Posted on April 5th, 2011

Mahinda Weerasinghe
Author of “ƒ”¹…”The Origin of Species According to the Buddha’

With the fall of Tunisia, Egypt and the fires of insurrection spreading to Libya, Yemen, Bahrain and with spontaneous uprisings taking place in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, the knowledgeable pundits in the west are predicting that progress, tolerance and civilisation has finally caught up with the nations of “ƒ”¹…”true believers’. In fact with troubles compounding to the powers that be, how the process will unfold is an enigma to most denizens at this historical juncture.

Ronald Regan and his bunch of “ƒ”¹…”all knowing’ advisers put fire power into the hands of Muslim fanatic’s in order to bring down the soviet “ƒ”¹…”evil empire’. Now these same fanatics have turned those very weapons on the “ƒ”¹…”un-evil empire’ and may eventually bring it down too. Indeed currently the adherents of “ƒ”¹…”The religion of peace’ are bleeding the “ƒ”¹…”civilised’ nations copiously.

So can these learned pundits’ explain what is the cause for such upheaval and why exactly at this historical moment?

To really appreciate what this process is all about, we have to step back in time and figure out what the initiator of “ƒ”¹…”The religion of peace’ aimed at. In essence in spite of its excesses “ƒ”¹…”This peaceful’ creed has been unstoppable since its initial promulgation.

Judaism was in fact, well established in Medina two centuries prior to Prophet’s birth. Muhammad arrived in Medina in 622 believing that Jewish tribes would receive him with open arms.

Contrary to his expectations, his relations with several of the Jewish tribes in Medina were an uneasy one, laced with suspicion and bitterness from the time of his arrival. Yet Muhammad had been invited to arbitrate in a bloody civil conflict between the Khazraj and the Aws Allah, in which the Jewish clans were embroiled at the time.

At Muhammad’s insistence, Medina’s pagans, Muslim and Jewish clans signed a pact to protect each other. According to most sources the individuals among the clans plotted to take prophet’s life and attempted at least twice. Once they came within a hairs breath of poisoning him. Two of the tribes, the Banu Nadir and the Banu Qaynuqa were exiled for renagating on the agreement subsequently. He recognised early, the danger these Jewish tribes posed to the nascent Muslim community, and strived to avoid it.

Curiously Prophets biggest detractors at that point of history were none other than his own Meccan kith and kin, now being the bastion of Islam. Yet at that historical moment they were actively working to dislodge the Prophet by all means at their disposal. Indeed in order to achieve this, they march on medina twice, with substantial forces. In the first encounter Muhammad escaped with his life by sheer luck.

In the second and final military push, now known as the “ƒ”¹…”Battle of the Trench’, the Meccans recruited allies from north western Arabia to join in the fray, which included the two, exiled Jewish tribes. In addition, to his enemies, they sent envoys to the largest Jewish tribe still in Medina proper, the Banu Qurayza, hoping to enrol them and to make a “ƒ”¹…”common cause’, against the prophet and his “ƒ”¹…”The religion of peace’ now firmly entrenched in medina.

Evidently Banu Qurayza’s location on the south side of Medina would inspire the Meccans to devise a plan to attack Muhammad’s positions from both directions and felt that Muslims were not strong enough to withstand a battle in two fronts simultaneously.

On the other hand Banu Qurayza was also reluctant to join the Meccan alliance as they were insecure as to the outcome of an encounter. Yet they were impressed by the substantial Meccan force assembled to do battle and agreed to an alliance, conditionally.

As a siege began, the Banu Qurayza nervously awaited developments. And Muhammad learning of the Jewish clan’s intention to defect and realizing the danger it posed, initiated diplomatic parley to keep the Banu Qurayza on his side. But no progress was made. At the third week of the siege, the Banu Qurayza signalled their readiness to join the Meccan alliance; but demanded that the Meccans provide them with hostages, to ensure that they wouldn’t be abandoned to face Muhammad alone if they decided to lift the siege.

For their horror that’s exactly what happened. The Meccans, nearing exhaustion, refused to give Banu Qurayza any hostages. Not long after, cold, heavy rains set in, and the Meccans lifted the siege and marched home, and the Jewish Banu Qurayza was left holding the bag.

Then Muslims commenced a 25-day siege against the Banu Qurazya’s fortress. Finally, both sides agreed on arbitration. A former ally of the Banu Qurayza, an Arab chief named Sa’d ibn Muadh, now a convert, was chosen as judge. We must assume that Prophet anticipated Sa’d verdict. If the earlier tribal relations were in force, he would have spared the Banu Qurayza. His fellow chiefs urged him to pardon their former allies, but he refused. In his view, the Banu Qurayza had attacked the new social order and failed to honour their agreement to protect the town. He ruled that all the men should be executed. Muhammad promptly accepted his judgment, for indeed he received the verdict he wanted. Next day, according to Muslim sources, 700 men of the Banu Qurayza were murdered in cold blood.

This murderous act set a precedent, how the followers of “ƒ”¹…”The religion of peace’ would deal with POWs in their future conflicts.

Some individual Medinan Jews, including at least one rabbi, accepted Islam. But generally, the Jews of Medina remained true to their faith. Theologically, they could not accept Muhammad as a messenger of God, since, in keeping with their own Jewish beliefs, they were waiting for a prophet to emerge from within their own ranks.

Islam and Christianity have this contrast. Jesus never sanctioned anyone to be executed in his or his Gods name. In order to legitimise the Inquisition and burning of heretics, Catholic Church had to linger another1400 hundred years.

Whereas Islam began massacring unbelievers’ from its very inception and records provide ample evidence of same.

Islam was totally soaked in blood from prophet’s medina days. The killing of unbeliers slowed down only when the Islamic expansion finally ran into boundaries in the 8th century. After about a century of imperialistic and unprovoked Islamic aggression there were hardly any unbelievers left within their occupied areas. Even through the initial expansion slowed down, the killings of none believers within the newly occupied territories continued.

Whole Buddhists nations along the Silk Road were put to the sword, if they resisted the on march of Islam.

Once tolerant Buddhist populace in nations such as Afghanistan Kazakhstan , Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Samarkand, to name a few, were d mercilessly butchered as idol worshipers. Still curiously all the butchering was done in the name of a merciful Allah. Why Allah wouldn’t do his own dirty work instead of allocating it to the believers of “ƒ”¹…”The religion of peace’ is an enigma for most neutral observers.

After the idol worshipers were mercilessly massacred there were no more Buddhists left along the Silk Road, where as once it consisted exclusively of Buddhists. Now only the ancient monuments were left after ages of carnage to remind us of a tolerant past that once was.

Now the Buddhist monuments also has become a thorn on adherents of “ƒ”¹…”The religion of peace’s’, butts. The colossal Bamiyen Buddhas which has been cut at immeasurable cost (probably in the third and fifth centuries A.D.) into the tall, sandstone cliffs surrounding, an oasis town in the centre of a long valley that separates the mountain chains of Hindu Kush and Koh-i-Baba. The taller of the two statues (about 53 meters or 175 feet) is thought to represent Vairocana, the “Light Shining throughout the Universe Buddha” The shorter one (36 meters or 120 feet) probably represents Buddha Sakyamuni, although the local Hazara people believe it depicts a woman.

The colossus once was an awesome sight, visible from miles around, with copper masks for faces and copper-covered hands. Vairocana’s robes were painted red and Sakyamuni’s blue. These towering, transcendental images were key symbols to the rise of Mahayana Buddhists teachings, emphasized the ability for everyone, not just monks, to achieve the bliss of enlightenment.

While the dates of the statues are somewhat equivocal, the Buddhist monk Xuanzang, who travelled to India to bring back to China the copies of the original sutras of the Buddha’s teachings, bore witness to the statues in A.D. 630-31. Indeed they were no more idol worshipping Buddhists to bump off, so the adherents of the “ƒ”¹…”religion of peace’ have turned their attention on these ancient Buddhist monuments.

In the Diamond Sutra, the historical Buddha, Sakyamuni (whose lifetime crossed the fifth and fourth centuries B.C.), informs to a disciple: “Thousands of lifetimes ago when my body was cut into pieces by King Kalinga, I was not caught up in the idea of a separate self or life span. If, at that time, I had been caught up in such an idea, I would have felt anger and ill-will against the king.” Now, that’s Buddhist tolerance, peace and good will to all fellow beings. But tolerance is a weakness as far as the followers of the “ƒ”¹…”religion of peace’.

Sadly these tolerant Buddhists followed their master meekly to their death rather than give battle to these bloody “ƒ”¹…”butchers’

 More than 100 million Buddhists may have perished by these butchers. The world acknowledges the conquest of Buddhism was the practical result of its pacifism and tolerance.

Zoroastrianism was eliminated from Persia. The ones who ran away escaped these killers of “ƒ”¹…”The religion of peace’ and survived to this date in India and Sri Lanka.

The Jews became permanent dhimmis throughout Islam sine the battle of the trench.

In Africa over 120 million Christians and animists may have been exterminated during the last 1400 years of jihad.

A minimum of 270 million nonbelievers may have died over the last 1400 years in the name of Allah, a subject which is not taught in any school.”

To Islam Buddhism is a superstition and its adherents idol worshipers hence no right to exist. Evidently to live in Paradise for eternity with Allah is factual! Or receiving 8000 virgins to deflower when they get to Paradise is scientifically proven!

The Quran contains at least 109 verses that call Muslims to war on nonbelievers. Some are quite graphic, with commands to chop off heads and fingers and kill infidels wherever they may be hiding. Muslims who do not join the fray are called ‘hypocrites’ and warned that Allah will send them to Hell if they do not join in the slaughter.

Unlike the Old Testament verses of violence, the ones in the Quran are open-ended, meaning that the historical context is not embedded within the surrounding text. They are part of the eternal, unchanging word of Allah, and just as relevant or subjective as anything else in the Quran.

Believers inform that the truth of Islam was based on Five solid Pillars; being an injunction by the one true God. The five Pillars being:

1: There is no god but ALLAH and MOHAMMAD is the Holy Prophet [Faith or E-mann].

2: Perform Prayers

3: Pay the Zakat [Payments to Poor]

4: Make the Pilgrimage [Hajj]

5: Fast in the Month of Ramadan [Fasting]

By itself these five pillars means nothing to the idol worshippers. But if we dig a little deeper, we get a clearer vision as to why the prophet laid down these five pillars. So let’s break down these pillars and peep into the core of his teachings.

Prayers are central to the Islamic belief. Indeed it is not Prayer in its self, but the attitude the ritual and the approach to the prayer that’s vital.

The Islamic ritual starts at dawn, before the sunrise, with the cacophony of prayer calls. True Muslims must upon waking, do ablutions, and then walk to the nearest mosque to start the day with prayer. Similarly the day ends with the night prayer. This offering of five daily prayers is the minimum a Muslim must do to smell the fragrance of (Islamic) Paradise. There is severe penalty for not obeying the prayer injunction. It is compulsory for a Muslim to attend a mosque and offer his oblation. Sharia law stipulates the dreadful consequences for disobeying this injunction. Indeed, in a hadis in Sahih Bukhari (1.11.617), Muhammad demanded his devout followers to burn the houses of those Muslims who do not present themselves for the Islamic prayers. Besides the temporal punishment, Allah decrees excruciating torment in the next world for the Muslims who neglect their prayers.

Indeed Prayer, Recitation (of Qur’an), and Ablution/Bath are ritualistically connected in Islam.

In fact it is compulsory to do ablution before offering a prayer by the true believers. Sahih Muslim (2.0435) writes that Allah will not accept any prayers without ablution. The rules on Islamic ablution are also quite elaborate; sometimes it might be queer, and mind””‘boggling. A devotee will wash with water his/her hands, face, feet; pour water inside nostrils, then gush it out, gurgle water and pass wet hands around his/her neck to complete the ritual of ablution. There are strict rules on the number of times each limb should be washed, and how many times water is to be gurgled.

The ablution is not just a cleansing process””‚for the body per se, for as matter of fact, even after ablution plenty of dirt and pollution remains in the body, but the meaning of the ritual is to expunged the accumulated sins. In reality, a Muslim can commit any number of sins, but by performing ablution all the acquired sins committed prior to ablution will be expiated. So this ablution is not different from the Catholic confession. Sahih Muslim (2.0476) writes that if you perform ablution all sins will come out of your body and even from your nails. To entice the Muslims to the complete surrender to this endless daily ritual, Sahih Bukhari (1.4.161) writes that if a Muslim performs perfect ablution Allah forgives his sins committed between two prayers.

Indeed it’s vital that a Muslim pray with profound feelings. Here are a few salient features of Islamic prayer:

Ghazali (p.1.145) writes that when you stand for prayer your head should perspire, your limbs should tremble and your face should change.

Reciting the Qur’an before and after the prayer earns special brownie points.

So, what is so special about the Qur’an recitation in each prayer session?

The important point is that to earn a maximum score, the Qur’an recitar must weep during recitation. Ghazali (p.2.176) writes that the true believers weep when they recite the Qur’an, and if they cannot weep then they must pretend to do so (ibid, p.1.213).

As a rule a prayer is a grope exercise and should be done in a mosque.

A prayer is made up of a sequence of units called bowings (rak’as). During each of these units, the worshiper stands, bows, kneels, and prostrates while reciting verses from the Qur’an as well as other prayer formulas. With some variations among different Muslim sects, at noon, afternoon, and evening prayers, these units are repeated four times, while during the sunset prayer they are repeated three times, and at dawn only twice. The opening chapter of the Qur’an, al-Fatiha, is repeated in each unit in a prayer sequence. Each prayer concludes with the recitation of the profession of faith followed by the greeting “may the peace, mercy, and blessings of God be upon you.”

Evidently the prayer is the glue that holds the grope together by its conditioning and the instilling of fear as each will be watching the other as to the attendance and correct practice of the ritual.

Ultimately the aim with such an elaborate prayer ritual is ingenuous. Indeed it compels the believers to act in unison as a unit and conditioned them to depend on each other without consideration or concern for any external creeds or philosophy. And to miss a prayer session by any one of their numbers will be noticed and he would be admonished for not following the proper Islamic percepts. And above all fear is instilled in to the believer if he does not partake in prayer and he will end up in hell for certain. In this way an Islamic believer is coached to act in the name of Allah like a robot and follow the heard.

Islamic Eating and Drinking

Eating is a chore in Islam. Islamic eating is not as simple as sitting on a dining chair and eating with the aid of a table, as most of us wish to do. Indeed in Islam, eating by food decked on a dining table is discouraged. Muhammad never ate sitting by a dining table. Devout Muslims eat sitting on floor, and with their hands, making sure the plate of food is resting on the floor.

The first important rule for Islamic dining is that you must eat with your own hand, or in case you have no hand, let someone feed you with his or her hand.

The second important rule is that you must eat with your right hand or let someone feed you with his or her right hand.

The third important rule is that, having eaten your food; you must lick your fingers.

The fourth important rule is that having licked your finger (or having someone licked for you), you must lick the dish, either by holding the dish near your mouth or by bending your mouth to the dish. Here are the reasons why you must lick the food bowl.

After eating licks the bowl; the bowl will seek forgiveness for you”¦ (Sunaan ibn Majah, 4.3271)

After eating licks the dish; the dish will ask Allah for your forgiveness”¦ (Sunaan Tirmidhi, 1121)

A hadis in Sahih Muslim (23.5029, 2030) says that when you drink, you must drink in three gulps.

In fact the Prophet had a clear concept when he laid the ground rules for eating. This act of eating will forcefully equalise the diners and extend to them a feeling of unity, humility and comradeship while extending the pleasure of enjoying and partaking in a meal and by being inclusive within the group. And in doing so a bond and a brotherhood is formed and lesser internal strife. Indeed discussions and consultations come easy in such an atmosphere and action will be done with consensus. Indeed united they can act as a groupe or a heard and in battle look after each other’s welfare.

Women and Islam

“ƒ”¹…”The religion of peace’ waged major wars to extend their borders. And the Prophet was at the forefront of such wars. For Islam by its very nature is an imperialistic religion. As such wars brought not only destruction and devastation to the enemy but depleted their own rank and file of males.

As per Islamic law, when an enemy is defeated, the women and children are MEANT TO BE enslaved (in other words, it is not an option, it is an injunction). The women become the sexual property of their Muslim owners. There are literally over 50 hadith that describe this. I will provide 2 examples:

Abu Dawud vol.2 no.2150 p.577

Abu Sai’d al-Khudri said: The Apostle of Allah (May peace be upon him) sent a military expedition to Awtas on the occasion of the battle of Hunain. They met their enemy and fought with them. They defeated them and took them captives. Some of the Companions of the Apostle of Allah (May peace be upon him) were reluctant to have intercourse with the female captives in the presence of their husbands who were unbelievers. So Allah, the Exalted, sent down the Qur’anic verse: (Sura 4:24) “And all married women (are forbidden) unto you except those captives whom your right hands possess.” That is to say, captive women are lawful for them when they complete their menstrual period. (1479)”

[Note: It seems that the Muslim soldiers were reluctant to rape the women prisoners in front of their husbands. But Mohammed had no such compunction. He said Allah has made it completely lawful to have sex with captives as long as they are not in their menstrual period!]

Sahih Bukhari Volume 5, Book 59, Number 459:

Narrated Ibn Muhairiz: Abu Said said, “We went out with Allah’s Apostle for the Ghazwa of Banu Al-Mustaliq and we received captives from among the Arab captives and we desired women and celibacy became hard on us and we loved to do coitus interruptus. So when we intended to do coitus interrupt us, we said, ‘How can we do coitus interruptus before asking Allah’s Apostle who is present among us?” We asked (him) about it and he said, ‘It is better for you not to do so, for if any soul (till the Day of Resurrection) is predestined to exist, it will exist.”

[Note: The Muslims were raping the women using coitus interruptus, to avoid impregnating them. This is because impregnated women fetch less money when sold in the slave market. Mohammed said, “just rape them the normal way, and don’t bother to do coitus interruptus because if a child is destined to be born, he will”!!]

And the model person to fundamentalist Muslims is a man who freely ordered his soldiers to rape women captives in front of their husbands! A man who himself raped women captives (Safiyah, for instance) the day he himself had murdered her husband and father in war!

Muslims will tell you a Muslim man can have up to four wives at a time, based on Sura 4:3. Strictly speaking that is not the complete truth, as a Muslim can also have unlimited concubines and can have sex with “women their right hands possess”. (Sura 23:5-6; 33:50,52; 4:24; Sura 70:29-30).

Wives of Mohammed

Scholars and Hadiths are not entirely agreed as to the number of wives Mohammed had. Mohammed married 15 women and consummated his marriages with 13. (Accoding to al-Tabari vol.9 p.126-127). I would not go deep into this question as anyone wishing for information concerning his association with women could be found on the Internet. But this point should be pointed out. In the medieval Arab society infanticide was often practised of the baby girls. This Prophet put an end to and for an important reason as I will show in the further outlining of this article.

Impact of the Religion of peace to the modern society.

Basing on the rituals of prayer, absolution, eating habits and its attitude towards women, the true aim of the prophet of “ƒ”¹…”The religion of peace’ is inescapable.

The prophet disciplined the believers by doing the standard things ritualistically; condition his followers do his bidding without reservation. , unified them so they acted in unison, and instilled fear of Allah into them. Ultimately he released them on the unbelievers, heathen and idol worshipers with terrifying consequences as explained earlier. The resulting wars of aggression by the Muslim hordes went on unabated for one and a half centuries. Indeed for his imperialistic wars he needed man power and women became production machines to refurbish the resulting depletion of human Roberts. In fact the Islamic wars of aggression had a momentum of its own. Hence all women including slaves should be exploited reproduce for the future wars of expansion. As soon as they had reasonable man power these fanatics fell on the unbelievers and destroyed whole nations of peaceful Buddhist, animist and heathens. Luckily there was a division within their ranks (Sunni and Shea) and in time the rise of the Mongols hordes or the world would have been an unliveable place.

In modern times with the fall of the Catholic Church (that other imbecilic “ƒ”¹…”Judo Christian sect) and coming of reformation and enlightenment, the world finally returned to sanity and to a semblance of normalcy.

Simply said, these Judeo Christian sects who have emerged from the desert are in a quandary today. They are being challenged by the informed secular world. In fact knowledge is asthma to all Judeo Christian sects. Radio, TV, Internet, web sites giving all shades of opinions which are relayed instantly to the world at large, threatens the very foundations of Judeo Christian “ƒ”¹…”God loves me and I love God’ perception. All wars as rule were fought in the name of one or other Judeo Christian God.

So how does all this apply to the current Islamic status quo?

At this moment of history nations of the world are organised. Thus each nation knows its place in the sun. Islamic nations had no alternative but to agree to a charter of nations (UN) which specifies each nation’s borders and geography. To break an UN mandate and cross borders in the name of Allah or any other God would galvanise the global society to react in unison against any aggressor. What is more, the secure world has weapons of mass destruction and annihilation capabilities which they will unleash on the believers of the “ƒ”¹…”religion of peace’ if they do not keep the peace.

The practical consequences of all what I have said above, is evident by what’s taking place in the Middle East as we speak,

When Mubarak took power 30 years ago there were just 20 million Egyptians but within the 30 years period that he held on to power, Egypt has become a nation of 80 million. In the good all days with 80 million inhabitants and no resources to feed them, the only alternative was a Holy crusade against innocent unbelievers, such as Buddhist Hindus or Heathens. Whereas Buddhists controlled their population as no one would join a war in the name of “ƒ”¹…”The Buddha’; while such nations owning “ƒ”¹…”a religion of peace’ went on to reproduce.

Indeed such nations abiding by the Judo Christian attitude needed man power for their wars of aggression. So reproduction was part of the Islamic and Catholic Church policy. For the same reason these Islamic masses were kept ignorant, destitute, huger ridden and conditioned, by being made to follow the 5 pillars or a “ƒ”¹…”holy’ Bible. In such a manner these ignorant masses were kept under control till the next holy war was unleashed on the unbelievers.

Presently nations acting in the name of God have come up against a brick wall. Any nations that try to pounce upon a member nation of the U N in the name of God or Allah would be dealt with summarily by the UN body of nations. And the leaders of Islamic nations know its consequences. Indeed external aggression by holy warriors will be met head on by the secular powers.

So what’s the fate of “ƒ”¹…”Bible toting’ nations enduring the Malthusian principal?

China recognised this and corrected its policy by lying down that one family has the right for one child only, and ended up as a world power as a result. This cannot be copied by nations following “ƒ”¹…”A religion of peace’ as I explained! At the same time population growth does not allow economic emancipation to them. The lack of living space and the geometrically escalating numbers to feed and confined and locked in boarders, predicts a dismal future to such nations. Indeed contained and constrained by borders and obstructed from waging a holy war on the unbelievers, these Islamic nations find the situation untenable. So what’s fate for Islamic nations with rising populations and owning aggressive imperialistic religion: they are bound to implode?

Indeed nations owing a “ƒ”¹…”religion of peace’ are coerced to be peaceful! And if they do not control their surging population the ultimate outcome is, implosion.

With population growing by leaps and bounds, and lacking of “ƒ”¹…”lebensraum’ or resources, such nations will be in a permanent state of upheaval, internal strife civil war and finally disintergration. For contained and constricted borders arrest them from going on wars of aggression against unbelievers, which leaves them no option but to fall on each other like caged animals.

In this case we have to apply that good old Darwinian principle of “ƒ”¹…”survival of the fittest’ but with singular correction, “ƒ”¹…”survival of the fittest’ within the given borders.

The world should await more implosions in the Muslim world’ in the near future as self preservation and survival is threatened by unrestrained population surge according to the “ƒ”¹…”survival of the fittest’ principle.

Indeed in order aim at a harmonious world order in the future, two principals should be imposed by the UN if to avoid bloodyconflicts.

Should get rid of “ƒ”¹…”God’ and “ƒ”¹…”Allah’ mindset from such nations. And a policy of one family one child imposed without exception.

Or else, the world will rapidly descend into a Judeo Christian hell hole!!!

Mahinda Weerasinghe


Author of “ƒ”¹…”The Origin of Species According to the Buddha’


  1. Rishard Says:

    Then how come Islam is the fastest growing religion (way of life) in the world today of which women are the majority, as per statistics of the West?

    Which muslim army invaded Malaysia & Indonesia? (totals 280 million Muslims)

    The Banu Kuraidha was executed for treachery. Even today in this ‘most civilized’ world, capital punishment is meted out for spying and supporting the enemy against the motherland. But in our country we put the patriots and heroes in jail and appoint collaborators with terrorists as ministers and provide them with security and luxury.

    Corruption in the Buddhist sangha was the reason for the death of Buddhism. Look around if you are in Sri Lanka, you will notice. Sorry to say most Buddhists go to the temple as a formality and to put up a show as in the case of our leaders just to hoodwink the suffering masses. Ideologies cannot be destroyed by armies. When a nation decays a superior ideology takes over. Islam did just that. Masses of Buddhists and Hindus welcomed the Muslims with open arms to relieve them from the torture of the priesthood and the oppresive caste system. So don’t try to put the blame on Islam for your own faults.

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    Good factual article.

    A small correction. Egypt had a population of 40 million when Mabarak started jumped to 80 million when he ended. But the results are the same.

    Overall this is why Islam is on an inevitable collision course with the West. The West is determined to destroy Islam the religion and their way of life and their resources. I can’t fully blame the West.

    What the author failed to mention is the continuing very bad treatment of women in Islamic countires, total lack of democracy and total intolerance of other religions even today.

  3. Lorenzo Says:


    That is part of the problem. Extreme population growth is the main reason for Islam to be a fast growing religion, not because of anything. If one man to marry more than one woman, more women are needed in a community.

    Indonesia had her share of violence in 1998-2000. It will come back again soon at the rate their population is growing.

    Anyway you have to accept the fact that the world does not tolerate the spread of Islam, Islamic way of life and Islamic nations doing well. At the end of it the winners will be the West and Russia (another country fighting Islamic expansion). They will rob the resources that sustain fast growing Islam which will force down it’s growth. I don’t see anyway Islam winning it. If there is anything that the 5 super powers don’t disagree, that is war on Islam expansion. Libya will not be the last.

    The good thing is modern Muslims just like Buddhists, Hindus and Christians don’t follow Islam strictly.

    The writer looks at it from Buddhist point which is also wrong.

  4. Rishard Says:


    Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world not due to population growth but due to conversions to Islam. Islam is spreading in the US and Europe and even in Latin America. People have realized that Islam is a complete way of life and could make their life meaningful.

    Islam survived the brutal ‘Crusades’ and it will definitely survive this so called ‘war on terror’. The Americans who tried to finish off Islam in Afghanistan and Iraq are looking for a way out. Foolishly they have opened another front in Libya not learning lessons from the past.

    The world by which you mean the ‘West’ hates everything that threatens their materialistic way of life not only Islam. They dismantled the Soviet Union, destroyed Vietnam – are these Muslim countries? They will continue to disrupt organized way of life until their end comes which will be not too long.

    By the way when it comes to practice of religion, Muslims are comparatively up the ladder, nobody denies this.

  5. Ratanapala Says:

    Yes, Muslims are comparatively up the ladder, becoming more barbaric by the day – Killing, killing and more killing! Sunnis killing Shiites, Shiites killing Sunnis, both killing Sufis and the list goes on. Does Islam means peace or does it really means intolerance?

  6. Lorenzo Says:


    Some things you say are true.

    But the claim fastest growing religion by conversion is a dubious statement. Various sources provide different numbers for conversions to show that they are doing better. It is not based on any realizations. It is due to the money power of both Shiite and Sunni clans. They have huge oil money they pump to spreading their religion. That is why the Christian West goes after these money sources as a means to cripple Islam.

    More Muslims died in the past so many years than the new conversions! Russians killed almost 3 million in Afghanistan. USA killing more than 3 million in Iraq and Afghanistan since 1991. Israel is killing an unknown number. New conversions in the West are much less.

    I don’t agree Americans really lost in Iraq or Afghanistan. Their purpose was to rob oil, etc. which they did and do. They also want to pit Shiites against Sunnis. Look at Iraq. Muslims didn’t kill eachother before the war. Now they kill each other. Mission accomplished! I’m not saying it is a good thing but this is the reality. Before they pit Iran against Iraq. The moment they stopped killing each other, West went in there and re-ignited violence. Same with Afghanistan and Pakistan. Look at the casualties of Muslims verses the others in these countries.

    You say they survived the crusade. Palestinians didn’t by now.

    I don’t think Muslims will survive the war on terror as much as they want to. They will surely survive in billions but their potential would be severely destroyed.

    Biggest fools are Saudi idiots. They don’t even know how the Americans are destroying them from within. These fools pay US$ 60 billion to buy 25 years old F15 jets but Israel gets latest F35 jets free. Profit from the Saudi sale goes to subsidise free jets to Israel.

    Recently the UK PM said the problem is Islam not Muslims. That underlies their strategies.

    Muslim population growth is highest. That is because they are rich with oil money. But this won’t last for long. It will dry up in less than a hundred years. Then they will be the poorest and their population will collapse. But the West and Russia are determined to rob most oil reserves before that and they are winning. 4 out of 5 superpowers are Christian nations with historical support to the crusade. China being the only other super power has no mercy for them either. I don’t know how Muslims will survive against such powers the way they wish to survive.

    There is no clash between Buddhists and Muslims or Hindus and Muslims. Just because the writer tries to prove Buddhism is best (many would disagree) it is not the substance of the article. That is a distraction. I think the base of the article is about strong Islamic views endangering Muslims. Strong and strict Buddhist views destroyed Buddhists too in India, Pakistan, Afghanistan. Same thing.

  7. Rishard Says:


    When you cannot counter an argument you change the subject. What I meant is Muslims are more adhering to their religion comparatively than followers of other religions in all aspects.

    Killings take place among followers of all religiions. Don’t you remember the Protestants killing Catholics in Ireland for decades. You only see the Muslim factions fighting because the powerful Jewish media is using these coflicts to portray the Muslims as killers. What about the 100,000 or so Tamils and a large number of Sinhalese who died in the conflict in Sri Lanka. Even to this date this same media is referring to these killings as genocide of the Tamil race. That means you too agree that the Government of Sri Lanka massacred this much Tamils in the conflict to wipe out the Tamils from Sri Lanka.

    Try to judge a religion by its precepts and not by a few followers who are black sheep.

  8. Rishard Says:


    Islam has survived for fourteen centuries. Islam is a historic religion well documented. There have been ups and downs. Great Empires like the Roman and Persion have collapsed at the hands of the early Muslims. Great Muslims nations and personalities have appeared at regular intervals and helped in the survival. Ingrediants are well built into this religion to withstand any sort of total collapse. Oil wealth has done more damage to the Muslims than benefit. Most Muslims see the current situation as a resurgence of the power of Islam. Egypt which was once leading the Muslim world in all aspects has with the ousting of the currupt West and Israel backed Mubarak regime is trying to regain its glory.

    On the other hand West is corrupt in morals. They have the technology and a huge killing machine to force their will on any nation. But history shows us that any nation without any moral cannot survive for long even with all the technology. Their loose morals will give in a one time or another.

    I am still not convinced about your argument regarding the spread of Islam in the West and Europe. A great effort is being made by the Muslims to preach the religion to non-Muslims and the effort is very rewarding. This is one more reason for the West to be concerned.

    The UK PM is correct when he said the problem is Islam not Muslims. They can destroy Muslims but not Islam, this is what he exactly meant. The Muslims, thanks to their scheming and oppression are coming back to the fundamentals. This is what the West is afraid of and this will be their downfall.

  9. gezr Says:


    Your delusion is confirmed by your absurd claim islam is spreading in the west. Where are you figures and relative to what exactly? This is the typical claim from someone in thrall of perverse irrational religion. Added to this is your anti-Semitism and simplistic wrong-headed statements on morality.

    Islam is undergoing a reformation that can either go down the line of repugnant theocracies such as Iran or become more tolerant, liberal and secular that is the desire of the well educated youth in North Africa.

  10. KingJefferson Says:

    Rishard…the problem Islam has in the West is that the vast majority can read…anyone that reads the Koran and the other two sources of Islam doctrine can only feel sorry for the adherents of such a crass, intolerant, and violent cult…wake up and read about your so called religion…its perverse to the extreme…there’s still hope for you..before it’s too late, go to http://www.apostatesofislam.com, http://www.thereligionofpeace.com, and many others…the West is awakening to the dangers of Islam…KingJefferson ;~)

  11. Lorenzo Says:


    You got it wrong. West is NOT afraid of Islamic fundamentals/fundamentalists! West is inviting it so that they can use it as an excuse and smash the people who follow it and rob their resources.

    What happened in the past 14 centuries cannot be used as a guide to the future! The military power gap between Muslims and the crusaders was not so wide then as today. No Muslim nation has nuclear weapons and those who have it don’t give a damn about using them if needed. Same for all other weapons systems. Iran and Pakistan are exceptions but the latter is a write off. Iran will be handled soon from the looks of things.

    It is strange that you don’t agree that more Muslims have been killed by the West during the past 30 years than the growth of Muslims in the West. This is a fact and it is also obvious.

    I don’t support these nasty moves but it is the reality. Buddhists in a place called Nalanda perished because they were too religious. The same fate awaits Muslims unless they stop being so fundamentalist and religious.

    Muslims should stop taking on all the 5 super powers, at least. They should have at least one on their side. But after the Cold War all the super powers are hell bent on destroying Muslims due to their own fundamentalist action.

    This is a dirty topic I wish not to discuss. It may create unpleasentness and hate. But not discussing it is like living in a fool’s paradise. I wish I don’t have to go to the dentist but the sad truth is I have to go every 6 months. Avoiding the unpleasent place is worse.

  12. Rishard Says:


    If you want to know about Islam you don’t go to Jewish hate sites. Please go to below sites and see the beauty of Islam.


    http://huda.tv/huda-tv-programs/watch-live-streaming – Stream Huda TV
    http://www.islaam.net/tv – Tune in for live classes from your favourite speakers from around the world!
    http://www.islamiconlineuniversity.com – Offering short courses and BA in Islamic Studies – absolutely free!

  13. Aphra Says:

    Jesus never sanctioned anyone to be executed in his or his God’s name? Not true. “But those mine enemies, which would not that I should reign over them, bring hither, and slay them before me.” Luke 19:27. Just one example.

  14. Ben_silva Says:

    I agree with Lorenzo that being too religious may be dangerous. Being too religious may make a person a blind believer and may prevent a person from seeing reality. Whilst the Indians and the Chinese were seeking Nirvana, extinction, and giving up desires, not only the Muslims, the Western nations including the Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese and British raided nations in the Spice route and killed millions and acquired the assets of the weaker nations.. We need to learn lessons. The Chinese and Indians have learnt lessons and they have dumped religion and are making massive progress.

  15. Lorenzo Says:

    This must be the most popular article here with 30 facebook likes already. This article is flying all over the internet as many sites now reposting it (with credits to the original website).

  16. Ben_silva Says:

    Excellent article by Mahinda. Mahinda has exposed a potential threat we face. Let me add a few more facts. The Buddhists in Malaysia were Butchered by Chola Tamils, the same Tamils that Butchered the `Sinhalese. The Malays turned Muslims to be anti Indian. Whilst the Muslims killed those in the Silk route in millions, the Portuguese, Dutch, British, and the Spanish, killed defenceless natives in millions in the Far East, in the` Spice route and in the North and South America. Many natives sought protection from super natural powers, just as some Buddhists seek protection from Buddha and the triple Gem, but super natural powers did not even lift a finger to support the natives. Germans and the French also killed natives and acquired foreign land. Whilst all this was taking place, Indians and the Chinese were tolerant and seeking extinction (Nirvana ) and giving up desires Fortunately, both Indians and Chinese have learnt lessons, dumped religion and are now making tremendous progress. Those seeking extinction should remember one thing: “Then they came for me/ and there was no one left to speak out for me.” It would appear that if Sinhalese do not learn from history and still keep seeking extinction (Nirvana), they will get there just as Nalanda Buddhists did.. Seeking extinction may have been good 2500 years ago and certainly, it is not a good idea now. Yet many keep seeking extinction and do not see it as a bad objective. The article shows what happened to tolerant people that ignored external threats. Fortunately, the sea saved us. But if we keep seeking extinction and ignore external threats the future may be bleak. What is clear is that it is dangerous to ignore external threats and not to learn lessons from history. If the Muslims get powerful enough, who can say that they will not do a ‘Nalanda’ in Sri Lanka or that they will not do to the Sinhalese what they did to other non believers. In my view, it is dangerous and foolish to meekly follow the master and seek extinction, as Nalanda Buddhists did (who thought Karma is acting). It is far better to give a good fight and seek survival and win, although the struggle may be difficult.

  17. cassandra Says:

    The author of this article has clearly read much in relation to the topic on which he has written, and whilst that is admirable I find little else about the piece that is commendable

    For a start, I find the heading of the article is inapt. The current turmoil in the Middle East represents public uprising against dictatorial regimes, and if anything is imploding it is the repressive forms of government in that region – it is NOT the religion of the people involved.

    I find the general tenor of the article quite disappointing. The article is in fact an ill concealed and insensitive critique of the beliefs and practices of Islam. I have no doubt that followers of that faith will find much of it quite distressing. For good measure, the writer has also seen fit to take a ‘pot shot’ at the Catholic Church referring to it as “that other imbecilic ‘Judo Christian sect”. This of course is hardly surprising. The writer’s anti Catholic comments are nothing new on this site; he is simply running to form. But does he not realize that these are hurtful things to say?

    One does not have to accept others’ beliefs, one may find some of those beliefs to be illogical and irrational. But if we are truly civilized we respect others’ beliefs and their feelings and do not give gratuitous offence, as this writer does. It seems that all his reading (and even his ability in to write) have failed to instill in him the virtues of tolerance and sensitivity to the feelings of others.

    But it is not merely common decency that seems to be lacking in the article, even sense appears to be in short supply. Consider his statement, “In fact knowledge is asthma to all Judeo Christian sects.” “Asthma to all Judeo Christian sects”! – can someone please tell me what on earth one is to make of this?

    The author concludes his article in even more bizarre fashion, saying,
    “Indeed in order aim at a harmonious world order in the future, two principals (sic!) should be imposed by the UN if to avoid bloody conflicts.
    Should get rid of ‘God’ and ‘Allah’ mindset from such nations. And a policy of one family one child imposed without exception”.

    I cannot believe that any sane, educated person would suggest that the UN be involved in regulating people’s religious beliefs or in imposing arbitrary limits on the size of families.


    I agree with most of what you have had to say and appreciate the sensible manner in which you have expressed your views.

  18. KingJefferson Says:

    Rishard…Please spare me the course on Pislam…seriously, I wonder if you’ve read the Koran…by the way, I love Jews and hold no ill will towards Muslims individually…it’s their religion that’s the problem…one has to be mentally handicapped to believe the Koran is divinely inspired…why would any God – Allah, Jehovah, Zeus, etc… – dictate the only human truth in Ancient Arabic, a language of a people that have contributed absolutely zero to the combined knowledge of humanity…I have a theory Rishard, try to follow me: Any creed, religion, thought, theory, etc. that prescribes death to those that question it must be devoid of any real truth as its paranoia is evidence of its own insecurities. The truth is that Islam is a false, man-made ideology, just like the rest of them. Peace. ;~)

  19. Rishard Says:


    I am sorry to say that you have displayed your ignorance when you wrote ‘Ancient Arabic, a language of a people that have contributed absolutely zero to the combined knowledge of humanity…’ It is a well known fact that the Arabic language flourished from the 8th up to the 13th century and contributed greatly to the medicine and astronomy. It is strange that you are not even aware of the fact that the current numerical system we use came from the Arabs and it called ‘Arabic’ numerals. At least now try to know about the world you live in and its history by visiting this site to learn about the contribution of the Arabic language to mankind. http://www.fasebj.org/content/20/10/1581.full

    Islam does not prescribe death to those that question it but encourages questioning and invites us to think and reflect on the message and not to accept anything blindly as blind belief cannot develop into conviction since it is not supported by evidence or facts.

    I don’t think there is any good in further continuing this argument with you since you have hatred in your heart against Muslims ‘for some reason’, So, Ma Assalamah (Peace be with you)

  20. KingJefferson Says:

    Rishard….most of what you ascribe as “contributed greatly to medicine and astronomy” was ripped off from India after Islamic forces raped and plundered the continent for 500 years…I wonder how anyone can claim with pride a history frozen in time from the 13th century…seriously, the Arabic language was used to transmit some earlier works from Ancient Greek or Latin…most of what Arabic/Islamic culture claims as original was borrowed usually at the end of sword…even the concept of zero, claimed as Arabic, existed in India before Arabs could count…and every body of Islamic jurisprudence on the planet will tell you anyone who questions Islam, defames its prophet (pedo that he be), or leaves the faith should be put to death and you know it, so stop the lies…please go back to your 13th century mindset and leave the rest of us alone…Peace.. ;~)

  21. isa Says:


    It seems that your 21st century mindset still has not civilicised to behave with fellow religious people.

    In the West, 13th century mindset Islamic jurisprudence gradually creeps into western society willingly or unwillingly, and the West’s intellectuals too admit that some sort of civil Islamic Laws should be allowed in Western society, especially in Britain for the benefits of not only the Muslims but also the others.

    Now, you are boasting that you live in 21st century, but pathetically your inner philosophy soaked with below 13th century.

    Please leave those religious people, alone!

  22. Lorenzo Says:

    There is no need for personal attacks.

    We all know the Chinese, Indian, Egyptian and Mesopotamian civilisations were much earlier than any Islamic or even Arabic civilisation. It is a fact. It is also a fact that the Europeans leant certain things from the Muslims and vice versa.

    But the Europeans advanced in science and technology and the Arabs didn’t.

    Islam is closer to Christianity than any other religion but there is no peace between them since the Arabic forces attacked Israel/Palestine. The crusade has changed face and continues till this date. Spread of Islam towards the militarily weak east and towards weak Africa happened well but it was halted by the Europeans who were more superior militarily.

    An interesting development happened in India. After Muslim forces attacked Hindu India, a group of thinkers got together and decided if Hindus were to follow non-violencec practiced by Hindus, they will go extinct. This group created a new order called the Sikh order with the sole aim of defending Hindus from Muslims using violence. It worked very well. Panjab the crucial area between Muslim majority regions and Hindu majority regions successfully halted the Muslim attackers and expansion using this revised version of Hinduism that allows violence to defend Hinduism. A beautiful practical solution.

    This is further proof that being too religious leads to extinction and practical solutions using violence actually work. Buddhists who suffered the Nalanda extiction must learn from Sikhs the need to be violent when needed to defend themselves and their faith. It works.

    Thankfully countries like Malaysia and Indonesia take effective measures to stop Islamic fundamentalists.

    e.g. the Bali 2002 attack was masterminded by an Islamic cleric! Had Indoensia not gone tough on armed Islamic militants, the west would have turned the world’s most popular Islamic country into another hell hole like Iraq or Afghanistan.

    I sincerely hope that Muslims will also be practical in taking in Islamic teachings. Not all Islamic teachings are relevent today. Some are irrelevent. These must be dropped for the sake of peace. Otherwise the others will not keep silent. If violence is used others will also use violence.

  23. KingJefferson Says:

    Well Isa…if telling the truth is not 21st century, then I plead guilty…no, I absolutely do not submit to the nonsense that is Islam or any other man-made craziness…but I did get a laugh when stated I wasn’t civilized because I fail to see the logic in Rishard’s rants…Muslim’s follow a doctrine that tells them that they’re superior, yet by every quantifiable measure Islamic societies trail the West and the rest of the developed world…this leads to an inferiority complex that manifests itself with barbaric consequences for the rest of the world…but you never refute the fact that Islam prescribes death to Apostates because it irrefutable…and while Britain has tried to appease it’s Muslim immigrants with Sharia courts, I can assure you the experiment is one that is doomed to extinction and will never see the light of day in the U.S…the difference is Americas understand that Sharia and democracy and human rights are mutually exclusive…but I know I’ll never convince anyone that’s so stupid as to believe a sand-pedo from the 7th century received the final divine message for all of humanity…again, I wonder if Muslims have any capacity to reason when you read the Koran and see what it actually states…insanity and delusion and dishonesty are very well engrained in the psyche of Muslims…hopefully, you will try to find a way into the 21st century… ;~0

  24. . Says:

    Mahinda Weerasinghe Says;
    Cassendra informs that
    The article is in fact an ill concealed and insensitive critique of the beliefs and practices of Islam. I have no doubt that followers of that faith will find much of it quite distressing.

    It is better to be distressed than dead as those millions who were massacred by these Judeo Christian sects. In fact Buddhists were hugely distressed by the blasting of the colossal Bamyen Buddhas which has been cut at immeasurable cost (probably in the third and fifth centuries A.D.). But their distress means nothing to you as they are idol worshipping heathens and surly end up in purgatory.

    Then you intone a strange sentiment, you utter that
    “In fact knowledge is asthma to all Judeo Christian sects.” “Asthma to all Judeo Christian sects”! – can someone please tell me what on earth one is to make of this?

    I was saddened by your backwardness and the incapability in what’s staring in your face. So let me help you to come to grips with this obvious declaration as it applies to Catholics as well. I am sure you remember my article:

    Posted on April 13th, 2010

    To which you made some crass comments, true to form, as you do to the present one. I responded for that off the cuff remarks (April 18th, 2010 at 2:19 am) appropriately. Is hope those Very comments may help enlighten your this time around. I stated at that time that: –

    ‘Galileo in 1833 published his findings that the earth is going the sun and not vice versa as the Catholic Church’s dogma had it. For this he was summoned to Rome and tried for the crime of heresy by the Catholic Inquisition. Pope Urban VIII was going to roast Galileo alive if he did not retract. So to save his life, he readily accepted as ‘fact’ that the sun was revolving round the earth. Is this the sort of ‘drivel’ that I have been feeding the public?
    Indeed is it a figment of my imagination that there was a murderous institution called ‘Holy Inquisition’ which massacre thousands of people?
    Is it a fact or drivel that hundreds of pedophile Catholic priest were caught with their pants down and the international media is now cheating the world? Indeed the different between the holy Catholic Pedophiles from your garden Varity of pedophiles are that, it is only the Catholic pedophiles who have given full protection by the holy Catholic institution?
    Is a Catholic priest Fr. S.J.Emmanuel is presently heading the terror organization (LTTE) now metamorphosed as GTF or am I imagining this? The vital question in this connection is; was this information relayed to the Sri Lankan public by the Catholic action Controlled media?
    Is it a fact or is it ‘drivel’ that ‘PIUS XII also popularly called the Hound of Hitler’ was totally mum, while the Jews were being gassed in their millions?
    Given a chance by the Catholic media I will provide ample evidence how the Catholic Church kept Sri Lanka in a state of terror the past 30 years.

    For your off the cuff remark that I have provided ‘drivel’ I would wish to return the compliment by stating that, to me you’re belief in the ‘immaculate conception’ and the ‘infallibility of the popes’ is just that. Finally most readers would wish to know is whether what I have stated above are facts or ‘drivel’ specially the following piece of information which I gave out in, ‘Blind leading the Blind’:

    “[The Holy Roman Church] firmly believes, professes and teaches that none of those who are not within the Catholic Church, not only Pagans, but Jews, heretics and schematics, can ever be partakers of eternal life, but are to go into the eternal fire ‘prepared for the devil, and his angels’ (Mt. xxv. 41), unless before the close of their lives they shall have entered into that Church; (Pope Eugene IV, The Bull Cantate Domino, 1441).”
    Cassendra if you or any good Catholic provides answers to the above raised queries, and especially the last statement, the readers would be most grateful and they would decide for themselves whether I have been misleading them with my ‘drivels’.
    I know for a fact that you can ‘fool some of the people most of the time and all of the people some of the time, but not all of the people all of the time’! So simply “burying your head in the sand” doesn’t help!’
    Now I put it to you, is the Sun going round the world or vice versa. Is the world ‘flat’ or ball shape, that’s the type of information the scientist has been striving to get to the mankind with dire consequences.
    The very reason I declared that knowledge is asthma to all Judeo Christian sects as the pope and Catholic Church has been resisting knowledge and progress since Bishop of Rome took the title of Papa (Pope) around AD 300. Indeed dear cassendra if these two Judeo Christian sects were still holding on to power, then we will be still going round believing that ‘the sun is going round the world’.
    In fact if you have the slightest respect to this form and the intelligence of its patrons then you should answer to what I stated above, are these stated above ‘facts’ or ‘hogwash’. Such information may hurt your sensavity but if they are not facts just state it here and let the readers be the judge!
    May I suggest you have a better chance of getting at me by criticizing that infamous piece that I published on Lankaweb (02-04-2007)!

    Mahinda Weerasinghe
    Mahinda Weerasinghe

  25. KingJefferson Says:

    Mahinda…no one can understand your postings…please try to write in a manner that’s consistent with communication (i.e. clear, concise, simple prose…I think your rants are against the Catholic Church circa 1400s to 1800s, but it’s hard to tell from the post…you called your post drivel…I suggest calling it drivel is an insult to real drivel… ;~0

  26. jimmy Says:

    For Pete’s sake are we not living in the 21st century and we are still talking about race/religion and so on
    Cant we live like brothers and sisters in the beautiful Lanka

    We should not even talk BS like this . This is the time for all of us to write speak what is good for the Country instead of dividing us
    Todays Younger generation are smart in Lanka and will not allow people like you to divide us . You can try but sorry you will not achieve

    The difference between me and you is I respect all faith including Budhisim, Hiduism
    The difference between you and me is I am for UNITY not for Divisions
    I did not want to bring my pentecostal faith , You asked for it )

  27. Rishard Says:


    Mahinda’s article is in English and everybody can understand it very clearly; thoughts may differ. That’s the reason why all readers except you are expressing their views in a civilized and understandable manner. It’s your English that is horrible and your thoughts deplorable. Is it because you still believe the ‘sun is revolving round the earth’ in this 21st century? You shamelessly called the Prophet of Islam a pedo. The prophet was legally married as per the customs prevailing at the time which displays your ignorance of the customs of ancient Arabia just as you are weak in your English. Now see the ‘pedo’ shit coming back to you. The Catholic Church has at the moment 8 billion dollars worth of law suits against the priests for ‘pedo’ cases in the courts mostly in the US and Europe. This is the curse for calling the Prophet of Islam a pedo by the catholics. When you insult others the insult comes back to you.

  28. KingJefferson Says:

    Rishard…you are really lacking in the most basic mental abilities so this is probably an exercise in futility but I’ll give it a go nonetheless…since you’ve responded to my posts, I’ll forgo a defense of my English as it appears you’re able to read it and comprehend some of it, even if at a lower level…posts are typically non-formal writing but I know you were just trying to find a way to fight back about the truth without tackling the essence of my posts…I guess your question about the sun and it’s place in the heavens is an historical reference harkening back to the days when the Catholic church had its own ideas about the heavens and persecuted those that held their own, differing view of the natural order of the cosmos…so let me clear this up for you…I’m not Catholic, so I’m not defending their church or their issues relating to planetary alignment from the 1400s or lawsuits of today…but I will say that most Catholics understand that the actions of their clergy on both cases are antithetical to their chosen faith system…I know it’s hard for you to understand but there’s a difference between people of a faith behaving badly and contrary to prevailing societal norms and a faith that’s promotes and endorses anti-social behavior as the perfect way to live and to structure a society…the real insult here is Islam and its texts…there’s no denying the anti-social behavior of your so-called prophet…I’d find it hard to believe that anyone could believe such crap but then there’s people that believe in Scientology and the tooth fairy so humans obviously will believe in a lot of nonsense, even the ranting of 7th century warlord with mental problems and proclivity to sexually deviant behavior…there’s a curse here and it’s on humanity and you know it’s Islam…if islam was as benign as a belief in the tooth fairy or Aliens then we’d all be fine but unfortunately its not…Islam demands that we all believe or die…all ideas are not the same and all beliefs are not worthy of respect… ;~(

  29. jimmy Says:


    I read it again , little bit disappointed.
    I am a christian and I do not go to churches when I hear sermons against Islam .It is wrong and unacceptable
    Again In western Countries there are bad elements who try anything to score points like the mad man Rev. Terry Jones’ who is very very unpopular in USA . People do not respect for what he did ? This mad sucum burnt Kuran ( islam Holy book) It is wrong you do not do that in a civilized society. It is common sense

    You may be a wonderful human being . we all make mistakes in writing . I feel sorry for you
    Muslims in Srilanka are part and parcel of Our country. They love the same way you and me do .
    Muslims in Srilanka are not at all extremists. They are hardworking good people .There are good muslims in India and Pakistan also .
    Muslims will be hurt by your writings . You could be a very very very educated man unlike me . I have to say you might be a misersble man also .You are spending your energy in writing bad about islam faith when There is poverty unemployment, many issues in lanka we should concentrate
    You might like to get some councilling or pschiatric treatment . I honestly feel

    At present LANKA needs unity unity unity no DIVISIONS DIVISIONS DIVISIONS .

    There are no Sinhalese/Muslims/Tamils/Bergers/Malays but we all are SRILANKANS

    Rishard/King Jefferson

    let us not talk about each others faith Let us help each other
    We need to end homelessness , poverty, discrimination
    Peace to you all Folks


  30. Rishard Says:


    Read what great personalities (non-muslims) had to say about Prophet Muhammad.

    Sir George Bernard Shaw in ‘The Genuine Islam,’ Vol. 1, No. 8, 1936.
    “If any religion had the chance of ruling over England, nay Europe within the next hundred years, it could be Islam.”

    “I have always held the religion of Muhammad in high estimation because of its wonderful vitality. It is the only religion which appears to me to possess that assimilating capacity to the changing phase of existence which can make itself appeal to every age. I have studied him – the wonderful man and in my opinion for from being an anti-Christ, he must be called the Savior of Humanity.”

    “I believe that if a man like him were to assume the dictatorship of the modern world he would succeed in solving its problems in a way that would bring it the much needed peace and happiness: I have prophesied about the faith of Muhammad that it would be acceptable to the Europe of tomorrow as it is beginning to be acceptable to the Europe of today.”

    Thomas Carlyle in ‘Heroes and Hero Worship and the Heroic in History,’ 1840
    “The lies (Western slander) which well-meaning zeal has heaped round this man (Muhammad) are disgraceful to ourselves only.”
    “A silent great soul, one of that who cannot but be earnest. He was to kindle the world, the world’s Maker had ordered so.”

    Michael Hart in ‘The 100, A Ranking of the Most Influential Persons In History,’ New York, 1978.
    My choice of Muhammad to lead the list of the world’s most influential persons may surprise some readers and may be questioned by others, but he was the only man in history who was supremely successful on both the secular and religious level. …It is probable that the relative influence of Muhammad on Islam has been larger than the combined influence of Jesus Christ and St. Paul on Christianity. …It is this unparalleled combination of secular and religious influence which I feel entitles Muhammad to be considered the most influential single figure in human history.

    Mahatma Gandhi, statement published in ‘Young India,’1924.
    I wanted to know the best of the life of one who holds today an undisputed sway over the hearts of millions of mankind…. I became more than ever convinced that it was not the sword that won a place for Islam in those days in the scheme of life. It was the rigid simplicity, the utter self-effacement of the Prophet the scrupulous regard for pledges, his intense devotion to his friends and followers, his intrepidity, his fearlessness, his absolute trust in God and in his own mission. These and not the sword carried everything before them and surmounted every obstacle. When I closed the second volume (of the Prophet’s biography), I was sorry there was not more for me to read of that great life.

    K. S. Ramakrishna Rao in ‘Mohammed: The Prophet of Islam,’ 1989
    My problem to write this monograph is easier, because we are not generally fed now on that (distorted) kind of history and much time need not be spent on pointing out our misrepresentations of Islam. The theory of Islam and sword, for instance, is not heard now in any quarter worth the name. The principle of Islam that “there is no compulsion in religion” is well known.

    Reverend Bosworth Smith in ‘Muhammad and Muhammadanism,’ London, 1874.
    “Head of the State as well as the Church, he was Caesar and Pope in one; but he was Pope without the Pope’s pretensions, and Caesar without the legions of Caesar, without a standing army, without a bodyguard, without a police force, without a fixed revenue. If ever a man ruled by a right divine, it was Muhammad, for he had all the powers without their supports. He cared not for the dressings of power. The simplicity of his private life was in keeping with his public life.”

    “In Mohammadanism every thing is different here. Instead of the shadowy and the mysterious, we have history….We know of the external history of Muhammad….while for his internal history after his mission had been proclaimed, we have a book absolutely unique in its origin, in its preservation….on the Substantial authority of which no one has ever been able to cast a serious doubt.”

    Alphonse de LaMartaine in ‘Historie de la Turquie,’ Paris, 1854.

    “Never has a man set for himself, voluntarily or involuntarily, a more sublime aim, since this aim was superhuman; to subvert superstitions which had been imposed between man and his Creator, to render God unto man and man unto God; to restore the rational and sacred idea of divinity amidst the chaos of the material and disfigured gods of idolatry, then existing. Never has a man undertaken a work so far beyond human power with so feeble means, for he (Muhammad) had in the conception as well as in the execution of such a great design, no other instrument than himself and no other aid except a handful of men living in a corner of the desert. Finally, never has a man accomplished such a huge and lasting revolution in the world, because in less than two centuries after its appearance, Islam, in faith and in arms, reigned over the whole of Arabia, and conquered, in God’s name, Persia Khorasan, Transoxania, Western India, Syria, Egypt, Abyssinia, all the known continent of Northern Africa, numerous islands of the Mediterranean Sea, Spain, and part of Gaul.

    “If greatness of purpose, smallness of means, and astonishing results are the three criteria of a human genius, who could dare compare any great man in history with Muhammad? The most famous men created arms, laws, and empires only. They founded, if anything at all, no more than material powers which often crumbled away before their eyes. This man moved not only armies, legislations, empires, peoples, dynasties, but millions of men in one-third of the then inhabited world; and more than that, he moved the altars, the gods, the religions, the ideas, the beliefs and the souls.

    “On the basis of a Book, every letter which has become law, he created a spiritual nationality which blend together peoples of every tongue and race. He has left the indelible characteristic of this Muslim nationality the hatred of false gods and the passion for the One and Immaterial God. This avenging patriotism against the profanation of Heaven formed the virtue of the followers of Muhammad; the conquest of one-third the earth to the dogma was his miracle; or rather it was not the miracle of man but that of reason.

    “The idea of the unity of God, proclaimed amidst the exhaustion of the fabulous theogonies, was in itself such a miracle that upon it’s utterance from his lips it destroyed all the ancient temples of idols and set on fire one-third of the world. His life, his meditations, his heroic revelings against the superstitions of his country, and his boldness in defying the furies of idolatry, his firmness in enduring them for fifteen years in Mecca, his acceptance of the role of public scorn and almost of being a victim of his fellow countrymen… This dogma was twofold the unity of God and the immateriality of God: the former telling what God is, the latter telling what God is not; the one overthrowing false gods with the sword, the other starting an idea with words.

    “Philosopher, Orator, Apostle, Legislator, Conqueror of Ideas, Restorer of Rational beliefs…. The founder of twenty terrestrial empires and of one spiritual empire that is Muhammad. As regards all standards by which human greatness may be measured, we may well ask, is there any man greater than he?”

  31. jimmy Says:

    Please let us not talk of others faith please
    It is unnecessary .

  32. KingJefferson Says:

    Rishard…so you trot out a few passages (opinions) that tell of Mo’s greatness and that proves what…yes, absolutely nothing…starting your post with a playwright was quite appropriate, since anyone that reads the Koran and it’s partner texts come away stunned by his barbarity and hopes it’s just a fanciful story of fiction…unfortunately, these rantings of a 7th century crazy man is held in such high regard by some people that they’ll strap a bomb and blow themselves up to get the highest reward in heaven…by the way, most of these comments aren’t saying Mo’s message or actions were great, just the results or accomplishments…indeed, he was very successful at swaying people to his new religion by offering them death as the alternative…convert or die…nice choice really….@ Jimmy…unfortunately it is necessary to point out evil so it doesn’t take root…Islam has been nothing but bad news for 1400 years…but the world is different today and this death cult will have the ability to destroy the humanity within a generation and that’s pretty scary…by the way, Rishard, with your post I see you have no real defense of Islam as it’s pretty obvious that you want to deflect attention away from its core beliefs by bringing up random opinions about Mo’s so-called accomplishments…hell, Genghis Khan was also successful but we don’t use him as the model for how to live one’s life today thankfully… ;~)

  33. jimmy Says:

    King Jefferson

    I am sorry . I do not agree with you
    I want you to know I am a christian have faith in Jesus. I disresepect people who talk or wite against other faith
    There are Muslims in SriLanka. They love Srilanka the same way you and me love
    I rememmber very well We had a Foreign Minister Mr A C S HAmed . I was a kid and remember very well seeing him in a function in 80s. We had Speaker Bakeer Makar.
    We had a great High Court Judge Abdul Kadar

    The point is Muslims in Srilanka contributed a lot for Our Countrty

    When you attack their faith you are attacking your muslim brothers who are part and parcel of my motherland
    Rev. Terry Jones is a dirty scum bag who try to destroy peace. This bastard burnt Koran ( the holy book of Muslims)
    It is unnecssary

    The best news is Many Many Many Christians, Jews in USA were against this scum

    I will call any one scum of the earth if they destroy peace if they divide the Country

  34. jimmy Says:

    I have met muslims who are against suicide bombings who are against violence

    I am a tamil and love Srilanka

    WIll you say Tamils are terrorists because of LTTEs actions

  35. cassandra Says:

    Mahinda Weerasinghe,

    Let me reply to your comments following my response to your article.

    It may come as a surprise to you, but I also was distressed to learn of the destruction of the Bamyen Buddhas, which to me was not merely an act of mindless vandalism but a sacrilege. I also grieved when depraved men from the LTTE gunned down Buddhist pilgrims at the Sri Maha Bodhi and Muslim worshippers at a mosque when they were engaged in prayer. One cannot remain insensitive and not feel a sense of outrage when such things happen.

    The statement “In fact knowledge is asthma to all Judeo Christian sects” is what you had written – they are your words, not mine. I was only quoting you. According to my dictionary, ‘asthma’ is a ‘chronic disorder of the organs of respiration, characterised by difficulty of breathing, wheezing, and tightness in the chest’. I still cannot work out how knowledge can result in anybody falling victim to this medical condition! If this is a reflection of my poor comprehension or ignorance, so be it.

    The matters raised in your article of 13 April last year were dealt with on that occasion and I have no wish to repeat the comments I made at the time. If any reader wishes to check, he can always go to that article and find out. I also have no wish to respond to whatever you have said in ‘that infamous piece’ you had published on 2 April 2007.

    In my response of 8 April, I asked, with respect to your reference to the Catholic Church as “that other imbecilic ‘Judo Christian sect”, whether you did not realise that these are hurtful things to say. To judge from your rejoinder to my response, it would seem that you either don’t realise the hurt you cause or are indifferent to it. You are of course free to act as you wish but I hope you realise that attacking the religious beliefs and practices of others will not diminish those faiths or those who profess them. If such actions bring discredit it is to those who choose to make those attacks.

    I will conclude as I did my last response to your article of 13 April 2010 – Let us respect each other’s beliefs, remembering that no-one has a monopoly of right thinking or an exclusive claim to the truth.


    I don’t buy your line that the law suits brought against the Catholic Church in the US and elsewhere represent a curse on the Church for allegedly “calling the Prophet of Islam a pedo”. I do not find acceptable the notion of a vengeful God who would visit punishment on the present generation for the sins of ‘their fathers’.

    The court actions against the Catholic Church have nothing to do its past sins but relate to contemporary wrong doing. They are a direct consequence of alleged clerical sexual abuse within the Church for which it has rightly been called to account.

  36. jimmy Says:

    WE all make mistakes when expressing our thoughts
    do not say bad of catholic faith. You should not hurt people of Catholic faith

    Good night
    I love you all

    will ck this site next week end . not happy of tomorrow Monday WORK
    Week end too fast

  37. Rishard Says:


    I am sorry to say that I have not yet seen a foul mouthed person like you in this forum before. Your writing stinks and you are only good at throwing insults. You cannot support an argument with facts. You have been taught to say that Mohammed is a pedophile and the Muslims are backward without proving anything except hurling insult. This you are repeating like a parrot. This shows your upbringing and your character

    There are over 1.2 billion Muslims in the world today, which means one out of five persons on this planet is a Muslim. Hundreds are entering the faith daily. To call the founder of this faith a pedophile, you must be out of your mind. Please see a doctor immediately without wasting mine yours and everybody’s time.

  38. KingJefferson Says:

    Rishard…I don’t think I’ve used any “bad” language in my posts..I’m sorry you consider the truth to be “foul-mouthed”…as for my writing style, you’re entitled to your opinion…as to whether Mo was a pedophile, it’s not even debatable…even Muslims agree he married a 6 year old and consummated the marriage at the ripe old age of 9…by anyone’s definition, even by the standards of the day, as evidenced by Mo’s later rantings, the act of consummation was inappropriate for pre-pubescent females…Mo, though, always found a way to justify his horrible behavior…there’s no need to go into the other killings, rapes, thefts, murders, and complete mayhem that Mo blessed and/or participated, you probably know them all too well…you question my character and upbringing because I point out the truth…I only wish you’d use your moral compass to ascertain the truth behind Mo, who was definitely not the perfect model for human behavior…Peace, KingJefferson

  39. jimmy Says:

    I am at work and cking this

    What nonsemse man? can you please scan it . very unnecessary topic right ?

    It is hurtful to say bad of other faith
    shame on you people who are so cruel

  40. KingJefferson Says:

    @Jimmy…seriously, nothing I’ve stated is inherently hurtful or cruel as they’re facts well established by Islam…the article above mentioned numerous examples of Mo and his barbaric acts and any civilized person would distance themselves from such acts…however, Muslims are forced to do exactly the opposite because to do otherwise would be blasphemy in their faith..remember, Mo was the perfect human and last prophet and all of his actions are to be admired and emulated…indeed, to question Mo and his actions, despite Rishard’s obscuration, could be fatale for Muslims and non-Muslims…you mentioned in earlier posts that you know Muslims that are friendly, tolerant, and reject violence…Muslims are typically well-behaved when they’re in the minority…however, as they’re numbers increase they agitate for more of their religious customs to be placed on non-believers until they become a majority when overt discrimination occurs against all non-Muslims…I challenge you to show me a country with a Muslim majority that doesn’t discriminate against minority religions…it doesn’t exist…but I’ll refrain from further posts as I know your country is one that continues to struggle with extremist of many persuasions…fear of Muslims and their response to normal discourse is one of their techniques used to control and subjugate a society…for the record, I’m an American and took the i.d. of KingJefferson as we’ve been dealing with Muslims and their aggression since President Jefferson’s term in the early 1800s…when he asked a Muslim diplomat why the Muslims were attacking our ships, the diplomat stated because they (Muslims) were commanded to do so by their prophet…Jefferson procured a copy of the Koran and after reading it he came away shocked that it indeed stated just that…and therein reveals the problem…the adherents of Islam that rape and pillage are indeed following the example of Mo…until Islam has its reformation…and don’t hold your breath…the more religious a Muslim becomes, the less safe the rest of us are…the same can’t be said for the other major religions…peace…King Jefferson

  41. jimmy Says:

    I will not write anything any more on this

    My understanding is you are christian I feel it . I am a christian also . Hope no one will criticize me for expresssing my faith . I am only writing this to you

    Love your neighbour as yourself Mark 12:28-31

    I care less for the muslims outside Srilanka. I care for my beloved muslim brothers and sisters in Lanka who love Srilanka the way you and me do

    My favorite science teacher Mr Jamaldeen was a muslim .All the kids love him so much . He was a father figure
    He was the best science teacher and a great man .
    He prayed for all his students every day and specially before our exams. I had another teacher Mr Basheer
    he was a man of God also

    I do not know about Islam and do not need to know either

    I JUDGE PEOPLE NOT BY THEIR RELIGION BUT BY THEIR BEHAVIOUR. I am grateful to God My dad, my grand dad taught these to love and respect other human beings regardless of their race or religion

    My grandfather was a devoted Hindu ( pure vegetarian) unlike me who listen to ISLAM Message in Tamil from 8 PM- 9 PM when I was a kid ( in 80s)
    He cries while listening to their message . I was a little kid but remember very well

    My brothers and sisters who are muslims back in Lanka are very hardworking , decent people
    I am hurt when you attack their faith .

    WE HAVE TO BE VERY careful when we speak or write

    The life on earth is too short . We can not waste it by hurting others

    This Guy Mahinda Weerasinghe wasted his time writing this BS
    He should not waste time . He must have spent 2 hours thinking and writing this nonsense

    If he is a plastic surgeon he wasted atleast $50000 dollars and if he is a barber he must have wasted

    If you want to write something , write something Good or do not write please


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