Posted on May 3rd, 2011

Ranjit Wickremeratne

UN backed America and Nato has killed the children of Gadaffi ruler of Libiya last night. This is the second time this devil killed his children.First when Regan was the President of America and Now Obama the peace maker cum peace breaker. They were under the age of 12 years only. So like them how many may have died already from those heavy bombs falling on LIBIYA? Can any human being approve these kind of bombings in civillian population? Will any other leader in any country will like his children die like this?  Is this the way these western democracies work and is this the way they want to have democracies in these Middle Eastern countries by killing and harassing the opponents? When their children killed by someone they call the killers terrorist but when they kill innocent civillians they say”SORRY”  Who is responsible for those killings? Did UN gave authority to kill innocent civillians including children? Where is the Human rights? Why they hew and cry when a child of a rebel killed by Gadffi forces? Arent these children all same and humans? Why this double standard by world super powers to diffreent countries? Why peace loving domocratic countries in the world dont rally unitedly and take any action to stop this blood bath whether good or bad? Isnt it a crime against humanity as these hypocrits called? Wake up world and fight for the truth?
How come these western stooges approved what Bharain did to democracy protesters? How many were killed and how many were missing? Where is the human rights pundits? What is the action they have taken? What about Syria and how many were killed by Government forces and what action these devils have taken? Why this double standard only for Libiya? What has Gadaffi done to take punishment like he gets now? By going to kill one leader they kill his whole family is this democracy? By getting rid of Sadam Hussain and his family did these saviors of the world did anything good to Iraq? How many millions have been killed after Sadam? Our country completely destroyed a terror group which were terrorizing our country for thirty long years and what did we got for saving millions of lives? The Americans were accused of touchering and killing innocent civillians in thousands why no Human rights or taking them to criminal courts in Hague? Rich go scot free and poor have to suffer for all the crimes in the world whether correct or wrong. This is a very unjust world and it should not be like that. All peace loving free world must stand up together against this double standard of treatment to all human beings. 
Although we are a small nation we must show the world what is correct and what is wrong and make every country choose the right path and serve their peoples humanly without any divisions of race color or religion. We all born as humans and we need the freedom to live as humans and die like humans not the way it happens now all over the world because of power and wealth. The world needs an organization which serves all countries alike without favouring any country rich or poor. This organization should listen to all parties and should have the equal rights, power and freedom to decide freely as they wish without pressurizing or intimidating. Our nation can show the world many good things how to live as human beings without killing each other. No country in the world treated their enemies like we did. We forgave the enemy and treated them like human beings and to date we never heard of any terror related incident anywhere in our small nation. I think whole world should appreciate instead of pressurizing for war crimes. Those three knucleheads in the panel should come and visit cour country and see by themselves the truth and how our people live after the bloddy thirty years of war. No country will get a leader so close to the people like ours. He is the most suitable candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize but unfortunately it went to a peace breaker and a lier to the world BARAK OBAMA the president of United states of America.  
Although we all have differences in politics when it comes to our homeland we should be all united and stand together to show our strength and unity to the world. In a democracy we can always settle our issues in a democratic way without fighting and killing each other but everyone should remember they all have a responsibility on their shoulders to serve the country they were born. Every time our country tries to move forward somebody somehow try to stop it by using different evil methods. In 1983 our big brother next door made a human bomb and send it to our shores with the remote controller in their hand to start a blood bath and it ended after thirty years of death, destruction and suffering for the whole nation. We have to worship the heros who stopped the remote controlled human bomb for good and brought peace to the nation we loved so much. The happiness we have now cannot be brought in the market like we buy vegetables. When you visit the war ridden places only you can realize how the people on those areas enjoy real freedom and the way they moved around. Our leaders dont treat anyone diffrenetly as they were all Sri Lankans born to our beautiful Motherland. This is the way it should be. Without killing children and poor civillians these world powers should solve the problems by mutual understanding and discussions in a democratic way. They talk about peace very loudly and do the opposite and because of that millions of people around the world suffer too much.
All these powerful countries must learn to look after their own peoples and their needs without puting their fingers in other peoples affairs unneccessarally and bring human suffreings. How many live without food or shelter in America? See the garbage and rats in New York? How many deaths and terror related incidents in US after 9/11? How many journalists were killed by America around the world? Where is the human rights for them? Why our traitors run to them and tell lies and complain about bogus human rights violations happenning in Sri Lanka? Why we dont put traitors to the nation behind bars for violating our territotial integrity and sovereignty?  They get acolades and certificates from the western stooges for selling our country.They were paid well and looked after well in those countries. We should not allow any person Sri Lankan or foreigner to tarnish our image and our our leaders reputation. All should be together in this fight against the evil and conspirators against our Motherland not divided when you come to safeguard our nation. We sacrificed so many to come to this stage and every citizen enjoys the freedom they got after so much struggle and sacrifice. We cannot allow anyone to destroy the freedom and peace that prevails in the country at this very moment. Tourists come and enjoy because of this freedom and peace if not nobody will come. This is the proof that our country is safe and have the freedom to visit any place from North to South,East to West without any harasment. When other countries in turmoil our nation prosper because the unity of our peoples.No one wants wars anymore and everybody likes to do their businesses and keep moving in peace.
Our Tamil citizens should not pressure our Government too much as this particular Government has done more than any past Goverments and still they promised to do more to the people in the North and East same as other areas in the country. They should learn to live as other citizens around the country as we are all Sri Lankans respecting the sovereignty and integrity of our beloved Motherland. Our land is not belongs to India and they cannot pressure our Government to do more and more to the Tamils only.These Tamils are citizens of Sri Lanka not citizens of India now and they should respect our Sri Lankan laws without intefering in our affairs. Nobody should ever poke their hands and demand things which is not right as we know and our leaders know how to treat every citizen irrespective of race color or religion. We are a peaceful country with peaceful people who dont interfere in other peoples affairs or countries therefore please dont meddle too much which is not the right path to take between friends. The world knows our unity when it comes to the country we love so much so dont treat us diffrently and destroy our unity and peace at this hour of calm and progress.
Our leader has shown how to treat the enemies and how to make enemies to be good friends. Our religion and all religions teaches “treat thy enemy well” that’s how we treated the enemy who came to kill us with suicide bombs and other divices during the war. There are hundreds in Guantanamo jail without any hearing or allowing them to see their loved ones for the last more than ten years. Where’s the human rights.Why the double standard only for us? Where in the world enemy combatants allowed to go to school and universities? Already they have got new jobs and some started bussinesses in their areas and live like ordinary people forgetting the evil past. This only happenning in Sri Lanka not any where in the world. The world should learn lessons from this tiny nation of heros who wiped out terrorism which was lasted for thity long years. Dont treat us differently allow us to build our shattered nation and to live in peace and happy as SRI LANKANS of all races born to this paradise nation.
Ranjit Wickremeratne


  1. Ariya Says:

    Reagan died as a vegetable…how would Obama, when time comes?
    Reagan killed an orphan, while Obama killed 3 children less than 12 years old!

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