Tamils’ Refusal to Assimilate is a Threat to Hard-Won Peace
Posted on April 22nd, 2011


 It was not surprising that the Moon Panel’s report on the final stages of the conflict in Sri Lanka was little more than Tamil terrorist propagandising hooey. Despite not even being published yet, the Moon report was leaked to the media and it was seized upon by the usual suspects “”…” the anti-Sri Lanka brigade which consists of INGOs, external media personalities, and unelectable politicians “”…” as some sort of indictment against the country. However, the people that matter “”…” the general population of the country, the media, and most of the political parties (even some in the UNP) “”…” were quick to denounce the Moon Panel for the farce that it was.

 On the other hand, the “sole representatives” of the “sole representatives” of the Tamils, the TNA, was the only grouping in Sri Lanka which praised the report. And herein lies the root of our problems.

 When a group of people come together, share a language, religion, culture, history and government and build a civilization together, the end result is what we call a nation, whose internationally recognised borders demarcate their country. The country/nation is greater than the sum of its parts. One flag flies over it, and the people defend their ancestor’s achievements against foreign aggression by standing up and dying for their nation.

 The geopolitical unit which is called “country” can only and must only be one nation. It is impossible for more than one nation to exist within one country, and it is impossible for more than one culture to exist within one nation.

 A shortage of workers led to European experimentation with “multikulti” but the social strife, ghettoization, racism, and strain on resources which has resulted has led to most straight-thinking politicians of those countries to accept that multiculturalism is an unattainable goal.

 Where does that leave Sri Lanka? In the past, an invading Tamil army from Tamil Nadu would be vanquished “”…” as has happened 33 times over the past three millennia of Sinhalese civilization “”…” and any remnant Tamils would assimilate into the culture of this country, namely the Sinhalese Buddhist culture. Initially, they would learn the language of the country and respect its religion. Later, they would even have taken up Sinhalese names and converted. This meant that after a greedy Tamil despot was defeated in battle, there would be no lingering animosity.

 Nowadays, things are very different. The colonialists inculcated in the minority racial groups that it would be some kind of grievous crime to assimilate. Over 500 years, they were brainwashed to stubbornly resist the harmonizing forces of assimilation and instead rigidly hold onto their particular “culture” at the expense of national unity and peace.

 With various racial groups all vying to maintain their own “culture” within this tiny nation, Sri Lanka has become a plunderer’s dream. The different racial groups “”…” purposefully called “ethnic” groups even though the only ethnic group in this country is the Sinhalese “”…” can be played against each other for the maximal benefit of interlopers and to the maximum detriment of Sri Lanka.

 Cunning terms like “heritage,” “identity,” and most poisonous of all “homeland,” are used to thinly veil their ulterior motives. Any personal defect on the part of an individual Tamil was expanded into a communal “grievance,” and any whim or fancy was mutated into a “legitimate aspiration” even if it was unacceptable.

 The Sinhalese are indigenous only to this island. So what is wrong if Sinhalese is the only official language or if Buddhism is the official religion? What is wrong if the head of state can only be a Sinhalese Buddhist? Where else could this possibly be the case? Australia? Canada? China? Sri Lanka is the only place where our paltry 15 million souls can call home, and it is the only place where we can rule ourselves.

 In contrast, 80 million Tamils spread around the world already have their original homeland in south India (Tamil Nadu, population 70 million), but they demand our island as well. This ridiculous notion flies in the face of historical, archaeological and demographical evidence, but still the myth is perpetuated. All ills of the Tamils though of their own making, are blamed on the majority community, and the only solution they accept is separatism.

 This argument does not hold any water, but survives because Tamils in Sri Lanka have nothing to lose. They are allowed to live in a parallel world, enjoying all the freedoms, opportunities and benefits Sri Lanka offers them, while simultaneously contributing nothing except the rhetoric of racism, the politics of division, and the act of suicide bombing. They do not assimilate because they still think taking over this country is achievable. The Moon Panel has only encouraged them more.

 It is time the Sinhalese woke up from the misguided hallucination of multiculturalism. It is impractical and unnatural. This island can have only one culture, and that is Sri Lankan culture. In turn, this culture must be based on the values and way of life of those who built this country from the ground up, that is, Sinhalese Buddhist culture.

 The government must stop being afraid of what the artificial nation of turban-wearing, stadium-burning, rat-worshipping spaghetti-sticks will think, and encourage the unification of the country in the only way which has been proven to work over tens of thousands of years of human civilization: settlement and assimilation.

 Learn from the calls of the European leaders, and tell the minority races “”…” and their foreign and local apologists “”…” in no uncertain terms: this is our country, we will live in it where we please. You must assimilate and integrate, or leave.

18 Responses to “Tamils’ Refusal to Assimilate is a Threat to Hard-Won Peace”

  1. Lorenzo Says:


    The innocent ways they push racism is amazing. But when you look at it objectively it is hardcore ultra racism.

  2. AnuD Says:

    UK recently said immigration will be cut down from countires where people refuse to learn english and integrate into their society. that war Between Libya and France has some thing to do with north africans moving into the Europe. there are many examples like that from every colonial master or from their relatives.

  3. M.S.MUdali Says:

    The article reflect the policy of Vatican and not a Buddhist country. Vatican always practiced kill the male and rape the women to create a “faithful” race.

    LTTE which was under the control of Catholic Church too tried the same. Language based racism is a product of Christian rule. Further the Kings fought wars on the basis of their property rights. But the author of this article simply inject “hate” in the name of assimilations. Assimilation is a slow process during peace times. our Kings (Tamil or Sinhala) ruled on the basis of respecting the King and the country and not on the basis of Language.

    How many Sri lankan leaders were Buddhist so far? None. So, better correct the sinhalese first to follow Buddhism. Then everything will be in right track!

  4. Vis8 Says:

    Thank you for this article. There are many peace-loving and good Tamil people around. But they are scared of speaking out: they will be outcasts, and will be designated by these terror-minded megalomaniacs to be social outcasts among their own people. It is time that Sri Lanka Tamils who are now living happily, without the fear of their children being abducted by the ltte, without other fear, speak up. The SL govt should provide the necessary security for them.

  5. Lorenzo Says:


    Security is not really a concern. The main reason why they don’t come out is as you said they will be ostracised as outcasts or pariahs(or whatever name such action of marginalisation is called). If this happens to a person or a family, they cannot live in the society. Their children cannot get married. No one will want to have them at social functions. No one will want to be seen associating them. Government cannot resolve this problem.

  6. Lorenzo Says:


    Stop your anti-Christian racism. Problems in SL is because of Tamil racism, not Christian matters.

  7. Dham Says:

    ” It is time the Sinhalese woke up from the misguided hallucination of multiculturalism. It is impractical and unnatural. This island can have only one culture, and that is Sri Lankan culture. In turn, this culture must be based on the values and way of life of those who built this country from the ground up, that is, Sinhalese Buddhist culture.”

    Looks like Pauline Hanson of Australia has a Sri Lankan follower !

    I don’t think this is a helpful statement. We should accept all cultures. There is no need to declare this. Surely ther is a Sri lankan culture which has Sinhala , Buddhist , Tamil , Christian, Muslim and Burgher culture. We even have some Europian influence. We have Baila, we play cricket, Rugby. So what ?
    There is no “Tamils refusla”. Tamils ( like Mudali) will always be Tamils. They are waiting for every opportunity to teach a lesson to Sinhala Buddhist. We do not have to create an artificial culture. We jsut have to protect our culture by all means. That is all.

  8. jimmy Says:


    Who cares TNA ? There are tamils who do not agree TNA

    You said ”
    The geopolitical unit which is called “country” can only and must only be one nation. It is impossible for more than one nation to exist within one country, and it is impossible for more than one culture to exist within one nation.

    You are not for unity at all. You are a horrible racist scumbag
    I feel bad to use the bad word on some one. I read your article twice and it makes me to say it again

    This is the time My motherland Srilanka need unity from Chetiyars, Nagas, bergers, Indian tamils, Muslims, malays,Tamils and Sinhalese

    You are a snake . Sadly there are scums like you and LTTE sympathizers will do anything and everything to destroy the Peace and harmony . People like you should never ever allowed to write
    You might be an alcoholic or a very miserable punk
    As I said before 60 years of hatred will not go easily . Govt should provide councelling for all Lankans
    Peope like mahamaharaja need admission in Mental hospital indefinitley along with LTTE symphathizers

  9. jimmy Says:

    I very truly apologize for calling you racist scumbag and other names.
    I get angry when peple attack other races or religions. I should never ever have said these to you sir
    Sorry again
    You may be a very learned man from my beautiful motherland Lanka. I respect you first because you are my fellow Srilankan regardless you are a Budhist or Hindu or Christian or Muslim

    I believe the country needs Unity now more than ever. Sinhalese, Muslims, Indian Tamils, Bergers, Tamils,Malays, Chettiyars all should uinite as Srilankans

    Either you are a Srilankan or not Srilankan

    People should be allowed to practise their cultcure and religion where ever They live. If you say they should never be allowed to practise the religion or culture it gives an impression that you are a bigot
    If a Country you live in give you the Freedom to practise your faith and cultcure why are you against it for the Country you were born

  10. AnuD Says:


    You have caught the wrong end because of that I thought there is no other way instead of get directly into comparative religion.

    It is the two major middle esteren religions which believes in conversion thinking that each of them have the ONLY true fauths. Buddhists since the inception of buddhism lived side by side with other religeons and never caused distrust among them. It was not the same with the two major middle eastern religions.

    Unfortunately, Buddhist culture is so entrenched in the Sinhala Natiion, any attnepts on buddhism automatically destroys Sinaha people too.

  11. Dham Says:

    I was not confused. You must however, try to read between lines.
    We cannot change cultures of terrorism. We need not learn Tamil. We need not force tamils to learn Sinhala either.
    Just let those clutures as they are. We just need to have sufficient laws passed and strictly follow those. Sinhala only act is a good one. Why did’t we keep it ?
    For example, Jimmys forefathers satrted crowding Tamils in all governement departments. If we had proper laws, anyone doing racist favouitism could have been dismissed immediately. But we ourselves satrted favouring political friends and discriminating our own race based on party politics, class etc.
    Anything officiallly declaring mono-culturism will lead to unncessary trouble.

  12. M.S.MUdali Says:

    Hindu Tamils and Buddhist Sinhalese have lot of things in common in their cultural life. From New Year to Kataragama Hindus and Buddhists share the beliefs, cultures, faiths etc.. But on the hand Christians never share anything with Hindus or Buddhists.

    Nazi POPE of Vatican barked that Hinduism and Buddhism are not religions. Most of the time the hate propaganda come from Catholics/Christians.

    Catholics and Muslims never assimilate with any one but they will convert them to their religion. Then where is the Sri Lankan culture.? Now Catholic criminal elements have taken refuge in TAMIL, and make more problems.

    Catholics hate Hindus but cry for Tamil. Tamil culture is Hindu culture. How can these Rayappu and Emmanuel gang help HINDUS to promote Tamil culture.?

    Now in Vanni you can see Catholic Churches in every village. 30 years ago none of these Churches existed. The catholic Church cry and bark at the government all the time. Catholic Church is on a mode of harvesting souls faithful to the NAZI in Vatican. These Christians targetted the minority for conversion. When they get Christian majority in North and East, they can create another SUDAN or EAST TIMOR fiasco for separation with the help of the WHITE CHRISTIANS.

    Sinhala Buddhists must cleanup Sinhala areas from Catholic/Christian propaganda against buddhists and Hindus.

    As a first step Sinhalese must get rid of Ranil family from historical Kelani Raja mahaviharaya because Ranil gang is a Christians and of Malayali origin. How did a Malayali Christian family get the Kelaniya Vihara?

    Hindus and Buddhists are separated by Language. That is the advantage for the Christians/Catholics but Hindus and Buddhists have no problem in Temple or Vehara for prayers!

  13. Fran Diaz Says:

    Who loses out if the Tamil people of the N&E do not integrate with the rest of Lanka (through language, economic activity, political activity, education, marriage, etc.) ? It is the Tamil people themselves of the N&E who will lose out, as they will be stuck in the old role of ‘victim’ of the Tamil leaders, who in this particular slot of time, are the ‘divide & rule’ agents of vested interests. The ‘vested interests’ do not care for the welfare of the ordinary Tamils of the N&E as proved during the ltte rule of those areas.

    It is up to the Tamil people of the N&E to be courageous and break away from being victimized yet again.

  14. jimmy Says:

    I like you Fran
    I agree with you 100%

  15. M.S.MUdali Says:

    Christian propaganda is flying. They always tell to get employment, change your name to a name of a Parangi!

  16. Dham Says:

    Ennappa Mudali Ayya,
    Name of a Parangi sounds better than any Tamil name.

  17. Nalliah Thayabharan Says:

    It has been the proud privilege of the Sri Lankans to live in harmony with one another. That has been the basis of Sri Lanka’s culture from the days of Asoka, 2300 years ago. This has been repeatedly declared and practised.

    Impermanence is the basis of Buddha’s teachings and because of this Buddhists cannot ill-treat or discriminate against a fellow human being. A Buddhist is expected to do no harm even to an ant. Buddhist culture does not support discrimination and violence. The Tamils and the Sinhala speaking Sri Lankans are very closely united culturally. Language will not become a subject of racist division in few years if all Sri Lankan children learn Sinhala and Tamil. Let us endeavour to rebuild the brotherhood that once existed between the Sinhala and Tamil speaking Sri Lankans. It is the only way forward to usher in peace and prosperity once more to this beautiful country of ours that has been torn apart by war and strife.

  18. Lorenzo Says:


    It is better to teach both English.

    Anyway this has nothing to do with the languages. Unfortunately Tamil voters always turn to racists on the election day. That problem is older than 1956.

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