The UN War Crimes Probe Agitation Reeks Of Bias And Conspiracy Against The Government of Sri Lanka Instigated By Disgruntled Tiger Sympathetic Sycophants And Their Powerful Sponsors.
Posted on June 2nd, 2011

Insight By Sunil Kumar

May 31st. 2011

If the current agitation by the nations conniving to have Sri Lanka investigated for war crimes is tolerated withing any legality conforming to International Law it would surely be a travesty of justice and an insult to what is easily describable as a trend setting manoeuvre that wiped out the deadliest terrorist organization in the world within legitimate means and those urging the cause needs to be examined for their conflicts of interest and what motivates them as it surely appears to be more the agitation by Tamil Tiger sympathetic sycophants like Naveen Pillai and Darushan amongst a host of others in what could be a carefuly orchetrated global conspiracy to bring the Nation of Sri Lanka to disrepute to suit their own agendas. They must never be permitted to succeed in the best interests of safeguarding Sovereign Nations’ rights to defend themselves from the plague whch is sweeping the world today.

And sources such as the the European Union, the USA, Britain, France, Ireland and Switzerland who keep agitating the UN urging it to probe Sri Lanka ‘war crimes’ need to get their act together, their own backyards cleared of their culpabilities toward Human Rights violations aroung the world for which they in turn have collectively contributed to shamelessly and brazenly and are now hounding Sri Lanka.

For the Global Media such as the BBC who get involved in the conspiracy against Sri Lanka which all this is tanramount to, by promoting publicity around the world and spewing all the wrong information which glaringly appears to be doctored video scripts( their only means apart from orchestrated sob stories) while having the nerve to protect their sources of identitity and origin where it needs to be said that their actions are criminal in nature falsifying evidence to present what may appear to be Prima Facie albeit cooked up and cleverly presented and that they will be held accountable in the overall eventualities which would undoubtedly prove that all the presented evidence of human rights violations are altered videos of the Tamil Tigers themselves in action against innocent civilians and projected as Government attrocities when the Government was the only source which aided and rescued them from the clutches of the terrorists.

In fact these media reporters and the accusers of the GOSL probably need to hang their heads in shame as the more discerning in the world including Nations such as India, China, Russia and Cuba to name some, have accepted the credibilities of Sri Lanka regardless of what some western countries may have to say about it and there are almost 40 countries presently in favour of the credibilities of Sri Lanka on the basis that this is a clear cut case of attempt to defame a country which was defending Sovereignity and Territorial Integrity where all the sob stories put together by tamil Tiger sympathisers like those alluded to previously need to be trashed in favour of Sri Lanka where today there is peace and harmony which is accepted even by a large number of grateful Tamils who view the Sri Lankan Administrations and the Armed Forces as their rescuers and liberators from the oppressions of the Axis of Evil led by the megalomaniac Velupillai Prabhakaran! Some who have gratefully returned in droves back into their motherland to be precise!

Hence it seems wrong and incompetent that Senior UN officials and sections of the international community have called for an international body to investigate alleged rights violations during Sri Lanka’s civil war without a shred of real and tangible evidence where in these days and times of Electronic Marvels it would be relatively easy to produce fabricated graphic material such as videos to implicate a Government (despite all the expert opinions which seem to translate to hugely biased opinions given the nature of their involvements in the issue realistically) which in the eyes of many did the right thing and took the correct measures to eradicate a scourge which plagued the Nation for decades and is now being hounded indiscriminately for it which seems more ludicrous than any” accountable credibilities” concerning all the accusations thrown at the GOSL!

Some other countries including China have opposed the call.

Speaking at the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) annual session Navi Pillai, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, said she supported special UN panel’s recommendations.

The panel appointed by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said it found “credible allegations” of a wide range of serious violations of international law committed by both the Sri Lanka security forces and Tamil Tigers in the final stages of the conflict which is rhetoric quite easy to come up with knowing the backgrounds and conflicts of interests relative to the panel which needs to be probed deeply prior to any acceptance of their submissions and questions asked as to why Sri Lanka seems to be in greater focus than some other parts of the world where Human Rights violations( the Real Thing ) occurs on a 24 hour basis.

All previous consideration of Sri Lanka and efforts to combat impunity worldwide seem to have been swept under tha carpet as this band of anti Sri Lanka conspirators have once again re-grouped to raise their ugly head of vicious conjecture and connivances in a attempt to wreak vengeance on the failed agendas of the Tamil Tigers by many of their sympathiser who continue to hang around the globe like a bad smell and they themselves probably in need of confrontation and rectification of what appears to be transparencies which underlie their so called mantle of “Truth and Concerns for the oppressed people of Sri Lanka under Governmental surveillance” which is a damning undermining of a brave and courageous Nation whose modus operandi used towards eradicating terrorism needs to be broadcast globally as an object lesson rather than being denigrated by a motley few and whose cry has been taken up by a powerful few whose stance in the overall picture seems doomed to failure !!

Given all the above reasons it seems fair to conclude that The UN War Crimes Probe Agitation against the Government of Sri Lanka Reeks Of anti Government bias and conspiracy instigated by disgruntled Tiger sympathetic sycophants backed by Their Powerful Sponsors.




7 Responses to “The UN War Crimes Probe Agitation Reeks Of Bias And Conspiracy Against The Government of Sri Lanka Instigated By Disgruntled Tiger Sympathetic Sycophants And Their Powerful Sponsors.”

  1. M.S.MUdali Says:

    Why are these “people” doing so much against Sri Lanka?

  2. Chintha Says:

    you will get a good answer to your question in Ratnapal’s comment on Anjalika Desilva’s article.

  3. aravinda Says:

    These Human rights agitators from EU, US and UN seems to be unaware of million murdered in IRAQ in the oil robbery. They talk of 3 LTTE killers waving white flags. We need a comprehensive analysis of war on ‘WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION. Million murdered, no weapons found. Where the hell is UN? Where can we find Pillays and Moons now. The UN has become the VILLAGE PROSTITUTE. US is the VILLAGE THUG. What a great combination.

  4. Rohan8 Says:

    Stand firm Sri Lanka. The criminals in the west and the UN are being exposed to the whole world for the criminals that they are. Sri Lanka defeated the evil of the LTTE with great determination, everyone knows how deadly and Evil the LTTE were. I have no doubt they will equally defeat the criminals of the west likewise. I mean NATO can murder LTTE style Gadaffis Children, little kids and civilians in Libya and then turn around and accuse Sri Lanka! This is the hight of hypocrisy of the UN and the west. They are committing terrorism against the entire world and they think people around the world are stupid enough to not see it?
    I must say I have never in my entire life seen anything Hypocrisy like this. UN,NATO and the West are murdering civilians in large numbers even though not reported in the western press in Libya, Iraq, Yemen, Afghanistan and Pakistan using depleted uranium missile weopons drones and at the same time trying to bring warcrime charges against a country which has finnished a war that ended a full 2 years ago. Its ancient history as far as SL is concerned. Maybe Sri lanka should get worldwide support to start criminal investigations into the conduct of UN, NATO and the west in the aforementioned countries. These criminals must be exposed! If Sri Lanka is to move on!

  5. jayt Says:

    Sri lanka should get worldwide support to start criminal investigations into the conduct of UN, NATO and the west .
    I have been telling Sri lanka communities about this long time ago and tried several time to reach out to Sinhalese in Canada but end in disappointment , and I realized that Sinhalese are too far behind me when come to understanding world .

  6. jayt Says:

    this is vary simple issue, Sri lanka communities have had thousands of occation to book a court appointment with one of those individual with a strong lawyer in somewhere in Canada. us or Eu and triggering global hearing about Sri lanka all across europe and north america. it is not india, it is not tamil, these are the poeple need to be questioned and answered. onece this is done, it is not just sri lanka , but it will help whole world clear all mysterous incendents happened around the world; american canadan european public will appreciate, thanks and other poeple and govts around the world will be thanked and funding will be given.This can be started at any minute.
    I mentioned before about fund raising and a need to build up a powerfull global sinhales org.with creation of global sinhalese buisness village
    with opening of a singhalese business street and expanding it into every possible cities and towns around the globe by buying every possible businesses and real estate properties and training and appointing sinhalese with best pay and benifits.

    Fund raising -significan amount can be achieved in three months but continues for months or years or permenantly.
    These all can be achieved in a few months.
    I had defficulties finding right Sinhalese in Canada, otherwise, I had rough draft of these projects available to go for it.
    I do know there are very motivated sinhalese live in Sri lanka Australia, europe and US but Canada, I was disappointed. Please, do not misundestand that becuase poeple went to protest does not mean they are motivated.

  7. jayt Says:

    we no plan to earn money by promoting hatred against any body. this is solely self defend and US and Europe can have better relationship with sri lanka like Islamic countries and enjoy genuine friendship only after a hearing.

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