A reply to Pearl Thevanayagam reference her artcle in the Sri Lanka Guardian dated 07 May
Posted on May 9th, 2011

 Lanka Peiris

First it is journalists like you who bring disrepute to journalism as a whole. The posting of Sri Lankan Diplomats should not concern you. This is prerogative of the government.  These defence chiefs deserve a little bit of time to enjoy their lives before retirement for the grand job they did in exterminating rabid LTTE terrorists in Sri Lanka while undergoing extreme hardship in the battlefronts for the past 20/30 years.

 It is only now that a Sri Lankan can live and work peacefully or go anywhere they without the fear of suicide bombing vermin. HSZ should remain anywhere in the country as long as the security forces deem them necessary for the safety of Sri Lankans. The war has ended but there still lingers remnants supported by people like you abroad. HSZ does not in anyway hamper the movement of Sri Lankans.  However civilians are not permitted into HSZ in the UK or in any country!

 The valiant soldiers who defended the country from terrorism are now in the forefront of nation building while they too learn and accrue skills that will be of use to them in the future. The times are hard all over the world and it is a tribute to see the work that has been done by these people.

 You seem to assume that you are highly intellectual person and that former Vice Chancellor of the University of Colombo Prof. G.L. Peiris is the only brain in the government, casting aspersions at Rohan Gunaratne and Dayan Jayatilleke etc. Please note that you are just a journalist with a pea- brain mentality. Of course it is an understatement to say  you can shoot off your mouth and put rubbish on paper with great skill.

 The Tamils landing in Canberra are not “ƒ”¹…”black sea tigers’ but pussy cats with a begging bowls seeking asylum. Amnesty International, RSF (Reporters sans Frontieres) have been properly invaded by LTTE remnants  like you who cannot stop the rhetoric, because it is with these litanies  that you have got citizenship in foreign countries.

 The Lanka economy is sustainable though like every country in the world including the UK, but Sri Lanka will get over these problems. Tamils abroad like you should stop spreading vicious propaganda about Sri Lanka. Tamils abroad propagating “ƒ”¹…”Eelam’ and separation of Sri Lanka are indeed floating Tigers.  When these people like you realise the fact that Sri Lanka is one unitary nation. Think and act like a Sri Lankan and not as Tamil Eelamist, your madness will be cured.

7 Responses to “A reply to Pearl Thevanayagam reference her artcle in the Sri Lanka Guardian dated 07 May”

  1. Nanda Says:

    Good one !
    The main problem of the past was the SriLankan Government failed to provide security to all citizens. If security was as good as now Velupillai would have had some chanses to be born again as a human and 30 years old now.
    The government waited until he killed so many people and unfortunately he had no chance of being a human and had to enjoy hell life.

  2. Vis8 Says:

    “Writers” such as Thevanayagam, who are hell-bent on promoting their racist and terrorist, have nothing interesting to write other than trying to discredit the SL govt with their hallucinated “opinions”. The morons at the SL “Guardian” are only too happy to oblige.

    What losers!

  3. Vis8 Says:

    Here we go: “Lethal force permitted even against surrendering unarmed enemy fighter, US Attorney General declares”: http://www.asiantribune.com/news/2011/05/10/lethal-force-permitted-even-against-surrendering-unarmed-enemy-fighter-us-attorney-g

    Tamil “refugees’ who are desperately trying to discredit Sri Lanka in any way possible to retain their “refugee” status’ in the greener pasteurs of the West: enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. pearltheva@hotmail.com Says:

    Why is it that Rohan Gunaratne’s parents obtained politicial asylum in Australia? Were they persecuted due to Rohan’s outbursts?
    Dear Mr Peiris,
    I challenge you that you and Prof. Peiris are Tamils by descent and chose to adopt Sinhala athnicity to further advance your ambitions in the majority Sinhala govt. Can you trace your ancestry?
    Please, do not be hoodwinked by nationalism. After all there are as many Sinhalese citizens who are blinded by narrow patriotism as much as those who sacrificed their lives on the foolhardy assumption they would get Tamil Eelam.
    When will you ever learn that the politicians are riding on your back to further their own narrow selfish propaganda? This is nothing new.
    Rohan’s pretensions have been proved beyond doubt that he is a fraudster.
    Please refer to Wikipedia.

    By the way, I am not initmidated by foolish threats.

    Pearl Thevanayagam

  5. Nanda Says:

    Pussy is not scared as long as it assumes tigreship !

  6. Lorenzo Says:

    Pearl Thevanaigam,

    No one cares about Sinhala or Tamil ethnicity. That is paddled only by racist like you.

    Its is Sri Lankan nationalism which includes people of all races who are legitimate citizens of SL.

    You may not realize that we are riding politicians to get what we want. We wanted them to wipe out the LTTE. Do you honestly think politicians of SL’s calibre would ever do such a noble thing by their own accord?

    You may still feel the pain of Rohan’s military penetration into your “Tamil homeland”.

    Stateless fools.

  7. Sri Rohana Says:

    Mr. Lanka Peiris agree with you totally. Those tamils came to Lanka ever since either as invaders or looters or mercenaries or as a slaves to European invaders. Several thousand years of our history is none other than written about tamil invasions.
    What these tamil community contributed to our society. They enjoyed our taxpayer’s money on free education from kindergarten to University, free school uniforms and books, free medical facilities, free university grants and scholarships. In north and east they never paid income tax, electricity bills, water bills, telephone bills and never paid back bank loans even.
    Soon they get a chance to go to western world as (economic) refugees they start to spread rumors with LTTE’s terrorist’s propaganda machine against Sri Lanka and Sinhala nation to justify their bogus refugee claims to cover their inferior complex. In western countries they are none other than third class citizens and refugees have to work as sub slaves. Even though tamils are very much happy with western masters as they can earn A$, U.S$ Euros and Kronas etc.
    But where ever tamils go natives kick them. In north India tamils were not permitted to hindu houses. In U.K, Canada, Australia and Europe they were cursed. Myanmar, Uganda and Fiji chased them. Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, Jamaica and West Indies equally cursed.
    Only in Sri Lanka they are treated like humans. They can study in tamil medium. In capital city 41% are tamils. Every sign is in Sinhala, tamil and English. Tamil language is a national language, Money notes and stamps are in Sinhala, english and tamil languages. But those tamils never grateful to Sri Lanka. Tamils are the most ungrateful, selfish race in this world.

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