Sri Lankans Should Fear Hasty Political Solutions, not War Crimes
Posted on April 24th, 2011

– Kumar Moses

I’m pleasantly amused of all good hearted people trying hard to prove that Sri Lanka didn’t commit any war crimes. Good on them; but it is a given; Sri Lanka didn’t commit any war crimes. The UN knows it, the UN Security Council knows and even the Moon’s panel knows it. Then why do these foxes spread the rumour that sky is falling? For one reason “”…” to get the gullible chicken run into the fox’s den for safety!

The US and the EU are manipulating the UN not to punish any Sri Lankan for war crimes, but to use it as a stick to force the Sri Lankan government to give in to their pressure to implement a hasty political solution to appease Tamil separatists. I urge all patriots to make this distinction very clearly. The most disastrous thing that can happen to Sri Lanka is not the hawks of the west taking our war heroes, but Sri Lankan rulers, fearful of bogus war crimes allegations, giving into pressure and implementing a hasty political solution.

Proof 1 “”…” The panel and the report have no legal force

UN panels have no legal force. Absolutely nothing will happen to Sri Lanka if the report is chucked in the garbage bin. UN panels have come up with dozens of reports over many things including the Israel flotilla incident, Australia, East Timor, climate change, etc. However, no nation was forced to honour them or their recommendations. These Panel reports may be taken up at the UN or the UN Security Council. At that time, the members don’t go by the panel reports, but instead follow their own knowledge on the matter to make decisions.

The government of Sri Lanka should not be fearful or feel obliged to take the report seriously. There is no need. Gather international support to defeat it, if it ever makes to the UN Security Council or the UN and that is sufficient.

Sri Lanka should unconditionally reject the UN panel’s report which means nothing must be done; no appeasements must be offered and nothing should change due to it. It should be along the same lines the government demanded unconditional surrender of LTTE cadres.

Proof 2 “”…” Instead of blaming the LTTE in proportion to crimes it committed, the Panel mostly blames the government

LTTE is dead and gone. Nothing happens by blaming it. This is the line of thinking adopted by the UN panel. If war crimes were the ultimate objective and concern of the panel, there is absolutely no way the LTTE can get away with such little mentioning in the report! LTTE has committed more war crimes than any other terrorist group in the world. Irrespective of the feasibility of trying LTTE leaders for war crimes, the report must have included a long list of LTTE war crimes. But it doesn’t. It only gives a very short and ambiguous list of crimes by the LTTE. This is because there is nothing the US and the EU gain by stabbing the carcass of the LTTE.

Instead they want the UN panel to concentrate on the government; put pressure on the government and force it to come up with various appeasements.

Proof 3 “”…” TNA was informed of the plan and played its part

The UN panel and its sponsors reassured the TNA that there will not be any war crimes investigations into LTTE crimes. It was further reassured that the report will be used as a stick to beat the government until it gives a political solution sufficient for the TNA. Anticipating the report, TNA entered into a series of talks with the government since February 2011. Then the report came out in April and TNA leaders made good use of the opportunity to demand a political solution. They said this golden opportunity is not to be missed! True for them but false for Sri Lankans.

This is certainly not the right time for political solutions!

War crimes allegations and political solutions must be kept totally separate as they have nothing to do with each other. TNA is playing the same extortion game played by SJV Chelvanayagam and the LTTE. The former demanded that the then Prime Minister enter into a pact with him before introducing the letter “ƒ”¹…”shri’ to vehicle registration numbers. Unfortunately the Prime Minister fell into the trap which was totally unnecessary. When the prime Minister finally realized the folly, he rightfully tore the illegal pact. Linking the government’s obligation to honour the pact to the right to use the letter “ƒ”¹…”shri’ in vehicles in the north and east, Chelvanayagam started a campaign to put tar on Sinhala letters. Such a racist act! It led to the 1958 riots.

LTTE carried this extortion game forward during its day. Tamil Tigers would cause a bomb blast and their henchmen would then demand a political solution which would allegedly stop the LTTE from carrying out further bomb attacks! Had the government fell into this trap, this cunning duo would have gotten all their demands with a series of bomb attacks. They would even demand free food and if not met, cause another bomb blast.

This has been the survival tactic of Tamil extortionists all along. TNA is playing the same game. They demand that the government should appease them with political solutions or face war crimes charges. If the government appeases them this time, they will make up more war crimes stories and demand more appeasements.

The EU played the same trick with the GSP+ facility, withdrawing it (stick approach). But they realized their mistake later and offered it back with conditions (the carrot approach).

Proof 4 “”…” If a serious investigation results from the report, it sets a very bad trend for the US, EU and their stooges

The last thing the US and the EU want is a war crimes investigation into the allegations. That would set a trend at the UN which will bring the US, EU and their stooges under scrutiny. Most UN member nations are third world countries and their numbers are growing whereas the number of rich UN member states is stagnant. This means developing countries are increasing their clout at the UN. They will demand that similar circumstances call for similar reactions. Of course the US, UK and France can veto these decisions, but how long can they save face and veto decisions? Their continued vetoing will result in the lack of confidence in the UN which is more disastrous for them than anyone else. UN has been their stick to beat up developing nations.

Therefore don’t expect a serious war crimes investigation from these nations that habitually and consistently violate human rights, the Geneva Conventions and international law. Their plan is to put pressure on the government using the war crimes stick to implement a pro-separatist “ƒ”¹…”solution’.

Proof 5 “”…” What do the UN panel care about triumphalism?

Dictators of the UN panel want Sri Lankans not to be triumphal! This is outrageous! The victory scored by Sri Lankans with sacrifices that resulted in a safe and secure environment must be celebrated in a grand scale. All Sri Lankans who identify with the winner of the war must be immensely proud of their achievements. The UN panel or anyone else has no bloody right to dictate otherwise.

Even the UN triumphs over the World War Two victory every year! The UN was formed on the base of the World War Two triumph fifty days after it. Grand celebrations of the formation of the UN bring back the memories of the two nuclear bombs on the Japanese. But triumphalism continues! UN panel’s duplicity and dictatorship is disgusting.

However, this duplicity serves a purpose. The panel wants to convince Sri Lankans that there was no victory on 19 May, 2009. In other words, they want to convince Sri Lankans to accept the view of Tamil Elamists. In assuming their view, the panel wants Sri Lankans to console them and appease them. This is the only reason for the UN panel to look down upon Lankans’ triumphalism while being triumphal about the Second World War victory themselves.

National Heroes Day must be resurrected and celebrated every 22nd of May in a grand scale. Now it assumes even more significance.

Proof 6 “”…” The UN panel has succeeded in destroying whatever little reconciliation Sri Lanka achieved so far

Following the war, the government put a lot of effort to build trust among the communities, win hearts and minds of Tamils and commenced the difficult process of reconciliation. But the UN report busted it all. Today Tamils are in the same mental state as they were two years ago. All achievements in reconciliation have been reversed. Tamils are being reminded of the cruelty of war and in addition the government is blamed for it! Tamil media in Sri Lanka have exaggerated it even further and are currently in the process of hate mongering. Reconciliation is as good as dead today.

The timing was perfect. Cricket world cup brought Sri Lankans closer than ever. Recently concluded LG elections resulted in better multiethnic representation in the east. Development projects inaugurated just before the election were huge pillars for reconciliation. By releasing the report after these events, the UN panel ensured that the reversal of reconciliation (due to the report) will not be repaired anytime soon.

Most likely the government will once again postpone the elections of a number of LG bodied in the north as the TNA popularity has surged and government popularity has plummeted. This is the bitter truth.

Didn’t the UN panel know this? They knew it very well. Wording, graphic description of selected incidents, putting the blame on the government are all well crafted strategies to destroy reconciliation. For instance nothing has been mentioned of the most gruesome incident of the last phase of the war. It was when a LTTE suicide bomber struck fleeing people. However, nothing of the incident has been mentioned but very detailed accounts of hospitals in Vanni are given for maximum impact. They have succeeded.

Was this an accident? Absolutely not. It was the intention. By destroying trust, reconciliation and the belongingness to one country protected by armed forces, the UN panel has made it easier for Tamil Elamists to take it from there. TNA sure jumped and grabbed the opportunity!

This is only the beginning and certainly not the end of frequent external disruptions to reconciliation.

Carrots and sticks will continue

Those who dream of a Cypress, East Timor, Kosovo or Eritrea in the island will not stop at this. They will come up with various carrots and sticks in future. Sri Lanka is not blessed with politicians with integrity which means there will be plenty of politicians who will take the bait or eat the carrot. At the same time Sri Lanka will remain a developing nation for a long time to come which means economic carrots to the people will be hard to resist. Similarly, due to its insignificant political and military clout, the island nation will have to face many sticks in future. Only a handful of Sri Lankan leaders had the backbone to face it. Most succumbed to it. Therefore it cannot be expected that a future leader would stand up to the challenge.

All these mean there must be a permanent solution to separatism. The current fire-fighting approach is not going to work.

In order to shutout separatists, we must identify what these separatists are attracted to. Green bottles are attracted to excreta and sharks are attracted to blood. Same goes for separatists. It is the mono-ethnic, ethnically cleansed virgin land of the north that attracts all these separatist grooms. This mono-ethnic, ethnically cleansed virgin land of the north is the future mother of Tamil Elam (called “ƒ”¹…”Thai Thamil Eelam’ in Tamil). That is if she ever gets to copulate with intending separatist grooms. This mono-ethnic, ethnically cleansed virgin land of the north must be ravished by forcing her to accommodate not just the members of the security forces (no pun intended) but also large multiethnic new settlements. Once the mono-ethnic, ethnically cleansed virgin land of the north is “ƒ”¹…”dirtied’ with multi-ethnicity, no separatist groom shall ever want to have it.

This is the only lasting solution. Following the footsteps of the Father of the Nation, the government must commence a process of large scale colonization of the north (by whatever name) and change the ethnic composition of the north. Thereafter it will not attract any green bottles as it will not be a suitable candidate for hosting the Tamil-only nation called Tamil Elam. Even if a separate nation is created, it will be Chingalam Elam or Muslim Elam which will quickly resort back to a merger with Sri Lanka. Colonization schemes of the Father of the Nation changed the ethnic composition of strategically important Trincomalee district and later the Digamadulla district. Had this not happened, the east would not have been liberated so quickly and the war would rage even today. Thanks to the changing of the ethnic composition, multiethnic political parties win in these two districts today but sadly the north and the Batticaloa district are still won by mono-ethnic parties.

There is nothing the international community or the UN can do to stop it as state sponsored colonization is not a crime. In fact it is encouraged in some countries to harmonise the population.

Until this is done, carrots, sticks, bombs, satyagrahas, hartals, demands, racist aspirations, calls for referenda and external interferences will continue. The sooner it is done, the earlier the fruits of development start to arrive. In addition, there are enough economic incentives to do so.

This will achieve true reconciliation. True reconciliation is when northerners, southerners, easterners, westerners, etc. come together as one to defend Sri Lanka. It is not about ethnicity but about people from all parts of the country coming together. Winning the hearts and minds of northerners need not be winning Tamil hearts and minds. It is about winning whoever’s hearts and mind who lives in the north. It is really unfortunate that most Tamil hearts and minds easily sway by rubbish reports/allegations, absurd liberation campaigns, pussycat flags and racist politics of Tamil Nadu and TNA. If Sri Lanka builds its foundation on such wavering hearts and minds, it will collapse at the drop of a report. On the other hand, others have proven that their commitment to Sri Lanka is unshakable. So what is important is to convert the north in to a multiethnic area and northern hearts and minds will be automatically won! The number of pro-Sri Lankan Tamils will gradually grow as outsiders lose all hope of Tamil Elam. Once deserted by Diaspora politics due to the inability to create Tamil Elam, Tamils of Sri Lanka will join in too. That is the right way to do reconciliation.

Reconciliation must not reverse the Nanthikadal victory, but consolidate it.

6 Responses to “Sri Lankans Should Fear Hasty Political Solutions, not War Crimes”

  1. Fran Diaz Says:

    Kumar Moses has done a good analysis. He says : “Then why do these foxes spread the rumour that sky is falling? For one reason – to get the gullible chicken run into the fox’s den for safety !” . This is absolutely true ! Do we also add that the UN too can be used to de-stabilize a country ?

  2. Fran Diaz Says:

    Take southern businesses to the north. Jobs will ensure ethnic harmony ! Also, an Ethnic Mix in all schools will also ensure a harmonious future. It is that simple.

  3. Naram Says:

    Excellent analysis Kumar.

    We can see in the sabre rattling in the western funders of the defeated terrorist groups as well as the sympathisers for a greater Tamil Nadu from the neighbouring countries that Sri Lanka cannot ignore. IfSri Lanka is to exist she needs a permanent army presence in the North and the East; along with it comes the need for the whole infrastructure to serve the needs of the multicultural multi racial community that will be based there.

    Od feuldal way of life, with the wells and the places of worship the Kovils and the state funded prestigious schools preserved for the High castes that bred the pockets of terrorism must go. Ahes of the heroic humanitarian endeaavour must give rise to the new order.

  4. cassandra Says:


    This is one of the saner articles that have been written on the subject, less emotional in its content and more practical in its tenor than several others.

    It is a very valid and very important point you make – that the SL government should not let it be forced to make undue concessions to separatist Tamil sentiment, or as you have so well stated, “to give in to their pressure to implement a hasty political solution to appease Tamil separatists”. The Government should not over- react or respond with anything hasty. The danger of this happening is very real.

    Predictably, at a time when the Government appears cornered and vulnerable, there will be those who will seek to exploit the situation. There is enough historical precedent for this. When the Official Languages Act of 1956 was passed there were widespread protests by the Tamils. These protests were ostensibly on the basis of the alleged discrimination that the legislation visited on the Tamils. Then SJV Chelvanayagam agreed to end those protests if some demands were met. Those demands were incorporated into the infamous Bandaranaike-Chelvanayagam Pact. But the B-C Pact was not merely about securing parity of language for Tamil, it was essentially about colonization in the North and the East, the so called ‘traditional homelands’ of the Tamils and the order in which applications for settlement in those areas was to followed. What the Pact provided for was effectively to exclude the Sinhalese from ever settling in those areas. There is no doubt the TNA would not attempt to emulate the old fox SJVC. But this is hardly surprising. It is not unusual for people to catch you when you are most vulnerable and comparatively weak to ‘screw’ you and get out of you concessions you would not otherwise grant. The Indians did the same. When JR’s government was cornered they forced the 13th Amendment down SL’s throat and went on to obtain virtual control over Trincomalee harbour and Pallai Airport. SL must not allow this sort of history to be repeated. In 2009, the SL government showed commendable and heroic resolve in resisting the efforts of Britain, France and the US to bring about a cease fire, when it was clear that Prabhakaran’s defeat was imminent, it successfully withstood the pressures that David Millband and Bernard Kouchner brought to bear on that occasion. The SL government needs to hold its nerve again, in similar fashion. It needs to stay calm, remain focused and not allow itself to be brow-beaten.

    You make a good point about how ineffectual UN reports usually are. I am not sure, however, that this is a report that will be allowed to languish in limbo like most other reports have. The Tamil Diaspora will remain committed to its mission and continue to pursue its goals with diligence. There is little doubt that it has had a large hand in even getting this panel appointed. So, this report will not be allowed to be just filed and forgotten. And this is something that the SL government must remain alive to and which it should seriously attempt to counter.

    Most Sri Lankans will no doubt feel aggrieved with the content of the report of the UNSG’s panel. But our protests and views should be expressed soberly and without recourse to loud and ugly demonstrations. Such actions will yield no fruit, they will most likely be counter-productive.

    There is also no need for unwarranted gestures or statements that will antagonize countries of the West (or the UNSG). Perhaps the government will realize now, even if it did not do so at the time, that such things as a government minister embarking on a so called fast unto death opposite the UN offices were both unnecessary and unhelpful. The SL government should, I think, also re-consider the nature of the protests planned for May Day, including the burning of effigies of the UNSG. What good are they going to achieve? And it is certainly not the way to go if SL is serious about ‘winning friends and influencing people’.

  5. swarnajith Udana Says:

    Moses: Good analysis and writing style. Sri Lanka must officially ignore the report and work hard to communicate with other countries to safe guard its interests. Nothing should be taken for granted. And also no clandestine work with the UN , or its panel or its Secretary.

  6. Nanda Says:

    Fully agree with KM.
    What we should embraced for is that “political solution” mantra that is going to follow. That is all. It is better to spend energy of this subject, way to tackle it, leaving the government to lobby UN.

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