Posted on February 19th, 2011

Sara Saravanapavan

Hon. Mr.Mahinda Rajapakse
The Hon. Executive President of Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka
23rd January 2011

To: email address:
to:Prime Minister:, Please forward this letter to Hon.President.

Development of Jaffna lagoon, Elephant Pass lagoon, Vadamarachchi lagoon , Upparu lagoon, Iranaimadu tank, Date Palm cultivation and crocodile meat development and use of their hides for expensive ladies hand bags, shoes etc for local use and export etc.

Dear Hon. Mr.Mahinda Rajapakse,

Months ago I heard in the TVI news that you are going to spend several millions of Rupees to develop the Iranaimadu Tank to increase the water capacity and take the water to Jaffna Peninsula. This I believe is going to be financed by your government and the Asian Development Bank.

This is an excellent move.

At the same time, can you please urgently block the sea water coming into the Jaffna Peninsula like the way it has been done in other countries example in Netherlands etc and block the sea west of the Jaffna lagoon and east of Elephant Pass lagoon at Chundikkulam, also the Vadamarachci and Upparu lagoons so salt water does not come from the sea and as time goes on and if you could employ gigantic pumps and windmill pumps like in Netherlands to get rid of the salt water from the lagoons into the sea and make the lagoons as

fresh water lagoons. This will also replenish and recharge the underground fresh water systems (aquifers) with fresh water supply for all the wells etc in the Jaffna Peninsula.We should not forget the fact that from “1950’s onwards pumps have been used to draw water from over 100,000 wells in the Jaffna Peninsula. Over pumping for agricultural use has drawn down the fresh water stored in the limestone aquifer resulting in sea water percolating into “thousands of” wells through the fractured limestone, as no part of Jaffna is more than about 15 km from the sea”. This salt water percolating situations should be rectified without further delay and be treated as an EMERGENCY” S.O.S situation for the Jaffna Peninsula.

To honour you the government should change the name of the Jaffna Lagoons as “MAHINDA RAJAPAKSE SAMUDRAM” similar to Senanayake Samudra or Parakrama Samudra so that posterity can remember your name and the good work you have done for the Tamils. When the joined four lagoons become fresh water Samudram gigantic PIRARUCU (Arapaima gigas), Aruana (Osteoglossum bicirrhosum) etc fresh water fish from Brazil, fast multiplying Tilapiya, fresh water shrimps, prawns, lobsters, crabs etc could be introduced in the Mahinda Rajapakse Samudram. Pirarucu can reach eight feet long and weigh up to eighty (80) kilos. A large pirarucu female may deposit as many as 50,000 eggs.

Desalination will bring in extra several thousands of acres of land for agriculture and lands will also be recovered from the salty and brakish marginal lands for development purposes such as for planting Date Palm trees, coconut trees, rice cultivation, vegetables, pasture land for growing fodder grass for goats, cows, poultry farming etc.

My article reproduced below about DATES is self explanatory and your government can easily cultivate and give subsidies etc for people to cultivate Date Palm trees as small and big plantations on co-operative basis. Date Palm trees bear fruits in four years time and toddy and sweet toddy can be produced to make whisky and brandy for export, sugar for local consumption, date fruits for local consumption and export.

Your Hambantota area can be cultivated with DATE PALM trees and the Sinhalese people there can enjoy and benefit from the products from the Date Palm Trees.

We all know that Iranaimadu tank has crocodiles and in California I have eaten crocodile meat -it is sold as a delicacy in California- and is like chicken meat.

You would have heard about crocodile farms in Florida, Northern Territory in Australia and other countries.

Iguana (udumbu) meat some people eat and when they can eat Udumbu meat they would not mind eating crocodile meat which will become a delicacy. From crocodiles’ strong hide people can make expensive ladies’ handbags, belts. shoes etc for local sale and export.

If you (Hon. Mahinda Rajapakse) and all of us really want everlasting peace, unity, prosperity and to prevent future insurrections of the Tamils fighting for independence the government should convert the Jaffna Lagoon, Elephant Pass Lagoon, Vadamarachchi Lagoon and Upparu lagoons into fresh water lagoons which will reclaim several thousands of acres of land in the Jaffna Peninsula for cultivation of such as Date Palm trees, coconut, rice, vegetables and what not and bring prosperity to all.

It is seriously suggested that Sangupiddy Bridge on highway A-32 (Pooneryn to Jaffna) be dismantled and used elsewhere and the sea below permanently closed with the causeway to prevent sea water comining into Jaffna Lagoon.

When the stomachs are full no one will take up arms to get themselves killed. Empty stomachs will always bring problems of insurrections.

Large wind Mills like in Netherlands and gigantic pumps can be used to empty the salt water from the lagoons into the sea.

The people will have no objections to naming the four lagoons as Mahinda Rajapakse Samudram lagoons in honour of Mahinda Rajapakse for creating peace and prosperity in the Northern Province then why not have the name of Mahinda Rajapakse to remember his contributions to the Northern Province like the way Parakrama and Senanayake samudras were created.

I have repeated certain items to stress the importance.

Wish you all the success in your undertakings in the North East of Sri Lanka.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Sara Saravanapavan

23rd January 2011


  1. Lorenzo Says:

    This is a very good suggestion Mr Saravanapavan. I hope the government bigwigs will look into it seriously.

    Most importantly this should happen following the settlement of landless Sinhalese, Tamil and Muslim communities in the north so that people of all races benefit from it, not just Tamils. In the north, development, ethnic integration and changing the ethnic composition must go hand in hand.

  2. Kit Athul Says:

    Whove Whove Sara, to bigin with there are no crocodiles in Florida. (I don’t think you have ever visited Florida. It is a very different place to California) I live in south Florida, the reptile you are referring to is called Aligator and they look different also as dangerous as the crocodile. In the very southern tip of Florida there lives small crocodile and it is a endangered reptile. Now who is going to pay for all this development? Tamil Sangam in USA? I don’t think President Rajapakse will need Tamil Sangahm money to develop SL. You want to dismental a bridge? No tell us another joke.

  3. Asoka_Wickramasurya Says:

    Just wait a moment, Mr Sara Saravanapavan, you are coming up with some demands rather than requests, with a little bit of ‘threats’ attach to them.

    I regard you as a Sri Lanka other than anyone else, if you are born and raised in Sri Lanka. At the same time, if you have a minority/inferiority complex you can call yourself otherwise, as I am not here to give you citizenship to a country. It applies to me as well. Even though my surname spelled differently to yours, does not mean I belong to a majority or a minority as we southerners speak a dialect or a person who has a majority/minority/inferiority complex. In my adopted country where I live now, I do not consider myself as from a minority tribe. It is time to leave behind the tribal issues, (do not get confused with culture) and to move forward as civilised people on earth.

    Having said that, the Sri Lankans who lived in the North and the East must take responsibility for the utter destruction and murder caused to your own people and to their livelihood, with the help of the Church and the West. It started in 1975 (not in 1983) with the brutal murder of Alfred Duraiappa, and the subsequent purge of other Sri Lankans who are culturally different but shared some common bond through Hinduism and Buddhism, for you to bully the central government. Also do not forget how the some of the southern Sri Lnakans students who were studying at Jaffna University were sent packing to South after de-bowelling them!!!! If you can get hold of a copy of the Sansoni Commission report or the day to day new items of that era, you will realise what I am talking about. Neither your Church nor the West showed any mercy for those poor students.

    Remember the time you guys ruled the Sr Lankan State, in customs, immigrations, administration etc, north and the east had at par high level of development in the country, yet all you wanted was more and more, and the demands became threats.

    Now, go to the recent past. Church and the West carved up a place in Sri Lanka called Eelam under the so called ‘Peace Agreement’ with much fanfare, for those who were suffering from this minority/inferiority complex, in 2002. And billions of dollars and Kroners were poured in for development through the Church and the west funded INGOs and NGOs. Please tell me where this money gone!!! What we saw (not the west and the church), were Tiger (pussy cat) ‘army’, ‘navy’, ‘air force’, ‘judiciary’, ‘police’, ‘tax’, purge of different cultural and religious groups, human bombs, mortars, satellite phones with direct links to the west. This went on for more than five years!!!

    Now not even two years after the liberation and humanitarian operation from terror, you are demanding the government with massive projects!!! Remember, we are a country under constant threat from the church, west and from Tamil diaspora for not kneeling down to their demands, before, during and after the liberation and for uniting the Nation as one.

    Please tell me where this money is going to come. We were a proud nation with shared religions and cultures and lived without a Saviour, miracles and beliefs. One little question to you, have you ever asked what the New Orleans government has done to its own people after hurricane Katrina! The place may be looking like Paradise now!!! I am talking here is USA, the biggest county of everything in the world. And is the Promised and The Divine land according to The Book. Have you ever heard about Afghan, Palestinian and Iraqis and in neighbouring countries by millions for more than decades in refugee camps?

    Do you know the sheer number of Sri Lankan defence soldiers and officers who scarified their youth and lives to unite and to liberate our Mother Land, were well educated brave men and women of all, not forgetting the disabled for life mostly due to your “batta” mines? Please check the minimum age and academic qualifications required to become one of them. They were/are no pussy cats!!!

    Tell me what is your contribution for these projects? Al least please show gratitude for the dead who died for us. We will develop Sri Lanka as One Nation and with Her proud people called Sri Lankans.

  4. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    Lorenzo ! We appreciate your wisdom, and the comments. Yes, the landless Sinhalese, Tamils and Muslims should be first settled, in the North, before any change is initiated. The 80,000 muslims who were ethnically cleansed, and asked to leave the North in 48 hours, without their valuables, should be first settled, and compensated. Likewise the 8,000 Sinhalese who were ethnically cleansed, and asked to leave the North should also be resettled, and compensated. Tamils can settle amongst the Sinhalese and the Muslims and bring peace to each other, in integrated settlements.

    About the Date Palms in Jaffna for the Tamils, and Date Palms in Hambanthota for the Sinhalese, clearly reflects Saras underlying mental disposition of creating, racial seggregation, when the whole country wants racial harmony.

    When Sara talks of DISMANTLING a Bridge, I concur with Kit Athuls amusing response, ” Tell us another one, just like the other one ” The STUPIDITY of the very suggestion, in dismantling a New Bridge, built for the People of the North, as a convenience, should be treated as that coming from an individual of unsound mind. Tantamount to sheer Lunacy.

    Iam inclined to believe that Sara has free access to the Treasury of the Tamil Tiger Terrorists Diaspora. and that he has the financial resources to dismantle the bridge, and ‘DAM” the Ocean. to prevent salinisation. I LOVE TO SEE THE TTTD FUNDING PROJECTS LIKE THAT. Wonder of Asia would be in the horizon. Sara Pavan, have you got the Green Light from your PRIME MINISTER, in USA, Rudrakumaran, to disburse such large sums from his Treasury, for a joint venture on the said projects with the Sri Lanka Government ? Get his approval in writing, and for good measure, get it notarized

    Sri Lanka does not have enough animal flesh for consumption, and the author suggest eating Crocodile Meat. Within a year Crocodiles in Sri Lanka would be an endangered species. The Iguana is a protected species, but people nevertheless kill and eat them. I have seen in Cheddikulam town, a Muslim Mudalali, having about ten IGUANA ( Talagoya ) in a pen, awaiting sale. Police pretended not seeing them. It is a way of life in remote areas.

    Everlasting PEACE should come from the hearts and minds of the Sinhalese, Muslims, and Tamils, and all other ethnicities, LIVING TOGETHER, and certainly not by growing Date Palm Trees, Dismantling Bridges, Damming the Ocean, and eating Crocodile Flesh.

    About the suggestion of having Lagoons, Named as Samudrams for posterity, Iam a little confused. Samudra, literally means SEA. So upto the Maritime Boundaries around Sri Lanka, we could have SEA OF MAHINDA, as the author Sara is very keen on this naming game.

    Just a humble request to Sara Sara Vanapavan, You have made some wonderful, awesome suggestions. Could you please arrange your financiers to table the amout of funding available initially, and negotiate feasible projects, with the goverment. Thanks for your kind thoughts.

  5. jimmy Says:

    I read 3 times what Sara wrote
    I do not see he is a sympathizer to LTTE. He seems to be a genuine person writing letter to his President ools

    What is funn about that

    Shame on People who make fun and ridicule at others. You guys made yourself tom fools.

    I am shocked the way he is treated by some of the readers. It is very hurtful also . People do not have to be mean . I know it takes time for some people to give up hatred.

  6. jimmy Says:

    In my dictionary There can not be Tamils sinhalese muslims or Burgers
    We are Srilankans

    In my opinion there can be 2 kinds of people

    One is for people who want unity and the other do not want unity

    People who honestly want unity should never ever make fun or ridicule other race , religion

    Majority of Lankans atleast the younger Generation want peace . We can not divide any more . No more silly jokes or fun about other race or religion
    Old Farts made our country a mess. Old Buggers can never give up hatred . 60 years of hatred will not go away easily
    I am very sure Majority of Todays generation ( Tamils/sinhalese/Muslims/Burgers/) want to live in peace

    I believe you are for unity bro and glad to see that
    There are so many many wonderful kind sinhala souls and Tamil souls in the World ( silent majority) who want to live in peace
    We have to overcome and ignore people who make fun on people who are genuine and for unity

  7. sanjeewa Says:

    I agree most of these suggestions are quite impractical. But Sara has not said anything which could be construed as offensive, so really there’s no call for personal attacks and accusations of being involed with the LTTE.

  8. ranjit Says:

    Sara’s sujjestions were good the question is where we can get that much of money to do all that? We are not America or U.K. or any other western country we just started to raise our heads after spending billions on war on terror so we need time to breath atleast and should start from the beginning settling the displaced citizens, building schools,hospitals and all the infrastructure which was destroyed by the cruel war etc. We have so much to do not planting Date Palm trees and making whiskey and brandy. Let’s move slowly till we find resources to do it Sara. Dont make a rush to develop Jaffna only we have other places too which was destroyed by L.T.T.E murderers. Now they are dead and gone lets built a new Lanka for you and me to live peacefully with a clean heart and love to our Motherland. Write something useful to the President to benefit all Sri Lankans not one part of the country or peoples and also try to get your people if you are a Sri Lankan to come forward with ideas like this and money to spend on these projects you were talking about without talking and writing by living outside the country specially in America and Canada where you have more L.T.T.E sympathizers and rich Tamils who left the country during the war. Without segregating your date palm treess Jaffna tree and Hambantota tree lets palnt date palm trees all over the land if it grows for all peoples of all races to enjoy the fruit You have to think and do things as Sri Lankans not as any individual race. L.T.T.E and their sympathizers have millions or maybe billions by doing all evil things in the book during last thirty years so why not they come back to the land they were born and bread and spend all that money to the development you need in Jaffna and other areas in Sri Lanka? Forget about the war and the division we had all these years start new with new ideas and new thinking with the blessing of all our religion beliefs.
    When we were going to make a just society without meat and alchohol dont suggest to eat crocodile meat or any meat. You can enjoy eating them in California or Babilonia with your whiskey and brandy.Better enjoy yourself Sara with the white leghorns in those countries and stay there for good rather than coming back to our Motherland and asking us to eat meat and drink wine same like the Portughese did five hundred years ago. Good luck for your crocodile farm. I hope the President will note down your suggestions and send you a reply in this same forum. SARA DATE PALM good name for a brand!

  9. Lorenzo Says:

    Thanks Susantha.

    A small correction. There were 20,500 Sinhalese in Jaffna district in 1971. Allowing their natural growth, it would be much higher. All of them with their children must be resettled and in addition there is land in the north for all landless people in the north.

    If we develop the north without changing its ethnic composition, we will have a developed electaores that vote for TNA. That’s not what the country needs.

  10. Lorenzo Says:


    You are wrong. There are 2 kinds of people in SL.

    1. Those who love SL as it is (unitary, military, etc.)
    2. Those who don’t.

    SL should not give anything about #2 type people. It does not matter if they live or die. Actually they not living in SL is preferable. Love SL does not mean loving the ruling party.

  11. jimmy Says:

    Agree with Ranjith

    The Government can not spend so much money should go slowly

    Lorenzo agree your comments . Big Amen to you sir

    1. Those who love SL as it is (unitary, military, etc.)
    2. Those who don’t.

    SL should not give anything about #2 type people. It does not matter if they live or die. Actually they not living in SL is preferable. Love SL does not mean loving the ruling party.

  12. Chintha Says:

    Development of whole SL is a must. First thing first, it must be very claer all the developments benifit all Sri Lankans not only Tamils.
    Wow, the LTTE diaspora are busilly scheming seperation of SL(ie,extension of Tamil Nadu) and in the mean time expect the govt to develop it and get all the benifits to Tamil ONLY. NO WAY.

  13. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:


  14. Kit Athul Says:

    Tamil sangham has big accounts, now the US government is investigating how did these people get these billoions of dollars. The man who wote a letter to the president and gave his name as Mahindha and said this name is the same as the president. He belongs to the same sangham as Sara. No one could see why this man or woman want to Dismental a Bridge? I think this bridge is a vital link for the military. What the Tamil Sanghams want is to become INGOs so that they can coverup where their Sangham money is going. Lets hope the President sends a reply with our comments. As for the Talagoya, hope police will take action using the current law. Chintha is correct. Read the fish story, India think Northern Province is their property.



  16. ranjit Says:

    How much we invite them to the table of friendship some will never come as they still and will conspire against us to avenge Prabakaran’s death. They will think of diffrenet ways to poison the minds of the innocent Tamil peoples. We cannot find Kardiragama’s or Ponnambalam’s anymore. We have to be on alert never close our eyes stay awake all the time and vigilant. Anybody comes to helps us in good faith we should welcome them in both hands but if their hearts and minds were evil then we should be united to destroy before it destroys us.

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