A Challenge to the Sri Lanka “Guardian”
Posted on April 21st, 2011

L. B. Wasantha

Articles in the internet site Sri Lanka “Guardian”, most of them written by self-possessed morons who air their misguided opinions all too painfully, reflect the “birds of a feather” image through their so-called journalistic-insight. Interestingly, all of their highly-opinionated articles do not have an open “Comments” section for a reader.

Instead, the reader is sent through a maze of sites for login, and an interested (not to mention irate) reader is left with no opportunity for comment, other than finding more and more crap written by the same individual. Would the esteemed “Guardian” of Sri Lanka have enough plunk to open a direct “Comments” tab for their article?

Even internet garbage sites like “Lanka e-news” have comments sections, even though they delete anything that does not “agree” with their ballistics.


L. B. Wasantha

9 Responses to “A Challenge to the Sri Lanka “Guardian””

  1. Vis8 Says:

    Well said! These morons are an embarrassment to Sri Lanka.,

  2. Leela Says:

    I agree fully with Wasantha; neither ‘Sri Lanka guardian’ nor ‘Lanka e-news’ had ever published a dissenting view under its’ comment. But, I go through these sites, I must say, only sometimes; not to know current news but to ponder on gossips and what’s going on in idiotic heads of those journalists.

  3. mario_perera Says:

    Thank you for saying it. It had to be said and even took too long in coming. The so-called “Sri Lanka Guardian” is a ‘Trojan Horse’, a trap for fools. It is another clothing for the ‘Tamilnet’: the voice of Ealam, of the Tamil Diaspora trying to resurrect the dead. The word ‘Guardian’ is a misnomer. It is meant to be time-bomb but bursting in their own hands. Thank you once again.
    Mario Perera,Kadawata

  4. Rohan Says:

    Yes, L. B. Wasantha remember the ancient greek story of Troy and the trojans. The enemies within are in some cases more dangerous than the enemy(LTTE) themselves. Let all patriotic Sri Lankans smoke these rats out, they are just as dangerous as Vellupillai prabhakaran. These appalling people are easy to spot if your an alert,intelligent person. Pay attention to what attention to what they are doing. That means look at how they behave and who they ally with, where they go and what they write about. These people come in as politicians, journalists etc and within the free democratic system that exists within sri lanka bring the country down from within. Yes we know who they are, Sarath Fonseka after he turned turncoat allying himself with the CIA globalists, for power in Sri Lanka. Ranil Wickremasingha and his crony supporters and the sites such as Sri Lanka Guardian, Lanka e-news etc. These traitors are well prepared to sell out their country to the highest bidder in the world!
    Thankfully, the Sri Lankan people are wise and intelligent and good and fully understand and know who the traitors are so these crooks don’t see the light of day. Why Mahinda Rajapaksha and friends wins with landslide victories each and every time.
    Sri Lanka will fight the UN, EU, USA,NATO, World Bank, IMF and other evil global forces, until Sri Lanka clears their name in the court of public opinion.
    All the best Sri Lankan lawyers in the world should now come together and put together evidence to indict these forces UN, EU, USA,NATO, World Bank, IMF etc for the crimes against humanity they have committed over the years. We will fight them and defeat them! Just like the LTTE were vanguished. These bodies will be defeated also.
    Evil cannot stand the light of Wisdom and goodness. They will be defeated.

  5. Vis8 Says:

    Thanks, Rohan! “Let all patriotic Sri Lankans smoke these rats out, they are just as dangerous as Vellupillai prabhakaran.” – How absolutely true! other than hiding behind an assumed electronic name and airing their opinions, who do we know these people are?

  6. Vis8 Says:


    Thanks, Rohan! “Let all patriotic Sri Lankans smoke these rats out, they are just as dangerous as Vellupillai prabhakaran.” – How absolutely true! Other than “articles” appearing from a person shielded under an electronic name and airing his opinions, do we know who these people are? Anything similar happens in the USA, the CIA will be all over them within a jiffy, humble, threaten, and, make sure that the person realizes he doesn’t have a job if he continues. Who does the West think they can fool? “You can fool some people sometime, but you can’t fool all the people all the time” (Bob Marley).

  7. Rohan Says:

    Vis8, Thanks.
    We have to understand that that there are extremely forces in this world that good innocent people have to be aware of. They deceive to pass themselves off as acceptable to the masses. Commit vast evil in the world like what they did to Sri Lanka. As Lord Buddha says being aware of the evil to see through their mask is 90 percent of winning the battle against these forces, since most of the people of the world are good and are manipulated by these forces divide and rule, order out of chaos strategies, once they are aware then it is only a matter a time before they fall. Sri Lanka one of the first nations leading the way to victory against these evil forces, when they annihilated their creation, the LTTE on the field of battle, by the Sri Lankan people’s determination and armed forces to crush this evil. Likewise UN etc will meet its end.

  8. Rohan Says:

    Sorry I meant.
    “We have to understand that that there are extremely EVIL forces in this world that operate out of mainly UK,Europe and USA but have their agents all over the world like Ranil Wickremasinghe in Sri Lanka.”

  9. radha Says:

    Wasantha is absolutely right. I had the same experience as his with that cesspit and I came to the conclusion that those who write there are only ejecting crap. Let them immerse themselves in their own. There is no point in stirring up what’s in the pit.

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