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Posted on April 17th, 2011

Asoka Weerasinghe Kings Grove Crescent . Gloucester . Ontario . K1J 6G1Canada

17 April 2011
Pierre Poilievrre, Conservative MP for Nepean-Carleton & Assistant to Prime Minister Stephen Harper
House of Commons, Ottawa
 Dear Pierre:

 It was good speaking to you yesterday at the Sinhla & Tamil New Year celebrations of the Sri Lanka-Canada Association of Ottawa.

 Here’s the summary of what I told you and what you told me:

 1: Once the Conservatives like Jason Kenney started to flirt and dance with the Tamil Tigers and its sympathisers in the GTA you lost my vote even though I am a card carrying Conservative even from the Reform and Canadian Alliance day. And you know it.;

 2. For the first time in my life I will not be casting my vote. Can’t trust the Conservatives, the Liberals nor the NDP on Sri Lankan Tamil issue. All you Canadian parliamentarians are hurting my Motherland, big time, and the Liberals killed my poeple back in Sri Lanka for 13 long years;

 3. You said that if the Liberals come to power that they will lift the ban on the Tamil Tigers, and I asked you what guarantee can I have from the Conservatives that they will not remove the ban on the Tamil Tigers either, and asked you whether you could shake your hand with me on that score. And you had a reluctance to do so;

 4. Your response was, shaking your head, “Look at our record, we were the ones that banned the LTTE”. My response was, but what have you Conservatives promised the Tamil Tigers and their sympathisers to get their votes? Did you not promise them that you will lift the ban on the Tamil Tigers? How could you not, when you have a committed Tamil Tiger supporter Ragavan as your candidate for the Scarborough Southwest riding. The Globe & Mail too says so. He was the guy who was talking on the phone from Canada with KP, the top Tamil Tiger terrorist, when he was picked up in a hotel corridor in Kuala Lumpur and whisked back to Sri Lanka.

 5. I told you that my mentor was Art Hanger and to speak to him and that he will tell you my passion on this issue since 1983.

 6. I know these Tamils more than you all do and the Conservatives are in deep trouble having embraced them and you all have lost hundreds of votes from the non-Tamil Sri Lankan-Canadians.

 7. I will get back to the Conservative fold and open my wallet, once I know your clear policy on Sri Lanka and the Tamil issue and whether it would not hurt Sri Lanka unfairly. Until then you Conservatives will hear my voice loud and clearly and my cart-wheeling eye-balls will spit dragon-fire at the Conservative caucus. And you bet, I will.

 Have a good day at your hustings.


Asoka Weerasinghe

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