India’s Insistence About Lifting Emergency In Sri Lanka Tantamount to Meddling In Sri Lanka’s Internal Affairs And The Weak Response Of Minister Peiris!
Posted on May 18th, 2011

LankaWeb Weekly Editorial

May 18th 2011

 Seems a bit high handed on the part of India to urge the Sri Lankan Government for the early withdrawal of emergency regulations and investigations into allegations of human rights violations. So what gives India the right to such a dictate? Jayalalitha’s post election “homily” to Sri Lanka calling for Rights investigations

as leader of Tamil Nadu? A bullying mentality by virtue of being a regional Nuclear Power? the Pro Eelam Global lobby which constantly agitates about rights violations which are trumped up? or a sudden rush of blood to their heads on the part of the Indian Administration who sometimes adopts a Philistine attitude towards Lankan Affairs under the guise of friendly advice which it has no right to, quite forgetting that Sri Lanka is a Sovereign Nation that can handle her interal affairs very well and India should back off to put it mildly!

If Sri lanka decides to continue the Emergency ad infinitum let alone for the next two years it is entirely a matter concerning Sri Lanka where India hardly has a say in it unless of course Sri L

anka was annexed in the near future as a part of India to which Indis probably has ambitions albeit no entitlements nor the capacity for given all the anomalies surrounding the matter!!

 Surprisingly Sri Lanka’s Foreign Affairs Minister Prof. GL Peiris seems to have neglected advising India relative to the sovereign entitlements of Sri Lanka and seems to depict his visit to India as one of compliance and subjugation and a willingness to stand to attention and salute in acquesiance each time India gives such a directive rather than stand up to it in defiance suggesting a weak kneed attitude which is totally unbecoming of any Foreign Minister whose bounden duty it should have been to match the Indian Authorities word for word in fortification towards maintaining Sri Lanka’s Sovereignity related entitlements.

 When the Indian External Affairs Minister S.M.Krishna has called upon the Sri Lanka Government for speedy implementation measures to ensure resettlement and genuine reconciliation, which includes early return of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) he is either unaware of what is really transpiring in Sri Lanka through the efforts of the present Administration currently engaged in attending to all these issues as top priorities where the restoration of normalcy in affected areas and redressing of humanitarian concerns of affected families as part of the issues raised, hardly need any pursuance by India if aware of the related realities which are unfolding before the eyes of the world where high commendations and tribute have been pouring in ever since the Insurgent LTTE uprising of decades was overcome.

 In this respect however Sri Lanka External Affairs Minister, Prof.G.L.Peiris seems to be playing the role of a truant summoned to the principal’s office rather than an assertive representative of Sri Lankan Foreign Affairs and Policy during his two day visit to India involving meetings with Prime Minister Dr.Manmohan Singh, and National Security Advisor Shivshankar Menon where he seems to have put his head down in attrition in trying to placate the Indians rather than educating them of the real situation in post insurgent Sri Lanka and clarifying the negative mindset of India through dialogue which seems to cast doubts on Sri Lanka’s effort to restore the Nation to normalcy.

 His assurances to journalists in Delhi on Tuesday suggesting that most of the Emergency Regulations have been lifted seems typical of someone who lacks wherewithal to present to those in doubt, what goes on in Sri Lanka where he should have in all probabilities adopted a firmer stance and perhaps invited the Indians on behalf of the Sri Lankan Government to go take a first hand look at what is presently transpiring in Sri Lanka if they had any doubts and in the same token advised them of Sri Lanka’s Sovereign rights ( within a realm of diplomatic protocols of course) which hardly need intimidating by India if that is what India was aiming at and to the discerning observer it sure looks like it!.

 While there probably seems no need to assure India, by interpreting part of his dialogue with the Indian authorities that the restoration of the Nation to incorporate the needs of all citizens not just the Tamils is something that cannot be acheived overnight and hadly a need for further assurances or reminders.

That ” Many have forgotten the situation at that time when emergency regulations were a regrettable necessity” and that the Government did not wish to demonise Tamil Diaspora or isolate them seems to be suggesting assurances to placate India and a weak offer in the face of the tremendous Government effort which needs no emphasis as it is plainly visible and in clear view of those who want to acknowledge it!

 That the Gvernment of Sri Lanka wished to engage in dialogue with the Tamils and seek their participation in the welfare of their own community is something the Rajapaksha Administration has initiated soon after the defeat of the LTTE as part of the restoration plan which requires no rocket science towards understanding where all issues including those of fishermen as well as all human issues relative to Sri Lanka have been already set in place albeit perhaps slow to pick up momentum towards complete implementation where to reiterate, there is hardly a need to give assurances to India as the related matters pertain to the internal affairs of Sri Lanka where the only issue of concern seems to be India’s indifference to the bold incursions by Indian Fishermen into Lankan terrotorial waters to fish in abandon!

 Towards the latter part of his dialogue with the Indian Authorities however a modicum of courage seems to have returned to Sri Lanka’s Foreign Minister where he has rejected calls for an international investigation on alleged human rights violations recorded in the UN expert panel report and unequivocally suggested to the Indian Authorities that institutions within Sri Lanka are capable of resolving human rights issues and falls within the mandate of Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission (LLRC) and Sri Lanka’s judiciary.

“The Sri Lankan legal system is capable of resolving issues that has evidence which would stand up to scrutiny at the court of law and that the UN panel report is a negative development which would invariably have a debilitating effect on the delicate reconciliation process of the country ” and in so doing accounted for his earlier lapses in his capacity to maintain a uniform equilibrium to the strength of his overall response in asking India to politely back off! needing somewht of a nod!

29 Responses to “India’s Insistence About Lifting Emergency In Sri Lanka Tantamount to Meddling In Sri Lanka’s Internal Affairs And The Weak Response Of Minister Peiris!”

  1. jay-ran Says:

    It is indeed a very sad and frustating matter to note how the FM has replied for the DIRTY INDIANs unholly request to lift the emergency regulations as if FM too is under the impression that MOTHER LANKA is a part of India.Way back during Ranils tenure of office as PM, this man acted like a puppet to address Balasingham as HON SIR totally forgetting that Balasingham was a LTTE hard supporter and thinking that by addressing that way he uses diplomacy to get their support.As a result of DIRTY INDIAN POLITICS,OUR CIVILIANS and many suffered immensely during the last 3 decades due to LTTErs BRUTAL ACTIVITIES.As Rev Gangarama Podi Hamuduruwo reminded today, 1300 SLA soldiers were killed by the LTTE in a very cunning manner by poisoning them and killing them.This was not the only incident that Sri Lankans suffered as a result of INDIAN GOVT MAINTAINING TRAINING CAMPS FOR LTTErs ON THE PRETEXT OF HAVING REFUGEE CAMPS.This DIRTY ACT WAS TO DESTABILISE SRI LANKA THRU JEOLOUSY and paid back with the LIFE OF ONE OF THE SPONSORS OF THE LTTE TRAINING CAMPS,NAMELY PM RAJIV.
    Its time that Sri Lankan Govt act wisely to have more and more Chinese,Russian and other pro-Sri Lankan States involved on Sri Lankan soil to defuse the INDIAN THREAT as the CAT IS OUT OF THE BAG NOW.

  2. Sunil Mahattaya Says:

    Yes one wonders about GL Peiris’ mentality.The Indians after all they did to once sustain the LTTE are trying to shamelessly dictate to Sri Lanka about the Emergency? Some Nerve! During Rajiv Gandhi’s time Tamil Nadu called the shots about Sri Lankan matters but was disillussioned about it in the end as the world knows. All of a sudden Jayalalitha’s emergence seems to be stirring up trouble all over again. Needs to be asked to shove off! GL Calling Balasingham “Sir” was not only sacrilege but stupidity and apparently he is still paying homage to the pomposity of India. He’s an embarrassment to his position as Foreign Affairs Minister.He should be sent to Agriculture or Home Affairs or simply HOME….. home! Thank Goodness for the Chinese and Russian support although the Administration has tried to pacify India on the China issue through recent dialogue too. Our amazing politicians I daresay!

  3. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:




  4. Ratanapala Says:

    This man, I rather would call him a ladyboy for it would be a dishonor to call him even a lady. He did not call Balasingham – Hon Sir, he called the ugly faced, foul mouthed Tamil Tiger – “Your Excellency” – those were the very words used. He is a spineless guttersnipe and many times over turncoat from so many previous administrations. He is the architect of so many different models of “Devolution Proposals’ of yesteryear. It looks as if the Colombians have finally got hold of this administration too.

    It seems to me like the beginning of the end and that the victory over Terrorism of two years ago was just a flash in the pan. We have started pandering to the wily Indians again after what they did to Sri Lanka. We just need to be assertive in making a stand, for otherwise all what our Ranawiruwos achieved will be brought to nought!

    We need a man to stand up to the Indians and others! There are many who can do the job. They need not necessarily be fluent in English which is what GL Peiris apparently good at.

  5. Leela Says:

    India is playing yet another political game. Last time, for whatever reason, India propped up a rag tag bandit outfit LTTE to be the most terrible terrorist organisation. Then India rammed a constitutional amendment down our throat ostensibly to save us from the very terrorists it nurtured albeit against terrorists wishes.

    To teach India a lesson, the terrorists had blasted Prime Minister Rajiv, the man who they accused to have double crossed them to pieces. But India laid its hand only on third rate punks for that horrid murder. Piripaharan, the murderer who planned and executed that killing continued to rule his vast real estate (Vanni) just twenty miles across the water for twenty years. And India couldn’t touch a hair of the master terrorist.

    If India is a power that it professes to be, what the US navy SEALs had done to Bin Laden last month, it should have done to Piripaharan twenty years back. Leave out sending a mission to shoot Piripaharan in the head and dumping him in the sea, it had no guts to help Sri Lanka forces to rid its most wanted man. Sri Lanka forces had to rid Piripaharan and co with Chinese help.

    Today LTTE and Piripaharan is no more, but LTTE rump is very much alive in the guise of forums and forms. They have not moved one bit away from LTTE ideals. They are a real threat not just to Sri Lanka but to the unity of India as well.

    It is in that light the government have to look at human rights, lifting of emergency and etc.

  6. dhane Says:

    Very soon LTTE under Jayalalitha will be more active in Tamil Nadu. Indian Central Govt: is aware about it. To keep aware Elam state in Tamil Nudu Indian Authorities wants to roll the problem back to Sri Lanka so they will be protected and safe for another few years. Do not trust any Indian.

  7. thurai Says:

    Dear dhane, you are 100% true. There is a doubt about victory of ADMK(Jeyalalitha) and arrested Daughter of Kannimolizi in Telecom Scandal case (Daughter of DMK Karunanithy)who visited Sri Lanka and met our President. Jeyalalitha was against LTTE than Karunanithy. What about the blackmoney affairs of Indian Politicians? LTTE Terror Money and Black money of Indien Politicians are cooperating to play with the life of Sri Lankan. Sri Lankan soldiers defeated LTTE Terrorism not only in Sri Lanka but also the whole world where Tamils live. Tamils live without fear in overseas. Noone come at the door and ask money in the name of LTTE and Pirabakaren .
    Now LTTE terrorist are in India with the tremendous blackmoney. Indian Politicians with blackmoney and LTTE

    It is the time unit all communities in Sri Lanka and all Indians to fight againts Politicians who assist
    Terrorist to achive their own aims.

  8. ranjit Says:

    As Thurai said we all have to get united against all mafia and terrorism if not we cannot live in peace for ever.Without saying Yes Sir No Sir to India we have to explain to them the gravity of this danger to both sides, if you allow terrorists or terror sympathizers to roam around or collet money or allow politicians to talk on behalf of terrorists then this menace will not go away. Lankaweb and all the contributors around the world have the same feeling towards India. In our hearts we know who started all this trouble about terrorism in our peaceful land and they should take the blame whether they like it or not. India will never be our friend as long as they bully us. They should mind their own business and allow us to live in peace.They have enough troubles with their own home grown terror outfits in several areas in India. Millions with out food,sanitation,jobs etc They need to take care of those things without poking their finger to other peoples affairs.

    Our President is a good captain but his selection of his team is not satisfactory for so many of us. He should get some good bowlers who can use doorsa to get the enemy out not lady fingers like our Foreign Minister who hasnt any guts or will power to stand against opposition. We saw his actions during the failed peace talks. Speaking English is not enough qualification. Should have brains and guts to answer like a true Sinhala hero. When we have three muskertiers like MR,GOTA,BASIL any team can win if others too like them. So when the whole country is behind MR, he should have a better team to become the wonder of Asia.

  9. M.S.MUdali Says:

    Sri Lanka’s INTERNAL AFFAIRS created more than 150,000 Sri Lankan refugees in Indian camps. Those who bark so much about SOVEREIGNITY and other issues must address the Sri Lankan people in the refugee camps in India. Just barking never solve any issues even in Sri lanka. Better think why GLP was silent!

    Jeyalalitha cannot do anything but the barkings of idiot Sinhalese may create more problems with India! Not only India, many people in Sri Lanka too ask to remove the EMERGENCY!

    If America ask to remove that or this, you all donkeys hide under the bed and cry!

    The government of Sri lanka must explain the good and bad of removing emergency to Indian authorities. Further Sri lanka must ask a gurantee that the tamil nadu should not be a place for LTTE revival!

  10. Fran Diaz Says:

    India can be our good friend if not for Tamil Nadu intransigencies ! Now that India is acting with the west and the Cold War is no more, the Indian govt. is bent on uplifting the quality of life in India, which is quite in keeping with GoSL thinking. It is Tamil Nadu problems that impinge on Sri Lanka, past and present.

    No need to remove Emergency Regulations. Sri Lanka can remove ER when Tamil Nadu problems are no longer thrust at Sri Lanka. So till such a time, let’s guard our entire coastline, say “NO’ to illegal migration and be watchful and report illegal migrants to Police & armed forces; also create a really efficient Coast Guard system and Neighborhood Watches. If we can’t change Tamil Nadu politics, we will have to take care of our homeland ourselves. All this will unite Lanka and make us self sufficient and strong. Let’s make lemon aide out of the lemons handed over to us !

  11. cassandra Says:

    So, why is anyone surprised that India should try (again!) to interfere in Sri Lanka’s internal affairs? Is not India following a familiar pattern?

    Unfortunately, with the publication of the report by the Panel appointed by the UN Secretary General, Sri Lanka finds itself in something of a corner. All the claims of the report lacking legitimacy and authority and of it being biased may well be valid. But that will only satisfy jurists and those concerned with the strict rule of law and equity. The fact is that many countries, including those in the EU, have accepted the substance of the report to be true and will take advantage of the position SL finds itself in, to ‘screw’ her as much as possible. And that is exactly what India is now doing. Even before the publication of the report, India has been pressing SL to implement the 13th Amendment and make various concessions to the TNA. The report has strengthened India’s hand in this. If you recall, India has not been reluctant to take advantage of SL when SL was in a position of weakness. Remember how in 1987 and soon after, it used the opportunity to get SL to give her almost exclusive use of Trincomalee and control over any developments of the Palaly Airport? Neither of these was connected with the SL Tamil issue but India chose to strike the iron while it was hot, as it were. And here it is doing it again.

    I think we can be somewhat unfair in the criticism of GL Peiris as Foreign Minister. It is true he has changed parties but tell me who has not done that in recent years. And I don’t imagine anyone will suggest he is not better than his predecessor. Contrary to what Ratanapala.says, proficiency in English is important for a Foreign Minister because the ability to express oneself clearly and attractively is vital in this role. GLP’s academic background and the fact of him having been a Rhodes scholar at Oxford are things that stand him in good stead when he meets with officials in Britain and Europe. Such things do matter. I read in these columns from time to time, respondents bemoaning the fact that SL does not have at its embassies abroad, personnel who can express themselves clearly in English. Here we have a Minister who can, and it is suggested that it is not such a desirable quality!

    We should also bear in mind that GLP has been assigned a very difficult task. Even the cleverest lawyer will have difficulty with a poor brief. So, let us take these things into account before we become too critical of him.

    The government showed commendable nerve when the UK and France tried to get it to stop the fighting in the last stages of the war with the LTTE. Let us hope the government can show the same resolve in dealing with India’s latest efforts to interfere in the internal affairs of the island.

  12. Nanda Says:

    I don’t think our government cares about sakkily state but India as one country we cannot fight , thats why we bark.
    Why don’t the sakkiliyas ask for a seperate state from India and demolish all churches in that state ?

  13. Sunil Mahattaya Says:

    Who is this Mudali who has the nerve to use the term “Idiot Sinhalese”?
    Lankaweb should not tolerate such remarks.
    On one hand he seems to be anti – LTTE yet talks about lifting the Emergency as though he was a Sri Lankan policy maker and suggets an explanation by Sri Lanka to India about what he calls the “good and bad of removing emergency which furher adds to the possibility the individual is somewhat mixed up! All in all his comments relative to logic and rationality seems far removed from intelligence and more akin to gibberish! I’m sorry to say.

  14. Dham Says:

    Pass new laws which enable powers even without emergency. There is 2/3 majority and time is NOW.

  15. Ramanie Says:

    FM needs to speak good English and his credentials as being a Rhodes scholar etc matter, Cassandra; but, that knowledge of English is required so that he can talk! If the man does not talk and assert himself, does not argue out the country’s case what good is his Rhodes scholor English?! Not that it is so difficult to find top English speakers who would do justice to the position of FM of SL among Sri Lankans. The President must choose the right people for the right job. So far his team selection sucks! GL is an embarrassment- so are a lot of other dogs like Mervyn in his cabinet.

  16. ranjit Says:

    Bravo Nanda! Mudali is a kallathoni a stateless person so we should not bother about him too much. we will show him who are the Idiots and what Sinhalese idiots can do visit our Motherland Mudali. Open invitation?

  17. cassandra Says:


    I take your point. But do we actually know that the FM “does not talk and assert himself, does not argue out the country’s case” – or is this merely a perception? How many of those who criticize GLP actually are privy to what has happened in his discussions with other governments and their officials? There is undoubtedly a feeling that SL is being kicked around these days by other countries, and immediately people seem to rush to place all the blame on GLP as if the man is expected to perform miracles.

    For my part, I have reservations about the value of “asserting” oneself in discussions. My own experience is that many people – and especially those at an educated an sophisticated level – have more respect and are more likely to accept logical arguments, quietly presented and in a manner that does not offend, than they are to accept a case that is aggressively pursued. Indeed, self assertion with its potential to get others’ backs up, can often be counter-productive. And, as I said earlier, let us also bear in mind that GLP has a difficult brief to handle.

  18. Dham Says:

    Cassandra and Ramanie,
    Don forget GLP is cheaper than Bogollagama. These days under difficult economic conditions we have to use the cheaper option; not the best.

  19. M.S.MUdali Says:

    Sunil and other Sinhala idiots:
    You are real Sinhala idiots because you guys supported Ranil to carve out an area of Sri Lanka to LTTE!

    Better tell me how you are not idiots in supporting UNP even today!

    Prez admitted he defeated LTTE with the support of India. Further Russia or China never go against the will of India. Further Sinhalese and Tamils must remember that India is our cultural/ ancestoral land! Barking at India never help Sri Lanka!

  20. cassandra Says:

    By the way, you know what the proverbial Chinaman said? ‘Good things no cheap, cheap things no good’!

  21. Sri Rohana Says:

    The whole problem is our policy makers forgot that India the one who created the tamil terrorists against Sri Lanka. It is the core problem of this present situation. No one in this world can deny that India have not trained tamil racist terrorists in India and Tamil Nadu. World’s most ruthless terrorist, megalomaniac prabakaran and his LTTE clique as well, TELO, PLOTE, EPRLF and EROS terrorists were Indian products. This is the truth and if India is a friendly country, neighbor of Sri Lanka how come this happened?
    Even in 1939 Thondaman’s Ceylon Indian Congress (CIC) was a Nehru’s idea and he came as a chief guest of the party inauguration (In 1950 the CIC changed its name to the Ceylon Workers Congress ). This is how they started to interfere our matters in early 40’s.
    When estates tamil gone to the pocket of Delhi Hindu rulers. In 1944 Anti Hindu, Tamil nadu DMK’s C.N. Annadorai’s party was influenced the other tamils residing in Lanka for a federal state under S.J.Velupillai Chelvanayakam’s ITAC. Annadorai was dreaming of a Dravidanadu with the Tamil Nadu, Andra Pradesh, Kerala, and Karnataka first, then invade Lanka later. M.G Ramachandran, M.Karunanidhi, Jayalalitha, Vaiko, Nedumaran, Seeman are still interfere to our matters on this idea.
    Since we know our ground situation then we have to act accordingly. India is our neighbor that’s true. But should not forget that, India is not our landlord. Neighbor doesn’t have any authority to change our roof or block our drains or use our toilet.

    Cuba is the best example of the world how a country should deal with a powerful nation. It doesn’t mean that Cuba is going to fight with America. But they don’t allow Americans to interfere their internal matters. Americans imposed sanction against Cuba and many trade embargoes and continuous sabotages but have Cubans crawl?
    Compare to America and Cuba situation, who are these Indian and tamil nadu sakkilys to dictate us. We have to keep our head straight. They don’t have any right to interfere our internal matters and dictate us.
    This is high time to abolish 13th amendment, as it is not a need of the day. Sinhala, tamil and muslim live peacefully in Sri Lanka after 2009 May. Tamil majority live with Sinhala and muslims in Colombo so why India wants to divide our country racially. Our policy should be one country, one nation policy. As President of Sri Lanka said we don’t have majority or minorities in Sri Lanka. Every one is a Sri Lankan living in our country.
    Federalism is good for feudalist country like India where various human divisions are high on day-to-day agenda. Cast problems, Religious problems, Language problems, ethnic problems etc. We are not petty minded like Indians, so we don’t want federalism or 13th amendment.

  22. Ramanie Says:

    Cassandra, with respect, I think you are equating ‘being assertive” to “aggression”. Aggressiveness is quite the opposite of assertiveness. Aggression is the coward’s way of handling situations. Assertiveness is exactly what you are upholding – putting across your arguments in a clam and respectful manner and managing to convince others. I do know GL from the past – from Colombo Uni. Assertive was never his forte.

    You want proof of GL’s success? The results are out- please read the joint statement from Delhi and what Messrs Gomin Dayasiri and Gunadasa Amerasekera are saying about it.

  23. cassandra Says:

    No, I am not equating ‘being assertive’ with ‘aggression’, that’s your presumption of what I said. I don’t know GL as you say you have but I will take your word that ‘assertive was never his forte’.

  24. cassandra Says:

    To get back, if I may, to your reference to the remarks of Gomin Dayasiri, I wonder whether the government cannot see its way to using the talents of someone like him, who obviously loves his motherland, to ‘assist’ the Foreign Ministry.

  25. Sunil Mahattaya Says:

    So Mudali has revealed his true colours, name calls people at random and is surely a bucket carrying sycophant and boot licker not only of Tamil Nadu extremists but also a totally confused odd bod who is now coining the wrong people with the UNP! and dares to use the term “Sinhala idiot!” on people whose credentials he could not match by any stretch of his demented imagination ! Need any more be said? The man probably need help!

  26. M.S.MUdali Says:

    Sunil Mottaya:
    Go and consult a doctor because you try to say that no sinhalese are idiots but history always proove the idiotic behaviour of the Sinhalese!

    But you have no answer about UNP Sinhala idiots who carved out an area to LTTE terrorists. Not only that Premadasa threatened India by committing suicide to save the LTTE which later blasted him into pieces! Think about those incidents.

  27. Sunil Mahattaya Says:

    This statement of yours ~”history always ‘proove’ the idiotic behaviour of the Sinhalese”(by the way who taught you to spell?) alone attests to who needs examination about faculties.
    I do have an answer in affirmation that the UNP did intend unsuccesfully to carve out an area to LTTE terrorists and perhaps the term idiots may well befit them and their leader as their political status in Sri Lanka was almost permanently damaged through their attemt to collude with the LTTE.
    And as far as the LTTE leader is concerned he surely was the village idiot who eventually capitulated to the Government of Sri Lanka in his confused and disturbed state of mind and there needs no empasis as to what his ethnicity was so you better think again about the idiocy you harp on as it seems to reflect more on you and your own ethnicity with all due respect to the good Tamils in the world.

  28. M.S.MUdali Says:

    For that village idiots, Premadasa wanted to kill himself! hahahahahaha

  29. Sunil Mahattaya Says:

    From one village idiot to another of course! heh heh!

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