Could The UN Human Rights Chief Navi Pillai Be Overplaying Her Role As She Continues To Intimidate The Sri Lankan Administration.
Posted on July 1st, 2011

In Retrospect By Sarath Kumara

1st July 2011
It is becoming more and more obvious that despite all the credible responses by qualified analysts who have examined the ‘evidence’ presented towards accusing the Sri Lanka administration of human rights violations and war crimes none of it would ever hold up in any court of law as the tell tale characteristics pointing to the possibility that they were indeed fixed and doctored to suit the accusers objectives attests to skullduggery. While their conclusions alone are sufficient to discredit and trash it! yet the UN’s Human Rights chief Ms Navi Pillai’s continued insistence to warn Sri Lanka not to take too long in probing war crimes allegations, saying ” failure to carry out a credible inquiry could lead to international action” sounds like she has taken the law into her own hands or is trying to!

ƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ Firstly it needs to be noted that despite her designation, she has no authority to dictate terms to or threaten a sovereign nation within the UN Charter which Sri Lanka is, with what appears to be her own conclusions which seeem biased towards her own Tamil ethnicity whose diaspora are the main sources behind all the calls for investigations and have set up sources like the BBC to get involved (incidently no real fait accompli! nor hard to initiate) where her conflicts of interest seem to stick out like a sore thumb and probably needs to be asked to put her money where her mouth is or quit her post voluntarily as she is now beginnng to sound like an obnoxious Tamil Tiger sympathiser with no compunctions where previously she probably veiled her sympathies behind her role as a UN administrator yet kept up two sides of a charade playing the role of a benevolent UN representative on one hand and catering to the needs of the Tamil push for secession in Sri Lanka on the other using a decades long insurgency which she will in all probabilities deny !!!

Secondly she is now taking up the desparagingly continued pursuance of an issue which even her chief the UN Secretary General has diplomatically avoided saying he does not have the mandate nor authority to do so and in this respect neither has Navi Pillai despite all her bellyaching for same.

She has been high handed enough to say that “There is now a high level of expectations expressed by member states that Sri Lanka should seriously inquire into these allegations of prisoner executions and assaults, synonymously throwing in a few threats to moot! where as UN High Commissioner for Human Rights she seems to have forgotten that there have been indications of an overwhelming defeat of motioning any action against Sri Lanka by a margin of at least 40 to 20 votes in favour of Sri Lanka in the event of a vote so what is she on about as though she is the be all and end all of the UN and even seems to be violating the protocols required of a UN representative to be diplomatic, tactful and stick to her jurisdiction which does not give her carte blanche to act unilateraly and if she persists in the direction she is taking vis a vis Sri Lanka it needs to be pointed out that she epitomises someone who has surreptitiously declared her sympathies with the failed Tamil insurrection through some of her words and actions along with a few of her colleagues within the UN who seem have similar sentiments!

By virtue of her insistence that ” this should not be an open-ended process and that a previous Sri Lankan internal inquiry “failed to complete its task, never published its report and never led to a single prosecution” she has adopted a stance somewhat unrelated to reality as the report on the inquiry would invariably have been documented albeit classified although the lack of prosecutions is a clear indication that there was no reason for such within legal and binding terms as the Administration unless coerced into such actions based on hard evidence which probably had to be divined and crafted is not obliged to, merely to appease what appears to be pro Tamil Tiger sympathetic incantations by a biased UN representative who never seems to give up pursuing the GOSL.

ƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ Her rhetoric towards this cause seems to hinge on her insistence that “If that should be the case again, there is an intention for the International Community to take ‘further action’. I certainly believe that the Human Rights Council should actively consider this matter,” said Pillay hardly realising that neither her personal sentiments nor her tough talk are sufficient towards collective HRC action and that it takes much more by way of tangible evidence and substantial proof to effect this and far removed from her purported intentions on behalf of the International Community which she seems to be attempting to mislead!.

It also seems fairly obvious that the pressure which has mounted on Colombo from certain sources

since Britain’s Channel 4 broadcast, a documentary that showed what it alleged were prisoner executions and bodies of female Tamil fighters who appeared to have been sexually assaulted is a snowballing effect of false evidence.It also needs to be observed that specialist graphics experts who reviewed the broadcast

have attested to some of the material as being altered and falsified and consequently, the related pressure blown out of proportion mainly through the efforts of the Tamil Diaspora whose cause Ms. Pillai seems to be championing in the aftermath of the annihilation of the Tamil Tigers’ armed insurrection which probably needs to be investigated as to what her real role is in all this and why her insistences seem so hardcore and bitter as they appear to be on an ongoing basis and seem indelibly linked to Tamil Diaspora sentiments towards secession according to some analysts.

ƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ The Sri Lankan Administration has responded that a local panel, known as the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission, would take action if the allegations are proven but a far cry from what the UN Human Rights Pillai is insisting as she seems to want to play the Judge Jury and Executioner all by herself in a mad scramble towards what she thinks is justifiable in order to appease the enemies of the Nation of Sri Lanka whose enmities were created by their own illegitimate desire to ursurp the smooth functioning of a Sovereign Nation towards their own agendas and objectives!

In this perspective Navi Pillai seems to be overplaying her role as she continues to intimidate the Administration of Sri Lanka in a dangerous attempt towards what may simply turn out to be her own Waterloo!

4 Responses to “Could The UN Human Rights Chief Navi Pillai Be Overplaying Her Role As She Continues To Intimidate The Sri Lankan Administration.”

  1. Sri Rohana Says:

    Navinathan Pillai’s and her tamil tribal racist chauvinist expansionists still try to take 1/3 of Sri Lanka’s land and 2/3 of Sri Lanka’s seashore including world’s best natural harbor Sri Gona Kanda (Trincomalee) to control South Asian Ocean and world’s most busiest sea route.
    Tamil Nadu C.N Anna Dorai of Dravida Munnetra Kazagam was a pioneer of “tamil country” idea. More than 80 million tamil tribe of Madras, South Africa, Malaysia and Sri Lanka, tried this dream to fulfill since 1944. Anna Dorai’s idea gulped by tamil tribal Velupillai Chelvanayakam, Appapillai Amirthalingam, Velupillai Prabakaran but all had failed. Now Navinathanpillai try to punish Sri Lanka for the tamil tribal failure.
    What tamil tribal Navinathan Pillai is want a revenge. She knew her tamil terrorist leader Velupillai sent to hell like a pig in Nanthikaddal in 2009 May 18th for his crimes against humanitarian.
    Navinathan Pillai’s leader Velupillai Prabakaran the one who massacred even unborn babies with pregnant women, considered as cruelest terrorist of the world and South Asia. When Velupillai massacred 60,000 innocent civilians tamil tribal terrorist diasporas were the cheer-leaders and they encouraged him to do some more genocides.
    When Velupillai had sent to hell entire tamil tribal racist chauvinist expansionist including Navinathan Pillai were totally disappointed and depressed and they lost their plan one.
    Now tamil tribe are on plan two to take revenge from Sri Lanka. Navi Pillai of UNHR, Global tamil terrorist tribal diasporas, tamil nadu political jokers and BBC tamil employees started their second wave against Sri Lanka in western world as they don’t have any voice in Asia.
    NaviPillai tried a human right violation allegation against Sri Lanka in 2009 at UNHR but it was utter failure. In 2010 She inserted her South African puppet Zuka to Darusman panel. In 2011 she allowed C4’s fake film to UNHR head-office Geneva. These are her personal agendas to revenge a member state on misuse of her authority. Even any one can understand why tamil tribal Navinathan Pillai is after Sri Lanka. This is a tribal affair not a human right affair. It is a disgraced UNHR to keep such a bias terrorist supporter as UNHR high commissioner. It is a correct time UNO to expel this bias woman from UNHR post.
    Sarath what you are telling is totally correct. We have to expose her and protest her in totally as she is not suit to hold a post in world body with imbalance mind.

  2. Ben_silva Says:

    Navinathan Pillai may be biased due to her Tamil ethnicity. This potential bias need to be given publicity.

  3. Sri Rohana Says:

    Ben you are correct. The peace loving people of the world should know her relationship with tamil terrorist Velupillai Prabakaran. Her agenda is not human right matter she is for tamil tribalism and thoroughly disappointed of her tamil tribal terrorist’s defeat. We have to show world that her tamil tribalism is the reason she is chasing after Sri Lanka like a vampire. It is Sri Lankans duty to expose her activity. As a bias, prejudice woman she must not hold this UNSG post

  4. Fran Diaz Says:

    The whole Navi Pillai outcry is tied to politics in Tamil Nadu. Tamil Nadu & India is experiencing a period of thrust for change, from the Old Ways to the New Ways. TN politicians do not seem to know how to carry this Change safely through and avoid internal strife in TN.

    There in TN, some 5 Million Tamils of Dalit origin are looking for ways to escape Caste Issues, millions of other Tamils are looking for upgrading of their lives through better education, jobs, spiritual ways, etc. It appears as if the Tamils’ thrust for their various Needs are not easy to meet.

    Right now, all the ongoing haranguing against the legitimate war in Sri Lanka against the ruthless ltte is really to PROTECT TAMIL NADU. It is a ploy to downgrade Sri Lanka, a diversionary tactic to bring together the Tamils as a tribe, and at the same time get international attention to force the TN Caste System to be erased away, while perhaps if they are lucky enough (!) get a slice of Sri Lanka (little now, more later), to form a nucleus for Greater Tamil Nadu.

    Right now, part of the world itself is in some kind of financial turmoil, which complicates matters. Various vested interests, internal & external are attempting to cash in on this situation.

    We have to find a way through this mess, while preserving life for all in Lanka. Throwing out the truth of the situation helps since to find a solution, the problem has to be exposed.

    For Inner Peace, watch When we find Inner Peace (for all), Prosperity (for all), is possible.

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