UN hypocrisy and its report on Sri Lanka
Posted on May 3rd, 2011

Ben Silva

In relation to terrorism, UN can be classed as a failed organisation, as it failed to stop :

1. Death and destruction in Sri Lanka by racist terrorist LTTE.

2. Fund raising by terrorists.

3. Arms procurement and shipment by terrorists

4. Terrorist training

5. Manufacturing of weapons by terrorists

6. Establishment of an army, Navy and an air force by terrorists.

7. False propaganda by terrorists.

8. Creation of disabled persons and blind people by terrorists.

UN failed to stop terrorism whilst Sri Lankans were living in terror, facing terrorism, on a daily basis, for nearly thirty years. Sri Lanka was facing economic ruin due to foreign funded racist terrorism and Sri Lanka had every right for self defence. GOSL had a duty to protect Sri Lankans and the Sri Lankan state which was under attack from foreign funded terrorists. UN as a failed corrupt organisation that failed to stop deadly terrorist activities has no business or a right to investigate Sri Lanka. What ever means GOSL used against terrorists is fully justified, as the number of civilian casualties is far less than what has been caused by imperialist adventures abroad, such as in Iraq (over one million civilian deaths), on false pretexts or the nuclear bombing of Japan.

UN is also well known to be corrupt and incompetent ref: Corrupt, incompetent and racist UN officials exposed, http://www.lankaweb.com/news/items/2010/04/07/corrupt-incompetent-and-racist-un-officials-exposed/ UN is known as the most morally corrupt international organization in the world. The UN report on Sri Lanka appear to be produced by three biased people, clueless about Sri Lanka and the situation in Sri Lanka. What justification or reason to call the UN panel, “ƒ”¹…”a panel of experts’ ? Does reading LTTE propaganda make a person an expert on Sri Lanka. The first observation is that the so called experts are not experts at all, but simply clueless people regurgitating LTTE propaganda.

UN as an organisation, with a number of Tamils in key positions, is so inherently biased against Sri Lanka that it lacks the moral authority to investigate Sri Lanka. Further with much evidence of LTTE using various devious methods to obtain influence, such as bribing people and UN with such a record of corruption, it is far better to investigate UN rather than Sri Lanka.

The panel members also appear to be biased against Sri Lanka. The report is more useful as evidence of Western imperialist conspiracy to undermine Sri Lanka and the hidden power of Tamils.

Instead of hounding Sri Lanka, if UN had any sense, it should have praised Sri Lanka for “bravery and dedication for getting rid of the deadliest terror organization in the world “

This is an opportunity for Sri Lanka to show that UN as an utter incompetent, failed organisation headed by a biased incompetent person.

Sri Lanka should never drop its guard, recognise internal and external threats, learn lessons from history and give defence top priority and arrest our decline.

This UN and terrorist saga is an opportunity for us to realise the importance of developing survival and defence skills and to have a permanent establishment for developing and focussing on such skills.


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5 Responses to “UN hypocrisy and its report on Sri Lanka”

  1. Nanda Says:

    The writer seems to be not aware that SriLanka is a part of UN.
    UN is not International Police to take action on 1- 8 automatically.
    The concerned country ( in this case Sri lanka) should inform the assembly on this matter and should evoke necessary actionand procedures.

  2. Nanda Says:

    The writer is also not informed that this report is not a UN report but a report by a 3 person commitee appointed by (with his limited power) the Secretary General for his own information.

  3. Leela Says:

    Report by Darusman and co is no UN report. “It’s a report to advice me”, at least that is what UN SG Ban Key Moon said when he first appointed a threesome to advise him on Sri Lanka at the outset.

    Now that advice note is being interpreted as a UN report by vested interests, we should leave western journalists and likeminded pundits to deliberate whether Moon’s act is within the framework of the UN charter or not, legal or illegal, and etc.

    What matters for us right now is whether China and/or Russia uses their veto powers if and when it is presented to the Security Council and the majority members of the HR council in Geneva vote in our favour when and if it is submitted to a vote there.

  4. jmack387 Says:

    On May 5, 2011, our Assistant Secretary for Bureau of South and Central Asian Affairs of the U.S. State Department,
    Robert Blake visited Sri Lanka and stated that the U.S. does not seek “regime change” there. The administration in Sri Lanka is smart. They’ll never believe Robert Blake while U.S. continues to undermine the security of that small nation and calling for accountability while the U.S. and its powerful allies are never ever held accountable for anything! What a joke!

  5. Ben_silva Says:

    Few more points on UN:

    UN charter states: “The Purposes of the United Nations are:
    To maintain international peace and security, and to that end: to take effective collective measures for the prevention and removal of threats to the peace, and for the suppression of acts of aggression or other breaches of the peace “ Clearly there was breach of peace and security in Sri Lanka, due to the support, arming, funding, training, nurturing of the terrorist group LTTE by India and due to the support of Tamil Nadu media and politicians to the terrorist effort. Clearly threat to Sri Lankan peace and security was due to a racist, foreign funded armed group, with the aim of acquisition of territory. UN had a due to help Sri Lanka to remove the threat. Instead, most of the time, UN officials were anti Sri Lanka and pro terrorists.

    UN security council resolutions further states:
    ‘all States should prevent and suppress the financing of terrorism, as well as criminalize the wilful provision or collection of funds for such acts. The funds, financial assets and economic resources of those who commit or attempt to commit terrorist acts or participate in or facilitate the commission of terrorist acts and of persons and entities acting on behalf of terrorists should also be frozen without delay.
    States should prohibit their nationals or persons or entities in their territories from making funds, financial assets, economic resources, financial or other related services available to persons who commit or attempt to commit, facilitate or participate in the commission of terrorist acts. States should also refrain from providing any form of support to entities or persons involved in terrorist acts; take the necessary steps to prevent the commission of terrorist acts; deny safe haven to those who finance, plan, support, commit terrorist acts and provide safe havens as well.’

    How ever LTTE racist terrorists were openly fund raising and engaging in propaganda activities, m purchasing and manufacturing of arms, openly killing people, maintaining floating arms ware houses etc.

    Clearly the admin arm of UN was not taking practical steps to enforce UN’s own resolutions due to incompetence, corruption, due to the influence of Tamil terrorists or due to the influence of imperialists keen to destabilise Sri Lanaka etc.
    My article referred to the report by the panel of experts to the UNSG. As the terms ‘the report’, ‘UN report’ were already in use in the media, I merely used the same as a convenient short phrase, to mean the panel report.

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