Posted on May 26th, 2011

Malin Abeyatunge

The Higher Education Ministry (THEM) has launched leadership training and positive thinking development training course for 10,000 university entrants at 28 training centers of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Police and Cadet Corps on May 23. Instead of applauding this venture, I find that the opposition UNP and JVP have opposed to this program. It has become a fashion of the day for the UNP and the JVP to oppose every policy of the Government and they don’t seem to be constructive criticism but just opposing for the sake of opposing. May be that specially the JVP is worried that they will not be able to brainwash the vulnerable students with their obsolete and redundant Marxism as they were doing in the past. I think this is a very wise move by THEM and the students (not yet undergraduates until they enroll, I believe) who have been selected to Universities should embrace this move with positive thinking. I found that the subject matters are very promising that gives a student some sort of focus of management, leadership and positive thinking as a stepping stone for their future.

I myself is a graduate from Peradeniya University (1961-1964) and we wish we had such free positive programs during our time before entering the University and I would have most certainly embraced with all my heart had there been such programs like this. I therefore request those students selected to Unis not to listen to the bankrupt politicians but treat this Training Program introduced by THEM positively and to get the maximum benefit out of this golden opportunity to shape their future .

Malin Abeyatunge






  1. jay-ran Says:



  2. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    Malin, when you refer to 1961 – 1964, my memories go back to that era, when I used to vist my uncle, Late Professor Carl Gunawardene, very often, who lived in the house opposite the University Supply Organisation. I was also a regular visitor to USO. The Manager, Late Mr. Mahaulpotha was my good friend.

    At that time too there were Campus encounters with the Police, but I believe they were not politically motivated.

    The JVP will be losing control of the University Students, with the Leadership Program. Hence their frustration.

    Ranil has life membership in the Opposition, and they are continuing to impress upon the people that it is Military Training. People will not be fooled.

  3. rohana Says:

    Malin, as you may be aware if JVP and specially the current UNP leadership had any quality leadership training they wouldn’t be in the opposition for life. How many of these guys in the JVP has had a university degree? So, naturally they have to be worried of these new young graduates coming out with better leadership training as they will not be able to control and manipualte the young generations completely by the old ideologies of JVP. Also I believe specially the JVP thinks that they are going to be wiped out completely in the next general election, so that they have to do to show that they are doing something whether right or wrong. I am sure Somawansa Amarasinhe’s children who studied and lives in England had that quality education but don’t want our Sri Lankan children to have it. I have never seen the alternatives from UNP or JVP for everything they oppose. Rohana Arambewala

  4. AnuD Says:

    JVP is now bankrupt in every way. It is time for them to leave or send them packed.

    Here, Universities provide not only leadership skills, time management and Procrastination as other programs. there are many small programs that can be provided in order to make the education more useful.

  5. P. Subasinghe Says:

    I would pay for that kind of training if it was available at my time … These JVPers always want to give the crumbs to students and workers while keeping the leadship among themselves … That is the idea about denying the leadership skills to students … I do not think that the students would fall for that as before … Especially, when JVP have shown their true colours during past few years by oscillating between ‘pseudo patriotism’ and ‘failed marxism policies’ …
    When the real patriotism called for, they put their tail between legs and go behind Ranil …

  6. ranjit Says:

    We had two Arambawela’s in my college Richmond where I studid. Although we never had these kind of training we were well disciplined lot because of the rules and the wise guidence we had from our beloved teachers those days to become good individuals and to live respectfully in our society. Rajapaksa’s,Galappathy’s, Welikala’s, Gunesekara’s,Jayasuriy’s,Nanayakkara’s,Dahanayaka’s all were well disciplined individuals who have contributed their valuable time and energy to our beloved Motherland thru their good training of discipline,charactor and education. We never had JVP those days to inject poison to our heads or fools like Ranil in politics.

    JVP only teaches VIOLENCE and Sabotage. Simply they were a bunch of rowdies who has been rejected by the masses in wholesale in every elections recently. They cannot even keep their parties united. Their main aim is to distrupt public life by unneccessary protests and lies. Anything the word “GOOD” they hate. Anything the word “BAD” they like and preech as if we were all fools like them to listen to their garbage.

    What this Government started was very good not only for students but for everyone even adults in public services. They will learn to respect others and live a decent life with some discipline and knowledge. We cannot allow our children to be killers and saboteurs in the society. That’s what JVP all about. We need a well educated decent society to be par with other developed societies. Any student who violate any rules in the school or in the university or harass and intimidate should be severly dealt with according to the laws of the country. Student is a student and he goes there to study not to make revolutions or bombs or to try to topple Governments. Be strict to them MR. Minister. That’s my advise and view.

  7. aabey Says:

    Excellent Project that will surely lead towards the Properity of the Country’s future Leaders those who come out of Universities. I wish this training period should be incresed to at lease One Month.

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