Mr.Robert O. Blake Jr., My response to your assertion “Lanka important contributor to global peacekeeping ops”
Posted on April 6th, 2011

Vajiragnana Warnakulasuriya, Melbourne, Australia

Mr.Robert O. Blake Jr.,
Assistant secretary of state for South and Central Asian affairs,

 Dear Sir,

My response to your assertion “Lanka important contributor to global peacekeeping ops”
April 6, 2011 07:26 am

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 Undoubtedly Sri Lanka is an important contributor to global peacekeeping operations, yes she is a capable and willing partner to effectively combat violent extremism, trafficking and piracy, and thereby Sri Lanka will ensure the maritime security of the region. All this can happen with vigor, will happen whenever suspicion arises and it is happening in a silent mode at present.

 Your assumption “The Administration believes “”…” and Congressional Appropriations language specifies “”…” that our security cooperation, in many forms, should remain limited until progress has been made on fundamental human rights, democracy and governance issues, and the concrete steps necessary for a true and lasting national reconciliation.” is a hypocritical statement as all these areas of weaknesses are hall marks of the American establishment! The main allegation ie. human rights violations are reported in Afghanistan on a daily basis. All the countries invaded by American forces on various pretexts with the ultimate goal of establishing a peaceful life for those citizens have been an utter failure. They have been subjected to untold hardships and suffering. Isn’t it strange why one cannot see the splinter in ones own eye, but only the spec in the others eye! In order to impartially comment on Sri Lankan issues one has to have an open mind, if one accepts distorted, vague allegations, merely because they came from NGO’s, or disgruntled opportunistic politicians and the Church, it is a gross injustice.

 Now it is almost two years since these grave allegations have been leveled at the Sri Lankan regime. Since then there have been very violent conflicts in other parts of the Globe; usage of heavy firing from the fighter jets on heavily populated areas have caused hundreds of deaths according to Western reports, whereas only in Sri Lanka the death toll ran into many thousands. What’s the uniqueness in these firings? Are they built with some homing device that sniffs only the enemy and kills. But still two years later no Tamil living in the effected areas have come complaining to the Government with the plea that, “we lost our kith and kin, our neighbour during the last stages of the conflict”. Besides, the whole World witnessed how, those who were being used as human shields rushed over to the defence forces seeking to be liberated from the brutal LTTE. Isn’t this proof enough to dispel the cooked up allegation that thousands of lives were lost during the last stages?

 It is a known fact that this brutal LTTE movement was backed by foreign governments who conveniently ignored their brutality even while the suicide bombers systemically eliminated eminent politicians from both Sihhala & Tamil communities and the Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, merely because they belonged to the same faith as that of those governments!

 It is indeed a shame if one were to categorize Sri Lanka in this fashion and impose ridiculous conditions after giving ear to a moneyed bunch of Tamil expatriates who have no intentions whatsoever of returning to Sri Lanka, but whose aim is to be to destabilize the country through hatred and to see that the killings goes on perpetually.

 Ever since the end of the three decades of brutal conflict, the country is steadily progressing with the developments while gradually fulfilling the needs of the Tamil community for an everlasting Peace! What all Sri Lankans want is Education, Health, a decent meal and a place to live in peace. These are gradually being offered and enjoyed by all.

 Then if the international community is concerned about the welfare of the inhabitants of Sri Lanka, they must not be prejudiced by unsubstantiated allegations, but support the legitimately elected democratic government of Sri Lanka to provide equal opportunities to all her citizens. I request that those in doubt, visit this Miracle Island once in a while to be convinced and see for oneself the freedom and happiness enjoyed by the once troubled masses. In the absence of Wikileaks for us, I believe you are getting the true picture of the reconciliation efforts instigated by the government and the progress of the country as usual via the cables.

 I believe these are not secrets to you, it’s just the stubbornness born of succumbing to pressure from a few influential that you are reluctant to have confidence in Sri Lanka. It’s time you take Sri Lanka into confidence disregarding malicious allegations & accusations in order to effectively combat violent extremism, trafficking and piracy, thus ensuring the maritime security of the region.

 Yours Sincerely,

 Vajiragnana Warnakulasuriya,
Melbourne, Australia

One Response to “Mr.Robert O. Blake Jr., My response to your assertion “Lanka important contributor to global peacekeeping ops””

  1. Kit Athul Says:

    Mr. Warnakulasuriya, thanks for the excellent chllenge. Let’s go back in time line for Robert Blake. He had a partner with similar thoughts Richrad Holdbrook, but he passed away few months ago. If I am not mistaken Robert Black was a professor in Tamil Nadu University, in Channi. He is Tamil Centric and hell bent on discrediting SINHALA. He and Japanese Akasi started the Co-Chair comedy to stop the military advance and hence Victory against Tamil Nadu Tamils. After the capture of Eastern Province he demanded that he and few ambassadors to be taken to the front lines to see how the Tamils are treated. As soon as the convey came to its destination, Tamil terrorists fired an artillery shot. The shrapnel injured the Italian ambassador. As soon as he came to Colombo, he issued a staement that this war cannot be won by either side and the military advance MUST be stopped. Robert blake planned this very well coordinating with Tamil Terrorist field commanders. This is only a part of his campaign against SINHALA.
    Now why is he coming to visit Hambanttota Harbor and the Air port? This is how I analyze it.
    1. Justice Minister Hakeem brought Paksitan International Airways Executives to visit Hambanttota
    2. PIA wanted to open offices at the Air port and the Harbor.
    3. Now the container traffic that is going from Southe East Asia will by pass INDIA and it angered Indians.
    4. Robert Black visit is to investigate how to slow down the Harbor and Air Port development using IMF Tactics.
    Then topple the Rajapkse administration. Robert Blake knows that, when the standard of living goes up in the Nothen Privince compared to Tamil Nadu, there is going to be uprising there. First thing the Tamil Nadu tamils will do is to attack and capture Katchchtive Island. Then SL Navy will get involved and India will capture the Northern Province again. Robert Blake and the US state department will fuel this process. My prodiction is that; this will happen in 2012 soon after the census report is published. Tamil Nadu Tamils will find out the majority in the Northern Province are the Muslims NOT Tamils.

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