit which he would have abhorred.  I only wished that the Sri Lankan government had followed his Dad’s gumption when he evoked the War Measured Act to nip in the bud the FLQ in October 1970, and likewise killed that Tamil Tiger separatist terrorist movement when they got their first political kill in 27 July 1975,  shooting Alfred Duraiappah the Tamil Mayor of Jaffna dead.  Subsequently the Tamil Tigers assassinated another three Tamil Mayors of Jaffna.  Justin, I know you Liberals are whoring for the Tamil votes, but remember you are carrying your great Dad’s name “”…” Trudeau with you, and I hope you know what you are doing when you begin to dabble with Sri Lankan politics;

When you Liberals have the audacity to speak on Sri Lanka, let me remind Mark Holland and Alan Tonks that it were nine of your colleagues who stood in vigil on November 6, 2007, with 10,000 Tamils on that cold evening on Markham Recreation Ground for the Tamil Tiger  S.P.Thamil Chelvam who was killed by a bomb dropped from a Sri Lankan Air Force plane.  It was that day that your foolish Liberal colleagues christened the serial killer Tamil Tigers as “Doves of Peace’.  Six days later your nine Liberals had no place to hide of shame as the “Doves of Peace” turned “Killer Doves” as they killed hundreds of innocent people by detonating a Clay more mine in a bus.  So much for your Liberal foolishness.

Alan, I was introduced to you by our mutual friend Ivan Goring at the CNE grounds in August 1997, and I was told by Ivan that you are a “Decent human being”.  That autumn I was responsible for the major OCEANS exhibit at the Festival Hall Building.  The success of that exhibition was acknowledged by Linda Montanari of the Events Management team by writing to me saying, “Thank you for your great efforts in the creation of Oceans. You were part of one of our most exciting and vibrant Exhibitions.  You displayed a professional approach at all times and made sure that the exhibit was as best and good as it could be under the circumstances.” 

Alan I trust Ivan’s introductory remarks that day, and  still regard that you are a  “Decent human being”, and hope you will not tarnish that recommendation while whoring for the Tamil votes during your speech on Sri Lanka.  I will be disappointed as I admire honest and dedcent human beings;

When you Liberals have the audacity to speak on Sri Lanka, and one of the speakers happens to Bob Rae.  Bob, you have a history behind your dabbling in the Sri Lanka Tamil separatist issue and you have gone on record on your subtle blasting the Sri Lankan Government when you spoke in the House, like the ” Sri Lanka is a Failed State” pronouncement.  The culmination of all this was you being stopped at the Colombo  International Airport not being given permission to enter that beautiful island that I come from.    What you have missed accepting is that Sri Lankans have eyes and ears  and they are smart when it comes to Sri Lanka bashing by foreign politicians.   They don’t like it. You have being going after Sri Lanka for quite a while pretending you are a moderate.  You are not Bob. How can you be when you Liberals are whoring after the Tamil votes to hang on to nine ridings in the GTA.

The NDP has the audacity to speak on Sri Lanka, when the only speaker happens to be Jack Layton, the leader of the party.  I don’t expect much honesty and moderation from you Jack, knowing that you compared the Tamil Tiger terrorist serial killer leader Velupillai Prabhakaran to South Africa’s Nelson Mandela during a Pongu Thamil celebration at Queen’s Park.  You were after the 10,000 Tamil votes that day, and with that comment no doubt you won at least 50% of the votes.  Honesty always goes down the drain when the ploys come from a politician, and you happen to be one, Jack.  And, of course, you also happened to be the architect of the “Emergency Debate on Sri Lanka” happen on 4 February 2009.  I called it  “The  Tamil Tiger Blarney Gong Show”.  That was the evening when there were so many poisonous darts thrown at the Sri Lankan Government.  That was the day when there were so many lies spoken, and spat at on the Sri Lankan Government.  That was the day when I said to myself under my breath, “What a bunch of Dodos.  Jack you will never get a Valentine card from me.”  I certainly don’t expect any moderation from you as a speaker at this Conference as you will be speaking for the Tamil ears as your party needs those Tamil votes in the GTA.  So be it Jack!

Being a Conservative myself, the two Conservative MPs that have surprised me most in their aligning with the proxy-Tamil Tigers are Paul Calandra and Patrick Brown.  I notice that both are speakers at this Convention.  Paul, I suppose you leant your lesson on “stupidity” in going and legitimizing the  National Council of Canadian Tamils (NCCT) by ceremoniously cutting the ribbon to open their office in Toronto.  I know you won your seat from the Liberals by 545 votes and you need every Tamil vote at the next federal election to hang on to that seat.  That doesn’t give you the right to provide oxygen to the Tamil Tigers to regroup in Canada to hurt my people in Sri Lanka.  That is an absolute No..No, Paul.

Ditto for you Patrick.  You are certainly aligning yourself with the NCCT.  I know you were huffing and puffing on TV slamming the Sri Lankan Government because you and Paul were not issued visas to enter Sri Lanka  to visit the Tamil welfare camps in the north of Sri Lanka in the summer of 2009.  And  I asked you and Paul in a letter, “Who the hell do you two think you are to be issued visas to enter Sri Lanka when the Canadian government by that time refused to issue visas to five Sri Lankan Cabinet ministers to enter Canada.”  I reminded you that according to diplomatic parlance there is something called “reciprocity”, and I asked you to get down from your High-horse.

There will be many non-Sri Lankan Canadians watching and listening to you two which will  provide them the opportunity to decide whether they want to vote for the Conservatives at the next Federal election or not.   This is no threat but a reality check for you two, as I have decided not to vote for the Conservatives purely because of your Sri Lankan policy and pandering to the proxy-Tamil Tiger outfits in Toronto.

Well…well…well…John Argue.  I suppose you are caught up in the web of Human Rights deciet of your employer Amnesty International.  We have met, we spoke and you did smell my bile spilt all over you as an AI representative.  You acknowledged that you unsderstood my passion when anyone tries to hurt my Motherland, Sri lanka.  And you were right.  I am going to leave you at that but caution  you to be smart when you speak on Sri Lankan Human Rights.  I don’t have to brief you as you know what is going on, and the ground situation.  I would hate to categorize as another “Idiot” of AI, as I happened to like you after that interesting  and friendly meeting at my place. What is going for you is that you  are not whoring for a Tamil vote since you are not a GTA politican.  Take care John.

All what I have to tell you lady and gentlemen is just be cautious and judicious with what you say about Sri Lanka at this Conference.

Acknowledge the fact that wiping out the Tamil Tigers by the Sri Lankan Government Armed Forces gave back the right-to-life to the 20 million Sri Lankans who dreaded walking out of their houses in case they will not return home in one piece and not wanting to come home in a casket with their flesh and bones put together as a puzzle having been blown to smithereens by the Tamil Tiger bombs and claymore mines.

Acknowledge, that the Sri Lankan Government Forces were engaged in a Human Rights and a Liberation War against the Tamil Tigers.  That they liberated the land controlled illegally by the Tamil Tigers for 30 years, and they liberated 300,000 Tamils by May 2009 who were  herded for 30 months from the west to the east of the island and held as a human shield by the Tamil Tigers  who were shooting at them if they were tried to escape.  Acknowledge the humanitarian gesture by the Sinhalese who cooked a million meals a day to feed the 300,000  liberated Tamils three times a day and were not let to die of starvation.

Acknowledge that it was humanitarianism that let the Sri Lankan government to rehabilitate and reintegrate into society 11,696 ex-Tamil Tiger combatants (males 9428 and females 1674) which included child soldiers (males 363 and female 231).

Not to acknowledge the above facts at this  Conference will prove that all of you are a Bunch of Humbugs.  And it is that simple.

I know getting honesty out of politicians is not simple, but I am not prepared to give you immunity when you bash my Motherland, Sri Lanka,  unfairly.  It is case of  my singing my anthem “O Sri Lanka, My Home and Native Land”¦.”



Asoka Weerasinghe


  1. A. Sooriarachi Says:

    President Rajapakse and his Govt is popular in SriLanka because not only did they liberate the 20 million + civilians from the peril of ever-growing LTTE terrorism but also is working on a plan to develop the economy of the country at a rapid rate. Similarly to a lesser extent President Premadasa of a previous regime was popular with the people for liberating the country from JVP terrorist (far inferior to LTTE killing machine) and embarking on economic development of the nation (though not to current level of development).
    President Rajapakse is applauded even more as he had to stand up to the pressures exerted on him by foreign powers to let off the Tiger terrorists as well as facing all these insults and fabricated stories levelled at him by small minded opportunists who are under LTTE control like the lot you have mentioned in your article, or naive well meaning people caught in cunning LTTE propoganda.
    Ironically the people who sufferred the most and today the happiest grateful to President Rajapakse for getting rid of the LTTE leadership, are the vast majority of non-LTTE Tamils who lived in LTTE controlled areas. They know the truth as opposed to foreign politicians and journalists painting a gruesome picture of with material supplied by the LTTE.

    One thing in particular that struck me in this article is the comparison of Nelson Mandela to Velupillai Prabakaran by Jack Layton. It would be interesting to see whether the well educated Mandela who languished in a South African prison for decades, would feel proud to hear that he was just another Prabakaran, who lived in luxury in underground bunkers, whilst directing gruesome crimes against humanity like suicide bombings; abducting and torturing opponents; genocide of non-tamils; drug and human smuggling; bribery and corruption of politicians journalists and other influential individuals and organisations; entering sleeping hamlets to massacre peasants resting at home after a hard days work; international credit card fraud and tax avoidance through bogus charities; forcible recruitment of underage children to send to the battle front as cannon fodder whilst facilitating a luxurious life style to his own children etc etc. Is Nelson Mandela proud?

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