How can India – a total failure – help Sri Lanka?
Posted on June 4th, 2011

H. L. D. Mahindapala

The 118 members of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) that met in Bali last week would have gone home feeling that it is no longer the prestigious moral force that stood in the middle of two big power blocs competing for dominance at the height of the Cold War. When the two titans were teetering on the verge of a nuclear holocaust new nations coming out of centuries of colonialism looked up to India as the leading light of the day.

The post-colonial regimes had faith and trust in the voice of India which was raised and articulated eloquently their aspirations in the UN by towering figures like Nehru’s sister, Vijayalakshmi Pandit, and mostly Krishna Menon who, in this talkathons, poured scorn on the West with unmitigated contempt to restore the dignity and the respect which were denied to them under Western colonialism. The voice of India meant everything to the small nations sandwiched between the big powers. India’s moral stature had peaked to Himalayan heights because it was seen as the protector and guardian of the new nations.

Looking back it seems that it was only a false start. Over the years India has lost that moral stature. India has failed to live up to the ideals on which it was founded. The Gandhi-Nehruvian code of politics no longer inspires even the Indians. Asia witnessed two great political forces that changed the map of the world in the post-World War II era: 1) Mao’s Chinese nationalist revolution (Marxism was only a veneer) that overthrew the Western hegemony exercised through corrupt and pro-American Chiang Kai-shek and 2) the non-violent revolution led by Mahatma Gandhi. Both caught the imagination of the world as two different kinds of political moralities that could pave the way for the future.

However, it was the Gandhian non-violent revolution which was rated highly as the inspiring model for Afro-Asia. Gandhi-Nehruvian model was essentially an anti-imperialism and domination of small nations by big brothers. India no longer adheres to those founding principles. It has become a violent imperialist nation ready to use the big stick against those who refuse to toe its line. India is a morally bankrupt nation ready to align itself with any force that serves its self-centred interests.

India began by distancing itself from the American-led West. Then it had stature for standing up to the Western imperialists. Today it has sunk to the level of being the lap dog of America. The American Ambassadress, Patricia Butenis, in Colombo has only to snap her fingers for the Indian High Commissioner to run to her, wagging his tail, to lap up the latest saucer of American policy fed to her political pups, particularly those tail-wagging NGO stooges like Jehan (Pacha) Perera and “Paki” Saravanamuttu.

From all appearances it seems clear that the American Embassy, Indian High Commission and the NGOs have ganged up to force Sri Lanka to kow-tow to Indian / international pressures using the report of the three-headed Advisory Panel of Experts (APEs) appointed by Ban Ki-Moon, known popularly as “Bakamoona” (Owl-faced) in the streets of Colombo.

When Velupillai Prabhakaran was alive this Gang of Three over-exaggerated the power of the Tamil Tiger terrorists and used it as a threat to browbeat and intervene in the domestic affairs of the Sri Lanka. For instance, Jehan (Pacha) Perera had the audacity to assume that the NGOs were a stake holder of great importance and demanded a front row seat in the peace process going on abroad. Of course, they used the threat of Prabhakaran in the guise promoting peace. Now they are using the report of the APEs to poke their unwanted fingers in the guise of promoting human rights and reconciliation. Prabhakaran was the bogey man used to interfere in Sri Lankan affairs. Now the APE’s report is used as a threat to vilify and take to trial those who are alleged (on unsubstantiated evidence, mark you) to have committed war crimes and crimes and against humanity.

The West and their hired agents in the NGOs, of course, were angling in various ways to force President Mahinda Rajapaksa to toe their line. To his credit it must conceded that he has stood steadfastly and courageously in resisting all the foreign pressures and he has won election after election primarily on the strength of being the sole defender of sovereignty and territorial integrity of the nation. There are no chinks through which the Gang of Three could penetrate his armour. So the West has switched their tactics now to find fault and denigrate Rajapaksa’s image and that of the nation to achieve their political goals in the Indian Ocean Rim by using the report of the three-headed APEs,.

America and its allies in the West view Sri Lanka as “a nation of strategic interest”(Robert O Blake) to pursue America’s global domination. America would be happy if it makes Sri Lanka a client state that would be a “strategic partner” like India (also Robert O Blake) in the Indian Ocean which is coming under increasing challenges from China. America and the West are quite content that India is now wagging its tail and licking their boots. But they are worried that Sri Lanka is not so docile saying “Yes, Sir”, “No, Sir” “Our bags are full of American stooges, Sir”. Before going any further, please note the difference: Sri Lanka has only “strategic interests” while India is a “strategic partner”.

All things put together, the anti-Sri Lankan gang will use every trick in their bags to (1) intervene and put maximum pressure on Sri Lanka to follow them like tame dogs and (2) manipulate and turn world opinion against Sri Lanka using the report of the APEs with the ulterior motive of justifying operations to effect regime change, despite bland statements of denial by Robert O Blake, America’s “strategic partner” in India and their soft-power agents in NGOs. Right now they are kissing the hands of Mahinda Rajapaksa which they cannot cut. But given the opportunity they will not only cut the hand but even the throat of Sri Lanka.

What is immoral and unacceptable in the new scenario is India joining hands with America to point a finger at Sri Lanka using the report of the APEs. Its silence on this issue, when Russia, China, Israel, Pakistan and the Arab nations are articulate in backing Sri Lanka, is as good as siding with the APEs. India’ stance on this is most deplorable because it was on the side of Sri Lanka just before it officially became a “strategic partner” in America’s global agenda. India, it should be noted, was also a partner in the war against the Tamil Tiger terrorists particularly after the Tigers killed their prime minister “”…” a slap in the face of India’s regional super power status. Besides, Sri Lanka too went out of its way to help the Congress win the election held when the Security Forces were on the verge of giving the finishing touches to the terrorist war by halting the offensive in the last few days. Having learnt its lesson in halting the Vaddamarachchi Operation in 1986 India did not repeat its bogus humanitarian intervention of dropping “parippu” from air when Sri Lanka was on the verge of eliminating the Tamil Tiger terrorists in Vellamullivaikal in 2009.

Indian intelligence knew what was happening and it was unofficially encouraging and approving the Sri Lankan forces for ending the war which the Indians helped to start “”…” a task which India’s mighty armed forces failed to achieve with its IPKF forces on the ground.. India was in the thick of it from the beginning to the end. It is utterly hypocritical of India to wash its hand off and allow Sri Lanka to bear the burden of criticisms and accusations when India was the primary cause of the war and the inevitable violations of human rights. Besides, how can India play the role of Pontius Pilate when its record in battling the Tamil Tigers ended in the killing of 5,000 Jaffna civilians, in addition to the raping of women, torturing suspected civilians, incarcerating civilians without trial within a period of 32 month? So why isn’t Ban Ki-Moon, who has bungled critical global issues ever since he sat in UNSG’s chair, appointing another set of APEs to investigate India’s record in Sri Lanka?

India had the best opportunity in post-Vadukoddai War to mend fences with Sri Lanka and win her confidence and trust as a future partner in the Indian Ocean. India’s duty was to throw its full force behind Sri Lanka as it did in May 2009 at the UNHRC and worked together to defeat the EU-sponsored resolution against Sri Lanka. But after cementing the Indo-American entente cordiale India has been rather backward in coming forward to help Sri Lanka which India needs as its strategic partner in the southern flank. There can be two possible explanations for this volte face: 1. American influence which is attempting to manipulate Sri Lankan politics through Indian arm-twisting and 2. the domestic factor of Tamil Nadu with the new Chief Minister, Jayalalitha Jeyaram, sitting comfortably on a thumping majority and making noises about the Tamils in Sri Lanka. Of course, 2 has always been in factor in Indo-Sri Lanka relations and both nations have managed to maintain fairly cordial relations despite Tamil Nadu. It is the entry of American in a big way to India that is worrying. Earlier, the relationships were limited to Colombo-Chennai-Delhi. Now a fourth factor has entered the equation: Washington.

This does not augur well for Indo-Sri Lanka relations because the entry of more players, whether domestic or foreign, is bound to complicate the already tangled relations, making it more difficult to disentangle the differences that can lead to more serious consequences. Besides, mounting pressure on Sri Lanka is going to be counter-productive because it will only force Sri Lanka to move away from India as a reliable partner for its security, territorial integrity, peace and reconciliation.

India cannot win the confidence of Sri Lanka by interfering in its domestic affairs. India should know by now that meddling in the domestic affairs is going to put any government in great difficulty either in negotiations with the TNA, the puppets of the Tamil Tigers, or its relations with India. Even the willingness of any government to accommodate the Tamils allied to the Tigers will be rejected if it is seen as a measure coming from Indian pressures.

India must be feeling this already because despite all the goodwill acts of India in the post-war period the public opinion is more in favour of China than India. India is now faced with the conundrum of its heavy financial investments not reaping its political benefits. Though China has invested less it has gained heavily on political goodwill. This backlash against India is inevitable given India’s narrow-minded, ill-conceived, and almost asinine interventions in Sri Lanka. Indian foreign policy is still bogged down in the region purely due its short-sighted stupidity. India has faced ignominious defeats at the hands of those in the region. Not only China in the north but even the Tamil Tigers boast that they defeated the fourth largest army in the world. India’s military and political failures in the region are solely due its monumental diplomatic blunders.

India’s future relations with Sri Lanka must cease to be guided by its myopic mania of trying to fix SAARC problems with a big stick. India could have achieved its goal of leading SAARC with respect if it knew how to handle the region more sensitively. Take the case of Sri Lanka. Mark you, the shame of Indian failures in Sri Lanka came not only from the Tamil Tigers but also from a Naval rating in the south who hammered Rajiv Gandhi with the butt end of his gun at a farewell parade. So India got hammered and insulted from both sides. But the most demeaning insult to India’s might came from the Tamils whom the Indian rushed to “liberate”. And, with all the power of the karmic force that boomerangs, it came from Dhanu, a terrorist trained by the Indians. She gave Rajiv Gandhi a Jaffna Tamil poomalai (garland) which India could never forget. There is no one to blame for India’s miserable failure in Sri Lanka “”…” including the 13th amendment which it forced down the throat of Sri Lanka “”…” other than the short-sighted arrogance of Indian panjandrums who think that they know what is best for Sri Lanka and her neighbours.

The loss to India is not so much life of one of its prime ministers as loss of prestige, respect and dignity in the eyes of the world: to be hammered and thrown out of Sri Lankan by a bunch of Tamil terrorists trained by them is the ultimate humiliation for India.– and they deserve it. The monster they trained turned against them. India can’t even win the loyalty of those whom they rush to defend. The ingratitude goes to the Jaffna Tamil leadership. The credit, of course, goes to the Sri Lankan government which craftily used the Tamil Tigers, who were trained by Indian colonels, to attack the IPKF forces.

India’s experiences in Sri Lanka should teach them to leave the complex and tangled politics in Sri Lanka alone allowing them to work out their own solutions. India has much to gain by keeping their hands off Sri Lanka instead of poking their unwanted fingers in the domestic affairs. They got their fingers burnt the last time they came in under the pretext of humanitarian assistance. It is a classic example of why R2P should not be applied in cases where it is not wanted.

India also knows that it has nothing more to offer than the discredited 13th Amendment which exploded not only right across Sri Lanka but also in India’s face. India knows that its 13th amendment is as welcome in Sri Lanka as the IPKF raping women in Jaffna or Prabhakaran, one of India’s creations, plucking Tamil children from the arms of helpless Tamil parents. The failed 13th Amendment also delivers the clear message that whatever solution is chosen it must have the approval of all communities. So is India pushing the 13th Amendment plus (meaning police and land powers) to solve the Sri Lankan issue or to exacerbate it and destabilize Sri Lanka hoping to gain from the ensuing violence?

The Indians, like all big powers, will never learn. Their actions demonstrate amply the way politics work in history as described by Bernard Shaw: “If the lessons of history teach us anything it is that nobody learns the lessons that history teaches us.”

Indian idiocy is not second to the local Indian stooges who preach that the Sri Lankans must help the Indians to help us. This is the giddy limit in political thinking. This is the equivalent of saying that the chickens in the coop must help the big, bad fox to help the chickens! Did India need Sri Lanka’s help to train, finance, direct the Tamil terrorists to destabilize Sri Lanka for its own political gain? Does India need Sri Lanka’s help to use the report of the three-headed APEs to hit Sri Lanka on the head? How can Sri Lanka help India when India is prodding the TNA to ask for more? In any case, the consistent goal of India has been to make Sri Lanka a client state serving Indian interests. So why should Sri Lanka help Indians make us boot-lickers?

In the past India has done a good job of messing up Sri Lanka again without the help of Sri Lanka. It must be noted that when India gave some assistance in defeating the Tamil Tiger terrorists India was merely undoing their own mistakes. They exported Tamil terrorism to Sri Lanka, violating international law, and it was Sri Lanka that had to face the brunt of Indian-sponsored terror.Sri Lanka is in no way obliged to thank India because it is Sri Lanka that had to pay for the mistakes of India.

India intervened to make Sri Lanka submissive to its will by exporting terror. Sri Lanka is in no way obliged to help India to make Sri Lankan submissive stooge. It is India which is obliged morally, legally and politically to help Sri Lanka to clear the mess it created by destabilizing Sri Lanka through its terrorist agents. And since India has failed, both in its aggressive thrusts to make Sri Lanka a stooge and later in imposing political solutions for peace, the most sensible option available is to let the Sri Lankans work out their own formulae to problems exported by the Indian bully.

The anti-Sri Lankan phillipics of pro-Indian rajas, proposing that Sri Lanka should help India to help us are also another way of blaming Sri Lanka and exonerating India’s share of responsibility for what went wrong in the past. These comments have all the qualities of chewed grass coming out at the other end of the bull. India has exhausted all means of helping Sri Lanka. It tried military intervention and it failed. It tried negotiations and its Indo-Sri Lanka Agreement was shot to pieces by Prabhakaran. Rajiv Gandhi promised the Chief Ministership to Prabhakaran and he told him to shove it up his sherwani. The 13th Amendment caused more problems than those intended to solve. In fact, neither the Sinhalese nor the Tamils want it. So how can Sri Lanka help India when it does not have a viable solution?

This idea of helping India to help us could come only from crippled minds of retarded nincompoops debasing themselves at the feet of their turbaned masters throwing crumbs in their direction. What do these Indian stooges think the response would be, say for instance that of Fidel Castro if they asked him to help America to help Cuba? President Mahinda Rajapaksa in his address at the Victory Parade gave the answer to these Indian idolaters. Having won the war that India could not win he said bluntly we won it without foreign help.

What he should have also added is that Sri Lankans could have won the past and the future faster if the bungling and meddlesome foreigners kept their dirty hands off Sri Lanka. If the West and India did not provide safe havens for the Tamil Tiger terrorists and implemented UN Security Council Resolutions on terrorism, particularly 1373, Sri Lanka could have won peace much earlier.

This is something that the political Pereras and Silvas, allied to the NGOs, should learn. They should not shoot their mouths off as if India has the magic wand to solve problems of her neighbours. If India had the vision or the power neither SAARC nor Sri Lanka would be in this parlous state today. Any sensible look at Sri Lanka will confirm that it needs no enemies when it has helpers like India. Obviously, these pundits, who advocate that Sri Lanka should help India to help us, (in other words, become stooges of India) seems to have offered their minds to be used as spittoons for the Indians. They must be quite happy to carry Indian saliva in their brains.

We have no objections if these pundits desire to live off Indian snut and saliva. But please don’t underestimate the capacity of Sri Lankans to solve their own problems. They have done so for millennia “”…” mainly the threats from India. This is only the latest episode. If these pundits have nothing better to do than proposing stooging as an escape route they should take a sobering dip in Nanthikadal. And better still, they should take permanent residence in there for the rest of their lives.





19 Responses to “How can India – a total failure – help Sri Lanka?”

  1. Dham Says:

    All SriLankan problems past,present and the future created by this immoral, rogue India. Time has come for our leaders to ask India to shut up and solve their internal problems. We can help in that.

  2. M.S.MUdali Says:

    India stopped sending women to Arabs but Sri Lankans happily send their women to nasty Arabs. That is the way Sri lanka want to help India? Opening brothels like in Colombo may be the Sri lankan solution!-

    Sri Lanka is already a failed state. Sri Lanka always depends on AIDS. But the WHITES come with AIDS only. The untreatable decease.

    Now Sri Lanka needs other peoples’ money for their so called developments!

    Mahindapala shamelessly claims that UNP used LTTE against India. What happened now? Ranil is running to meet Jayalalitha and other Indians!

  3. Dham Says:

    Don´t speak like a stupid Indian, if you are 1/2 SriLankan.

    What is the problem sending females to work and have their freedom ? This is the very difference between rogue Indian and modern SriLanka.

    What is the problem with external debt ? It is again a sign of modern cosmopolitan society.
    For your information, your father country Norway has 100 times SriLankas Per Capita debt.
    Your Canada has 25 times per capita debt of SriLanka.
    Switzerland has 200 time SriLankas per capita debt.
    Singapore has 5 times our value.
    So what ?

    You are living in Ramayana era for ever. For you Krishna, Arjuna are real.

    Grow up Mudali.

  4. ranjit Says:

    Mudali dont talk rubbish. You are a stupid idiot not fit to answer or write anything in this respectable forum. Just go and sleep with your brothers and sisters in India and mind your own business without putting finger to our affiars like your big bully brother INDIA. Firts read and understand what Mahinda has written it’s not about Aids or women you knucklehead.If you dont understand just keep your mouth shut.

    Indians are jealous about our country and they try to bully us but it will never happen.Nobody can scare us. Just try you half Indian NATAMI. Our people dont shit along the road like Indians. We dont have doctors working on the pavement like in your India. You garbage collectors not fit to be called Sri Lankan Why not go and settle down In Tamil Nadu with your ancesstors.

  5. Lorenzo Says:


    Your DALIT logic won’t work any more. We have to objectively look at problems not out of stupidity.

    If SL is a failed state, look at Tamil Elam! Stateless clown.

  6. Judicious Says:

    According to your own words,this is a respectable forum. This website is for the readers through out the world & they are different nationals.Therefore,do not vomit your dirty words on this respectable forum. Express your views decently & address the issues without showing your hot temper.It is not required to show the rest of the world that you are from that so called nasty K..mudukkuwa. Srilankans are very peace loving & decent, who respect others.
    Theruwan Saranai.

  7. Dham Says:

    There is a little bit of truth in what Mu-dalit said.
    Norwegians used to visit Kilinochchi and donate sperm with AIDS to Mudaliś school girls.
    Not any more.
    Sinhala brothers rescued our Tamil sisters.

  8. bandara Says:


    If you are an Indian you should worry more about india and its people not about sri lankan affairs.Last month I traveled across india and I was astonished seeing the pathetic situation of the poor people and the country.I am not exaggerating.Its true.I have traveled few developed countries and some african Countries too. I have worked with many highly educated Indian friends when I was in Dubai.So I had a big Image about India.Image I had about India was totally different from what I saw.
    Street children ,Beggars,millions of homeless people,no proper free health service for the poor,millions of landless people,dirty cities,overcrowded cities,the country is a environmental disaster , no water in the rivers,No biodiversity because it has been destroyed,no big trees.

    you can talk proudly about indian women if you look after them after banning them going for mid east jobs.The poor women situation is very pathetic.I am not going to elaborate but I know you know more than me.

    After the Indian tour I lost all my good feelings i had about Gandhiji.India needs a Mao or a Lenin to shake up /destroy the the miserable social structure ,not a Gandhi.india needs cultural revolution like what Mao did in China.

    The educated indians are not doing any thing for the majority poor.The poor Indian should revolt and grab land and their place in the society.

  9. AnuD Says:

    Tamils can bash us Sinhalas because we provided them a good culture and background.

    Other wise, in their own motherland they are nothing, just coolies to their own.

    In Sri Lanka, they were educated free, learned free thinking. Now they get married out colonial masters and bash sri lanka and scream.

    Sri Lanka can not stop influence of bigger nations. Ravana, just because of his abilities, JRJ because he was dumb, tried to do that and lost. The best thing is ot findthe ways to use it for our advantage.

    See even now, in the Sri lankan TV and Radio, they are destroying Sri lankan culture and they follow completely and totally what Indians do.

  10. Lorenzo Says:


    Gordon Weiss is one example of what you say. Sadly it happened. LTTE was not alone. Many terror groups practised it. Even some nations did it in the past.

    e.g. Mathahari

  11. bandara Says:


    If you think India as a stronger country i,its a illusion.this what indian politicians and indian elite sell through Bollywood and Cricket to vast oppressed indian majority population and to the world.India is not a strong country.they are strong only in bullying smaller neighboring countries such as Sri Lanka,nepal,buthan,Banlgdesh etc.India is very much vulnerable.If some big country confronted directly(even pakistan) indian economy will collapse like a sand castle.Indian economy is very fragile. This will create a hell like situation .
    If you think india is standing against western powers its also wrong.In reality India is licking the boots of Americans.

    it is true that sri lanka is receiving aids from other countries.In the same time Sri Lanka has a good record of repayment of these Loans.
    also if you compare the standard of sri lankan average population and indian average population we have no reason to worry about the utilization of the aids received.(I must say yet we have many criticism about the proper utilization of the funds).So I think educated indians should come forward to educate the uneducated ignorant oppressed indian poor to riot and win their rights, atleast much needed land reforms.They should come out of the bollywood fantasy.

  12. andylingam Says:

    H. L. D. Mahindapala
    Ref: any sensible look at Sri Lanka will confirm that it needs no enemies when it has helpers like India
    Please tell me Why Mr Singh did not call our President to hold all our forces in May 2009 at Nanthikadal ?
    Eventhough We all know in cross fire so many civilians were dieing (ruthess LTTE terrrist kept civilian in diffence line before they to scap) .

    for that good gesture (Nanri Kaddan ), thats why Our SL govt need to lisern total failure Indian !

  13. Fran Diaz Says:

    India offers some good, some bad & some very bad actions against her neighbors. Speaking in the obvious way, India’s spiritual Teachers, past & present, have much to offer the world, not just Lanka. However, India’s ghastly Caste system tends to negate much of the gain from her Masters. It’s high time India got rid of the Caste system, not just in Tamil Nadu but all over India. Then her people will stay in their homeland India and not pester countries like Sri Lanka for separate states.

  14. andylingam Says:

    Fran Diaz
    Ref: India got rid of the Caste system
    That will never happen in India unless communist take over (etc… )
    We Lankan always will have problm with this failed big brother , to minimis this We should unit & We should geniuly trust each other .
    only our head of state can achieve !
    When We sing Our National antham – We should fell ourself
    Namo Namo thaaye , Nam uli pirar surave nalanghal navin Sri lanka …… ( How many people in our mother lanka know this antham in thier own mother langusge) !

  15. Fran Diaz Says:

    India has put Laws in place to rid itself of the 3,000 yr old Caste system. However, the people of India (those with Caste as opposed to those without any Caste, the Dalits), persist in continuing with the feelings of Caste. To truly advance as a country, India will have to through education, jobs etc. move away from the shadow of Caste. It is happening, though seems too slowly for us in Lanka as we too are suffering due to India’s Caste system.
    Some American Universities have study courses on the Caste system of India. Though hidden in older times, it is now in the open for the whole wide world to see. While the Caste system may have served a purpose in ancient times, it is counter productive in modern times. In today’s world, society judges people by their actions, and not by their status at birth i.e. rich or poor, and not by Caste either, except in India, and there too not all Indians are Caste conscious, and chose their leaders according to ability. Mayawathi, a person of Dalit origin in Uttar pradesh, is their Chief Minister today !

  16. AnuD Says:

    It is better to handle Tamilnadu, then india will be silent.

    I think King Rajapakse knows how to do that.

  17. andylingam Says:

    Agreed , Our King will soon meet Jeya Amma soon than she will be slient for ever !

  18. andylingam Says:

    You may be joking but My Sinhala Brothers & Sisters ,He is a King of Our mother lanka Who saved 330,000 (not even his own comminity )people from LTTE terrarist .
    Thank you President Mahinda Rajapaksa ! & His commodos Sarath Ponseka & his broter Goda Rajapaksa !

  19. Dham Says:

    Andy malli,
    King will never meet Jaya Amma.
    Jaya Amma will meet Prbha in hell soon.

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