Lobbying politicians in western nations
Posted on May 31st, 2011

Anjalika Silva USA

Lobbying politicians in western nations against terrorism is clouded by huge political donations that have negated all other efforts made by Sri Lanka. Yet, we suffered the longest with this menace.  The LTTE activities continue as a form of thuggery and gang warfare against their own people breaking the law with no consequences in some countries.  The fear of being threatened and demands of monetary contributions continue for those living abroad although the war is over in Sri Lanka.  They have no political aspirations to provide for the better good of the Tamil people —especially those who suffered in the war financed by the diaspora.  The diaspora did not know what it was like to be refugees in IDP camps under threat of the LTTE and being enemy suspect in a war that couldn’t distinguish between the terrorist and the villager.  Some are third generation Sri Lanka haters who have never lived in Sri Lanka but believe the brainwashing they are subject to. The unrelenting hatred is dangerous and it can be unleashed not only in Sri Lanka but also in their host countries many of whom are coping with increased crime and Tamil gang warfare putting lives at risk in their communities.

The Sri Lanka Government continues to provide more and more to rebuild the north and east while the diaspora who do not plan to return or if they do return, settle in the south.  They want the best of both worlds and are mainly interested in their future economic status in countries they duped over the years.  The tax payers in western nations that have to subsidize LTTE refugees are losing their patience.  On the other hand, they have huge sums of money stashed away and laundered to pay politicians to lobby for their de-proscription so that they can have a free hand to continue extortion to fund terror.

The message against terrorism must traverse every country where they are conducting activities under the radar whatever the name of the organization or county of origin may be. The strongest laws against terrorism must be enforced. That should be a priority on the agenda of all countries on and off the battlefield. The Netherlands must be commended for the action they have taken.  The immigrant population of Sri Lankan Tamils in the Netherlands must be commended for their role in reporting their dilemma to the authorities.  It is obvious; they want to enjoy the peace that we can all share.

The US needs to take a lesson from their pages and realize that the global goal to eradicate terrorism cannot be fragmented into compartments labeled differently as “freedom fighters” and other fancy terms to couch the reality that it is terrorism.  Terrorism cannot be eradicated as long as terror leaders are offered rights over democratically elected governments that need to safeguard the millions of its citizens from the carnage of terrorism as a priority over terror leaders.  Sri Lanka did just that.  The likes of Bin Ladens where ever they arise must be measured by the same standards.

The USA will never forget 9/11 and the loss of approximately 3400 lives.  The ten year war against terror has cost the US over 6,000 lives in Iraq and Afghanistan.  The destruction and socio economic ramifications are gut wrenching to families that have sacrificed their members to fight terrorism.  Sri Lanka’s carnage went on for 27 years and killed over 70,000 people.  Contrary to the propagandists who claim 70,000 Tamils were killed by the Government, the blatant use of this inaccuracy continues even today in the half truths twisted to discredit Sri Lanka.  The reality of the issue that this number included men, women and children of all faiths, races and social strata including statesman and leaders, is obscured to drive misconceptions even today, two years after the end of the War in Sri Lanka.  The Sri Lanka government should engage an aggressive legal team to take the lead from The Netherlands and work on the US and UK governments.  Whatever expense is being incurred by the government, not enough is being done to avert dangerously inaccurate information from being used against Sri Lanka nor is there any action to counter the disasters that are plaguing the country.

The USA and Britain must deal with the corruption of politicians bought with large political donations that came from painful extortion of earnings from normal hard working people under threat.  These same extortions that kept a war going now feed the propaganda machine against Sri Lanka.  They continue in attempts to tilt the scale back to terror, destruction and fear on one side when we need to lean on peace, unity and development with hopes for our future generations.  Terrorism is terrorism and whatever name it takes, the underlying tactics for destruction of human life must be stopped by stopping the funding that makes destruction possible.

The only way to do so is to eradicate every cell of terrorism where ever they are found.  Just as in cancer, even the slightest trace can lead to an explosion of activities.  The LTTE supporters of course will soon run out of ideas to dupe authorities if other nations take a cue from The Netherlands. We hope that the Government of the Netherlands will enlighten the USA and other European nations being heavily lobbied by the pro LTTE diaspora.  We hope that the pressure will build up when The Netherlands authorities visit the USA soon.

These countries should no longer entertain asylum seekers from Sri Lanka who now travel freely back and forth from the country they accuse of Genocide.   The process of dual citizenship should be closely scrutinized as many who left as refugees and gained foreign citizenship condemning Sri Lanka are returning to buy property in the south with laundered money and plenty of it to go around.    All countries should wipe out this menace so that we can live in peace enjoying the diversity and richness of the human race!

Anjalika Silva


5 Responses to “Lobbying politicians in western nations”

  1. A. Sooriarachi Says:

    Excellent analysis of the current campaign by the Tiger Diaspora and their friends. The author of this article should not be surprised if the latest tactics of the Tigers are let lose on her, in the form of commentators with sinhala names ridiculing and shaming her as a stooge of the SL Govt. I have seen this method applied on others who dared to expose the Tigers and their friends. So beware, and dont give in.

  2. Chintha Says:

    Excellent piece Anjalika. But the truth about the Western politicians may be not what you think. They have enough intelligence to determine the lies and misinformation these LTTE diaspora feed them. They take thier money and pretend to be fooled by the LTTE gang because thier goal and LTTE goals both coincide. They use LTTE gang to achieve thier objectives.

  3. nilwala Says:

    Excellent article that says it like it is, clearly and bluntly. Congratulations, Anjalika.
    The West of which the INGOs are an integral arm, is playing along with the LTTE rump because it suits their own agenda at this time. And LTTE money is useful in these times of recession, since funding is hard to come by. It is a game for the West, and besides, there is a US election in the offing for which they need campaign money from both the LTTE Diaspora and the Sinhalese in the US. Accusations against Sri Lanka are being repeated by Congressional Reps who do not even bother to change the wording from one legislative body to another. All the good things that are going on in Sri Lanka are being overlooked as they focus on the negative aspects being whined about by the LTTE Diaspora. Everyone knows that the videos the latter produce as being authenticated by “UN experts” cannot be accepted in any legal proceedings, as today’s technology allows the production of practically any fake clip of an event. So why do they show them except to humiliate Sri Lanka? Don’t they realize they are humiliating themselves too? Hopefully, the psychological underpinnings of this behavior would also be studied by experts.

  4. Ratanapala Says:

    The so called war against Terrorism has been hijacked by the Christian West to target the resource rich South. Terrorism as a scourge of humanity has not been accepted as a universal fact by these countries. The terrorist funded and nurtured by them are Freedom Fighters. Those who have resorted to asymmetrical warfare with them are called terrorists.

    Western Christian culture is a culture of impunity. They know that they are only paying lip service for democracy and human rights. All what they are interested is to keep the poorer countries poor and to exploit their resources in the way that is most profitable for them. In this quest they have They use their wealth and power to achieve these ends. However much we cry foul they are not deterred. They know they are naked emperors with no clothes on but they continue to with their agendas for destabilizing up and coming nations.

    For them killing of nearly 300,000 civilians at Hiroshima and Nagasaki and carpet bombing of Dresden and Hamburg are not war crimes or crimes against humanity. Sinking of Belgrano is not a war crime. Sinking of Britannia at Mers el Kabir with 1250 French Navy men aboard was no war crime. Killing of over 2,000,000 Vietnamese to bring democracy to that country are not war crimes. The continued killing of civilians in Iraq now numbering over a million, in Afghanistan and Pakistan are not war crimes.

    Together they broke up the Soviet Union by subterfuge. They are now in the process of breaking up India, Pakistan, Burma, Thailand and Indonesia. Their attempt to create Eelam is only a stepping stone to break up India. With China they failed miserably at the Tien An Men Square. Pakistan is already a broken up country!

    Their attempt to break up Sri Lanka ended up at Nanthi Kadaal Lagoon. This is why they are so upset with Sri Lanka. Now that their first attempt funded and nurtured over 30 years with racist Tamils failed they are trying other means to break up Sri Lanka. It took a longtime for the pariah nation India to realize that their protege the LTTE has been hijacked by the Christian West. Now that their headache is out of the way they are back at the old game of destabilizing Sri Lanka.

    What is of the essence is to accept the nature of the Western Christian nations and of India and find ways and means to meet their challenge. They did not succeed in Vietnam, they will not in Iraq, Afghanistan or Pakistan. They will only add misery to the rest of the world. India is a curse to all other nations in South Asia. They will find that they have let the genie out in Tunesia, Libiya, Egypt, Yemen and in Syria. It will come to haunt them in the end.

    The victim nations need to find unity and be assertive in their stand against the Evil Western Christian nations. They must initiate actions for self sufficiency in basic needs so that blackmailing for essentials will not be possible. The solution lies also in finding the means to stand up together and working out mechanisms to negate the agenda of neocolonialist exploitation.

    I would like to see more discussions on how this threat can be met successfully than simply crying foul – Beeri Alingta Weena Gayana Karanna Wage! The Western Christian nations know that they are lying through their teeth, but they carry on regardless! Trying to lobby these countries is an exercise in futility, for their longterm agenda for world domination and exploitation of the poor South will not waver. Only an concerted effort by the affected countries can bear fruit.

  5. KingSasanka Says:

    The winds of economic powers are fast changing from West to East.

    I partially agree with what Ratnapala said “I would like to see more discussions on how this threat can be met successfully than simply crying foul”.

    However, discussions alone would only solve the issue on its own, the words have to translate in to deeds too individually.

    Do not wait till someone comes to help.

    It is a foolish assumption that some help merely because they love us more.

    Everyone has their own agendas to fulfil (those we think as our friends and foes too).

    Remember the Sinhala saying that “Meeyak Kadanne Atha Levekanna Neme”.

    My recommendations are;

    • Take the bull by the horn,
    • Either Stop go begging around or
    • If not use that begged money on real ventures which can generate income and employments,
    • Do not try to be like the subjects in the “Emperor’s New Cloths” but be that Child in the crowd!

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