US Secretary of State for South Asian Affairs ~The Former Ambassador Blake’s Call For War Crimes Investigations Stinks Of Pro Tamil Diaspora Sympathy!
Posted on March 1st, 2011

Insight By Sunil Kumar

March 1st 2011
It is fast becoming  transparent that the ever surfacing call for Sri Lanka dto be hauled before a war crimes tribunal over” the killing of many thousands of civilians” in the final months of its separatist war with Tamil rebels is more a retaliatory move by disgruntled Tamil diaspora scattered around the globe and in particular those who have access to hairbrained sympathisers holding reasonably high office who in  turn lend an ear to their sob stories rather than laying the matter to rest as other important world leaders have done based on painstaking investigations.
The facts  towards its confirmation are not only etched in stone towards non culpability but there are also pointers towards the credibilities of those who persist in attempting to tarnish Sri Lanka’s image on the global scene.
So is there some moronic incapacity on the part of such individuals to grasp the reality that theirs is a wasted effort and that sooner or later they will be exposed for their duplicities without evaluating their net worth and could become the laughing stock of the International Community and particularly open to being questioned about their status as well as credentials?
One such turns out to be the US Secretary of State for Asian Affairs Robert Blake who never gives up his ‘pain in the derriere’ mentality about matters related to Sri Lanka with a remarkable degree of persistence despite his commission and more coinable with the ‘hair brained’ inference refered to earlier where the term career diplomat seems to be far removed from being an accurate description of himself as he seems to be quite alienated from what logically applies to diplomacy where the career seems to be steeped in many contentious issues unbecoming of his diplomatic as well as secretary of state status where many seem to view him as  being a bucket carrying sycophant of the Tamil tiger supportive Tamil Diaspora which is by itself an unenviable title!.
Probably stepping out of line from his immediate responsibilities as a diplomat and the rest of his titles and by no means someone in authority to issue threats to a sovereign nation, US Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs, Robert Blake is said to have issued “the toughest warning” to Sri Lanka since the end of fighting in May 2009 and has allegedly said  that Sri Lanka risked a forced international investigation.
Perhaps it is of importance to confront Mr Blake towards clarifying his statement which to the more discerning seems based on nothing beyond upholding the persistent  petitions filed by Tamil tiger supportive Tamil Diaspora  who never give up their attempts to discredit the Government of Sri Lanka and its leadership which effectively destroyed their champions the Tamil tigers and now making great progress towards rebuilding the Nation.
Blake during his ambassadorial stints in Sri Lanka has also been outspoken about how the Government of Sri Lanka should handle the terrorist issue and it is not surprising that he is once again involved in controversial rhetoric which neither he nor anyone else for that matter could substantiate, constantly drawing analogies to other trouble spots around the globe where the analogies are somewhat irrelevant as well as inapplicable and generalization seems to be the only yardstick!
His remarks are both unsavoury as well as authoritarian and have  been made as the UN Human Rights Council was meeting in Geneva, where Sri Lanka has previously managed to avoid condemnation thanks to the backing of several nations, including  China and Russia which is a pointer towards the non culpability of Sri Lanka towards what Blake continues to throw accusations about and what Sri Lanka has a right to take umbrage over.
Sri Lanka rather curiously seems to invite much unwarranted attention towards the issue in question from many sources similar to Blake visibly sympathetic towards the flimsy and mostly intangible Tamil entreaties and someone who should know better than to interfere into the internal matters of a Sovereign Nation defending her legitimate rights governed by international law or else be categorized as a Tamil Tiger linked Tamil Diaspora sympathiser which he does not seem to be making much of an effort to conceal judging by his rhetoric which at times is contradictory and repetitive.
He certainly overlooks the reality that the issues he is trying to raise have been evaluated and conclusions drawn by panels from Nations better qualified than himself who have agreed that there were no human rights violations other than the ones committed by the LTTE and those falsely depicted by enemies of the Nation vis a vis the secessionist Tamils who have not pitted their strengths behind others of their own community who often acollade the Government rather than condemn it.
Consequently Mr. Blake’s call for war crimes investigations seems to stink of pro Tamil Tiger supportive Diaspora sympathies.

5 Responses to “US Secretary of State for South Asian Affairs ~The Former Ambassador Blake’s Call For War Crimes Investigations Stinks Of Pro Tamil Diaspora Sympathy!”

  1. A. Sooriarachi Says:

    Why is Robert Blake insisting that SriLanka investigate something that never happened but created by the LTTE and their friends? Why did Robert Blake defend Rudrakumaran by stating, even without investigating, that he hasn’t ommitted any crime?

  2. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:


  3. Sunil Mahattaya Says:

    Indeed so true on both comments.
    The Americans in particular think they can walk all over anyone in the name of what they interpret as democracy and freedom within their own concept which is often laced in double standards.
    Iraq and Afghanisthan are prime examples and we know what tha CIA was upto for decades!
    Some of these hotshots can even be exposed for how they avail of all the perks of being in countries like Sri Lanka and than turn around shamelessly and backbite, remember Eric Solheim? They are all of the same ilk. Sri lanka has to be grateful to her incredibly perceptive leader who eliminated what the LTTE were able to do for a greater part involving the burning of an individual’s integrity, honesty and credibility which is no different from some other concepts from other areas of dogma perhaps which rob the minds and souls of people with false assurances some even promising eternal life! The likes of Blake are either gullible victims who don’t seem to be able to rationalize for themselves using their own intelligence or have such inflated egos of themselves that they epitomise the fullest meaning of the term Ego Trip and carry on regardless!

  4. jmack387 Says:

    Tamils in the U.S. are guilty of war crimes. They funded terrorism and war crimes of their terrorist organization LTTE for over 30 years. Only a very few have been properly investigated. There is the Tamil doctor in Cumberland, Maryland, the president of the US TRO.

    Short story: the Tamils went to western immigration authorities, lied to them saying they are persecuted in Sri Lanka and entered the west as political asylum seekers when they were in fact economic refugees. After these Tamils established themselves in wealthy nations, they formed fronts for the Tamil Tiger terrorists and funded terrorism and committed war crimes.

    What the Assistant Secretary of South and Central Asian Affairs Robert O. Blake is doing is to provide cover for these war criminals in exchange for their blood money. Instead of calling for investigations into Tamil terrorists in the United States, he wants to persecute Sri Lanka for defeating his paymasters! What a joke.

  5. shaz Says:

    It is true that money and blackmail of votes has a very strong link to MPs in Britain who support the Ltte diaspora in Britain. I call them the LTTE diaspora because there are many Tamils in Britain who know exactly why they had to leave their beloved homeland but are too frightened to say they left for fear of the kidnap of their children etc. by the LTTE. They have less voice even than the sinhalese. While british MPs claim corruption of Sri Lankan government and paint themselves whiter than white in the name of democracy they are more corrupt than any. It seems MPs in Britain will do anything to cling on to their seats. Many of these people are of the left, as I am but if they have a brain and have bothered to find out the facts there is no way they could rationally believe the Sri Lankan government was responsible. Many of these MPs claim to be non racist but in fact they are hopelessly racist, how can they accuse the Sinhalese people, particularly the Sinhala peasant, who never turned on their local Tamils through all the bombs and killings who were ruthlessly thrown out of the North. The Sinhalese have a fault, they are too easy going and tolerant. They have failed or have not been allowed to have a strong voice. They are fearful because they have nowhere to go and they have no means anymore than the poor Tamil peasants who became the pawns of the LTTE to leave their beloved Sri Lanka but if the west continue to encourage the LTTE, if they ever rise again there could be a horrific tragedy in Sri Lanka. They wanted 2/3rds of the coastline, 1/3rd of the country, where were the sinhalese going? Into the sea I should think, the massive weight of India is above them and all humanitarian people of the world should really understand this and support the wonderful heritage, culture and sheer beauty of the sinhala people.

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