Let’s look at the ACCUSER’s record of Human Rights report:
Posted on April 10th, 2011

Warna Hettiarachchi Toronto

Let’s look at the ACCUSER’s record of Human Rights report:

  •   The US military arbitrarily invaded Afghanistan in efforts to claim ownership to its Lithium Oxide deposits. Lithium Oxide is used in Rechargeable batteries and future of alternate energy.In the process, the US military killed thousands of innocent civilians including unarmed women, men and children.
  •   The US invaded its former ally Iraq and killed thousands of innocent unarmed civilians. Abu Gharib prison tortures, US Apache Helicopter gunship massacre of unarmed children, civilians and News reporter (entire footage recorded by US Army and published by Wikileaks).
  •   The USA engineered and orchestrated the ENTIRE global financial meltdown and brought economic depression to the entire planet and caused more than 4 million people to lose their Jobs, lifetime’s savings and retirement funds, and caused hundreds of thousands mortgages foreclosed. Wall Street’s Financial Engineering branch orchestrated this whole gimmick by playing with securities, risk guarantees, derivatives abuse and having funds flow in one direction to make only a few people in the USA get richer than one can dream.See the documentary INSIDE JOB narrated by Matt Damon. You will be angry how American sons of bitches of the Wall Street and Politicians screwed other countries and their Finances, including Iceland, Europe and Asia.
  •  Robert Blake reports to Hillary Clinton who is a certified idiot in international politics and who thinks American Liberal Democratic crap should be instated in ALL other countries, except for Saudi Arabia and another small batch of invertebrate countries that kisses American ass and feed them half of their crude oil profits.
  •   America wants to OWN Libya’s Petroleum. So the attacked Ghaddafi and armed the rebels. If Sri Lanka hadn’t finished off the LTTE terrorists, you can imagine how these senile Bastards would come to our land and arm Tamil Tigers to destroy Sri Lanka.
  •  Hillary is taking the revenge of her husband’s mistress and their oral sex escapade from the rest of the world. I bet this Jenny Ass cant figure Sri Lanka on the world map. As for Bob Blake, he is a CIA operative and now trying to act as double agent of LTTE as well.
  •  Hillary and Robert jilband should talk to Arab world to stop their blatant Human Rights violations of stoning to death and beheading in the name of religion. But that wont happen…Both these scum bags love the kick backs and money talks in the dirty old excited states of America.
  •  We should not give a hoot or boo on this, …errrr… Human Rights Report from a bunch of savages, killers and hypocrites.
  •  Why not Rajapakse’s having siblings and family rule to instate political stability?? Did not that happen in the USA with all those Kennedy’s?
  •  Why did that arrogant US President Ronald Reagan used his power, money and force to rig elections, stuff ballot boxes, and keep Asia’s biggest crook Marcos As president of Philippines? Aquino eventually won, after US Secretary of State George Schultz difficultly persuaded Reagn to drop Marcos and his bewitched Imelda And sent them millions of dollars of funds to be settled in another country.
  •   George Bush had Florida elections jittered and erred as arranged by his brother Jeb Bush which decided he was President the first time.
  •   If Sri Lanka’s government is abusing their power and violating human rights of its citizens, then it is up to the people of Sri Lanka alone to over throw this government at the next election. This government just secured a massive win at the general and provincial elections. SO the people will have to wait out the due period before any change could be done.
  •   What the US can do is to recommend a major leadership change in Sri Lanka’s pathetic opposition and give younger, energetic and capable people to lead the party to at least have a better chance of a win at the next round of elections. Current Opposition leader’s inability and incompetency are contributing reasons for their record breaking defeats.

 I have sent above facts in a letter to Robert Blake dummy, his moronic puppeteer Hill-billy Hillary and of course Obama.

Nothing will happen from my letter, but SL leaders can print the US Human rights report on Sri Lankan toilet paper and distribute to all tourist hotels around the island.

May be a roll each to the three stooges.

 Warna Hettiarachchi


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  1. AsokaK Says:

    As I advised all elsewhere watch the latest documentary ‘The war you don’t see’ by John Pilger for war crimes by the western mafia, intimidation of the press , bombing of Al Jazeera in Afghanistan & Iraq etc etc- former journos now apologizing.

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