Posted on May 5th, 2011


Followed by the threats of a horrible tomorrow for the people of Pakistan, the so-called dramatic killing of Osama Bin Laden in Abbot Abad is going to give a new twist and turn to the “ƒ”¹…”fabulous’ story of the US war on terror. Who is going to be held responsible for the death of Osama Bin Laden; USA or Pakistan; CIA or ISI; it is yet too earlier to be decided. Things are still very ambiguous; particularly in Pakistan people are taking this hunting episode simply as a play staged by the CIA under the crafty direction of the US policy makers. The sole aim behind seems to generate a state of depression among the Pakistani nation and create more troubles for Pakistan by defaming the repute of the Pakistani law enforcing agencies including the Pakistan army and the ISI.  

 Most of the people are of the opinion that the commando action in Abbot Abad by the US security forces was nothing different from the drone attacks in the tribal areas of Pakistan. The drones claim the lives of innocent children, guiltless women and helpless old men in the name of terrorism and extremism; the Abbot Abad massacre also did the same. It is something unbelievable that world’s most eagerly searched for terrorist had been using that place as his hide-out for the last six years allegedly without coming to the knowledge of the intelligence agencies, both of Pakistan and USA. The intelligence agencies of the two countries have a very authentic history of mutual understanding and co-operation. Let us suppose for a few moments that the ISI was sheltering Osama there in Abbot Abad by playing a double game with the CIA; the question arises what the CIA was doing. After the release of the Raymond Davis it was claimed by the CIA authorities that the CIA has succeeded in establishing a very strong intelligence net-work in Pakistan. It was also claimed that in near future the CIA would not need the support of the ISI for the execution of its operation plans in Pakistan.

 It is also a day-light fact that in the last ten years Pakistan has become a joint battle-field for so many intelligence agencies of the world. One can feel the presence of the Raw, the Musad, the Khad, and the MI6 agents and above all those of the CIA here in Pakistan. It is the exemplary skill and talent of the security and intelligence agencies of Pakistan that in presence of so many hostile agencies, they are doing their best possible for their motherland. It is something next to impossible even for the CIA like organizations to keep an eye on terrorists in each and every nook and corner throughout the country. The situation becomes more gruesome when most of the terrorists are trained, guided, supported and patronized by the self-claimed world peace keepers. If terrorist activities are the result of intelligence failure what about the 9/11 incident; how did the planners of the 9/11 atrocity escape out of the US territory and what had been the CIA and US army doing for the last ten years when Osama was reported to be there somewhere in Afghanistan. 

 Our American friends are doing nothing but adding to the miseries of our lives in the name of the war against terror. The people of Pakistan have always been a friend of America and there is no fault of these common people for whom the most grievous issue of life is only earning simple bread. The whole of the Pakistani nation is being punished for the misdeeds of a very small group of foreign miscreants which is trying to dismantle the entire fabric of a peaceful society. USA in its rage and fury is ignoring the reality that its war on terror has become a war of horror even for those who have nothing to do with terrorism. The US policy makers must try to realize that the suicidal attacks on public and the security personals in Pakistan are nothing but a reaction of the extremists against the US policies in Afghanistan and Pakistan. America is gaining nothing out of this havoc but the innocent people of Pakistan are losing whatever they have. As a result of it America is unknowingly sowing the seeds of hatred and disliking in the hearts of the Pakistanis. The stronger ones react, the weaker ones protest; the protesters and the reactors go side by side. When the protest seems failing, it changes into aggression. Extremism, fundamentalism and terrorism, all are different shapes of aggression born out of protest. Exertion of force is not a wise solution to this complicated situation.

 Pakistan is doing all best possible to fight against the menace of terrorism. Its efforts have always been appreciated by the world but it is yet to be compensated for the losses it has suffered in the process. The intelligence agencies of Pakistan have also performed well under challenging security environment and have put in their best to arrest the growing menace of extremism and terrorism. The nation fully backs their firm resolve and determination. The US policy makers must try to understand the fact that allegations and suspicions do nothing but add to the complications and gravity of a situation. Another important thing to be kept in mind is that Pakistan is not only a piece of land, it is a homeland. Home is the name of a feeling. Bombs, drones, guns and bullets can demolish and scatter a building but not a home. So our American friends must not waste their time and energy knowingly or unknowingly in futile efforts of demolishing our home. They would never succeed.

 The writer is a Pakistan based bilingual analyst on defence and strategic affairs.

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