Patricia Butenis, ‘Out-of-step’
Posted on May 3rd, 2011

P.A.Samaraweera, Australia

After Minister J.L.Pieris briefed the Diplomats, about the Darusman Report, Patricia Butenis, Ambassador for the US.,  as well had summoned a meeting of Foreign Envoys at her residence to discuss the Report. However, notable absentees had been Russia and China.
Apart from Foreign Envoys, she had also invited Jehan Perera and Pakiyasothi Saravanmuttu of the National Peace Council, who were drumming support, with the west, to rescue the LTTE leadership during the war. There had also been a few other NGO’s from the Transparency International, Rights Now and so on who held the same views.
Prof. Pieris as the Minister of Foreign Affairs has every right to explain the Sri Lankan point of view on the Darusman Report. But what right has Patricia Butenis to summon Foreign Envoys and discuss the ‘flawed’ Report, which amounts to a challenge on the Ministers statement.
This amounts to a blatant interference on the internal affairs of Sri Lanka.
While functioning in Bangladesh, she had been accused of interfering in the internal affairs of that country. Abdullah Dewan, Prof. of Economics of Eastern Michigan University had made the following observations on Patricia Butenis, “…To judge objectively, there was no misunderstandig on our part, and we find that she was not ‘outspoken’. Butenis openly meddled in , apparently beyond her mandated duty, in the internal affairs of a sovereign country and made  it look like a client state of the US…”
To avoid any embarassment, the US shifted her to Sri Lanka and now she is up to the same game again. According to the Wikileak Texts she had referred to ‘Rajapakse Dynasty’ in Sri Lanka and the hardline policy during the war and proposed a regime change. It is time that she is ‘shown the door’!

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