Your Excellency President Barrack Obama, you were the “ hope ” for a new World Order.
Posted on April 6th, 2011

By Charles.S.Perera

 It is with great pleasure we received the news of your presenting your candidature for your election for the second term as the President of USA in the coming Presidential elections.

 But Your Excellency we regretfully observe that your election will not be without serious contestations, and you may have to make lot of explanations for not following the path of ” hope ” you had promised. Therefore, your election campaign will not be a cake walk and the challenges may be rude.

 Though you began your Presidential term well despite the financial crisis you had to face, you may have disappointed the Americans as much as those Nations outside America who had expected from you a different foreign policy, different approach in dealing with them from the aggressive American politics they had been used to be treated with by the former Republican Presidents.

 Though you may have had a vision of a different political system for America, you had been double crossed perhaps by your own “friends” to who you had handed over the responsibility of shaping the new America you had envisioned. America became an unreliable dishonest and an arrogant world leader due to its foreign policy, where the President Bush dragged America into an unwanted war in Iraq, followed by another in Afghanistan.

 Your election as the 44th President of USA gave new hope both to the Americans and the developing Nations of the world. This same enthusiasm did not prevail amoung the political leaders of Europe, for them you had the stigma of being a black, though the Political leaders of Europe swollen with their former colonial experience were not equal to you, with your politics of “hope” which you exposed with a brilliant eloquence, none of the Western leaders could equal.

 You gave hope to a new generation of Americans to live in a world without fear of getting involved in new wars, to bring the people of different ethnicities together, without allowing one nation to dominate another , nor one religion to overshadow another.

 Everyone listened with awe the new style of rendering to the world a new hope of peace without evil, without torture , without using commercial and economic embargos against nations to force them to change their politics, with a promise for the reduction of the nuclear arsenal, reduce pollution by searching for new energy sources, where health facilities will be brought within reach of every one and so on and so forth.

 But unfortunately you had failed to create that space of new political hope in the most important segments of your Administration of State Department. Because you had not streamlined it according to your ” political philosophy”.

 While you were promoting new hope to America and the World ,the State Department was promoting the same old arrogance and the aggressive political system of the past. Hillary Clinton the Secretary of State has recruited into her service the same old diplomats of the Bush Administration some promoted to take over higher responsibilities.

 The Secretary of State herself had a different philosophy, in an age riddled with terrorism into which you had been elected to give leadership to America and the Nations of the world. She began her term by declaring the existence of different types of terrorism, weakening there by an American foreign policy contradicting its war against terrorism where ever it is found, with the American State Department becoming a party to promote terrorism in some parts of the world , while carrying on a war against another terrorism in Iraq and Afghanistan.

 Robert Blake a former American Ambassador of the George Bush Administration, was taken in to the State Department by the new Secretary of State making him the Assistant Secretary of State for South Asia.

 His good relations with the terrorist leaders of Sri Lanka and moving freely with them should have been a disqualification for his appointment. The Principle the new Secretary of State is following seems to be that only the terrorists committing terrorism in USA and its friendly European Countries are terrorists, and treating terrorists else where as “friends” is a negative approach to war against terrorism.

 This is a different approach to the “hope” to the world propounded by Barrack Obama as the 44th President of USA. Your Excellency, if you accept this old aggressive American Foreign Policy, continued to be practiced by the State Department, then it is the State Department that has changed you to follow the “old ways” , pushing out the change you promised to America and the World.

 Sri Lanka is very close to my heart, Your Excellency. State Department sees Sri Lanka from the distorted American view of a developing country of no consequence except to be told how it should govern itself.

 Your Excellency, I have been told that you are a great admirer of Mahatma Gandhi. Perhaps you must have read that Mahatma Gandhi when he was discussing his demand for the British to leave India, with the British government , he was told that if the British were to leave, India will face many problems that it will not be able to solve. Gandhi had then told them that they should let India solve its own problems as “India’s mismanagement would be far better than their rule”.

 That is to say Your Excellency, Robert Blake or even Hillary Clintons the Secretary of State is incapable of telling Sri Lanka how it should govern. They know Sri Lank superficially, they do not know the inner philosophy of the people of Sri Lanka. Without understanding a people “wholly” you cannot make a judgement on the way they had for instance terminated with the “canker” of terrorism it had suffered for 30 long years.

Robert Blake has made a statement to the American Foreign Affairs Committee of the House of Representatives that””¦.. the government’s worrying record on human rights, its weakening of democratic institutions and practices, and the way in which it conducted the final months of its conflict against the Tamil Tigers hamper our ability to fully engage,”

This type of statements about Sri Lanka, Your Excellency is irresponsible, and moreover far from the truth. It is more so when American Soldiers in Afghanistan are being accused for most heinous crimes against the civilians in Afghanistan.

Your Excellency may have seen at least the report in Spiegel which read, publishing some photos, “”¦.The images are repulsive. A group of rogue US Army soldiers in Afghanistan killed innocent civilians and then posed with their bodies. On Monday, SPIEGEL published some of the photos — and the US military responded promptly with an apology. Still, NATO fears that reactions in Afghanistan could be violent. »

This never happened in Sri Lanka, Your Excellency, therefore Robert Blake’s Statement to the American Foreign Affairs Committee is uncalled for, and should rightly be seen in the background of the atrocities committed by the American Soldiers in Afghanistan.

More than 60 years after Independence; and after a three decade of terrorism, the Sri Lanka Government has not only freed itself from terrorism but also risen from its development state to a middle income country status. That itself is a great credit to Sri Lanka and its Government which has managed its financial policies better than many countries of even the “developed status”. Therefore Robert Blake’s statement to the Foreign Affairs Committee is deplorable, and would be appropriate that Your Excellency request him to withdraw his remarks.

These, Your Excellency, are the persons of your administration that bring discredit to you, and diminish your popularity. Mr. Robert Blake is not interest so much in the welfare of Sri Lanka, but acting to please his friends the terrorists front Agencies of the Sri Lanka Tamil Diaspora based in USA.

The Tamil diaspora- most of them who had left Sri Lanka many decades back have not even been to Sri Lanka. They made financial contributions to the terrorists of Sri Lanka to divide the country to set up a separate Tamil State. The majority of the Tamil people of Sri Lanka who live among the Sinhala majority community did not support the terrorists. The Sinhala majority community has not maltreated the Tamil community as the Tamils of the diaspora makes out for the consumption of the International Community.

The majority Sinhala Community does not want the country divided between the Sinhala and the Tamils but wants to unite to make a greater Nation of Sri Lankans. The wisdom of which Your Excellency will understand being a member of the Afro American Community. The ethnic differences cannot be obliterated by each ethnic group claiming a separate ethnic State. The only way to unify a Nation is to give up being in the “ethnic mentality” and coordinate with one another for the “unity of different Communities.”

Getting back to the American stand vis ƒÆ’†’  vis the foreign countries, it has to be emphasized that your philosophy of settling differences in dialogue, than in confrontation was meaningful. But your Administration did not take your advice correctly in its interpretation. But in Sri Lanka Robert Blake had been repeatedly campaigning for a political settlement with the terrorists and not resort to a military solution.

Today the promise you gave to withdraw the American army in Stages from Iraq and Afghanistan giving more responsibilities for the governments that have been ” put in place” to bring peace and unity into the respective countries, seems to have been compromised in you Excellency’s unreflective decision to support French President Nicholas Sarkozy’s sudden call to “declare war” on Libya.

It is regrettable the more because Your Excellency who was to give a new “hope” to a world that had been put into a war situation by the Bush Administration , had allowed yourself to be trapped by a political leader who is seeking your hand to raise himself up from the depth he has fallen in popularity among his people, by distracting attention on his unpopularity by engaging in a war in Libya.

Though Your Excellency said that America will not commit itself in Libya by deploying soldiers, the damage has been done by bombarding Libya by American War Planes. Once an order has been given to an US Army Commander to engage in war it is no more the President of USA that is in Command, but the US Army Commander. Therefore, Your Excellency you who condemned the previous Administration for an unwanted war in Iraq has not done any better by joining the International Community in bombing Libya.

Where is your good sense, Your Excellency ?

As Mahatma Gandhi had told the British Government which I had quoted above, Colonel Gaddafi’s “mismanagement”, was better than the interference of USA and the International Community in Libya, and bombardment of a sovereign State where no civilians could have escaped death.”.

The best thing Your Excellency could do now, specially in view of Your Excellency’s declaration that you would be seeking a second term of office in the forth coming USA Presidential election, is to withdraw the American Army from Libya and let the Libyans themselves decide their future. Colonel Gaddafi has every right to lead his people and suppress agitations by a discontented minority. You should not misunderstand tribal loyalty with the Democracy of the West.

The Guns and Bombs Your Excellency are not the only way to solve personal or political problems, there is also dialogue , friendly discussion, and understanding of the opponents cultural back ground which would go a long way in settling differences.

Your Excellency, there is too much of attention paid to the word “human rights”. It is being made a means to interfere into the internal affairs of Sovereign States. You had been preoccupied with the question of human rights in China as well. But China disallowed interference and is today a Giant amoung Nations.

Your Excellency as the 44th President of USA you cultivated friendship only with the rich white Nations, leaving out the poor, small Nations, some still struggling to develop, like ignoring poor relatives in the presence of the rich and prosperous.

In this regard Your Excellency Rudyard Kipling said,

“If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue,

Or walk with Kings “”‚ nor lose the common touch,

If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you,

If all men count with you, but none too much:

If you can fill the unforgiving minute

With sixty seconds’ worth of distance run,

Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it,

And which is more; you’ll be a Man, my son!

May this letter to Your Excellency, be taken not as a condemnation, but as a reminder that you are ” still ” the hope for a future without wars, and a terrorist free peaceful World Order, where there is less pollution, and unity among Nations.

9 Responses to “Your Excellency President Barrack Obama, you were the “ hope ” for a new World Order.”

  1. Sunil Vijaya Says:

    Someone please enlighten me. I thought only British crap entertains addressing human beings such as ‘His Excellency’ or Titles such as Lords and Knights and so forth. Americans did away with this crap long time ago so did Sri Lankans in 1972 with the declaration of the Republic. This man needs to be addressed as Mr. President. Nothing more nothing less, if ever a person chose to respect the institution of American Presidency. Obama is yet another President under the spell of Pentagon and CIA. Deviate or go tangent to their aspirations of world order the incumbent president will face the consequences, as Kennedy did. Obama did find people admiring him until he faulted on his decision making ability. He is just another mediocre President a little better than the clown George W Bush.

  2. Kit Athul Says:

    Mr. Blake please tell us Sinhala American why are you going to Hambantotta Harbor and the Air Port? They were built NOT by IMF funds. They were built by Chinese Funds (the Banker for America). Remember Jeffery Lunsted? he said in many occations that Sri Lanka is not a strategic country for US. Now you are saying that it is a Strategic country for US? Explain this to us please. Please tell the senstors and congressmen that Sri Lanka is a sovrign state and not a part of India as they think, with a constitution written by the people. Unlike India’s constitution, which was written by the British like the Ceylon contitution. Don’t forgrt to take a camera with you.

  3. Charles Says:

    Yes The President of USA is not addressed to as Your Excellency. But nevertheless such an address of distinction is not quite out of place.

    When we have to point out errors committed by a person holding high office, an address of distinction is appropriate to draw attention to those errors.

    In Shakespear’s Julius Caesar Mark Antony making the funeral oration addresses Brutus as an Honourable man;

    “…The noble Brutus
    Hath told you Caesar was ambitious:
    If it were so, it was a grievous fault,
    And grievously hath Caesar answer’d it.
    Here, under leave of Brutus and the rest–
    For Brutus is an honourable man;
    So are they all, all honourable men—“

    Hence addressing the President of USA in this article is not inappropriate, I presume

  4. Sri Rohana Says:

    Charles! Don’t beg these American politicians. How come an invader, human right violator and a war criminal become a “new world order”? He is none second to George Bush. Only different is he is a black American and his secretary Hilary is a white skinny American. But Bush is a white man his secretary Rice is a black American. Both are serving for Arms and weapon manufactures, Petroleum Companies and other American greedy capitalists.

    What is the different between Obama and Osama? It’s a matter of “B” and “S”. B is not a respected man at all. He is truly a bastard. Soon after his Nobel peace award he started to kill more in Afghanistan and Iraq. U.S, U.K and Australian so-called humanitarian operation killed more than one million human to fight with Al-Qaeda group.
    Then invaded Libya to expel Colonel Gadaffi and to support Al-Qaeda group?
    In Sri Lanka he and his government and Robert O’Blake want to help LTTE tamil terrorists member Rudrakumaran and clique. Interest in Sri Lanka is to control Indian Ocean? Or is their petroleum in Indian Ocean?
    If American, British and Norwegian syndicate means there will be a disaster in very soon. Same crusaders broke Soviet republic and east Europe, Palestine, Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and killed several million in Korea and Vietnam.
    What is their interest on Hambantota port and Air Port? If we refuse it are they going to take Trincomalee with the help of Rudrakumaran? Are the going to apply the Kosovo method in Sri Lanka? Sri Lankan’s have to open their eyes now. It is high time to unite forget petty differences and personal agendas. This will be more disaster than 1815 British invasion?

  5. Siri Says:

    This is a very accurate description of what is going on in the USA. Very good work Mr. Charles S. Perera. Please make sure copies are sent to Blake, Obama and Hillary Clinton. At the last election in 2008 I voted for Obama, but now I am having second thoughts for 2012. It appears like the State dept is going to drag the President down to their level and then destroy him. I thought Obama was smarter.

  6. Kit Athul Says:

    Sri Rohana, normally I agree with you most of the time, this time I certainly disagree. Charles is correct! Question here is are you addressing the person or the position he holds? Any countries ambassador is addressed as his excellencey, as long as he holds his office. I have a problem with your thoughts, you always forget INDIA. So may I suggest the following: Before you go to bed every day say this “INDIA IS THE ENEMY OF SINHALA SINCE TIME BEGAN, SO WE MUST ATTACK AND CAPTURE THE SOUTHERN COAST OF INDIA AND RULE IT AS KING PARAKRAMABAHU DID”

  7. Sri Rohana Says:

    Dear Kit Athul! Thanks for your sincere and honest comment. I appreciated it. I respect your rights to agree or disagree with my comments.
    The point of my view is what rights Robert Blake has to force us, to do what LTTE terrorist member Rudrakumaran’s wants? Now he says that all the army camps has to withdrawn from north and East of Sri Lanka and granted federal status to North and East and allow N.G.O’s to operate in North and East?? Is this diplomacy or interference to our internal matters? I believe this is interference to Sri Lanka’s internal matter and Obama administration violated inter-state diplomatic ethics. In future they make use of Ban Ki Moon and Navinathan Pillai’s reports against Sri Lanka. All these things are not accidents those are fabrications for their future Indian Ocean strategies.
    U.S.A tried to save terrorist Velupillai and clique in 2009 on U.S marines operation. It is obvious that LTTE terrorists were on U.S lap long ago. U.S.A and Europeans learned a lesson from Sri Lanka and that’s why this time they bombed to Libya before crush their lap dogs in Benghazi.
    Kit Athul, if this is American Obama’s attitudes on Sri Lanka then on what basis we have to treat them as a friendly country. I don’t think U.S.A is any more a friendly country to us. Compare our real friendly countries in world China, Russia, Pakistan, Iran, and Malaysia etc. U.S.A is an enemy to Sri Lanka. Diplomacy is reciprocate and it doesn’t matter how big, how powerful or how rich. If they take advantage of big or powerfulness or rich then it’s not diplomacy it is hegemony.
    I totally agree with you in India scenario. It’s our biggest enemy ever since and may be to Ramayana era. Every one knows that Tamil nadu Karunanidhi the dad and Indira Gandhi the mom of Tamil eelam dog. But at this moment same dog is on Robert Blake/Obama’s lap. We can understand why Karunanidhi is licking LTTE puppy. We cannot understand why Robert Blake/Obama/ Hilary licking puppy “Rudrakumaran”?

  8. Fran Diaz Says:

    What is going on is a Neo-Colonial binge. Pres. Obama has no absolute control over world affairs using only his reasoning & diplomacy. He is also caught up in Opposition party politics in America. Besides, he stated openly even during his Presidential Campaign that “American interests will be looked after”. What started as Colonial Empires, then European wars into WW I & II, and consequent money/resource spinners in arms & warfare, is continuing to this day, sometimes in open warfare or softer pushes leading to the same divide & rule take overs.

    A country is made up of individuals. If the individuals are out of balance, especially the leaders, then the country goes out of balance into negative actions, as opposed to life supportive actions.

    Meditation & good Education are the best ways to bring Sanity & Balance to the Human mind. Proper food & exercise will bring good health. Family Planning will prevent over crowding in any country. Look after the PEOPLE of a country, and the country will look after itself, and whatever outsiders say will not matter.

  9. Kit Athul Says:

    Sri Rohana, you put a valid question to me and to answer it will take me lot of time and I do not have time right now. Unless you live in America it is difficult to explain things in short format. I will give you an example. This mentally retarded Senator, Casey from Pennsylvania passed a resolution called 84. It calls for US to investigate the last stages of war and have sanctions imposed against SL government. You might ask why wait so long to table this Resolution 84? It is because he is in for re-election in 2012 and he needs money, and Tamil Sanghams have given it to him. So he has to do what Tamil Sangahams wants him to do. No Sinhala Americans are challenging him!

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