CEB Raids to continue uninterrupted-Nearly Rs. 18 million last month in Raids.
Posted on June 19th, 2011

The Media Team Ministry of Power & Energy

With the primary aim of making the CEB an establishment void of all corruption and malpractices and achieving the ultimate goal of providing 100% electricity coverage to all by the year 2012, Minister of Power and Energy Patali Campika Ranawaka is working tirelessly both internally and externally to achieve this goal,  and has empowered investigation units for this purpose. Accordingly the Ministry of power and energy stated that this unit through raids have collected nearly Rs. 18 million during the month of May alone.

Accordingly 237 incidents of altering electricity meters, using hooks to obtain electricity illegally and other unscrupulous activities have been reported, while 152 of these were of obtaining electricity freudulously by way of altering electricity meters. The remaining 85 cases were where hooks had been used to obtain electricity illegally.

Through these raids conducted during the month of May, Rs. 17,752,094.09 was collected in total while of this amount Rs. 2,464,681.00 was in the form of Court penalties, and Rs. 15,287,412.00 as losses to the CEB.

The Ministry of power and Energy therefore urge the general public to render their support in bringing to justice those fraudsters who attempt to obtain electricity in this unethical manner, and prevent the CEB which was earlier in a terrible state of financial difficulties due to Freud and theft, which has just managed to rid itself of all debt and transform itself into a profit generating establishment, from slipping back into that earlier state of financial turmoil. The Ministry further stated that any such complaint could be reported on telephone number 1987.

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