Ban Ki Moon, Obama, Hilary and Daruzmaan- four Musketeers
Posted on April 14th, 2011


The United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki Moon and his Western cronies were determined to salvage Late Prabhakaran and the Tamil Terrorists during the final stages of the War against the democratically elected government of Sri Lanka. Ban Ki Moon(BKM) was interested in salvaging the lives of Terrorists as he was under the pump by the Western allies. To provide an appetizer for the Westerners, he selected a political bankrupt of the Golkar Party of Indonesia, Mr Marzuki Daruzmaan, to head his lop sided panel to investigate any crimes committed by the Government of Sri Lanka during the final stages of the War against Terrorists.

As expected the report of this panel is unfavourable to the government of Sri Lanka. Mr Daruzmaan is a discarded politician in Indonesia. His next agenda is to win the Presidential election of Indonesia, when the current President Susilo Bambang Yodiyono completes his second term in Office. For Mr Marzuku Daruzmaan to become the leading candidate at the next Presidential Election, he must garner the international support from the Western World. Mr Daruzmaan, the rejected politician has used this opportunity to down grade Sri Lanka to score his runs on the board.

From Sri Lankan government perspective, this report must go to the Shredder straight away. Obama, Hilary, Ban Ki Moon, Daruzmaan, they are all in the same club of supporters who are fighting to bring about division within a country. The Westerners have done it in Iraq. Most recently in Egypt. Now playing games in Libya. They tried Iran but thus far have failed miserably. If they have a slightest chance, the Westerners will move against Russia and China instantly. Undoubtedly, using the United Nations Report, they will now turn to Sri Lanka to bring about a division of our country.

Obama is doing everything to make him the most unpopular President in his first term in Office. He has become a servant of Hilary the Clinton. Hilary’s political agenda is to secure the nomination for the Presidential candidature from Democratic party for the next Election, by making Obama an extremely an unpopular candidate. This will be an exception where the incumbent President is usually given the mandate to run for the second term. Ban Ki Moon’s objective is to secure his second term in Office as the Secretary General during these dying days. Marzuki Daruzmaan’s objective is to obtain the Presidential nomination for the next Presidential Election in Indonesia from the Golkar Party and its allies like PKB and Partai Amanat National by emerging as a “leader” by bashing Sri Lanka.

As Obama has become a puppet of Hilary, now Hilary has a strong hand to destroy Obama. Ban Ki Moon will try during these few weeks ahead to make a come back from his grave. Marzuki Daruzmaan will learn his bitter lessons in politics, as vast majority of Indonesias are great fans of Sri Lanka and the Sri Lanka President.

The writer has worked and lived in Indonesia for nearly 2 decades, having great regard and respect for Indonesians. It is sad Mr Daruzmaan has finally become a puppet of Westerners for his own political suicide.

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  1. radha Says:

    The hypocrisy of Americans and British when it comes to human rights makes my blood boil. These concerted Human Right reports by them through the UN cat’s paws are nothing but a sham. The response that we should give them come from the documentaries of their noble acts to human beings, int he form of records kept by their own kind, that I reproduce below. Sorry about the length of this submission, but if they were not placed here fully, likes of Jehan Perera or Ban Ki Moon will say that we made up these historical facts. So here it is chapter and verse (Reference: Wikepedia, Indian Rebellion, 1857).

    “Painting….. The Relief of Lucknow” by Thomas Jones Barker
    British soldiers looting Qaisar Bagh, Lucknow, after its recapture (steel engraving, late 1850s)

    From the end of 1857, the British had begun to gain ground again. Lucknow was retaken in March 1858. On 8 July 1858, a peace treaty was signed and the war ended. The last rebels were defeated in Gwalior on 20 June 1858. By 1859, rebel leaders Bakht Khan and Nana Sahib had either been slain or had fled. As well as hanging mutineers, the British had some “blown from cannon” — an old Mughal punishment adopted many years before in India. A method of execution midway between firing squad and hanging but more demonstrative, sentenced rebels were set before the mouth of cannons and blown to pieces.[110] In terms of sheer numbers, the casualties were much higher on the Indian side. A letter published after the fall of Delhi in the “Bombay Telegraph” and reproduced in the British press testified to the scale and nature of the retaliation:

    …. All the city’s people found within the walls of the city of Delhi when our troops entered were bayoneted on the spot, and the number was considerable, as you may suppose, when I tell you that in some houses forty and fifty people were hiding. These were not mutineers but residents of the city, who trusted to our well-known mild rule for pardon. I am glad to say they were disappointed.[111]

    Another brief letter from General Montgomery to Captain Hodson, the conqueror of Delhi exposes how the British military high command approved of the cold blooded massacre of Delhites: “All honour to you for catching the king and slaying his sons. I hope you will bag many more!”

    Another comment on the conduct of the British soldiers after the fall of Delhi is of Captain Hodson himself in his book, Twelve years in India: “With all my love for the army, I must confess, the conduct of professed Christians on this occasion, was one of the most humiliating facts connected with the siege.” (Hodson was killed during the recapture of Lucknow in early 1858).

    Edward Vibart, a 19-year-old officer, also recorded his experience:

    It was literally murder… I have seen many bloody and awful sights lately but such a one as I witnessed yesterday I pray I never see again. The women were all spared but their screams on seeing their husbands and sons butchered, were most painful… Heaven knows I feel no pity, but when some old grey bearded man is brought and shot before your very eyes, hard must be that man’s heart I think who can look on with indifference…

    Blowing from Guns in British India (1884) by Vasily VereshchaginSome British troops adopted a policy of “no prisoners”. One officer, Thomas Lowe, remembered how on one occasion his unit had taken 76 prisoners – they were just too tired to carry on killing and needed a rest, he recalled. Later, after a quick trial, the prisoners were lined up with a British soldier standing a couple of yards in front of them. On the order “fire”, they were all simultaneously shot, “swept… from their earthly existence”. This was not the only mass execution Lowe participated in: on another occasion his unit took 149 prisoners, and they were lined up and simultaneously shot.

    The British press and government did not advocate clemency of any kind, though Governor General Canning tried to be sympathetic to native sensibilities, earning the scornful sobriquet “Clemency Canning”. Soldiers took very few prisoners and often executed them later. Whole villages were wiped out for apparent pro-rebel sympathies.

    Forced disarmament of cavalry of BerhamporeThe aftermath of the rebellion has been the focus of new work using Indian sources and population studies. In The Last Mughal, historian William Dalrymple examines the effects on the Muslim population of Delhi after the city was retaken by the British and finds that intellectual and economic control of the city shifted from Muslim to Hindu hands because the British, at that time, saw an Islamic hand behind the mutiny.[112] Amaresh Mishra, a journalist and history student, after examining labor force records for the period, concludes that almost ten million Indians lost their lives during the reprisals though his methodology is disputed because it neither accounts for unrelated causes of deaths nor for the movement and displacement of the population that likely followed that period of unrest. Accounting for these factors, another historian, Saul David, estimates the number of deaths to be in the hundreds of thousands.[113]”

  2. Rohan Says:

    Radha, we are all well aware of the crimes of the British, however its the crimes of the Americans and their military machine in the world today that is bothering me. You should maybe do a long article on the crimes of the American military in Vietnam, Iraq wars one and two, Somalia and now Libya. Despite the term NATO the British and French militaries today are quite pathetic, the majority of damage done in Libya were was done by the vast American military arsenal under the guise of NATO and its vast resources. I am looking forward to a article critical of the current American military and its crimes in future from you radha thank you.

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